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Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Going back to Vegas

So, for the last few weeks, Isaac has been sleeping a little longer and wanting to take naps. Usually, this should overjoy a parent...but, it just didn't sit right with me. Remember, Isaac can't even run...he doesn't do anything that exerts a lot of energy. He just sits in his swing or rocking chair all day....or he's laying on the floor.

As I watch this change at home, I start getting calls from his preschool that he's just laying around on the floor at school too. So...I call our cardiologist. The appointment setter was nice enough to remind me that I was just there three months ago..but, moms know best, and they should see him

Whew. I just know that I'm over-reacting, but I'm ok with that. They get us in that week (last Thursday). Dr Ludwig listens to my concerns and then starts the echo. Then, turns to me and says , "can you be in Las Vegas in the next week or two? He needs to go in for a cath now!"


He said that just since our last visit three months ago, the pressures in his right side have gone up way too fast. He reassured me that it's probably just narrowing in some pulmonary arteries that he just can't see on the echo and Isaac will just need ballooning or stents.
With my luck...all the fatty foods I feed him to gain weight has blocked an artery!!

Dang it

So...we have our cath next Friday (first one of the day...thank goodness). And dr. G knows isaac's heart as good as my Standord favorites. It just scares me to death that it's fairly urgent to get in and start working on it...And his only symptom was fatigue. His Sats are fine, no puking or wretching. It's just weird.

Now....if my nerves aren't torn up enough already. While I was on the phone with the heart center making my appt for the cath, Eli was in the bathroom getting ready for scouts. Something just told me to walk out and look in the garage (while I'm talking to the scheduler)...when I open the door from the laundry room that leads out to the garage...I see Isaac...STANDING in the ROAD.


He knows how to open doors now. And when he sees us getting ready, he will head for the door. I have NO idea how he walked over the threshold by himself ( he's not a good walker), or down the slope of the garage floor or the driveway.


I'm on the phone trying to save his heart and he could have gotten run over by a car.

I do listen to that still small voice. All the time.

I need a nerve pill now.

As for the rest of the family, If Chris can pass algebra 2, he will graduate June 9th ( if he doesn't pass...he will be listening to my nagging all through summer school). Eli is doing awesome in school...and did I tell you that his car won first place in the pinewood derby race? And joe...got promoted. He's now managing over 100 banks.

(I typed all this in my little phone because I'm just too tired and lazy to sit at my desk) and...I don't see a spell check button!

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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guess Who's FIVE years old today!!??!!

I know...what a slacker blogger I've been.
I'll try and do better.
Today, we're SO excited to celebrate Isaac's 5th birthday. We're not planning any crazy extravaganza....just some cake and ice cream and lots of presents (which he still can't open!)

Look at how much he's changed. From a babydoll in the NICU...

To our little stinker with the curl on top of his head...

To the wise old man with glasses...

To the MOST adorable creature on this planet!

To the now super cool kiddo that he is!

SO...at five years old, Isaac can:

  • work the ipad and iphone AMAZINGLY well. He can find his movies in Netflix, start his songs, and start his apps (he doesn't play them, just opens them...waits a moment and closes them)
  • he can say "ma ma ma"..but, he doesn't mean ME....he uses it when he's mad at something. He can also say "ne ne ne ne" which means NO. REALLY mad NO!
  • he giggles now...a few times a day. I love that sound!
  • he continues to love YoGabbaGabba and he also loves Dora.
  • his favorites snacks at the moment are sour cream and onion pringles and chips ahoy cookies (he can pick them up and eat them. Well, he doesn't really chew....they just absorb in his mouth and he can then swallow them).
  • he's still in his "special" preschool class and loves it. he gets all his therapies, horse therapy, and swimming once a week.
  • he LOVES to swing (so much so that we've made a swing for him to use in the living room)
  • he lets me brush his teeth now! (we have a singing Veggie Tales tooth brush and a Gabba one)
  • he can't talk, but he pulls us by the hand and guides EVERYONE to what he wants.
  • he his leg braces and still walks a little wobbly (but, he can walk~!)
  • he's still in diapers (and I don't see an end in site)
  • he eats four meals by mouth a day (pureed and I have to spoon feed him) He can't drink liquids yet, so they all still go in his g-tube
  • he hates wearing his glasses, but he has crazy eyes when he takes them off!

Isaac is our miracle baby and we're so blessed that he chose us to be his parents. He's SO lucky to have great big brothers that look after him and love them with all their heart (well, maybe Eli shows more love than Chris--i think)

Thanks for loving our little man.

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