We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Saturday, January 31, 2009

(this video was taken last week)

Isaac has had a low grade fever for a few days now (like 99). So, as with any heart mom and a FEVER...we rush to get rid of it! It's been Motrin and Tylenol off and on for a while. WELL...this morning..his fever shot up to 101.5! and...it's been like that all day. I'm alternating the two drugs...but, his fever hasn't broke yet. He isn't coughing, sneezing, ears aren't draining...all I can guess is his teeth. But, I don't like him having a fever this long. He hasn't eaten anything by mouth in two days and he's quite the grumpy bug (which isn't like him).

Eli fell asleep in the guestroom tonight while I was making dinner...and he will NOT get up and eat.

Chris is enjoying free time away from Eli...watching movies and playing games in his room.

Joe.....needs someone to send him some happy pills. Please.

Me...I've had this lovely fabric for about a year...afraid to make the fluffy pettiskirt. Well, today I pulled it ALL out! I'm still working on it...hopefully, I can show you the finished project tomorrow. If not, then...I'll hide it back in the closet for a few more months until I get the nerve up!

SO...I'm keeping my little butterball inside for a few days until I figure out why he isn't feeling so good:(

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Thursday, January 29, 2009


That's our day!

Nahhh....just joking. It was a great day. I got a little house work done, got Isaac to stand a few times, and he ate pretty good. Another BORING day!

My heart mama friend, Maria and her sweetie pie Alexander came over tonight. The boys don't play together...Alexander had fun playing with toys, and Isaac fell asleep. (oh well...we ladies have fun chatting)

Chris and Eli are alive and well.

Joe's getting a little better each day (i'll go easy on him).

***now...for the important info for the day...Did you watch Oprah today?? Well, I think I need hormone replacement therapy. Yep...I think I'm entering early menopause. Seriously. I'll do more research and get back to you . (i know you'll be waiting on the edge of your seats for that one)!

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How about a day with nothing but...
eating keys...eating shoes...

looking at a book before I eat it...

No drama to report yesterday. You can tell from the photos that Isaac's rosy red cheeks are back and in full force! Other than that....he's had a really good day.

Nora (our pt) came...and she had Isaac bearing weight on his legs for about 20 minutes! He looked like a totally different child in the standing position...unbelievable!

Eli has turned into a superstar reader. He's reading a chapter book a week at school and stole Joe's book light and has read another one this week at home!

Chris....uhhhh....he's good. Shaggy hair, going to school and seminary....what else can I ask for?

Joe made it back to work yesterday. He's still pretty sore and his eyes look like a clocked him! (he thinks it's the meds making the HUGE dark circles under his eyes)

I have a house to clean and a baby to feed!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Here's a picture of my handsome Eli....
minus one TOOTH!
(I know...he needs a haircut..but,
he wants it to grow long!)
Silly Eli...showing you exactly
where that missing tooth is!
There's NO DRAMA to report for the day. I know..you'll go to another blog now to find some!
But, we did spend 8am-12pm at the Early Interventions craniofacial clinic today. We just visited with all the specialties and got confirmation that Isaac can hear, his cleft palate repair has healed great, we found a new ENT, and I got to see my friend and great Dev. Specialist, Nicole. It was a LONG morning...but, nice to get confirmation once again how wonderful Isaac is doing.

That leads me to tonight. He thew up THREE times. It just wears him out, he gets red, starts to sweat, wretches for a while, then turns blue, throws up, chokes, then falls asleep. Then, he sleeps for a while. I don't know what's causing this. I know that he cried most of the morning...(because of the doctors...even if they just looked his way, he cried). So, I'm not sure if he was just worn out or if something's brewing. (could someone look in their crystal ball PLEASE!)

and he sleeps...

Tomorrow...Nora The Great PT comes over. I'll let her know about the hip appointment and see what kind of walking devices Mr. Isaac may need.

OH MY GOSH...I almost forgot to tell you. I NEEDED to make myself pumpkin pies last night. I made them. I could smell them while they were cooking, but didn't think anything. I smelled a smokey smell...but, didn't think anything. I FORGOT TO TURN THE OVEN BACK TO 350!!! I BURNT MY PIES! So, I had to throw them away....NOT, I ate those burnt pies, just left the crust! (isn't that sad!)

seriously. I finished the last one today.

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Monday, January 26, 2009

It's been a busy day....I didn't have time for pics...so, here's the run down:

**Isaac had his hip appointment today. NO bone problems. He only has extremely low muscle tone and loose ligaments (that's how he's so darn flexible). He suggested we bump up physical therapy to be more aggressive and get private therapy twice a week (where's my money tree??)! Then, he suggested that Isaac be fitted for a special walker...then, once he's bearing weight on those legs...he'll get the fancy walker like Emma and he'll probably need braces:(
He did choose his words carefully....and said that he didn't see any reason why Isaac wouldn't walk in the future as long as he had some type of device (so...I wasn't really clear if he thought that Isaac would NEVER walk without help...or he would, just much later). Joe said he thought he just wasn't sure...but, couldn't confirm at this point whether or not he'd be able to without help...but, he will walk one day...so....That's AN OK!

**Next, we dropped off Joe's car at the autobody shop:(

**Fed me a lovely lunch...then, off to the medical supply company to pick up his new back brace.

**To then speed across town to pick up the big boys from school.

**Rush home to feed Isaac.

**Pick up Eli from school and then pick up the rental car.

**Where we are now home. You'd think the drama would stop for the day...NOT IN MY WORLD! Eli informs us the there is a jump rope contest tomorrow and HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO JUMP ROPE!

**Off to the dollar store to get a jump rope.

**Now...home again. TO what....to practice jumping. Finally, we figure out that he's best at it if Joe and I turn the rope and he jumps. FINALLY...he gets 20 in a row!!! whoo hoooo!!! Then, they go upstairs to play Rock Band.
NOPE....Eli comes down with a tooth in his hand. He knocked his tooth out with the drum stick (on accident)! (please note: the last tooth came out when the wii controller hit it!)

Quiet now??
ahhh...NOPE. Now...Isaac is fast asleep on the floor...when he wakes up screaming. Stops breathing. Turns blueberry blue...still...still....finally, he breathes again. (who knows?? he does this once a day....usually later in the day).

Quiet now??
Yep. But, the night's still young. Only 9pm....anything's still possible!

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Saturday, January 24, 2009

I am a bad driver. I have hit every tree in my parents yard, wrecked every car that they have ever owned (except their current car...and that's because I live too far away), I have totaled SO many cars...I can't believe the United States of America hasn't made me surrender my license in ALL states. BUT...I can say that I haven't hit anyone or anything in at least FIVE years (ok, well I did knock off my side view mirror on the side of the garage...but, that's NOT a crash).

TODAY....Joseph crashed on the way home from work this morning. It appears that a BIG ORANGE construction barrel had moved into the far left lane...and Joe turned to miss it, but smacked into a poor PT Cruiser. (and those poor people were driving a rental..they were on vacation)! Anyway, I get to the accident late (because I have to give Isaac meds and start his feeds and give Chris instructions). Joe wouldn't let the ambulance take him to the hospital, he drove the wrecked car home...have I told you what a HARD-HEADED husband that I have??? We did take him to a new doctor that just opened up near our house...and luckily there was no wait. He's got pain meds, anti-inflammatory meds....but, he's pretty sore and swollen.

SO...his motorcycle is taken apart because an oil line broke a few weeks ago and the part just came in today....his car is wrecked...and this is all my fault because I made him sell his Jeep. Because, the motorcycle could have gone around the barrel, the Jeep could have gone OVER the barrel...but, the poor car....just couldn't take dodging bullets like that!

We'll have to wait until Monday to take it to the body shop to see what kind of damage we're talking about. Joe's worried about the frame...he had to turn the steering wheel to the side to make it go straight.

If he wakes up in the morning and can't move...I just don't know what I'll do. I guess I can just push him off the bed and roll him down the hall, down the stairs, and drag him to the van and drop him off at the hospital and make him stay put (that'll be PLAN B!)

other than that...it was a pretty normal day.
the kids are fine.
let's just hope that I don't have to resort to plan B tomorrow.

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Friday, January 23, 2009


I didn't post yesterday because SOMEONE named Isaac was UP ALL NIGHT LONG. He would fall asleep and 20 minutes later (just as I was falling back to sleep) be would cry. And..I've told you that he doesn't cry unless somethings wrong. So, about 2am we went downstairs...diaper is changed, no fever, sats are fine, no ear drainage...WHAT IS IT?? I don't know...but, let's try benadryl in case you have a post nasal drip, motrin in case you're teething and your mouth hurts, ear drops in case it's your ears again. It took about 30 minutes after all that...so, by 5am we were asleep! ONLY to wake up at 5:30 to get Chris up and ready for seminary. So, Thursday I was pooped.

Now...we've made it to Friday. Nora (our wonderful pt) came over today. We're working with Isaac on getting into crawling position. WELL, Nora was putting Isaac's bum into position and felt something odd. HIS BUM! OK...here's the thing with his bum. Right in the middle of each cheek (bum cheek) you can feel his hip bone. It's VERY prominent. But, that's how it's been since he was born....I just thought he had a bony bum. Well, Nora moved his legs all around...there wasn't any clicking noise (and he doesn't have limited motion...in fact, he's opposite...he is TOO limber)...but, she did ask if he'd ever had an x-ray of his hips. Well..NOPE...we haven't. SO...she suggested that before we even try to start working with him on weight bearing (remember, he doesn't stand up...at all)...that we should get an xray and make sure that everything in that area is ok. Thank goodness there are some GREAT pediatric orthopedics right near my house, and they got us in on Monday morning! SO...I won't have too much time to obsess about this or worry. I hope they don't find anything wrong..but, if they did...maybe that would explain his lack of putting pressure on those feet.

Other than his old man eyes, old man hips, old man heart....he's doing great! While working on crawling today...he got on all fours...he did NOT move his arms, but he did try to move his knees! I was so proud of him! When we were finished, I walked Nora to the door and when I walked back in the living room...Isaac was out COLD! He slept for FOUR hours!!! What a work out!!! (and Eli is reading over my shoulder again...stop Eli...stop!!)

Eli got a gift card for Build a Bear for Christmas from our SWEETIE PIE neighbor...so, yesterday after school...Eli made a monkey. His name is DJ. He names all of his stuffed animals...and he knows all of their names. He sleeps with all of his animals..I'll have to climb on the top bunk and take a picture one day....you wouldn't believe it!

Chris is around here somewhere.

We recorded Lost on Thursday and just finished watching it. SO GOOD!!!
(stop reading this Eli!)

It's late and the bed is calling my name!
Hope everyone has a great weekend......and I'll post on Monday night and tell you how the ortho appointment went (seriously...is there a specialist that we haven't seen yet??)

**oh wait..I almost forgot to tell you. STILL..I'm getting billed for Isaac's cleft palate surgery. Blue Cross doesn't want to pay and his secondary medicaid will not pay if blue cross doesn't pay first. Seriously. At this point...in this economy....I don't even care. I'll tell them that I'll pay $5 a month....one day they'll get their money.
It's the dumbest thing EVER. The hospital is approved...and once again the doctors that enter the hospital are not providers! How is that even fair?? IT's not!
That's all I have to say about that...I can't use bad words (and that's all I'm thinking)

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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

This is one of my most favorite pictures of Isaac. He was about 3 months
old. Before O2, before any surgeries, before the feeding tube...
he had already started making goofy faces, he was in the swing ALL day and night...
look at that little DiGeorge face...
and his hair...I always gave him the little curl on top...
Align Center

I thought I'd share a family picture with you guys...
( I didn't ask my siblings approval ..I hope it's ok)...
but...here's me, my four sisters, my baby brother,
nieces and nephews...
(this was taken 3 or 4 years ago...we're missing
a few kids in there...even Isaac!)and if you thought that family pic was cute...
here's a blast from the past picture of my
Eli and my nephew Seth...
in unison!

SO...you got all the old pics because I didn't take any new ones today. We went to see our pulmonologist today. Isaac's lungs are great. He was satting at 95...but, Dr. Nakamura didn't seem to mind (although, you know that I was freaking OUT...I was ready to put the canula up his nose). But, he put my mind at ease...and reassured me that Isaac was doing great.

oh my nerves.

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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

OH MY GOSH....Joe didn't make it home last night until after 1am. We were both up LATE, I fell asleep before he came one (I tried to wait up). BUT...today was a GREAT day!

I met two new heart/digeorge moms today. So Maria (my mom from this weekend) and the two new moms all got together at my house for lunch..and it was SO fun! Watching the little toddlers walk around and play. It's just amazing when you see so many miracle babies in one place....such special spirits. Now...Isaac was the only one just sitting on the floor watching television...but, it was so wonderful to see what little person he will grow into. We're planning on getting together all the time...so, when you're in Vegas...you'll have to come over for a visit (heart baby or NOT!)

Chris didn't do too hot on his algebra mid-term (oh..this class is going to cause me to lose my hair!)

Eli .....ahh...he took a bath tonight, did his homework by himself, and ate a turkey taco for dinner.

Isaac seems SUPER happy today..I don't know what he's been sniffing! He started giggling at American Idol. That's crazy...he doesn't laugh unless you're digging in his ribs...so, this was amazing...he laughed! (I tried to video tape it...but, he stopped).

You know...I was talking with Karen a few days ago and was telling her that I can barely remember Isaac's first year. Seriously. I don't know how we ALL made it through. It was a joke that Joe's was job was to keep us in a house and with food and mine was to keep Isaac alive. Well...we both did our jobs. It's so fun now to just do normal things with Isaac....to watch him experience his toys, us, and himself. Looking back....I don't think I realized how sick this little man really was. When I was watching the other kids today (who were very close to Isaac's age)....I realized how grossly delayed he is. and...I know..it's ok. he'll get there. But...I haven't met too many heart/digeorge babies that were as sick as Isaac. That knowledge just makes every baby step that much more wonderful.

so...today. Isaac laughed.
he rolls around.
he sits up.
he sits up by himself and catches himself when he falls.
he eats stage 2 baby food twice a day.
he can bounce in a bouncy seat like a mad man.
he likes books...only to eat them...not to read them.
he gives us kisses.
he's the apple of our eye.

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Monday, January 19, 2009

Ok...first...I'd like to talk about my lack of organization.
We live in a 5 bedroom house...yet, only use 2 bedrooms
(Isaac sleeps in our room...and the big boys share a room),
I am a pack rat. I have boxes, crates, totes, baskets ALL over the house...
just filled with junk!
I have all of our closets filled, all the extra bedrooms filled....I can't throw
anything away (that syringe, the old feeding bags, that gauze...
I might need it one day!)
Seriously, I still have my breast pump...and this cow hasn't
produced any milk in over a year!
Case in point....my refrigerator:
it's covered in paper, pictures, magnets, coupons, invitations, old med schedules,
lunch menus (and my kids don't buy school lunches)....
I NEED to be the chosen family on HGTV...where Mission Organization will
come in and organize me, then Candice from Divine Design will come
and spruce it all up, then curb appeal can come over and make
the front yard look nicer...
Is that too much to ask for??

Now...onto Isaac:

He's got a few red spots on his face (ok...four red spots)

he's ALMOST ready to army man crawl!!!

but...then he'll decide to roll and reach!

Christy, my youngest sister that lives in Utah, came over today. Just a quick day trip...but, we had fun shopping (shhhhhh) and the boys had fun playing together!

Eli and Chris are doing great. They went to bed on time (actually a little early). Perfect angels.

Isaac....threw up tonight after a stinkin' long wretching episode. Who knows what's going on?!?! I have been cleaning tonight (ha ha...funny..I know) but, I have been...so, I could have stirred up LOTS of dormant dust and that caused a runny nose, which then causes the wretching ( I don't know...just a theory). Or...he's tired...or he strained too hard trying to poop...or he's just messing with me AGAIN!

It's 11pm...and guess where Joe is??? yep..work! I don't have anything nice to say about that one...so, I'll keep it to myself.

I have been eating ALL day long. AND...I don't care. I work hard all day and deserve my treats.
(I'm just giving Joe more to love)!

*I just saw a commercial--the new JON AND KATE PLUS 8 comes on next Monday..don't forget...they move into their new house (I'm so excited!)
**and LOST starts this week!
**and just when I was ready to tell the family to lets give up cable to spend more time together and save money.....NAH! (maybe next season)

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

My sister, Christy , made Isaac some new
hooded bath towels...
oh...he looks like he's deep in thought.
I have Brobee...but, maybe there's
something else I should get!

That's it!
My roll (and not a toilet paper roll!)

or a shoe...
that hits the spot!
Did you notice the funny clothes that Isaac is wearing in the pics?? Those are girl leggings and a onesie that's tooo small! Our ot has told me a number of times to put him in tight clothes...that he needs sensory input...and this might help his wobbles. Well....I just haven't been able to do it....but, this week I tried it...and it WORKED! He didn't wobble so much while sitting up...he looked so much more stable. But, I don't think I'm taking him out in public with tiny clothes on...so, maybe we'll have have times during the day where we wear them.

We had a chance (Isaac and I) to meet a heart/digeorge mom this weekend. Maria....I had such a great time meeting you and Alexander...can't wait to get together again soon! Maria doesn't have a blog...but, I'll work on her (so that you can ALL meet her!)

Joe took us ALL (including Isaac) bowling Saturday night. It was SO much fun. I surprised my smarty-pants little boys...they were pretty impressed (but, Joe was by far the best bowler)!

I made a turkey today. (you know...one of those from my freezer from Thanksgiving). I made the whole feast.....mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, stuffing. AND...do you know who ate it...just ME! Joe is on a diet, Chris just wanted bagel bites, and Eli just wanted oatmeal. I am going to get SO HUGE...because I will just eat it all by myself!

We found Eli's glasses! They were on a pile of clothes in my room (I should clean my room).

Eli is reading this as I type....Eli is a dork! (that was just for him!) He's such a great reader...thank heavens!

Isaac is finishing a feed and I need to put this six year old in BED! (that's you Eli!)

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

as promised...
pics of the professor...

he's not smiling at me...
he's looking at the television...

Our occupation therapist came today and couldn't believe the progress that Isaac has made. He sat up, reached for things...he was just the perfect little trooper today.

Chris feels like he did a good job on his algebra mid-term today....hmm..I can't wait until grades are posted.

Eli lost his glasses two days ago. They are LOST somewhere in this house...if only my house wasn't full of toys and clothes. We have all been looking and looking....I can't imagine where they are. I'd hate to have to buy new ones this weekend....it's a good thing we got them at Wal-mart...so, the leaves plucked off the money tree won't be too many! (yeah right)

Isaac has started wretching again. It's been only about once a day. Who knows?? He hasn't thrown up...just that yucky blue face, gagging, help me look....:(

I've paused Grey's Anatomy, I have Joe on the phone...I've got to GET!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Here's Isaac in his new swing...ok...a little blurry...
but, what a face...

Isaac would now like to play a little music for you...
(featuring the tube...not flute)

Eli...gotta love him!

ok...this one was blurry too..
but, look at that face and tongue!
Well...I didn't post yesterday because it was SO darn busy and I was POOPED!
So, you'd like to know what happened...well, I forget....let me see if I can get it all in:
woke up and got Chris off to seminary, took Eli to school, FINALLY walked again with my sweetie pie neighbor, went to the bank, went to the pharmacy (the one FAR away), went to get my ink cartridges refilled (but, they don't refill ours...so, I had to buy new ones:(), pick up Chris from school, drop him off at Hollie's for tutoring, pick up Eli early from school, take Eli to the peds (for his asthma), ped wants me to take him for xrays, take him for xrays, drop off new prescriptions for Eli at different pharmacy, feed the boys dinner, go BACK to the pharmacy to pick up meds, get the kids homework done, baths done, and in BED! I thought I was going to DIE! My bones actually hurt last night.

That leads us to TODAY! Isaac had his low vision test...and he isn't blind! YEah for Isaac! He is pretty farsighted (can't see up close like an old man). She does think that he's seeing double when things are up close, that's why he won't look directly at things up close. So, there's no new things that we need to do for his eyes...because he's so developmentally delayed. We have to wait until he's older and wants to look at things...now, he could care less. He still doesn't look at pictures in a book, he just eats it. BUT, after our exam...he wore his glasses ALL day long without taking them off. (I took pics...tomorrow I'll share them).

I made Joe dinner tonight...Turkey meatballs. Go ahead and clap for me...YEAH FOR KATHY!

Chris had his computer and Japanese midterms today. Tomorrow is his big algebra and science midterms....poor little guy...He fears me and Joe worse than the exam!

Tonight was McTeacher night for Eli's school. The teachers worked at McDonalds to raise money for the PTA. He was so excited to go inside and eat (I don't usually let us go inside a McDonalds...GERMS!) But, we did it...he ate his nuggets....and enjoyed seeing his friends and teacher.

I even made a tutu tonight....played with Mr. Isaac....and now we're headed up to bed!
Thanks for checking in on us!

**Tomorrow..Rob comes over (our OT)...he hasn't seen Isaac sit up by himself OR wear his glasses...he's going to be SO excited!

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Monday, January 12, 2009

Here's Eli wearing his Michael Jackson wig..
(don't ask)
Princess Isaac...eating a little shoe...
what's wrong with that??

Tasha snapped the princess picture and this one...
I LOVE to see pics of the two of us...

Where's Isaac???

Ok....let me explain the pictures. First...Eli is wearing that silly wig because he is silly. That's the wig that he bought for halloween to go OVER his alien mask...it has sunglasses too.

Princess Isaac...well, the tiara was just laying around...and it looked cute on him. He does eat shoes...everyday...but, they have never touched the ground (no worries).

I'm holding Isaac. What's new??

and "where's Isaac". It's a game...like, Where's Waldo? That's the old dining room, turned playroom, the day after we came back from vacation when the kids tore into their Christmas presents that were left home.

It is now clean (sort of)...

Isaac is feeling MUCH better today. The fever is gone, the O2 is out of the nose, and the snot is drying up! YEAH for Isaac!

Eli is feeling better too. He actually went to bed on time. I did make an appointment for him to see his ped about his frequent asthma issues. (we'll see him on Wed).

I called today to get Isaac in to see the new eye doc that will give him the low vision test...and she was able to get us in THIS WEDNESDAY!!! I can't wait to meet her. She actually talked to me on the phone today and was the sweetest.

Joe made it home by 8pm tonight!!! I'm SO excited..so, I'm keeping this short so that I can gaze into his eyes!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Isaac still has a fever, runny nose...just feeling yucky. He hasn't eatten food by mouth in TWO days. I had to put the O2 back up his nose today (which isn't fun getting snot out of by the way)...he's still on antibiotics. And...he's tired of me sucking his brains out while just trying to get all the snot out.

Eli is still coughing, still wheezing...still on antibiotics.

Chris finished his science project (that I typed as he dictated)...

I'm not dead yet. Joe let me take a THREE hour nap today. As grateful as I am...I could have slept the day away. (thanks honey bunch!) So...with snot still pouring, untangling of the O2 hose, neb treatments to give to both kids tonight....it'll be another all-nighter.

snot be GONE!

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

****Edit to the start of this post below***

Isaac is NOT fine. This afternoon he started with a fever, runny nose, and is now coughing. AND...he's been on antibiotics for FOUR DAYS NOW!

Eli is NOT fine. Joe took the big boys bowling...and now Eli is having asthma troubles AGAIN! AND...he's been on antibiotics for OVER A WEEK!

I did NOT get a nap today. I have NOT gotten a nap in about a month. I have NOT gotten a good nights sleep in 14 years....I think I'm going to die! I will have to tape my dog's mouth shut tonight, just drop Isaac and Eli off at the hospital (with my luck Isaac will have RSV and Eli will have a full-blown asthma attack tonight), I will have to FIND Chris to get him to help out around the house...and DRAG Joe out of the garage.

ohhh...I think it's going to be a LONG night and a yucky tomorrow.
no wii fit for me.
I'm just going to eat a bowl of lucky charms and brace myself.

***now...here's what I posted earlier in the day***

Isaac is fine...

I am NOT. We hooked up the Wii fit last night...and it told me that I'm overweight! Seriously! I know I've got myself a little belly...but, really.

SO...to make me smile...here's a video of Eli....cracks me up!
(now...I'm off to finish my pumpkin pie...then, I'll work out with the wii fit tonight!)

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Thursday, January 08, 2009

Haven't I told you that I'm named after my grandparents??
Catherine and Joseph...
hence the name....Kathy Jo...
Well....here is a picture of my FABULOUS Grandma Cat
and the sweet Isaac.
and of course....
the most handsome Granddaddy in the WORLD...
Granddaddy Joe and Isaac...

now...we move onto my newest niece....Isabella
(whom I've already named Jelly Belly Bella)
Here's Isaac shunning her...not paying her
any attention...

Here's Isaac showing her who's boss!
(are you listening to me??)

and if you don't listen to me...
I'll put my hand in your mouth...
Little does Isaac know that Isabella will
eat his hand....

We just had so much fun while we were at my mom's house! I miss everyone already!!!

Isaac had his TWO synagis shots this morning:( He's getting quite the attitude lately. He doesn't like the doctors and nurses all of a sudden. He even screams and pushes them away when they only want a pulse ox reading or to hear his heart beat.

THEN, NEIS came over (my great Nicole) and the wonderful Ms. Shirley (the nutritionist). Isaac weighed in at 20 pounds 10 ounces...and was 31 inches long! He showed them how well he eats. He just had a pretty good day (excluding his moments of attitude).

Chris had a big Algebra test today...and he feels really good about it. He has mid-terms next week (Cindy...tell Steph that Chris is right there with him)....except that Chris doesn't get that he should be studying this week.

Eli went to school just fine today. No meltdowns or problems at all. He did his homework, packed his bag...he's ready for tomorrow.

Mandy took the boys to M&M World tonight...and the Coke store. They had a blast, brought back goodies...and now they are all in bed!!!

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Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Here's a picture from Grandma's house...
Isaac is awake trying to pull a sleeping Eli's hair!!
Chris is too cool shooting his nurf gun at Eli...
amidst the clothes line of tutus!!

Have I ever told you how much Eli LOVES teddy bears??
oh....we should buy stock in Build-a-Bear!

Isaac was awake ALL night last night. Just screaming his little head off. I couldn't figure it out.so, about 3am I took him downstairs so that Joe could get some sleep. And that's where I found it...his ear was draining. Poor little thing has an ear infection. NOW...we were just in the peds office yesterday about his skin...and he looked in those ears. URRGGHH! So...with a little motrin, ear drops, and butt patting....I was able to get him to sleep just in time to get Chris up for seminary. (oh...the bags under my eyes today). But, I was able to get an early appointment at the peds office again, get his prescription filled, and he's sleeping in his crib right now while eating! (life is good!). OH...and that new cream they gave me is WORKING! It's Triamcinolone...just applied twice daily...and he's almost cleared up after only one day! (let me know if you need some...I'll squirt some in a baggie and send it to you!) AND...Nora...our fabulous pt came over. And...even though Isaac wasn't feeling well...he worked so well for her! He's doing so good sitting up by himself...that our next goal is CRAWLING!!! what?!?!? Nora's on a mission...and I'm her helper!!!

Eli made it to school today without incident. Mandy drove him for me so that I could get to the peds on time. (so...maybe he was just being brave for her!)

Chris is a little nervous. He has another Algebra test tomorrow...but, he's been studying hard...and I think he's ready. He's worried about Japanese. He said that he's illiterate in Japanese...he can write all the characters but can't read the sentences very well. Poor little guy. AND mid-terms are next week...he's just wigging out on me!

and then we have Mandy. She found a house today....about 1 1/2 miles from mine. I was hoping that she would be close enough for the kids to run down the street...but, I'll take this. They're out cruising the strip right now....crazy tourists!

Tomorrow....Isaac gets his synagis shots :(, then Nicole and Shirley (nutritionist) come over--I can't wait!!! First..to see if Isaac has gained any weight...and to show off his sitting up abilities!!! Friday....I've got NOTHING! Maybe we can all take benadryl and nyquil and sleep the day away.....ahhh...in a perfect world!

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Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Finally....my holiday pics.
This is the tree...and the loot....ahhh...the happy boys...

a cheesy -grinned Eli...

a fake-surprised Chris....

and a "what the heck am I doing here" Isaac!

I uploaded about 100 pictures today...so, you'll be pleasantly surprised everyday to see a little bit of what we've been doing over the last few weeks.

Today started off crazy, stayed crazy, and ended crazy. Eli is still having meltdowns about going to school. His winter break was just too long...he wants to stay home. I took Isaac to the peds about his dry skin. They gave him some SUPER-DUPER steroid cream to help it out. I have the humidifier going. He told me that it could be an allergic reaction to something he's eating to something touching his skin. hhhmmm....I'm not sure how I'll solve that question....I'll just keep an eye on him. Chris....I've decided to just ground him for eternity...that'll save me some breath! (ok...I won't go that far...but, that boy does try my patience!)

My sister (Mandy) arrived tonight with her little angels. I took down all the holiday decorations and our TWO trees....and she helped me tie up a few ends.

SO...the house is semi-clean...and good...because Nora (our pt) comes tomorrow. She's going to FLIP out when she sees Isaac sit up all by himself! (It still throws me off when I just see him pop up from the floor...it's just wierd!)

I have many more things to do tonight...so, I'll post more tomorrow!
Thanks for checking in on us!

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