We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tap Out

OH...I SO wish I had a picture to show you..but, let's close our eyes and use our imaginations:

(first...you need to remember...Chris is a wrestler in high school and is 16, Eli is only 8, but Joe has been teaching him jujitsu moves for about a year now)

thus...our story:

Chris and Eli were on the floor playing around.
Chris stood up.
Eli jumped on his back.
Eli them proceeded to put Chris in a choke hold.
Chris told him to get off.
Eli would not...he kept trying to choke Chris out.
Chris went over to the wall and started pushing Eli into it (remember, Eli's still on his back).
Eli still held on and would not stop choking Chris.
Chris fell on the floor and was now LAYING on Eli (remember, Eli is still on his back).
Eli is still holding on and trying to choke him out.
Chris' face turns red.
I tell Chris to tap...or Eli will not let go (per rules when Joe and Eli wrestle).
Chris says, "I'd rather pass out than tap out to Eli!"

and so we had to pull Eli off Chris so that Chris didn't pass out.

The End.

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Letter to Santa

I know..I know...

SLACKER blogger...slacker blogger.

Let me just say...Isaac is still Isaac (sweet, but always taking up ALL my time)...and Eli. HOLY COW...we can't seem to get his asthma under control. He's ALMOST on as many meds as Isaac is (and that is just TOO much for this mama's brain to try to remember!)

NOW...onto that letter above. (click on it to see it larger)
This was the letter that Eli wrote to Santa. PLEASE excuse his handwriting...it is his biggest weakness (but, he was writing on his lap on the sofa...but, it is only a little better when at a table)
ANYWAY...I will decipher it for you:

Dear Santa,

I know you are busy but could you please read this letter. I know that I don't have to ask you anything because you already know what I want so all I want is for everybody to have a great Christmas! I really hope you can do that for me!

Merry Christmas


p.s. I also want ???? (can't read that one). I am trying not to be bosy
Peace out!

HOW STINKIN' cute is that?
I mean....I always think my kids are too cute, what they say is too cute...how they look..
I'm just in LOVE with my boys!

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

1st Wrestling Match

NO...Isaac isn't wrestling...Chris is. Tonight he had his first match and he WON. So...he had to wrestle a girl? so what! She was the same size (looked even thicker than he is)...and he won! YEAH for Chris! His next match is Saturday...

Isaac skipped school today due to excessive snot discharge...but, he acted fine...just snotty.

ELIAS skipped school as well. Keeping his poor mom up YET another night due to excessive coughing. After a quick call to our new ped, he's now taking 2 inhalers twice a day, two allergy meds, prednisone, AND a cough med she prescribed.
May we all PLEASE sleep tonight
(probably not...it's almost 11pm and he's on the couch still hacking)

Joe's back in town. He missed the wrestling match...but, at least he made it home with no car troubles OR moving violations.

AND...for your viewing pleasure...may I present...CHRIS wrestling his little 103 pound bum off!

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Sickies, Rain, Sickies, Rain.....

This is just a picture from last month.

My kids are at it again....ALL of THEM are trying to KILL me...seriously.

Isaac is sick AGAIN. He had a cardiologist appointment today...and I had to re-schedule.
Eli couldn't miss out on the fun...so, he too is wheezing, hacking up a lung, and stuffy...
and Chris...he isn't sick, but he is failing two classes and can't wrestle until he brings his grades up...

and where is Joe?
in Seattle...
for work.

just abandoned me...
in the woods, where it rains endlessly, with sick kids, a barking dog, and mouthy teenager...

AND...I don't think i've mentioned this...BUT, did you know that my minivan has a leak? yep. When it rains....the back sliding door leaks...then, the floor is soaked...then, the van stinks because the carpet takes FOREVER to dry.

I never knew it leaked...
because it NEVER rained.
now I know.
and...I'm beginning to NOT like all this rain.

I'm thinking about just caulking that door closed...
the kids can get in from the front and walk back...
or pop the VERY back door open and climb in...
or WALK in the rain.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Guess what????

I found my camera charger...


and guess where it was?

In my camera bag? (who would have thought to look there??)

I have an early playdate tomorrow with a Icky and another handsome little guy...so, I'll SLOWLY start showing you pics that you've missed over the last month....

Look at Mr. Icky...looking so handsome just standing there...

and Lick...still smiling...
Isaac was just chilling in a basket...
and I LOVE that face he's making...
it cracks me up!
and this is a new face too...
so stinkin' cute!

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Tuesday, November 23, 2010


OH my goodness.

I AM SO sorry for not updating sooner.
I STILL have NOT found the charger for my camera...I am taking pics with my phone...it just isn't the same though:(

We got about 6 inches of snow this week. The kids had a late start start on Monday, NO school today...and NO school tomorrow (whoooo is me).

Seriously...I gave up the sun for this??

I am STILL unpacking, still cleaning...the kids are all better...BUT, JOE is now sick. We have callings in church now. I am teaching the 14-15 year olds in Sunday school and Joe is in the Young Men's. Last Sunday was my first lesson....so, this Sunday I teach again, WE ALL have talks in sacrament, and Joe will be singing.

SO...as usual..I just a LOT on my plate and we're super busy.

OH...I did take Isaac last week to see our new GI doctor. We only drove to Olympia...but, she's part of the Seattle Children's hospital. She went to med school with our old Gi doc in Vegas! AND...she is wonderful!!!

Isaac is doing great. No snot (as of yet)...Eli is standing behind me as I type...talking my darn head off...and Chris...is always on my last nerve.

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Monday, November 08, 2010

Sick, Not sick, sick again

Shoot....I can't remember where we left off.

Eli is getting back to normal...still sleeping in the "emergency bed" in our room (Do you think they make bunk beds with a king size on the bottom?) That could be my next business venture!

Isaac wretched a little yesterday...but, I just thought it was because he was hot. Then, tonight...he wretched and threw up for about an hour straight...until he passed out asleep.
Poor little thing.
I checked the date on his milk and it was fine...he might be getting sick.
He did have ot today at school...so, he could have just worked too hard.
BUT...lucky for us..he has a ped appointment tomorrow (just to meet a new pediatrician)...so, if it turns into a sick visit...then GREAT!

I'm still spinning in circles here. Cleaning, unpacking, looking for things, cleaning up after sick kids....there just seems to be no end in site.

BUT...I have a MOST helpful husband. YEP..not being facetious at all....and he's helping when I ask and even when I don't.

Christopher continues to hide in his room or in the basement....wrestling starts soon...so, that should perk him right up.

No...i have NOT found the charger to my camera yet. It'll turn up...it's probably in my suitcase that I brought up here.....I STILL haven't unpacked it yet! I just keep doing laundry...hanging up some clothes, and putting others back in the suitcase.

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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Isaac's NEW School

(Isaac at his new school...taken with my cell phone, because
I STILL can't find my camera charger)
This was taken last week.
I haven't had a chance to tell you much about Isaac's new school...
so, here we go:

He can't go to the preschool at Eli's school...because, the special needs kiddos go to a different location. It's an OLD building...and I wasn't at all sure when I pulled up. From the moment that I walked into the office...they were just wonderful and SO nice. (it also totally helped that they just gushed over how cute my babydoll was:)

THEN, after talking with the staff...they told me that Isaac's classroom only had SIX kiddos in it...he would make the 7th. There was a special ed teacher and an assistant. Isaac is the only one that's non-verbal, non-walking, and non-eating....but, she assured me that they would be just fine with him.

We started last Monday. He's in the afternoon class, so he goes from 12:10-2:45 (totally during naptime). BUT...he's doing SO good! He doesn't interact with the other kids yet (who knows when of IF he ever will)...but, I brought in plenty of YoGabbaGabba toys and books to share with the class...so, Isaac is in heaven (that's what the picture is above). Him...on the circle...with HIS toys. The other kids will stop by for a moment...press a button on something...and wonder off. (so stinkin' cute).

When school starts...they immediately feed the kids lunch....AND...Isaac let's Mrs. Shari (his teacher) feed him! Then, they have circle time, arts and crafts....and so forth. They are so sweet in including Isaac in every single moment. They even take the kids to the gym for a little "recess" time....where the kids are able to ride tricycles around! AND...because Isaac can't ride a trike yet...they have a little car or wagon that they pull him around in.

It is the sweetest place...I couldn't imagine better teachers for him or a more loving environment.
I've gone and stayed with him each day...
but, I think he might almost be ready to go by himself pretty soon. He missed Monday and Tuesday of this week (due to snot that runs constantly from his nose)...
He even has a backpack! Now...of course he can't wear it...but, we have one...with STUFF in it!
My baby is growing up!

NOW...onto Eli. Let me just say that the playpen is up in our room (since Isaac has been sick over the weekend)...and NOW...the EMERGENCY BED is back. OH YES. I don't know why we always get a house with more than two bedrooms...it just isn't necessary in our house!

Eli was up ALL NIGHT LONG wheezing and needing neb treatments every 3 hours. I called today to try and find a pediatrician for him....NO OPENINGS until tomorrow.
of course not.
But...you know how many drugs we have lying around this house. I have enough breathing treatments for him and I even saved some liquid prednisone from his last flare up that I was able to start him on (and yes...I am thinking about going back to school for medicine).

AND Chris...we're going to let him drive the minivan to seminary in the morning. The church is only around the block. I mean...he could run into a house, a car, a mailbox, or a DEER...but, I'm willing to take that chance...just to get back into bed for a few more precious moments of sleep.

SO...Wednesday...let us all pray...that Chris doesn't wreck the van in the morning, that Eli doesn't require an ER trip during the night, that Isaac's nose stops running, that he MIGHT be well enough to go to school, that i will find Eli's new pediatrician's office, that they will take our insurance (even though we don't have new cards yet), and that I don't forget to pick up Isaac from school, or Chris from school, or forget that scouts is tomorrow night...oh, it's going to be a LONG DAY.

serenity now...
serenity now...

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Monday, November 01, 2010


That's a pic of us at the pumkin patch...
yes..I am HUGE, Isaac is NOT cooperating, Chris is always striking a pose,
and Eli just loves to smile!

Below...that's our house. See the road...Eli walking Katie, Isaac in stroller,
and the wall...those are the little apple trees that the deer eat off of.
SO...when Chris is walking Kate at night and he looks up...
those deer FREAK him out!

and this was the house where the pumpkin patch was at...
oh...so pretty!


We have some things to get use to...it's SO cloudy..that the darn glow in the dark stars I put on Eli's ceiling NEVER glow at night...because they don't get any SUNLIGHT during the day.

Apparently, you can't put a roast down the garbage disposal...because then it backs up into the basement sink and overflows and causes a flood...that then, takes THREE bottles of draino, some plunging, and prayers to get to unclogged.

Also, it appears that Low-Flow toilets are standard in homes here. Maybe it's one flush per toilet square?

I need to mow the grass (now that we have a new lawn mower)...when it stops raining...next year.

I need to clean the bathrooms...but, I can't find my box of cleaning supplies and I reFUSE to buy anymore (you know I have about 30 bottles!)

I can't upload pictures from my camera...because, my camera is DEAD...and I can't find my charger (it's in yet another box somewhere...possibly with the missing cleaning supplies)

and...I ate a WHOLE pumpkin pie today.

that's all.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

I am STILL unpacking boxes...SO behind in getting meds transferred, docs transferred, insurance transferred....I NEED MORE TIME IN MY DAYS...and I just want to nap all afternoon here...
BUT...last week...I picked up the boys from school...and there was a break in the clouds from rain...so, off we went to the pumpkin patch!

Remember...Eli has only been to the pumpkin patches in Las Vegas...at a parking lot! He has NEVER seen a field of pumpkins! He was in heaven!

Here they are on our "hay ride" over to the field.

yes...the infamous Chris even had fun finding a pumpkin...
Look at that little guy...he just couldn't be more happy!
Isaac...well...he tolerated the whole adventure...
with minimal screaming...

he must have been deep in thought in that picture!
I have SO much to tell you...
since I've been a slacker blogger...
BUT...to tease you a wee bit....

(yep...went to a SCHOOL in a classroom! No...i still can't be brave enough to put him on a bus.)

yes...I will give you more details and even pics...but, it's late and this mama needs some sleep!

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Sneak Peak

A sneak peak to the neighborhood we now call home.
YES...this is our neighborhood...
It's just a little different from the mountains in Vegas....

and Eli is LOVING walking Katie around this area.

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Sunday, October 17, 2010

STILL UNpacking

I thought a little Isaac Smiley face would make YOU smile!

It's Sunday night...we ALL made it to church. My slip kept sliding out from underneath my skirt, Isaac screamed the ENTIRE time, Chris begged repeatedly to leave early, and Eli had an anxiety attack and had trouble breathing (so, we did indeed get to leave JUST a little early).
Oh, yes...REALLY.
That's how we ROLL...and YOU know it!

I eventually got my slip under control...
Isaac never did stop screaming (until we were home and his television was on it's proper channel)...
Chris stopped asking to leave early and is ACTUALLY going to seminary in the morning..
and Eli...after a quick puff of his inhaler...and some snuggling with mom and an afternoon nap (also with mom)...and a family movie of "How to Train your Dragon"...he's just FINE.

I unpacked ONE box today.
One down....87 more to go (I actually don't know how many are left...but, there are a TON left).
I should just open the garage...and have a yard sale:
"Mystery Box...$25"
"Large Mystery Box...$50"

Tomorrow I start my calls to get Isaac into the school system here and look for services for him. One lady told me that they had never heard of Katie Beckett (Isaac's secondary insurance through medicaid)....WHAT???!??!
(I'll call more people and confirm that...before I lay in the floor and cry)

and Joe...were you wondering what happened to him?
He's alive.
Trying to watch football when we will share the television...
trying to dodge my, "honey...could you....." requests....
and just working his bum off...just like normal.

I have GOT to get Isaac a costume made....what are your kiddos dressing up like? I can't decide if I want to go with a different Gabba Gabba character...a skeleton with a BIG OLE WONDERFUL heart, or something different.....
thinking cap is ON!

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rollers NOT in Vegas Anymore:(

I can't remember if I posted pics of Chris' birthday?
Well...for the big 16 (since he already got a car)...we got him a huge
bass amp for his bass guitar (he often wants to be in a band).
Here's Eli...helping me pack up the garage in Vegas before we left.
(and..that's about how much he's helping me UNpack)
Our front yard...
the deer..eating the apples off the trees.
(through the living room window...HOW IN THE WORLD am I suppose
to keep it that clean?)
The cutest three year old EVER!
Seriously...he has me TOTALLY wrapped around his
cute little finger!

We did it...
we made the move.

I know...where the heck have I been?? Bad mommy blogger...bad! BUT....I have been packing the house WITHOUT my hubby, while he was working at his new job. Some how...we managed to get it packed and made the trip without TOO many incidents. (ok...you need a laugh...how about a quick list of mishaps along the way).

  • All of our boxes would NOT fit in the moving truck (that the moving company sent.) Thus, requiring them to send ANOTHER biGGER truck the next day, unloadind it ALL in my culde sac, and reLOAD the entire house. (it did fit after stuffing some remaining items in Chris' car that would be towed by another company)
  • The car company towing Chris' car called...very angry with me. It appears that you are NOT suppose to load a car down...THUS, an additional charge of $400 would be imposed on me:(
  • We HAD to spend the night after the movers couldn't get the first truck loaded. Our hotel accepted pets (GREAT!)...yeah, with a $50 pet FEE! (my behind!...I quick went back to our empty house and dropped off sweet Katie with food and water)
  • FINALLY...we hit the road. Make it to Bakersfield, CA. LaQuinta Inn's take pets...we stop. OH SNAP! (doors on the outside of the MOtel...we can't stay there!) Go across the street to Holiday Inn Express....SO pretty...but, NO pets! BACK to LaQuinta Inn...splurge for the suite (so, it's the NICEST room in the Motel). Open the door...nice furniture, nice bedding, clean bathroom....YUCKIER THAN YUCKY stains on the floor! (almost puked!) It was TOO late to find another place. Put kids to bed...and I kept my FLIP FLOPS on the entire time! (still feeling gross about that one!)
  • Wake up...it's raining. No problemo...I did remember to change my wiper blades. EXCEPT, they weren't working on the DRIVER's Side! Go to Pep Boys...they save the day and fix my wiper arm!!! (awesome guys!)
  • WHEW....it's like 10am and we can FINALLY hit the road. We drive thru McDonald's...get our breakfast. Chris grabs a can of coke from the cooler and it EXPLODES ALL OVER US IN THE FRONT SEAT! (i think a bad word did spill from my lips...sorry). After multiple baby wipes and paper towels...we ONCE AGAIN try to head out~
  • No real issues during the day...until we reach Portland! OH MY GOSH..I almost had a panic attack driving up I-5...those bridges are SO STINKin' high! I had to pull my hair to cover the sides of my face, look straight ahead...and not EVEN look to my side! (I am SO afraid of heights!)
  • We drove all night (whatever night it was) until about 2am to make it to our new house and to Joe. (Although he was glad to see us...it appeared that he was not TOO terribly happy to be blowing up air mattresses and hear screaming at that hour. I think he was in "quiet" for too long!) Don't worry...we've fixed that!
  • ahh...The movers met us at the house the next morning. AFTER hours and hours of unloading...the house is ready for me to start unpacking (i do NOT like that part of moving).
  • Friday night...I'm doing dishes, laundry...and hear a noise. It appears there's a water leak...IN THE WALL! The downstairs is SUPER WET! We call the property manager...they send someone right over...BUT...that means I have to wash dishes in the bathroom sink.
  • I am STILL washing dishes in the bathroom sink...(and it's TUESDAY).
  • On Friday morning, I was washing dishes (before I had to stop)...and a DEER walked right in front of the window! (scared me to DEATH!) Anyway...there's a mom and two baby deer that just wonder around the neighborhood (and eat apples off our apple trees). too cute...
I'm sure there were many more funny moments...my poor little brain is just FrIeD!

The important things are...the boys are in school (actually enjoying themselves), we are all battling colds (except Isaac...yeah for me!), and the boxes will eventually unpack themselves (right?)

It's late...I'm stuffy and coughing...I should get off to bed soon.
(I have pics of the messy house...with TONS of boxes everywhere. I'll check with Joe to see if he'd be TOO embarrassed if I shared them with you). (just so that you can praise me when I get them all unpacked...that's all)

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Monday, October 04, 2010


I KNOW that you'd like to see pictures..
especially YOU Joe....

BUT...I have SO much left to get ready for the move! OH MY GOODNESS....
we have WAY too many clothes...WAY too much junk.

I'll TRY to remember to take pictures of the "after"...and maybe some "during" pics.

BUT..the boys are already withdrawn from school...
and the movers will be at our house on Monday morning at 9am...

fingers crossed that they can fit it all in ONE truck!

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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rocking update

First of all..I just need to tell you that my BFF, Tasha...took this AWESOME picture of Isaac. NOW...she's going to have to follow me to WA and take some family pics for me! If you live in Vegas and need a photographer...just click HERE to find her!

We went to see my MOST favorite neurologist today (Dr. Raja if you're in Vegas looking for a good one). ANYWAY....he watched the videos and told me that this is just a new mannerism that Isaac is exhibiting. BUT...if those movements start becoming rhythmic...then, it could be a seizure and I must return.

So...I'll just keep watching them.
He does it all day...and he does NOT like doing it. I just hug him and hold him while it's happening until it stops. That's all you can do.

OK...for all those who see Chris' facebook status...you are now able to see him pecking his girl!
(seriously...who would want their mom to see that?) So..he's doing great. (obviously)

Eli got stung by a bee at school today. (it was pronounced his WORST day EVER)....and OF COURSE, this wouldn't have happened if I would home school him.
He doesn't know if he can go to school tomorrow...it's just too much.

Isaac is still not his super happy self...but, he's starting to feel better.
and me...oh my goodness..I just wanted to lay in the floor and cry today. I had the worst migraine. SO, after all our morning appointments...and picking up all the kids...I called all my friends that were going to come over...and the boys and I napped..and napped...and NOW...I feel FABULOUS!

(which is good...because I'm going to veg out on the couch and watch Project Runway)...and maybe throw a couple of things in a box!

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rocking Isaac

OK...Isaac started doing this wierd thing lately where he makes a funny fist...and puts his arm behind his head...(like he's not in control of his arm) and then he cries.

WELL...today, he started doing it while rocking...non-stop...and this went on for about 30 minutes. Is this just stimming or something else??
I was able to get in to see the neurologist this week...hoping that he might be able to tell me what it is and what I need to do to help him when he's doing it.

and here's another video.

and here's a video where he puts his his arm behind his head (I know the gabba gabba episode makes it look like he's washing his hair..but he isn't. This is what he starts to do before he starts the rocking.)

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Saturday, September 18, 2010

House hunting trip

I haven't update much this because:
  • Isaac is STILL sick
  • Eli is STILL sick (missing three days of school)
  • Christopher continues to sneak calls to his new girl at ALL hours of the night (putting me on guard duty at all hours)
  • Joe was gone all week in WA looking for us a house
BUT...Eli is feeling better, Isaac is a little better, Chris continues to sit on my last nerve, and Joe found us a house! (we will be renting...not, buying)

Chris started looking at the pictures and said:
"OH MY GOSH...our house is yellow!"
"OH MY GOSH...we live in the country!"

and...that about sums it up! Joe did a great job working with "list" and picking out the perfect house. He brought back TONS of pictures and even made videos for me!
I love that guy...and all my little guys!

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Saturday, September 11, 2010

TOO much to tell....NOT much time to tell it!

SO...here's the short list of recent events:

  • Joe got the job!
  • AND...we're MOVING....
  • TO Aberdeen, Washington (yes...Washington STATE!)
  • Joe is NOT home...he's up in WA, looking for us a HOUSE!
  • Chris turned 16...still hasn't been on that first date yet (but, actively looking)
  • Isaac is sick...
  • of course he is...snot, coughing, gagging, throwing up...
  • Eli and I watched Furry Vengeance tonight (super cute...that teenager reminds me of Chris)
  • I started boxing up the house today...WHEW...that's going to be a JOB!
  • and...I need to load the dishwasher...but, don't tell if I don't do it until tomorrow!

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Pure Cuteness

I thought you deserved a little cuteness today...these guys sure do melt my heart!

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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


***Christopher turns 16 on September 9th! I can't believe he's that old! How is that even possible? We're taking him to Chinese Buffet for dinner on Thursday (a surprise for him). AND...if you KNOW Chris...this is HEAVEN to him. We stopped going to this one restaurant when they raised the prices to $20 a person and started busing in Japanese tourists. HOPEFULLY, there will NOT be BUSLOADS of tourists...and he eats $20 worth of noodles (because, that's all he eats).

Aren't the days just speeding past? Oh MY GOODNESS! This weekend was a whirlwind...
on Saturday...we started at 5am with a yard sale...which, was CRAZY BUSY! We were wiped out by 9am! Later that day, Eli and I went to some baptisms of cute kiddos from church, Joe and I then snuck out to meet a cute young man that just returned from his mission, and then we went BACK to church where we were able to attend another baptism where Joe sang the most beautiful song.
Sunday...we made it to church! Joe taught his class, and...lucky for me...Isaac slept through the entire 3 hour block of church (which, also meant that I didn't get my Sunday afternoon nap:(
I really don't know which I prefer....quiet during church...or a family nap?

Monday...Let Labor day begin! Joe, the kids, and I had the entire house cleaned by noon...
and then, I napped!

Therapies are back in full swing, home school for Isaac, scouts have started back up...
I am SO glad that I don't have the boys in sports this season....where would the time be for that??

Have I told you that I'm working on a costume for my niece? A pink flamingo. It's SO stinkin' cute. Well...I've been working on it for MONTHS...and I STILL haven't finished it.
Megan...I'll get into my sewing room and finish it this week...I PROMISE!

AND...you guys KNOW that I have a shopping problem...and I am having a REALLY hard time NOT shopping the deals like I do and stocking up on all the freebies that I know I can get...because, THEN...I''ll have to pack it up and box it up and PAY to move it.

AND...another confession...I am ADDICTED to the Housewives. All of them! They make me laugh and crack up and ....oh my goodness...Joe can't stand to even hear it in the background....
but...they are hilarious.

I've always thought that there was enough drama in our house....that we could be a reality show.

Ok...I need to hop on ebay now and search for rain gear and boots for my boys! (and watch Rachel Zoe while shopping....what could be better?)

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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cardiology Update

well...I STILL don't have any pics to share...
but, I do have an update for you!!!

Cardiology Update:
Isaac's heart is stable. His valve leakage is still a 6 (on a scale of 1-10...10 meaning it's time for replacement). His heart rate is still crazy high (and for an unknown reason). It's 150-160 while he's just sitting around...and in the 200s when he's mad and screaming! SO, we were hooked up to a Holter monitor for the last 24 hours. He does have random rhythm disturbances...but, they are not close together. (these disturbances are what they'll keep an eye on also...to determine when he'll need a new valve). He was satting at 93-95...just about where he usually is. (which means when he gets any type of respiratory illness...he gets the o2 back up his nose).

Moving update:
I can't jinx anything, or Joe will TOTALLY blame me...but, Forks isn't our town....BUT, it does look like another town in WA state. SO...we'll know for sure next week...then, I'll spill the beans!

Eli update:
He got the paperwork to be tested for GATE (the gifted and talented program at his school). He took his iq test today...and he's SO excited...but, also quite anxious (he can't bear to go to school if he doesn't get in...seriously).
We went to the library yesterday, and got the 2nd Harry Potter book. (we're still reading a chapter every night before bed)

Chris update:
He doesn't like the girl with the pierced lip and nose anymore (there are many other women that have caught his eye now)....BUT, he is convinced that he NEEDS a tattoo. seriously.
This, coming from the boy that is SO scared of needles! (at his last ped. shots...I had to actually sit on him to hold him down so that they could give him a shot).
that's my boy.

Joe update:
He's out at this very moment (late at night), looking in dumpsters for me! (empty boxes)
so sweet of him!

We are CRAZY busy...as is everyone, I'm sure. With school starting, and therapies back in swing. (we're having 2-3 appts a day! then kids at two different schools...and dinner...people in this house still expect ME to cook!)
it's breakfast for dinner like EVERY other day around here.
or frozen pizza night...
or kraft mac n cheese night...
or breakfast again for dinner night...


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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Forced Family Fun Night

Can I just say....

We ALL made it to church today. Yep...it was a rather smooth process. No screaming or yelling...no wrinkled suits.
NOW...we did spend most of church in the hallways with a grumpy little Isaac. But...we made it!

After church...we ALL had a nice LONG nap! (I just LOVE Sunday afternoon naps!)

I made a roast in the crockpot...so, lunch was ready after church and dinner was leftovers.
Where we FINALLY get to watch Harry Potter.
Eli and I took our positions on the loveseat (the best viewing spots in the house), Isaac crawled around on the floor sprinkling crackers everywhere, Chris was at the table STILL eating, and Joe was laying on the couch.
The movie started....
Eli was so excited...
THEN...Chris went upstairs to sleep (at 8:00!)....
THEN...we could hear snoring from the couch...
and that left me, and lick, and ick (eli and isaac).

We finished the movie...Eli was SO excited then...went up to brush his teeth and to bed.
Joe woke up...then, tried rolling back over...
WHEN...Eli came downstairs crying!
Yep...he doesn't want to go to school tomorrow...he wants to be HomeSchooled.
poor little thing.
SO...while I was feeding Isaac his last "late night" feed....
I sent Joe and Eli up to my bed...
where they are snoring happily together as I type...
Chris is STILL asleep...
and I just heard Isaac open his door and scream out (he can open it from his crib....like I can't hear him screaming with the door closed?)

We begin our day in the morning early....
wish me luck...
I need a nerve pill...
so bad!

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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Too Much Information!

Do you see that face?? That's him talking to me...well, screaming at me...he isn't mad...that's just how he talks. LOUD...LIKE THAT...ALL DAY...(I can't pop enough excedrin at this point in my life).

Isaac is fine. We had an ot evaluation on Tuesday...so, he'll be in community pt twice a week, community ot once a week, home school twice a week, home school pt once a week, home school speech once a week, and home school ot once a week.
got all that?
AND...we get a cardiology update NEXT WEEK! I'm SO excited!!!! Not nervous at all. Isaac's been perfect. He has his random blueberry moments...but, pops right out. I think he gets a holter monitor this time...that will ease my mind about his rapid heartrate.

He doesn't like wearing the supersuit. I don't like putting on the supersuit.
There....I said it.
BUT...Joe told me to be a good mom and put it on.
(even though I have to take it off EVERY TIME I CHANGE a DIAPER--which is like every freakin' hour it seems...and it takes FOREVER to put back on...and let's NOT even talk about if there's a leak in the diaper!)

Speaking of my sweetie...Joe. (and he is a sweetie...he worked all day and he's working tonight also). A few days ago...the kitchen trashcan was FULL. It needed to be taken out (but, that's Christopher's job...and I just remind him when he appears downstairs). SO, Joe's in his office cleaning it...he comes out with a trash bag from HIS OFFICE trash can. He doesn't take it out side...BUT, he SHOVES it in the kitchen trash can...making it SUPER FULL now.
Please...we need a vote...
He thinks I'm a nagger for pointing that out...
would you??? Think I'm nagging??

Thank you.

Harry Potter update: We have only FIVE chapters left!!! Eli and I decided tonight that we should read a little extra over the next few days and to have Sunday night as our HARRY POTTER MOVIE night!!!
and it shall be!
I'm SO excited!

OH--I keep forgetting to post this...BUT, we switched our home phone to "Clear" service last month...and it is NOT clear. I can't hear a thing when people call. SO, I've been working with their techs for weeks...and still NOT working. So, today we got a regular land line turned on, a new home number....and I can call everyone back! (sorry...I didn't want to burn up my cell minutes since I'm on Mandy's plan now).

AND...Joe has his final interview on Friday.
What do you think about Forks, Wa??
yep...that's right.

Cross your fingers and toes and say your prayers!
(Christopher is NOT even talking to us about the idea of possibly moving...poor little thing).

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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Weekend Report

It's hot here.

That's all.

I got a LONG nap today...yeah for me!

Joe worked Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night. SO...he's quite POOPED!

Isaac has the runny poops...totally YUCK! Maybe we'll all go to church and Joe can take him home early (that's the LAST thing I want to clean up outside of the house).

Eli and I are ALMOST finished reading Harry Potter!

Chris TALKS WAY too much about the girl with the piercings. I may have to do an intervention...but, I'm keeping an eye on the situation.

AND....Joe's been interviewing with Bank of America for a job in ANOTHER STATE. I will NOT spill the beans...but, it's CRAZY! He'll have his next phone interview on Tuesday...don't worry...I'll keep you updated.

Really...we've had a drama FREE weekend! Who would have thought??

oh...and pictures. Would you like to see what the kids look like?
WELL...I'll see if I can pull the ole camera out tomorrow and see if I can snap a few!

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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I've been ONE busy mama! I mean, really...do you expect anything less from me?

ALL boys are out of school until August 30th. SO..they are always here, messing up my house, watching my television, trying to talk to me...OH MY GOSH...I can't wait until they go back!

Eli cute moment:
Since the birth of Isaac...poor Eli has had to take a backseat to everything. One moment I really miss with his is reading to him every night. It was our routine...it's what we did every night...until we had Isaac. Now that Isaac sleeps in his own room...and Eli is a super star reader...we were talking last week when he found a Harry Potter book. He asked if he could read it...and I said sure! BUT...why don't I read it to you each night!? You see...Eli was too young to remember watching all the movies when they came out...and when he can remember seeing them, they were rated PG13 and I usually ended up out in the halls with him because he was scared. HE DOESN"T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT HARRY POTTER! How awesome is that? SO, we're reading everynight. I put Isaac in his crib, and Eli and I snuggle in my bed and read. Eli falls asleep with me and then Joe moves him to his bed.
It's just perfect.
I needed that time with him...and I KNOW that he does too.

Onto Chris.
He asked about DATING today. You see...he's talking (texting) about 50 different girls at the moment...but, the forerunner seems to be this girl he met at summer school with a pierced nose and lip. We talked today about dating once he's 16...and then, it's only group dates. THEN, I asked him if he understood WHY it was only group dates. (you should just see his little face turn red...but, we have to talk about those things...because he'll be SIXTEEN YEARS OLD on Sept. 9th!)
yep...i am OLD!
OH...and he took his Bass guitar out of the closest...and he's plucking at it ALL day now. I suppose he'll be in a rock band soon (don't worry...I'll get you his autograph before he gets too famous)

and Isaac.
He will NOT keep his glasses on his face. He does NOT like to wear the super suit. He continues to scream at us relentlessly until we turn the channel to YoGabbaGabba on the big screen, his playroom tv, and his ipad. seriously.
Sometimes I just make him scream (yes i do)...
but, I do understand his frustration with his lack of communication...
AND...I do like to give my ears a rest...so, gabba stays on FAR too much in my house.
(I am STILL waiting for them to contact me so that we can be on their payroll...I feel like we single handedly told the world about YoGabbaGabba!)
and...if you say, "good job" Isaac...he claps like a madman! You can say, "clap for mommy" and he just gives you a blank stare. "good job Isaac"...crazy clapping.
at least he understands and likes "good job".

and Joe.
My sweetie pie. Continues to look for that most awesome day job that will pay SO MUCH so that I can continue to live in my fairy tale world....but, until that day comes....he got a night job. He'll be working security at some clubs and restaurants in the Venetian. I am so proud of him for not just sitting around and waiting for money to fall from the sky. AND...guess what? This job qualifies for benefits after 90 days and only part time hours...AND..it's the most awesome insurance that we had before that covers ALL Isaac's docs and therapists!
(this is super important for us...for instance...Isaac can't talk or eat...but, our current insurance doesn't cover speech therapy...and I can't afford $80 twice a week for therapy...but, I would like him to talk and eat one day).
SO...my superstar hubby gets a BIG OLE FAT GOLD STAR for taking care of us and doing what he needs to do to make it happen.
He'd shovel poo if he had too...and I'm so proud of him for that.

I think that about covers it.
My house is still messy, the hamster cage needs to be cleaned, I am still the pool man, there's doggy poo that needs to be picked up from outside....but, my pantry is full, the freezer is full, the internet works, the tv works, and the boys are happy...
what else really matters?

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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Walking Isaac

ok...he's getting SO close!

Here's a quick little video of him tonight. He took about three steps! (then, he lunges forward...but, he'll get it soon...i think!)

NOW...if you're TOTALLY bored and want to sit in your seat for a little longer, here's a video of Isaac walking to my sister. It is hilarious! He is SO excited, that he takes ONE single step, and then stops to sit down, do his happy dance, and clap for himself....and repeats this 20 times.

I DO have Isaac's newest ORANGE glasses...but, he keeps taking them off...so, no picture yet. BUT...Eli just found his other glasses...so, I have TWO pairs!

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Monday, August 09, 2010

Sleeping Beauty

What do I really need to say about this babydoll??
(other than the pj's NOT matching, the pillow case NOT
on the pillow, and NOT matching the blanket on the floor)...

I just love this stinker.
Just a short and sweet post updating you on our chaos. (I mean...family fun house).
  • Isaac learned how to clap....and claps for himself ALL DAY LONG!
  • Joe still doesn't have a job (but, we're hoping that he'll get paid for his good looks)
  • Chris remembered to do his chores today (after a small prompting)
  • Eli is in LOVE with Greek Mythology at the moment....he's a reading madman!
  • Isaac gets his NEW ORANGE Converse glasses tomorrow!
That's all folks!

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Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Funny Pics!

Dang...I tried posting this LAST night and it took
FOREVER for the pics to load...
so, here we go:
THIS is the picture that Eli gave his teacher for her "end of the year" gift.
We put it in a talking picture frame that talked and he said,
"Ms. E, LOOK what I have in my hand for you"
(in his little devious voice)
She's going to LOVE it!

Peek a boo...
I see you!
This is how Sir Isaac was sitting on the couch
yesterday watching Gabba.
Ok...I moved the pillow...
I know...he doesn't really match...
but, who cares!
See that smile...still watching Gabba!
SHoot....it's almost NOON and I need to feed my bugaboo now. I hope you enjoyed the pics!

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Tuesday, August 03, 2010


ok...here's the backside of the supersuit...
notice everything is covered,
except for the bum:)
Front view...
he had to stop for a moment and pick his nose...
It isn't too tight or too loose...
see, he can get on the floor and change the channels!
still picking his nose...
and watching television...
his TWO favorite past times.

Sarah...you totally made me laugh! (where's my supersuit?) That's the voice that I use now when I'm looking for parts of it.

Of course...it's late. I finally got Mr. Isaac to sleep. We had NO appointments today!!!
Eli made it to school...
Chris made it out of his room...
both boys made it to scouts tonight.
life is pretty good.

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Sunday, August 01, 2010

My Kids Have gone CRAZY!

When Eli got his Wolf badge...
Joe and I got to paint his face at the Pack meeting!

Isaac is still loving his crackers....
and his hands so much...he put a blister on it chewing on it.
I put a band-aid on it for now..
but, it's only going to last a few hours before he chews it off.

Gosh...I haven't posted in a few days because the KIDS HAVE GONE CRAZY!

Let's see....
Thursday--Isaac got a new Super Suit from physical therapy. It's like a tank top with attached buttless chaps. (if that makes sense). It snuggles him tight to give him more input. WELL, we had to take it off as soon as we got home...he was just too hot. By noon, Isaac was super grumpy...with a FEVER!
of course.
He just laid around all day...I kept him drugged up and hydrated...and he slept. We had to cancel our homeschool for Thursday:(

Friday--I can't remember much. Isaac was still feverish, but no other symptoms (so, I didn't take him in). I get a call about noon from ELI's school...he has a headache and is crying. I pick him up...BOTH of my babies aren't feeling well.

Saturday--Isaac was feeling better...now ELI was NOT. He ended up sleeping in our room and just laid around. Eli's only complaint was a fever now and a headache.

Sunday--We get up and Eli's fever is pretty high, so Joe takes him to urgent care because I have to teach in Relief Society at church (the plan is that if he isn't back home in time, I'll take Isaac to church with me).
Luckily, they make it back in time. They couldn't get a good swab from Eli, but they suspect STREP!
Could that be what was wrong with Isaac on Thursday?
who knows?
Eli has not eaten anything but crackers all weekend...I now have him on antibiotics and fever reducers....
Isaac seems fine...just screaming when all the televisions in the house are NOT on YoGabbaGabba.

Monday...I suspect Eli will be skipping school...Isaac will go to therapy with his supersuit on and leg braces and be VERY angry with me. BUT, we don't have any more appointments for the day...so, I might just be able to go upstairs and SEW!

Chris is around here...locked in his room...texting, facebooking, playing xbox....slowly losing what brain cells he has remaining.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tubes...where are you?

I took Mr. Isaac to the ENT today...where he looked in those little ears...he saw the tubes...but, they were full of wax and NOT in their correct spot. Therefore...they are NOT working.

SO....he said, "let's just wait".
and...we are.
We're waiting to see how he does when winter hits and colds abound.

I'm just procrastinating going to bed. OH...my head hurts...my child is still crawling around screaming at me to turn the channel...
calgon...take me away...
far away...

I will post pics tomorrow...because SOME LITTLE MAN in my house just got his Bobcat badge last night! OH...so cute!

and Chris...he's alive and well...i guess. He hides in his room all day and plays games...
and i just let him...
(does that make me a bad mom?)

hush Joe!

ok...i'm taking my baby to bed...
I'll update more tomorrow!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking too cute!

in the middle of the stairs is a landing..
with a window..
he had to stop for a little look.
(and yes...that is a hole in the wall. Chris and I moved furniture one day...
and put it there...and I haven't fixed it yet)
Could he get any CUTER?
Sometimes he looks so thoughtful...
like he's pondering so many important things...
and can't be bothered.
after taking the stop at the window...
it's time to head back UP the stairs.
Looks like he's getting tired.
and...when he does get tired...
he knows how to stop, rest, and just chill...
until he's ready to start again.
We had a CRAZY busy weekend. After MUCH drama (too much to type), the boys and I made it out to help my sister pack up her house. We filled up ONE ENORMOUS pod, a storage building, a uhaul, and the back of a Yukon (and she STILL threw a ton of stuff away and left things behind).

This might be TOO much information...so, stop reading now.
BUT...I worked SO hard...and my bum is bigger (as are my thighs)...that they were rubbed RAW from all the work and sweat. TOTALLY gross. I've never been so big in my life...or sweated and worked for so long.
i'm surprised that I'm still alive to blog about it.
I will not show you what it looks like (but, you know...in your inner thigh...where your bum meets the leg...totally sore!)

Summer school is FINALLY over...
but...as much as I don't miss driving back and forth...i DO miss my semi-quiet house. NOW, i have a teenager hooked up to video games all day...just screaming into his microphone (like the big dork that he is).

I did cook dinner tonight...Chicken Parmesan. It was edible....that's all.
I do NEED to clean more, sew more, cut more coupons....
oh, I NEED an assistant.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raining in Vegas?

You have to blow up this picture to see his face...
THIS is how he eats crackers.
ALL over his face, hands, clothes, the floor...the television, his toys...
you can just see a trail...
all from saltine crackers.
The only "solid" food that he eats.
Now...let us discuss the RAIN in Las Vegas for a moment.
You KNOW that we are drama magnets. We don't want it...but, it finds us and clings to us like crazy! AND...drama is at it again...
Can I just say that my dryer is broken, today our ac unit broke (which will cost $2500 to fix), and Joe's LAST day of employment is next week.
(yes...i will soon be adding a "donate now" button on my sidebar)

could it get any worse?
(shhh...don't answer that...because in our world...it can).

BUT....I'm helping my sister pack up her house...and she's giving me her dryer (among LOTS of other goodies), the ac will be fixed tomorrow, and...well....I've got nothing to report on the job front yet.
I know it will eventually be ok...it always is. Do you remember 2 years ago....Isaac had his 2nd heart surgery (the 14 hour one), we came home with our baby MIRACULOUSLY, and then Joe lost his job, all the while our mortgage interest rate adjusted (totally ticking me off).
It was all just horrible at that time...
but, we survived...
and I know we will now.
It's just too darn hot for all this drama....I wish it would have waited until fall or winter...I could probably handle it a little better that time of year.

SO...other than all of the above...I'm driving out to Phoenix tomorrow to help my sister pack up and I'll be back Saturday night.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell drama to leave me alone for just a few days...my nerves can't take anymore.

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