We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Babysitting Oops!

As always...it's LATE...and I NEED to get to bed...BUT, you KNOW there's a story to tell...

and so I shall:

I left the house about noon to run errands. I took Eli with me and Chris stayed home to watch Isaac. I returned home in less than two hours. When I returned, Isaac was asleep on the floor...looking, OH SO SWEET.
BUT...in different clothes.
"What happened Chris".
"Well...someone came to the door...I answered it. THEN, I heard Isaac screaming. I ran to the bathroom...and there he was...in the toilet! His butt was stuck in the bottom and he couldn't get out! He was ALL wet and just screaming!"

I WISH I could have seen that one! I would have left him there to get a picture of it!
(and it took all I had NOT to put him back in the bathroom to see him do it again!)

so yes...
Isaac is now a Professional climber...mastering the couch, the train table, and NOW the toilet. (just not sure how he went in bum first and not head first!)

more pics and stories tomorrow...
I let Eli play in the pool...
with no water in it...
only a little...
that he STILL needed to stomp around in.

TOMORROW--Isaac has another community therapy appointment and Eli sees Isaac's eye doc for the first time.
( and any other drama that finds it's way into our lives that needs to be taken care of)

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Card update

I have a sleeping THREE year old on my lap...so, I'm making this short and sweet:

First of all...my baby is three years old! I STILL can't believe it!
OK, ok....I made a BOLD move. Yep...Chris moved down the hall to an empty room, and that left Eli alone in a room with bunkbeds. SO, Joe was working late, and I took apart Isaac's crib and squeezed it beside the bunkbeds...and now...they are roommates! Last night was the first night. Isaac didn't cry ONCE! Now, he has a JUNKY cough...so, I was running in the room all night checking on him, giving him breathing treatments while he slept...but, that stinker didn't wake up all night long!

SO...did you catch that? The COUGH is back! uggh.. SO, we went to the peds this afternoon. AND...of course we'd have another ear infection and sinus infection (just due to all the dirt and pollen in the air). Another round of antibiotics and we should be great. All these allergies are making him SUPER mucusy, which makes him throw up. (yuck)

This morning...we went to see the great and powerful Dr. Mayman (our card). Isaac's numbers are remaining constant. He's slightly narrowed in the pa department, and his valve leakage is moderate...NO SURGERY should be needed this year! No need to see our favorite doc again for 6 more months!

I haven't really seen Chris. The boys are on spring break and he's held up in his room, sitting in his gamer chair (in his underwear), with his headset on, just playing away.

and Eli. I feel bad that we haven't done anything fun YET this week...but, this kiddo is easily entertained. We watched, "minute to win it" together tonight and then...he just sat on the couch and read the scriptures to me. Seriously...this kid is SO unbelievable sometimes. He KNOWS what he's reading...not just the words, but he comprehends it...and sees the deeper meaning.
I'm excited about what the future holds for this little man.

Now...I'm just holding Isaac (he's feeling warm and still coughing up a lung)...but, asleep...
Joe and Eli are eating popcorn...and American Idol is on!

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Saturday, March 27, 2010

Happy BIrthday Isaac!

Isaac can crawl onto the couch now...
and it just FREAKS me out when I look over
and see him just sitting there...
looking around or watching television.
doing his acrobatics while on the edge of the couch.
(He still has NO FEAR)...
and still loves to watch television upside down.
It's such a rough life...
isn't it?

I can't even believe that it's been THREE years since we met this little guy.
and I am proud to say...that this has been his BEST YEAR YET! We've had temper tantrums, problems sleeping, and lots of playing in toilets...BUT, we've started pulling up to stand, cruising furniture, made it up a few steps, almost completely stopped throwing up, and only battled ear infections this year.

I am thankful every single day for my family...and SUPER thankful that we were blessed with such a special peanut to love and take care of.

We talked to Isaac's new homeschool teacher on Friday afternoon...and she sounds SO nice. She'll visit us on Monday and Wednesday mornings for an hour...and I just can't wait!!

we'll be celebrating Isaac's birthday on Saturday, April 3rd at 11pm.
Nothing fancy...just lots of good food to eat and cute babies to play with...
(I DID clean the pool this weekend...not sure if I'll heat it...I'll check the weather report...let me know if you have swimming requests...BUT, my bum will NOT be getting in, no matter HOW warm it is)

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's a jungle out there

Let us start with Chris...
I sent him to the hair salon yesterday...
with a mere $20....
and THIS is what they did.
A buzz cut...
like I couldn't DO THAT FOR FREE!
Have I showed you Isaac's NEWEST glasses??
It's SO nice to see his little face without
those blue rubber glasses in the way.
(I still need to take a pic and show you what
he did to the blue ones)
and Eli. He's feeling MUCH better.
Only FOUR more days of steroids...
and he should be good as new!
And now...for the great adventure that IS our jungle!
Eli said, "look the grass is SO pretty!"
yep..it is...
BUT...we don't have GRASS...
we have a LOT of weeds in the rocks that I'll have to pull:(
My banana tree is dead...
I think it really is...not dormant...but, dead.

It rained SO much this past month..
that we're going to have to throw the ping pong table away..
so sad...
do you know what THIS is??
That would be my GREEN pool!
but....amidst all that is WRONG in my backyard...
look what we found in the muddy rocks...

a perfectly good pair of shoes..
that have probably shrunk from the sun..
but, they will fit some lucky boys foot!

I know what I'll be doing this weekend..
but, not to worry about the pool. I went to visit my favorite pool store, bought a CASE of shock...and it's cleared up already. (I'll just drain it this weekend with the help of my super-helpful hubby).

The crocs are still muddy...sitting on the warped ping pong table. Any takers?

I'm just excited about getting things ready for Spring...
we're ready to heat the pool up and start playing outside!

On an Isaac note:
We visited a NEW community therapy center where Isaac will start physical therapy and occupational therapy. I LOVED it!!! It had a swing from the ceiling, a slide, jumpy balls, it was just perfect. Isaac shed a few tears...but, we're on the books for TWICE a week (and that's just for pt).
AND...while I was there, I got a call from Isaac's NEW homeschool teacher! It's time to schedule for her to start coming to educate my peanut! I'll return her call tomorrow and let you know what her schedule will be.
I am SO excited!

and look at this:

and then, I did this:

Megan...this one is for YOU! I'm taking this rabbit apart to make a ZOOTER! I am almost finished (Isaac was being too clingy and making me sew with him on my lap...not a good idea).

I can't wait to email you a pic!

I will end this post with a funny by Eli:
Eli: "mom, will you call out my spelling words?"
me: "sure Eli."
Eli: "mom, could you call them out in alphabetical order?"
me: "yep..no problem"
and I start calling out his words. and it wasn't until I was half way through that I realized what this STINKER was up to. HE was asking me to call them out alphabetically because THAT was one of his assignments....to write them in order! What a stinker! Here I am thinking that he wanted me to quiz him the way his teacher calls them out...and he's just getting me to do half of his homework!

How can you punish such a clever kid??


AND...if that wasn't funny enough.
Yesterday, after missing his first day of school, I said, "Eli...you have to do your homework tonight"
Eli said, "ok mom...just tell me when the sun goes down."

and that...ladies and gentlemen...is just a little of what I live with daily.

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Too Much to do on Tuesday

My mom told me to buy Isaac a baby doll...
he loves her...
he loves her to pieces...
literally...he's going to eat her hands off!

JUST when I think I've had a long day...and my kids can't beat me up anymore...I fall asleep and wake up to discover that they have DONE THAT VERY THING.

Shall we begin:

Eli DID end up on the floor at the foot of my bed. He was coughing and wheezing. After cough meds and neb treatments, he slept MOST of the night without any coughs....
Let us also discuss Sir Isaac...who continued to TRY the new sleeping arrangements out...letting me know every 30 minutes that he didn't really like them. I even put a singing lullaby toy in the crib to sing him to sleep...NOPE. STILL screaming, still crawling over to snuggle me...still kicking me in the head once I fall asleep.
NOW...let's fast forward to about 5:00am...Isaac FINALLY zonks out and Eli starts hacking. He crawls into my bed...I check his sats (because I AM prepared and brought it to bed with me.). His (Eli's) sats were 90! OUCH! So, I rush downstairs and get the albuterol and nebulizer...run back UP the stairs, plug it up and he's breathing better and off to sleep. I lay down my head...and BEEP BEEP BEEP...it's 5:40am and time to get Chris up for seminary.

After making his lunch, fixing his hair, reminding him to brush his teeth and deodorize his arm pits...I make Isaac's first feed of the day and take it up to start him.
Eli is still sleeping.
I go BACK to sleep.
I do NOT set my alarm for 8am...Eli will NOT be at school today and I'm sleeping as LONG AS I CAN. Except, Eli wakes me up at 7:30,"mom...I can't breathe"...
SHOOT...I check him again...still satting at 90!
I plug the nebulizer back UP and he's breathing the sweet smoke.
now...Isaac wakes up.
of course.
Why don't we ALL just go downstairs and eat breakfast.

We're suppose to have a NEW pt appointment in the community, but after a quick call...I find out that they haven't gotten insurance authorization yet...so, we have to cancel our appointment:( BUT...as busy as my night was...staying in my jammies a little longer was A-OK!

I have a lunch date set with my friend Nora and Nicole at my FAVORITE mexican restaurant. I wasn't going to miss it!
I called Eli's peds and made him an appointment (just in case) and hooked up with neds every two hours. All the while, Isaac's nose has decided that it needed to RUN...big ole yucky GREEN snot all day. I spent the entire morning sucking yucky snot and plugging Eli up!

OH WAIT...I didn't tell you about Isaac's glasses. Those blue rubbery glasses. Indestructible glasses. Well...he ate the arm off. AND his back up pair have scratches all over the lenses.
SO yes...I let my son crawl around today snotty and BLIND.


ok..onto lunch. It was so fun and great. Isaac ate crackers and Eli just played his Diji and acted like he was going to die.
I then picked up the high schoolers...
and hooked up Isaac's feeding pump and took Eli to the peds (I left Isaac home with Chris)

While at the peds....Eli was satting at 92 (after I had just given him a neb treatment an hour earlier). FREAKED the doc out...because he's satting so low, he's SO wheezy, and he's starting to look pale and has dark circles under his eyes.
They gave him a double neb treatment and checked him.
Still 92.
Gave him a double dose of oral steroids...
then, another double dose of nebs...
finally...up to 95 and he's ok if we leave the office.

SO...we leave with a script for steriods for five days, neb treatments every 2-4 hours, nose spray 2 times a day, and inhaled steroid 4 times a day.
(and don't forget the 14 times a day I should give Isaac his meds)

It's TAKE OUT TONIGHT....on the way home, Chris calls me and the eye doc has Isaac's NEW glasses in! YEAH...I'm going to make it to her office before 5:00!! BUT, Eli feels like he's going to throw up...so, NO take out, NO new glasses, and possible yuck in my van! I quickly pull out a baby wipe container...and THAT will catch the throw up...you go ahead Eli...let it out.

He makes it home...
Then goes straight to the bathroom...
where he starts screaming.
I find him on the toilet,
screaming that his sides hurt
(I suppose it's from all the coughing...or his stomach just aches from no food or the meds)
I grab a "throw up bucket"...he sits it on his lap...
and asks me to leave the room so that he can "finish his poop"...
and I do...
I see enough poop each day...it's ok if I miss Eli's.

He's still coughing...still getting neb treatments about every 3 hours...
Isaac is still snotty...still NOT seeing with glasses...

JOE did come home early and brought home McDonalds...
we ate...
Eli did eat...

as for tonight...
Joe will sleep on the couch,
Eli will sleep in the bed with me,
Isaac will sleep in his crib attached to my side of the bed where he will end up on me,
and Chris will sleep with his princess dog.

Tomorrow...I have NO appointments (as of yet).
I will TRY to go and get Isaac's glasses, I will TRY to talk to the pool store because my pool is green, I will TRY to clean out the hamsters cage (it has LOTS of poop in it), I will TRY to sew new goodies for Etsy, I will TRY to call the insurance company because it's not paying any of my providers and they are starting to call me, I will TRY to register for the VCFS conference (I just need time to sit at the computer), I will TRY to open my mail from this week, I will TRY to clean off the kitchen table (so it looks like I did SOMETHING today), and I will TRY to take a nap I think....yep...I think it WILL be a nap day.
What do you think?

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Monday, March 22, 2010

Just another Manic Monday

Can I just say:

  • Isaac STILL has a runny nose and congested cough (I think it's just allergies)
  • Isaac transitioned out of Early Interventions today
  • I got Isaac into a new PT, OT, and Speech therapy center...they can see him tomorrow. OF course he would be sick! (let's hope we make our appointment)
  • Eli called me from school today and said, "mom...I vomited"
  • I wonder how many days he's missed from school this year?? (i'm sure I'll be getting a letter in the mail soon)
  • Eli now has a croupy cough, wheezing, and just sounds horrible. (even after neb treatments and steroid inhaler)
  • I will need to make an appointment with the peds for Eli tomorrow
  • Chris is doing BAD in three classes...I took his Xbox360 hostage until further notice.
  • I need gas in my minivan and forgot to get it today.
  • I have a lunch date tomorrow with my FAVORITE ladies from Early Interventions! (yep..I just might bring my sick kids...because we NEED to go!)
  • Isaac was up again ALL night. (with only minimal kicks to my head and/or back area)
  • and yes...Eli is at the foot of my bed tonight
  • I had dinner tonight with my friend Stephanie and her kiddos (kids eat FREE on Monday's at Jason's Deli!) We ALL ate for $6.00!
  • My pool is green, I have weeds in my backyard, our ping-pong table is damaged due to the rain...BUT, I did discover a pair of perfectly good crocs hidden amidst the mud.
  • I bought both Twilight movies this weekend...and we watched them last night.

I might have to watch them again...
just to get through the day I imagine I will have tomorrow.

Time to feed Sir Isaac his FIFTH feed for the day, and then it's off to fight the sleep battle.
May the force be with me!

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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Playing with toys

Really...is there anything cuter than a baby wrapped up after a bath??
NOPE...nothing cuter!
Here we have Sir Isaac doing what he does best...
eating his toys...
and pulling them ALL off the shelves!
He'll eat anything...
you have to watch him like a HAWK now...
and yes...those are still crazy eyes..
and still has red rashy face (poor thing)
and his nose is red because he's still a SNOT monster!
Isaac was up ALL night again. And..I'm not over exaggerating. Seriously, screaming about 20+ times a night. Sometimes he was snotty, sometimes he couldn't find his paci...sometimes I have NO IDEA why he was screaming. I might call the neurologist and see if there's anything else that we can check, test for, or just put him and Joe both on Ambien (or me..then, I could just sleep through his screaming!)

SO...with no sleep and a snotty Isaac...Joe went to church by himself this morning. What a good dad he is! My boys, on the other hand, SLACKERS....they stayed home.

I didn't take a nap today...and I'm not DYING. weird! I think it's because the weather is warm, the sun is shining...and I've been eating yummy food all day! (still haven't made it to that treadmill yet...oops!)

I'm NOT suppose to say anything...BUT, someONE took the driving test on Thursday...and well...that someONE will have to take it again this weekend.

Eli has been Eli. Doing no wrong and aggravating Chris to the best of his abilities.

I need a head count...Maria, Kamaille...anyone else out there going to the VCFS Conference in Utah July 16-18?? Click HERE to read all about it! Mom, do you want to fly out and go with me? Maria...we can carpool! I need to register, but don't want to go alone!!! anyone??

I think that about sums up my day. I've been cleaning my house, organizing my piles...and trying to get the boys ready for school tomorrow.

whew....onto Monday! We ONLY have a therapy appointment at 8am! yikes...I'll have to get up early!

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

A look Back

I'm updating the blog tonight on Joe's computer..
and he's got SO many pictures that I haven't seen in a while.
Like this one...
Isaac is only 1 day old...look at how puffy he was!
(I was thinking...poor weird looking baby...I'll love you anyway)
Then, he had to go in for his first heart cath (on his 1st day of life)...
and this was when he came out...
of course...still puffy.

Then...as each day went on in the NICU...
his puffiness went down (I suppose it was all the lasix)...
and he started showing us his personality.

I'd say that we got his first smile in the hospital...
We started the "pacifier on the stuffed animal" routine....
that he still LOVES with all his heart...
and we celebrated his first Easter at the hospital...

Just feeling a little reminiscent because his THIRD birthday is coming up...and I just can't believe it! From the 20week ultrasound...docs were weary about Isaac's outcome and what his life would be like. We always listened, but had faith that he would make it...and the awesome docs we had in line would perform miracles. And..they did. Isaac hasn't had a heart surgery in TWO years...and that's amazing! His last surgery was on his cleft palate in July of 2009...and as yucky as that recovery was...I suppose he's glad that food doesn't come out of his nose multiple days each day.

Thursday we had his IEP to transition to the school system. When they opened the meeting, they gave a brief history of Isaac. Well..you can imagine how LONG it took to give a BRIEF history of this kid...and while I was listening...I just felt so proud of him....of how much he's had to endure...and still how wonderful his disposition is. (I almost started crying). And then, as I was listening...I started thinking about how HARD these last three years had been. We have ALL really worked 24/7 to keep Isaac happy, healthy, and frankly...alive. I know that we've worked hard...but, when they are reading it out loud and looking at ME with glazed eyes...I felt proud to be Isaac's mom and one of the people that have helped him become the little man that he is. (I wish Joe could have been there to feel the overwhelming sense of accomplishment that I felt).

SO...it begins. The only "shocker" I suppose was when the school psychologist gave his report. Isaac had the Bayley Assessment and Vineland Adaptive Behavior Scales. I have his scores...so, if anyone can tell me how to read them...LET ME KNOW! What they did tell me was that he scored less than 1% in each category...thus, classifying his as Moderately Mentally Retarded. I know why they say that...he IS globally delayed...in all areas. Simple things like, not talking, walking, waving, understanding simple commands...all those are things that we can work hard on accomplishing. He might always be super delayed...or he might not. Who knows?? BUT, he is the cutest little peanut that I EVER have seen! (If I do say so myself).

I was REALLY happy with the IEP and goals that they set for Isaac. We chose to have him "homeschooled" until I find out if he will need another heart surgery this year, or maybe the fall of next year. Here are some of his goals:
  • By Annual review, Isaac will demonstrate function grasp when using crayons/pencils
  • By Annual review, Isaac will scoop materials with spoon/shovel
  • By six month review, Isaac will stand at furniture to interact with play activity
  • By Annual review, Isaac WILL WALK with or without assistive devices!
  • By six month review, Isaac will learn and follow educational routine (like, go to circle time)
  • By six month review, Isaac will engage in back-and -forth play (like rolling a ball)

and they go on. It's kind of weird, when you look at those goals...and realize that he DOES NOT do all these things. (I know that he doesn't do them...but, it's sometimes hard to explain to other people that aren't around him how much he Can't do...like roll a ball to me, or use a spoon, or hold a crayon). and I am SO STINKIN' excited about these set goals...and the thought that he WILL accomplish them!

He'll get home school services...and I will start him back up in community therapies. We are going to be VERY BUSY!

and guess what? He has a runny nose. SO, he didn't have an ear infection last week...but, I bet he does this week.

AND...we took one of his side rails off his crib and pushed it beside my bed. He still woke up last night screaming...but, it sure was easier to just roll over and pat his bum.

and...he's screaming at me. I am NOT allowed to focus my attention to anything other than HIM..so, bye!

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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Serenity Now...

Let's just say...

It's 6 something in the AM, my alarm didn't go off, Chris missed his ride to seminary, and now I have to take him to school, all while feeling horrible that this other mom had to wait outside our house while I was still in bed.

Yesterday was busy...maybe my alarm went off and I slept through it.

I had therapy with Karen and Logan yesterday morning, I went to the church for an hour to help set up for the Relief Society night, I picked up the big kids from school, took Isaac to the peds, and ended the night at the high school for Chris' wrestling banquet.

The peds said that Isaac is fine...no problems with his ears, throat, nothing...
I think he just wants to sleep with his mommy.
Cute...but, not practical. For the last two nights, for our sanity's sake, Joe has slept downstairs and gave his spot to Isaac. This cannot happen forever. Isaac canNOT be my snuggle buddy everynight. I like snuggling with my hubby....not getting kicked in the face by sweet Icky.

and let me just add that Eli was ALSO in my bed last night.
I think the solution will be to put the full size guest bed beside my bed...pushed up together...and let Isaac and Eli sleep on it. BUT...then, you have two boys in the same room with mom and dad...hmmmmm....I don't think "relations" would prosper under these circumstances.

still thinking....
still thinking....

TODAY...we just MIGHT take Chris for his driving test after school. I have my IEP meeting during the morning and Mandy said that she'd pick up Eli from School....

poor Chris...hope he does good (because he SURE hasn't done any extra studying). He thinks that it's all "common sense"...
and it is....
but, he doesn't have much of that...so, we'll see how far it takes him:)

off to school!

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Sleepless in Vegas...(haven't we had this title before?)

This is just a cute old pic I came across..
he's big enough now that he doesn't have to wear the
pink gowns at the hospitals!

Can I just say that i STILL haven't pulled out the camera...
shame on me....
but, in my defense...young Sir Isaac was up every TEN MINUTES last night screaming again. SO, about 5:00AM he fell asleep for the night...and I had to get up at 5:40AM to get Chris off to seminary.

I thought I was going to die.

I got Chris off and went back to bed, setting my alarm clock for 8:00am. When my alarm went off...I jumped up, feeling as if someone had beat me over the head with a cast-iron frying pan (not the cheap aluminum ones)....and I said, "Eli....time to get up for school".
(yes...I could just say it...because HE is STILL at the foot of our bed).
He called out, "no mom...I'm too tired"...
I laid back down.
until Eli decided that he was ready to go by 9AM~!

I love my boys....
I love my boys...
but...my boys are trying to kill me.
I am going to move outside...into a tent...where I can inhale dirt all night, watch the roaches run across the rocks, and hear the pool pump running....
that's my plan...

I wish.

For now...Mandy came into town with her kiddos...
so, I'll stay indoors.
Isaac just took a late nap...so, it's almost 11pm, and he's still dancing around.
I did take a look in his ears...and one side looks like it's draining. I put drops in it...and I'll fill him up with Motrin before bed. (wish we BOTH had something a little stronger)

Joe and I watched Up in the Air tonight...kind of a depressing movie.
Can't wait to have a Twilight marathon (kind of) next week...Eli will be my viewing buddy!

Chris wants to attempt the driving test this week...
I'm not sure which day my nerves can take it...
I'll keep you updated. (I should go anyway...I'm still driving with an expired license--only since December though...not too terribly bad)

Tomorrow...we're just picking up shot records, taking Isaac to the eye doctors, taking Chris to the orthodontist, and have scouts in the evening and I have a church meeting.
(yes...I have everything written down...or knowing me, I'd forget half of it...and the list it was written on!)

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

not much

I didn't pull the camera out this weekend...
I am TRYING to NOT eat a bowl of Fruity Pebbles at 10:30 at night...
but, it's calling my name.

Joe pulled the treadmill back out for me...it's time to get my bum in gear. He's planning on eating nothing but tuna fish all week...that would just kill me, so...I'll just try to limit my junk food intake and try to exercise more.

(fyi...it's late, and Eli is still roaming around the house "I can't sleep")

It's a pretty busy week this week. Isaac goes to see the eye doc on Tuesday and he NEEDS new glasses. We have a group play date/therapy group on Wednesday...and on Thursday, we get his IEP for PRESCHOOL! I had a form filled out for "home school" until the fall...but, it's still going to be SO exciting!

ok...can't chat long...there's a screaming baby on my lap that needs my undivided attention.

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What a day!

With a day like today...it's important that I break it down for you...I don't want to miss a thing:
  1. Isaac was UP ALL night again! Who knows...I think he just wants to snuggle...but, I'm afraid that Joe's going to roll over on him and squish him and he just makes me all sweaty laying right under me.
  2. I am SUPPOSE to get up at 5:30...but, somehow I slept through my alarm clock and didn't wake up until 6:15, when Chris' friend calls to tell him that he waited long enough and he's gone to seminary without him (it starts at 6:00am)
  3. Chris whines that he's just SO tired and wants to take a personal day.
  4. I go back to sleep for an hour.
  5. I wake up and get Eli and Isaac dressed. We have the lunch box packed, teeth brushed, Isaac ready...and I walk outside...MY VAN HAS A FLAT TIRE!
  6. I text Joe....it's a good thing he drove his motorcycle to work today...I can drive his car.
  7. Joe texts me back, "I saw the flat...that's why I drove the motorcycle. I didn't have time to put air in the tire, left the air compressor by the garage door."
  8. hmmm....so, I take Eli to school in the car. Come home, and plug in my air compressor and put air in MY TIRE and drive it to Walmart so they can fix it.
  9. Chris, Isaac, and I walk home from Walmart (it's only about a mile).
  10. I'm suppose to meet my friends this morning to play with beads! BUT, I need to bring a salad. I rush to Vons where the lettuce is on sale for $0.99 a bag and the salad dressing is FREE...(what a good day this is turning out to be NOW!)
  11. Rush back home, mix up my salad, change a poopy diaper, load up the feeding pump and spend some fabulous time with friends and beads! (and eat a super yummy lunch with them)
  12. Leave my friends in time to pick up my high schoolers (my Chris is at home).
  13. Get home to feed Isaac his 2:00 feed
  14. Head out to pick up Eli at 3:00
  15. I then realize that I have Walgreens register rewards that are going to expire today (that's like throwing away money!). So, Eli, Isaac, and I stop by Walmart to pay my $10 for fixing my tire (leaving the van there) and do a little clearance shopping (leaving the store only spending $5.00!)
  16. I should make dinner...I decide to pull a fast one on the kids. I defrost ground TURKEY and start making "hamburgers". I didn't buy any buns, but... I did buy these thin whole grain round sandwich bread thingies for Joe...and so, that was our bun. I baked fries...the kids ate the WHOLE THING! They have NEVER eatten a meal so healthy before!
  17. Eli goes to take a bath, Chris hides in his room...and I decide that Isaac needs a hair cut.
  18. Joe takes me to Walmart to pick up my van. Tires look good now.
  19. It's 9:00pm now...the big boys are in bed...Isaac is looking good playing with his toys, and Joe is at Jujitsu practice (don't ask).
That's ALL I did today.
(except...I think I might start a paper mache project now...details tomorrow)

Here's Sir Isaac before his haircut..

During his haircut...
after his haircut...
(poor crazy eyes)

and...here's Eli playing with my camera
That's all folks!

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Stuck on a train track

So....I was in the family room working on the computer last night...
and I hear,"ahhh...ahhh....ahhh".
That USUALLY means, "my tv show is over, restart it please"...
then, I hear it again.
I decide to walk over to Isaac's play area...
and there he is...
He had climbed up...and couldn't get down!
I think it's quite amazing that he KNEW that he couldn't get down...
how many times have I told you that he still falls off our bed
(but..don't tell anyone)
After taking these pics...
I did get him off the table...
and he proceeded to watch his show...
I spent my day making calls, running errands, doing computer work...and ended it doing some church training.
what a full day...
full...but, good.

Joe and I are catching up on American Idol on the dvr...Isaac's bouncing away to the music. The big boys are in bed, and Katie (the dog) is begging for treats.
Just a normal night in Vegas...wish you were here!

**Who are YOUR Idol favories?? For the girls....I love the blond sandwich girl and the dreads girl...for the guys, my favorite is the guy with the big glasses and the first guy that sang...he sings rock, looks shy (I don't know any of their names). THOSE are my favorites.
I should sit on the couch with my hubby for the last few songs and head off to bed.
Thanks for checking on us!

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Monday, March 08, 2010

New look...

Look at that handsome Eli!
He decided that he wanted to wash my van on Saturday...

and he did a great job.
(thank goodness it rained yesterday and washed away all
the soap spots~)
This is Isaac' playroom now. TWO televisions.
and..they BOTH need to be on at all times or he screams
like you're hurting him.
I'm not sure how we're going to break him of this horrible
NO..the hamster was NOT playing in his head...
this is just Isaac's lovely bedhead!
and this is what he thinks about that...

You'd think I was bored or something...
NOPE...just spicing it up a bit! What do you think??

Isaac has been sleepless in Vegas for the last three nights again. I did notice some discharge coming from his left ear on Saturday night, and have been putting antibiotic drops in it. BUT...he sure is a better sleeper if he's snuggled up beside me at night. Is it time for me to give in...kick Joe to the couch, and just have my boys in bed with me? (because, Eli has been at the foot of my bed for the last TWO nights). OR...maybe we should buy another king size bed and push them together...room for ALL of us in one BIG OLE' FAT BED?

(can I just add..It's 10:00pm and Eli just came downstairs crying because his legs hurt).



By the time Eli gets over his growing pains, Isaac stops screaming at night...Chris will be married and have kids and the darn grandkids will be over here screaming. I hope I lose my hearing soon.
that's all i have to say about that.

It's just been another crazy day in Vegas...would you expect anything less from us??

Tomorrow, Chris will be exactly 15 1/2...that means that he wants to go to the DMV and try to get his permit...EXCEPT, I paid for an online practice test...and he can't pass it yet. BUT...somehow, he thinks that he's ready...and so, after school tomorrow...we just might venture out to the DMV...where this mom will wait hours and hours for her son to take the permit test (and she too might renew her expired license...while she's there). AND...if, by some crazy chance....her son passes the test...he will NOT drive her home.

that too is all i have to say about that.

wish us luck!

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

Yucky park...

Here's another snapshot of Isaac...the swinger.
Notice the nastiness of the swing...
do you SEE now why I have yet to take him to the park...
too gross.
BUT...I let me swing, touch the swing, lick the swing,
crawl around on the squishy floor, and even pick up pieces of
squishy floor pieces to nibble on.
(baby steps...baby steps)
Isaac STILL has yucky rashes around his mouth.
I've got all the creams, regular lotions, and just vaseline...
because he can't keep things out of his mouth!
Just a big ole' slobbering baby!
and..you already saw how happy Isaac was to get into my box..
but, I didn't show you how excited Eli was!
(and that's just folded laundry in the background...
it's still there...but, it IS folded at least)
That's all the updating you're getting from me today. Do you know what's on tv tonight? Project Runway, Housewives of OC, Housewives of New York, Grey's Anatomy, and the Office...
I'll be up all night!!!

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Adventures of Isaac

Mr.Peanut has been adventurous this week. Here, he climbed into my box of receipts..and made himself so happy!
We have a red couch in our guestroom....it's where I do my laundry. (like 6-8 loads at a time)
Some little peanut has learned how to climb onto that couch...and do a dancy dance! I lost him this week once...he was sitting in the middle of unfolded clothes...he looked like ET when he was sitting amidst the stuffed animals!

and...for the 2nd time in his life...Isaac has been to the park and swung on the swings! Can you tell that he LOVED it SO much!

and...that same little peanut likes to help his mom load the dishwasher...

and...he knows how to get into his plastic car...

and...this mom cleaned the house today...

(yes...that is Eli's painting below Joe's painting over the fireplace, that's hidden by the couch, and that is THE treadmill that we SHOULD be using that is folded up and against the wall...but, LOOK at the floor..you can see it!)

and Chris. STILL isn't bringing home his gym clothes for me to wash. (I can only imagine what they must smell like). He is staying after school each day now for Track. SO, of course he NEEDS two pairs of new shoes....running shoes and shoes with spikes...this is AFTER we just had to buy a pair of wrestling shoes (and knowing this...that he will inevitably grow taller this year and will need all of these ALL OVER AGAIN next year)...
Please moneytree...please start growing...

Eli came home today with a note..he wants to join an afterschool club...multicultural club. He's excited about his first meeting tomorrow after school.

Do you know that Isaac will be turning THREE at the end of the month?? I don't know...maybe I should plan a BIG BASH? or NOT? Can't decide.

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