We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A scout, a ladybug, and a goose egg.

My name is Kathy...
and have I told you lately that I'm tired??
I am...
Well...let me introduce you to our newest cub scout!
He had his second meeting tonight...and he just LOVES it! He sits down every night with his book and tries to get me to sign off things for him. I think he'll have his Eagle before he's in high school.
AND...by popular demand...we have the "scaled down" version of
LadyBug Eli.
Yes...that IS how he went to school. Antennae on his head, (the wings were in his backpack), the tutu around his waist...and notice the matching red crocs. I did NOT put black dots on the skirt or make it longer...he was fluffy enough.
and...he wore it all day...
and wore it home.

Now...that Eli has kept me somewhat busy...we should talk about Sir Isaac.
Did I tell you that he fell off the train table last week and had a goose egg on his head??
Do you want to see it??
IT's GROSS...and BIG...and OH, so sad.
(and..he's only crying because I got in front of the television...not because he's in any pain)

So...the goose egg is going down. There is still a bruise up there. Poor thing.
He's still on antibiotics for his ears...and ear drops to help unclog those tubes. WELL...this morning...I put the drops in his ears and went up to shower. Eli came running in,
"MOM...Isaac has BLOOD coming out of his ears!"
I quick rush down the stairs to see blood all in his ear and running down his neck (I did take pics, but Joe told me they were TOO gross to show you). I cleaned him off and called the ENT. To schedule an appointment, I had to go straight to voicemail...so, I left a message. By noon, NO ONE had called, so I called again, and this time asked to be transferred to the triage nurse...where, you of COURSE had to leave a message. She did call me back before 5:00...and told me that she didn't think his tube fell out, but that the drops did indeed unclog the tube and there was just so much pressure behind it. (has this happened to anyone).
Well...it's still bleeding a little throughout the day.
She's going to call us in the morning to check up on him...
but, I think I'm going to try and get him in the IMpossible-to-get-into doctors office and let him look in those little ears.

OH...I have SO much to clean...Jen, Craig, Gracie, and Bennett will be here on Thursday!!! YEAH...I can't wait! (shh...don't tell them how hot it is here...they might change their minds)

Well...that's about all I have for you. I HOPE that we have NO drama to tell about tomorrow...
let's hope.

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Monday, June 28, 2010

tutu for boys?


I have NO time to spare...
but, I did want to give you a quickie update on Isaac and our family.

Isaac had a gi appt on Friday. He weighs in at 25 pounds and is 36 inches tall. He's been this weight and height for a while now...SO, it's time to kick it up a little. We've started him on an appetite stimulant that he'll take twice a day. We go back in for a check up in 2 months to see if it helps his eat more or gain a little more weight.

Mr. Isaac had an ENT appointment today to check out those tubes. (he's still on antibiotics from last week's ear infection). Well...it appears that he only had these tubes put in last November...and he might NOT make it to this November. I'm suppose to call them and go in when he has his next ear infection (which...should be in about three weeks if Isaac stays true to his normal schedule).

Chris...his last day of FIRST summer session ends on Thursday. If he makes beLOW a "B" in this class...he will NOT even look at a television until his first report card of 11th grade!
(i don't even want to talk about him anymore...)

Eli...this boy is why I don't have time tonight. I need to go up and make him a RED TUTU to wear to school tomorrow. It's "crazy" day...and he found a ladybug headband, wings...and now would like a matching tutu.
I'm trying to make it NOT too puffy...so they don't send him home for cross-dressing...

let's hope.

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I don't like that song!


Isaac has been a stinker all weekend...and with ANOTHER sleepless night in Vegas Monday night...I woke up on Tuesday and made him an appointment with our ped.
GOOD thing...someONE has a double ear infection.
I suspected it..with his attitude (he has no other symptoms..NOT even drainage from the tubes)..so, I was already putting drops in his ears all weekend. Well...I suppose it was a good thing. I can't imagine how much they would have hurt without the drops.

Fast forward to today...
he's fine.
A fabulous fart blossom...but, fine.
Chris is almost finished with his first session of summer school, and Eli is still the apple of my eye. OH...and he (Eli) started scouts this week! (I took pictures of his uniform...and will share later in the week)

I started singing a new song to Isaac this week. It's one that Eli had to learn for church. Watch his reaction to it...
(you JUST might need to go pee first!)

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Monday, June 21, 2010

PLEASE play itsy bitsy spider with me...

I've been missing in action...I know.

I'm ONE busy lady...a busy lady with a bad memory. I really can't remember WHY I was so busy. Isaac was sick over the weekend (his ears again..but, with ear drops all weekend...he's feeling much better).
HE took TWO steps by HIMSELF today at physical therapy!

Have I mentioned that Chris is ruining my life with this darn early morning summer school?? Well...he is.

Eli is back in school (how silly....MOST of the world is off for summer already)...oh, and Joe took him for a hair cut on Saturday...now, he's almost bald. (I'll take a picture this week).

and I've been cleaning my stinkin' house. Not that it stinks...I'm just tired of cleaning it. It's like a never ending job...I want a new one.

Here's the cutest video EVER! Isaac is trying to get Chris to play Itsy Bitsy Spider with him. The problem with playing this game with Isaac.....is that he's a little OCD...and wants to do it about 20 times in a row.

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

too tired to think of an exciting title...

maybe you can think of a title for me.

We got off to a GREAT start this morning. I am sure to wake up early EACH and EVERY morning and let Chris know how much he's RUINING my summer with this summer school non-sense.

We drive 15 minutes to drop him off....drive BACK home...all the kids were fed, we all got dressed...THEN...we ventured out to Target. Isaac slobbered on my iphone, THUS, causing it to die an untimely death...so, while we're shopping, he doesn't have a tv to watch...SO, he screams...loud...the entire time we're in the store (just to remind me that he REALLY wants to watch his show and that somehow it needs to re-appear from my purse).
While chasing Eli down aisles, blocking out my toddler's screams, and avoiding all eye-contact with strangers staring at me..
it happened....
like the clouds parting in the sky...the sun shining through and glistening like we'd made it to Heaven...I saw it...
a clearance end-cap...
50% off...
of food.
and all was good.
Eli could run where he wanted...
Isaac could scream until he was dehydrated from all the water loss from his eyes...
I had hit the MOTHER LOAD...
and the trip was worth it.

That was the highlight of my day.
After that adventure...I got a migraine (probably from some toddler's screaming)...
my head is still pounding...
after, I can't remember, how many excedrin...

dashboard camera. I need to buy one. You would NEVER believe how Chris drives. I could tell you...in my own voice...BUT, you need to experience the constant jerking, the vibrating of the car as it rides on the reflectors, the sound of horns from other cars as he waits forEVER to pull out in traffic, the screams from the backseat of my other scared children....you can only imagine.
I will work on it...
before he kills me in the car...

and...to make the night even WORSE...Eli had a breakdown. He really wants to play Halo...a rated M game. (because so many of his 8 year old friends play it...and somehow, we think rated M games should only be played by adults...aren't we weird).
He just broke down...crying...breaking my heart...
hugging Joe...
poor little thing.
Maybe he'll sleep good tonight and have a better day tomorrow.

I will post pics again once my children aren't screaming at me, crying at me, or trying to kill me in a car...
so...you may NEVER see pics of my kids again.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

I have an EIGHT year old!

Today was Eli's 8th birthday...
and it was a great one!

We've actually been partying all weekend! I was lucky enough to be given Kung Zhu pets to review...and WHO HOOO...it was SO awesome that we could incorporate those cute little hamsters with Eli's party! We actually had a few small parties...where we invited a few friends over for food, cake, ice cream...and of course, to play with the new Kung Zhu pets. BUT....we told everyone NOT to bring gifts, we were sending THEM home with gifts! It was so fun!
(yes...sweet Joe put all that together)
I love these hamsters..
they don't poop..
I love that.

I have videos to post too..
but, you know me. Maybe I'll get around to it...maybe I won't. Maybe you'll just have to keep reminding me...because...that's just how it is with me.

We all made it to church...
ok...we WERE a little late...
but, we made it. Joe gave a great lesson, Isaac watched his ipad lovingly and MOSTLY quietly... then, tonight at church, they had a fireside for kiddos that were turning eight this year and would be baptized soon. AND...guess who sang?
I have videos of him practicing at home...BUT..my house is a mess in the background...SO, you might NOT get to see those videos. (or, we'll reshoot this week if you INSIST!)

IT's a FREAKIN' crazy week this week.
Chris starts summer school tomorrow...just ruining my life....I will NEVER be able to sleep in again...NEVER!!!

so...now i will leave you...
it's already ALMOST tomorrow...
and I should really get to bed!

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

No time for pictures...again...

Well...we were a BIT busy today.

I was able to sleep in until 7:30 this morning. I went downstairs...got Isaac's feeding pump filled, and went back up to a sleeping Isaac to plug him up while he slept. I went back downstairs to make Joe's lunch...when I heard a happy Isaac babbling! SO, back upstairs I go to UNplug Isaac, bring the pump and Isaac DOWNstairs, and start him back up. I have to wait until he finishes eating before I can shower and get ready because we have physical therapy at 8:45.
Isaac is doing such a great job at therapy. He can walk along a wall (a sideways walk)--and that's me holding Yo Gabba Gabba in front of him luring him along (whatever it takes).

After therapy, I rush home to send out an email for Joe, then we sneak back out to visit ToysRus to get Eli's birthday present for this weekend.

We make it back home by 11am just in time to feed him and see Chris BOLT down the stairs SCREAMING that he NEEDS to go to the DMV NOW before he forgets everything.

and so we do. We pile up in the car and are at the DMV by noon. He takes the test...and PASSES! Then, he waits in another line for about an hour to get his picture taken... BUT...we're NOT finished yet..there is ANOTHER line that you have to wait in to finalize the process. There's about 90 people in front of him (literally). They were on 770 and his number was like 853! Who knows HOW long that wait would be...so, we leave Chris in line while the little guys and I run down the road to the AT&T store (because some TEENAGER in my house lost his cell phone again)...and I was able to get a new sim card for an old phone.
We decide NOT to stop and get lunch, but to go back to DMV and check on Chris.
and...I think it's important to tell all you NON-LasVegas peeps that the DMV here is the most horrible place on earth! Not only are the lines ridiculously long, BUT there is NO parking for the amount of people that are stuffed into that building. SO, after multiple circles of the parking lot, we score a spot and find Chris. There are still about 50 people in front of him..so, we give him his new cell phone and leave again.
This time, the little guys and I head on over to Target. There are things I NEED...we get them, and while we're checking out, I get a call from Chris, "Mom...there are only FOUR PEOPLE in front of me...hurry back!"
and we do.
because in my former life...I was a Nascar driver.
As I'm pulling into the DMV, my cell rings, "MOM...I'm finished...but, need $22 MORE!"
LUCKILY, I had some cash on me...I called Chris on my cell, handed the phone and cash to Eli and dropped him off at the front of the DMV and told him to find Chris.
(don't worry...the most horrible place on earth is safe for an almost-eight year old)
As I make my third circle around the parking lot...I see my boys...beaming from ear to ear.
They quick hop in the car! WE DID IT! Chris has his permit...Eli found Chris...THEY found me...and I stop the car so that Chris can drive home.
BUT...he doesn't want to.
he's scared:)
that figures.
We then stop by our physical therapy office to pick up some toys we left for other kiddos to play with...
and went home.
Time to feed Isaac...and Eli...and Chris.
then, I inhaled my lunch while watching The YOUNG and the RESTLESS (shh..don't judge).
Gosh...what time is it now? Like 4:00??...maybe 5?
I NEED to get over to CVS to check for clearance goodies and then to Albertson's because they have DOUBLE coupons!
(i will not bore you with my FREEBIES)...but, we got in our car and headed home (all of 2 miles away)
when I heard a noise.
I start driving slower...
Gosh...I'm just not sure if I can make it home..but, Walmart is only 2 blocks away. I'm only going 5 miles an hour...and a guy driving in the opposite direction tells me to stop and he'll pump up my tire.
until he sees that it's totally shredded...so, he changes it for me (how stinkin' sweet) (and guess what...my spare tire had a nail in it...but, it was still inflated..just CRAZY)
I make it to Walmart...
where of course they only have the most expensive tire in stock...so, they're going to replace the flat tire and fix the spare tire...
and then we wait...
until about 7:30...
(I need to say...joe was already home for work and offered to come pick us up...except, silly me had the van keys in my purse and I was driving the car...and we won't all fit on the motorcycle)

have I told you lately that I'm tired?
have I told you lately that drama finds us and seeks us out??
BUT...in all that craziness...look at what I was able to accomplish:
  • Isaac at therapy
  • sim card for Chris
  • permit for Chris
  • goodies at Target
  • toy drop off at physical therapy
  • groceries at Albertson's
  • clearance deals at CVS
  • ordered Eli's cake while stuck at Walmart
  • spare tire fixed
now...I think the car needs gas...but, maybe Joe will see it and fill it up for me:)

ok...peanut is crying...and I'm watching Toddlers and Tiaras...those moms on that show just make me LAUGH!

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Wednesday, June 09, 2010


ok...I don't watch television all day (even though Joe seems to think I do)...BUT, I've watched a couple of episodes of that show "I didn't know I was pregnant". I think I'm pregnant. That would TOTALLY explain my fatigue, my belly, my moods....

I've been feeling like this for a few years...
so, I think I would have been surprised with a baby by now...
then, I remember watching a show on the Discovery channel about a woman in China (or somewhere far away like that)...that was pregnant for like 60 years. The egg implanted in her tubes or something...and she was seriously pregnant that long.
That could be my problem.
I've been pregnant since having Isaac.

I should make an appointment with my ob soon to check out these scenarios.
If not...I don't know what I'll do.
I'm too tired to exercise...
I like to eat...
I even bought that new book that Oprah said to read and you'll lose weight (Women, Food, and God)...but, it isn't helping (maybe I should read it again)
and again.
I mean..Oprah said...
so, it SHOULD work.

Well....enough about my baby belly bump...
Isaac is doing great. I signed Chris up for summer school today. Except, with my pregnant brain (see, yet another symptom) I signed him up for morning instead of night...urghh...
that means that I have to have him at school, 15 minutes away, by 7:15 each morning...for SIX WEEKS of my summer.
Chris has been working with Eli swimming and riding his bike without training wheels. NOT because of his brotherly love for Eli...but, because I promised him video game time for helping Eli:)
Eli went to our FAVORITE eye doctor today. He needs new glasses...but, he's good.
Chris MAY decide to go BACK to the dmv tomorrow....for the FOURTH try at getting his permit. (please pray, cross fingers, rub the budda belly...whatever you can do for him!)

now...i have a headache (that could be another pregnancy symptom too..right?)..so, I'm taking my favorite three year old up to bed to snuggle with me.
what a way to end a busy HOT day!

**I am NOT pregnant. Joe would kill me...and who would take care of the kids then? I use my "ring" religiously and Isaac will only know a little sibling if I ever adopt one for him.

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Monday, June 07, 2010

Where's Isaac?

I did....

I lost Isaac.
Maybe I shouldn't admit what a horrible mom I am...
but, I lost Isaac.

On Saturday, we were all working around the house...getting things together to donate. We were downstairs, upstairs, in and out of the garage, putting things in the van. When we all seemed to gather in the living room...and ask, "Where's Isaac?"
We didn't hear all the noise from his toys...
We split up...I went outside to check around the pool (even though it's fenced in, you can never be too sure), Eli went on the other side of the back yard, Joe looked upstairs (just in case someone took him up and forgot to help him down), and I sent Chris to look in the front yard (I know..a long shot...but, he needed to look somewhere).
When what to my wondering eyes should appear...but CHRIS walking in the house with a DIRTY Isaac!
He must have found the door leading from the laundry room to the garage left ajar and then SOMEHOW managed to scoot through our TOTALLY MESSY garage...where he was found in the ROAD.
Yes...the road.
Where, I might add, the recycle guy was on the other side of the cul-de-sac.
It is a complete miracle that we found him....when we did.
Now..we are totally all freaked out by this and worried that it could happen again.
Anyone could leave an outside door ajar at anytime...and Isaac doesn't understand danger.
SO...we have to work on a plan to put alarms on all doors, an alarm on the pool, and maybe even a gps on Isaac (not joking). Try calling a kiddo's name and waiting for a "I'm over here mom"....when he can't talk.

So there...
I'm all out there...
airing my dirty laundry..
hoping that social services doesn't monitor my blog for quality assurance.

After all that drama on Saturday...it leads us to Sunday. Isaac has been the little beast lately...showing his larger than life attitude...so, Joe stayed home with him while I took the big boys to church. That was really nice (I mean...I missed Joe and Isaac...but, it sure was nice to be able to sit in class and actually hear what was being taught).

Oh wait...Chris took his permit test AGAIN on Saturday. He didn't pass:(...so, we're off tomorrow to try again. (third time's a charm...right?)

We're all doing really well. Our tummies are getting back to normal, it is HOT here, Chris is teaching Eli how to swim, Chris is almost registered for summer school, Isaac is working hard at therapy, Joe is working hard at work, and I....I'm still holding the couch down!

oh...wait again. Sunday was our anniversary. It feels like we've been married for 50 years (don't we look good for our age?) My sweet got a hammock for me and my own personal mister to stand beside it....
I LOVE IT...and him too!

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Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Bug be gone!

I did it...

somewhere in my last post on Monday night...
I said, "I'm SURE nothing else will happen tonight....


Immediately after posting...Isaac started wretching and throwing up. I clean him up, change him, and rock him back to sleep. It's almost midnight...and I hear Chris walking around upstairs. I go up to investigate...only to find him in the bathroom throwing up!
He's got the runs and throwing up...
I get him a bowl, water, and he's off to bed.
Until I KEEP hearing him up in the bathroom...
I KEEP getting up with him until I talk him into going downstairs, turning on the tv, and just relaxing with his bowl...where he says, "mom...where are you going? Are you just going to leave me down here?"
AH...yes I am! I am tired and NOW my tummy is starting to hurt.

and throughout the night...I get up and empty Chris' bowl...he dozes off, but doesn't get much sleep.
It's now Tuesday morning...My tummy is just churning, but NO throwing up. Chris is STILL throwing up...that means NO school...and Tuesday would be a day of TWO FINAL EXAMS.
darn it..
By noon on Tuesday, Chris stops throwing up and is able to sleep most of the afternoon...
NOW...me....GEEZ...I can't stay off the toilet (I'll spare you all the details...but, trust me....GROSS!).
ok...I'm tired from taking care of him all night, taking care of Isaac, and now I'm feeling horrible.

Joe comes home from work and we BEG him to go to the store to get pedialyte, jello, and soup. He does it...giving us this look like, "are you REALLY sick"?

Thank goodness....Chris is able to keep food down by dinner...
and I'm able to eat Jello.
Wednesday is going to be a GREAT day!
yeah right?
Have you met the Roller's before? We don't ask for it, but Drama seems to find us whenever and however possible.
I get a call about 9am from Joe...asking me to pick him up from work...because his head is stuck in a trashcan and he can't stop throwing up!
I feel MUCH better, Chris is off to school, and now poor Joe has it.
Whatever IT is? (bad hamburger meat, a 24-hour bug? who knows)

Poor Joe has spent the day in bed...now realizing how horrible we DID feel yesterday...

We are ALL just a HOT MESS~
If he has what we had, he'll wake up tomorrow much better...

Eli...our usual sick boy...hasn't gotten it yet.
I spent the night scrubbing every toilet that everyone pooped or threw up in...
sanitized all the floors, doors, counters...
and HOPE that kills it (if it's a virus).
and..fyi...Eli is STILL peeing on the wall.
I told him if I go in that bathroom again and see pee anywhere except the toilet...
that I'm going to put a diaper on him.

so...there are no pictures for today.
maybe tomorrow.

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