We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Friday, July 31, 2009

What's today....ahh...It's FRIDAY!

We didn't do anything much today...and that was NICE!

I caught up on cutting a few HUNDRED coupons....made a trip to Walmart...where I made the poor cashier scan about a HUNDRED coupons....and we're just trying to get our bags re-packed to leave for the beach tomorrow.

I'm so excited....
and I just can't hide it...

AND...I finally finished the last Twilight book last night.  OH...it's such a great series.  Chris has finally realized that this might be the "IN" with the ladies...so, he's ready to start reading.
(what a smart young man I have)

The big boys rented Jaws a few days ago...and they can't seem to find the time to watch it.   Yeah right...Chickens!  

I didn't take any pics today...
and I'm not sure if the beach has wifi (fingers and toes crossed).

If you haven't gone to Target this week...RUN...they have toys on clearance 75% off.  You KNOW that I had to make a run today.  I'm not sure how I'm going to get it back home...but, I was able to snag a few things (and Mandy shopped for me back in Vegas)... I think we have a problem!

That's all I've got...
I hope everyone has a GREAT weekend!!

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Thursday, July 30, 2009

We drove a few hours today to visit my grandparents...
and look at these cute cousins that were there also!
(yep...Eli's in HEAVEN!)

I MISS the green of North Carolina.  
Sunflowers were in full bloom in granddaddy Joe's garden.
ok...while I was uploading my pics..
I noticed THIS picture on Joe's computer. 
Chris...Joe...would you guys like to explain why CHRIS is behind the 
wheel of a CAR??  huh??
Here's the cutest grandma in the world
(she's talking...not making a face at me)...
the boys were SO not cooperating with me on this one!
and look at granddaddy Joe...
sorry ladies...he's taken!
The sunshine just radiates from him!
We are SO tired...but, had so much fun today.
Tomorrow...we sleep in...and go grocery shopping for the BEACH!!!  No worries...I brought my coupons and I'm ready to shop until I drop!!

I forgot to tell you guys...but, as much as getting the O2 for the plane was a hassle...his sats went from 96 to 88 while flying.  I'm glad that I had the oxygen for support to pull him back into the mid 90s.  (if he's down too low for too long...the wretching and throwing up start up again).

Can I just add that it's almost midnight...and my boys are ALL awake.  I suppose they'll be on east coast time by the time we go home.

**Question for my heart mamas.  Isaac's still having horrible poop problems.  How much miralax are you giving your kids.  This last week, I just picked up some pedialax and I'm up to 3 tsp a day...and he's still dying each time he has to poop...so very sad:(

other than poop problems..he's just perfect.  He hasn't need the oxygen since we've landed...and he's crawling and exploring like he always does.  

Joe made it to Memphis today where he'll stay with his parents until we meet up on Sunday at the beach.  I can't wait to see him!!

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

You'd think that with 3 LARGE checked bags, 3 carry on bags...3 kids and an invisible cloak of sanity...I might have remembered everything needed for this vacation.

It turns out that the night before our trip, I remembered that I NEEDED two meds at the compounding pharmacy....that was now closed and would not be open before our flight took off.  SO, Mandy had to pick them up for me and pay an arm and half her leg to overnight it to me (because, of course, it has to stay cold).

I battled three hours this morning with Isaac's feeding pump.  We went through 5 bags before I was able to get one to work.  I only packed 1 bag for each day.   hmmm....I will surely use some for two days...but, what if I just got a bad batch of bags and there are still problems with some in the suitcase.  YIKES....feeding him 5cc's at a time to get to 210cc's takes a LONG time.

Now...I'm kind of rested up...want to share some pics with you...and although we brought on 3 ipods, 1 psp, 1 nintendo ds, 1 portable dvd, 1 laptop, 1 camera....we did NOT bring the tiny little cord that connects the camera to the darn laptop.   Another trip to Target may be in order. 

and I DID remember to pack our cell phone charger.  We have three iphones with us...1 charger will work for all three.  NOT in my world.  Chris' phone is newer...and thus, requires a newer charger...another purchase that I will have to make tomorrow or his world will come to a screeching halt.

I told you about paying $700 for O2 for this trip.  WELL...it turns out that the day before the trip, they decided to be generous and deliver it to me.  YEAH...except...this was a different machine than previously quoted...and of course they would now require $865 up front.
of course they would...why wouldn't they?? 

Another trip to Target for SURE...because I went out today to buy diapers...and bought size 3 instead of size 4.  Why do you ask do I NOT know the correct size of my babies bum?  It would be because I haven't bought diapers in 6 months (or more)..I just have a stockpile upstairs...and don't even look at the packages  anymore.

With my obvious good luck I'm having this week...I'm sure I'll wake up to find Isaac sleeping in a bed of pee because his diaper is a little more snug than usual...

**Even tough that's aLOT of aggravating stuff to deal with...I am SO glad to be on VACATION with my little peanuts!  I've talked to Joe throughout the day and he's having a blast driving across the country...I've been playing with some pretty darn cute nieces and nephews...I had my favorite pizza for dinner tonight...and tomorrow we take a small road trip to see the best grandparents EVER!

SO...I suppose it's all worth it.
NOW...it's 11:00pm est....and Isaac JUST woke up from a nap....all the kids are wide awake...and my poor parents are trying to sleep (good luck with that).

**ps...it's now 12:30am and ALL my kids are STILL up!  Playing Xbox and Isaac is playing with a bowl on the floor.  Serenity now...serenity now....why won't they just GO TO SLEEP??

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Sunday, July 26, 2009

OK...I know you're TIRED of hearing about my vacation...
BUT...I don't care.
I took a deep breath....called the rental company..
and asked if they would take a HUGE amount off the price of my first
choice house..
and they did...
HERE...is the beach house we're staying at...
the ENTIRE house...

yep...still ocean front.
I can't wait!!!
I'm ready to fly out today!

Not really...but, we've been washing and packing all day. I hope to tie up a few loose ends tomorrow...pick up a few meds for Isaac, his O2 gets delivered...and we fly out early Tuesday morning!

Isaac was playing with the phone on Saturday night...he presses the buttons and points to the television (thinking it's a remote). WELL, he pressed the "talk" button and I heard it dialing numbers...so, I took the phone and hung it up. THEN, the phone rang. I didn't recognize the caller id number, but answered it. "Hell0...this is Las Vegas Police Department, did someone call 911?"
"ahhh...yikes..I think my 2 year old may have. I'm so sorry."

Bad Isaac!

ok...now ready for another laugh??
How about a video of Isaac drinking Joe's diet Sprite. AND...this from the kid that doesn't drink liquids because he aspirates. hmmm...maybe we're ready for another upper gi to check on that!

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Thursday, July 23, 2009

Isaac has been the crankiest thing lately...
I'm not sure if he's mad because we're not watching his show...
if his legs hurt, if his tummy hurts (the poo thing)...
or if it's just a two year old tantrum.
I hold him...he's quiet..
I put him down...he screams.
I need a big-butt-baby sling....
Check it out...
we FINALLY decided on a beach house!
I LOVE it! It wasn't my first pick...but, we are going to have a BLAST!
(it's a duplex...don't think we get the WHOLE house)
BUT...it is oceanfront...
ahh...I can sit on the porch and watch the
boys chase crabs!!

That's about all I've done...
searching for the perfect vacation spot for our family. My mom and dad are going with us!!! I can't wait! AND...I've told you that I fly out next week...but, did I mention that Joe is driving his motorcycle out to meet us. YEP....that's one LONG drive...from Vegas to the coast of North Carolina.

If anyone wants to meet us at the beach...we'll find a bed for you!!!

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Here's Isaac the sweet...
Here's what Eli does while he's out of school..
sits in Isaac's bumbo seat, playing video games...
while Isaac must constantly be chewing on something!
This is what Chris does while he's out of school..
just buggin' Isaac....
He's still mad...
still mad!
I am SO darn tired. After fighting with the new insurance company ALL week...we are FINALLY starting to see some results. There are still things that they aren't covering that we are use to being covered (ie...oxygen for the plane. Evidently, special needs kids shouldn't be allowed to fly...they don't want to pay for the oxygen for the plane--even though he has a doctors note that he needs it--and would also like $700 up front to make sure we bring it back. Seriously.
how dumb.

Glad my honey shakes it at work...we'd be in a cardboard box without him!

Other than spending time on the phone with everyone...I'm SEARCHING for a beach house while we're in NC! I'm SO excited! We haven't been to the beach in 3 years...and I'm a beach bum FOR SURE (I still have my old surf board in the garage...as if...someday, I will be brave enough to try it again one day)

Eli has been spending his days telling me how bored he is...so, today...we visited friends, had friends over...just being social bugs!

I FINALLY decided to put Isaac to bed last night by himself. His crib is in our room...but, I generally let him fall asleep down here in the living room on the floor on his blanket. THEN, once he's asleep....I take him up to his crib. I think it's time that I treat him like a normal baby...and put him upstairs. This is day two...and it's taking about 30 minutes before he gives up and falls asleep. (he doesn't scream while he's waiting...he's just dancing in bed, babbling...just having a blast talking to his imaginary peeps until he gives up and crashes).
PLEASE pat me on the back...this is a HUGE step for me!

Chris is spending the night with a friend...so, Eli is in the emergency bed tonight. REALLY....why don't we just buy a studio condo is beyond me!?!?!

Thanks for checking on us!

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

I'm not sure what's causing his face to
break out...
Ignore his grumpy face...
this is an important picture...
he learned how to make the glow worm sing and light up tonight!!!
I almost cried!
The glow worm was the most important part of the day!
Ok...all the therapists did come...we talked about goals for Isaac and how to work all the disciplines together to get him moving right along.

Isaac has been constipated alot lately. Just another horrible Digeorge thing. (he'll be so glad that I shared that information with you). I've been keeping his poop under control with pear juice or prune juice...but, it looks like we're going to have to move up to drugs like Miralax to help him along. Poor little thing.

Now that you have that image in your head...I'll leave you. He's screaming again (trying to poop).

AHH...go and check your Target if you haven't lately....lots of toys on clearance!

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

These pics were taken tonight...
one right after the other...
eating his fingers...
He's looking straight ahead AND to the side....
what skills!
Other side now...

Will you just STOP taking pictures!?!?!
ahhh...alright already!
That...my friends...is classic Isaac! He's got a new diagnosis...he's got multiple personalities! He's starting to throw mini tantrums, then he's singing mmmmm...., then, he's screaming again....
can't keep up with that stinker!

We are ALL pooped...heading to bed soon...but, I thought I'd just rant a little about our new STINKY INSURANCE! I STILL haven't gotten approval for his oxygen (sent in for approval on July 1st). AND...I've sent 6 meds in to bed refilled...they STILL haven't been approved...and they've had them for 3 days...and they are REFILLS! seriously...if something doesn't happen tomorrow...I'm NAMING names and calling our Senators!

this is Exactly how people die from insurance companies. Makes me want to say BAD words.

That's all I have to say about that.

My guestroom is almost done. Chris is spending the night with a friend....and Eli is on my lap reading what I'm typing...Eli is a DORK!
kathy is a dork (Eli typed that)

Thanks for checking in on my peanuts...

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Is that a gang symbol??
I haven't pulled out the camera in a few days...
but...found some pics to remind you
what Sir Isaac does daily to me...
TODAY...he woke up 2 hours before he normally does!
He eats in this bouncy still...
and gets himself out if I'm taking too long in the kitchen.
when I DO break out the camera...
he NEEDS to eat the strap.
It's SO darn hot here. You don't even want to know what my electricity bill was this month....ouch!

The boys are all doing great. We have a big team meeting on Thursday for Isaac. Where ALL the therapists from Early Intervention will meet at our house to talk about his progress and where we go from here. He amazes me everyday with how much he's doing...especially compared to this time last year.

Chris and Eli are bored to death without school.
Don't they know how awesome napping ALL day would be??? One day they will...and it'll be too late!

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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ok...here's Isaac and Mr. Alexander that
I'm always talking about.

Here's Alexander, Isaac's bum, and Logan...
ok...Alexander is looking at me, Isaac is looking
at YoGabbaGabba, and Logan is looking at Isaac...
(they aren't cooperating with me very well)
urrghhh...Look at the big boys watching television...
and Logan...finally looking at me!
ok..they're getting ready to start moving...
no one's looking my way!!!
How cure are these guys! Alexander is our 3 year old heart/Digeorge buddy...Logan is our ALMOST 2 year old heart buddy...and Isaac's right in the middle at 28 months now! We played Saturday morning. Swam...played with toys...the boys were all so good. Thanks for coming over Karen and Maria!
SO...if we're going to start having get-togethers on Saturday mornings. If you're in the area...I'll send you directions to our house!

I am ALMOST finished with the floor in my guest bedroom. It's looking SO good! I want to rush in and put the furniture back (therapists are coming in the morning...and the guest bed in just sitting in the front living room). I'll take pics when I'm all finished...I have a little touch up paint to do (darn stain got on the wall) and I need to put the baseboards back on. THEN...I'll take a pic for you!

We were slackers today and didn't make it to church. (although, Eli told me that it would be ok if we would just sit on the couch and read scriptures together...such a sweetie). Joe and I are just SO sleep deprived (hence the time of this post)...and when we can snag an extra hour of sleep...we just really need it. We'll do better next week...we promise!

Eli is such a sweetheart lately. (oh...his last day of school was Friday...he got 4 certificates: A/B honor roll for the 3rd trimester, A/B honor roll for the year, Math award, and Reading award==and he was quick to show me a report that he can read 160 words a minute...that's one FAST talking little guy!) AH...back to the sweetness.
I said, "Eli...can I get you a snack"?
Eli..."No...but, thanks for asking mom. That was very nice of you."

and he's been saying "thanks for asking" for a few weeks now...ALL the time...how freakin' sweet is that?? THAT"S why my little guys are spoiled rotten...they're just perfect in every way!

Chris wants everyone to know that he's got a beard. Well...one lone dark hair has popped out of his chin...and he thinks he needs to shave now (almost...his little mustache is too darn cute).

Isaac is moving right along! Our house may look like a daycare center with all the toys around...but, he's learning how to play "appropriately" with toys now (pressing buttons and not just eating them--although, he does press the button and THEN tries to eat it!) baby steps.

and Joe. It was nice to see him this weekend. I think I'll keep him around!

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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Look at Mr. Proper sitting up so straight...
leg braces and all..
A little Licky and Icky
(that's their nicknames)

and Sto Bo bo bo...
(that would be Chris' nickname)
Eli thinks that this slide and swing set are for him...
he swings everynight!
That's about all I've got. IT's SO late here...Joe is turning off the lights...and just leaving me alone! OH...I'm scared!

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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Check out this video...
I was putting clothes away...I left Isaac in the bumbo seat with a cookie.
I came back into the room...and he was fast asleep...still eating that cookie!

ATTENTION--The guest room is CLOSED until further notice.

(ok...maybe just until the weekend)
I smelled something yucky in there...pulled up the carpet a little...MOLD!  
SO...I break out the pry bar, face mask, clorox, razor...and pull up the carpet, padding, carpet tacks, and baseboards.  THEN, I had to spray the floor and behind the baseboards with clorox and scrub away.  (at least I should HAVE burned off some calories today).

BUT...this is perfect...because I wanted to try and stain the concrete floor!  I went to Home Depot tonight...and my plan in underway.   I've already filled the holes in the floor.  Tomorrow...I sand, clean, put muratic acid on it to etch it...stain it....then, seal it.

I WILL be sure to post pics (if it looks good)...if not...I'll just put down more carpet.

Tomorrow our Katie Beckett caseworker is suppose to come out.  hmmmm...I have ALL the furniture that was in the guestroom just sitting in the front living room.  I'll have to hide it somewhere.

All the boys are doing great (I kept the door closed while I was cleaning the yucky room...don't worry...and the window was open, and my face mask was on)

Joe made it home tonight by 10:00pm. One day...he will see the sunlight....one day!

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Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Mr. Isaac performed AWESOME for Nora today.  He lasted a WHOLE HOUR!!!  He was standing against a chair like a professional two-year-old-stander.  I couldn't be more proud!

He's my little heff-a-lump-a-lovin! (said in my accent of course!)

Eli and I had to make a run to Toys r us to exchange a bike we had gotten him.  NOW...he's got a big fat 18" bike (with training wheels!).  We took a stroll tonight to the park...played in the water...did a little swinging (all the while...Isaac slept in the bike carrier).

Chris spent the night with a friend. 

Joe is snoozing.

Life is good!
ahh...well...if someone would come clean my stinkin' house everyday...my life would be prefect!

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Monday, July 06, 2009

Yes...you should feel sorry for me.  THIS....is what I deal with daily!

But...look at them...all sitting at the table....ohhh...it's just too cute!

Isaac met with the neurologist today.  He's nice...but, VERY brief.  I gave a history of what he'd been up to this year...he felt Isaac's legs...and told me that he had mild Cerebral Palsy.  
He said that....and then said...."ok...I'll see you in a year unless he has any seizures".
the end.

nothing else...


SO...there's another pediatric neruologist in town that people are raving about.  I get in to see him this Friday!  Just another set of eyes looking at my baby....and MORE information would be good.

Tomorrow...Nora, our pt, comes over.  I can't wait to show her Isaac's standing skills!
Speaking of which...here's that video I've been promising.  
(just excuse all the shaking and moving...that would be Christopher's MAD taping skills!)

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Sunday, July 05, 2009

My niece, Meghan, spent some time with us this week...
these two are only 4 months apart in age...
look how tiny Isaac is in comparison!

Only my sweet hubby could put his golf clubs on the
back of his motorcycle!
(seriously...he drove down the interstate like that!)
and sweet Isaac.
Joe gave him some Oatmeal and Chocolate chip cookies...
and he LOVED them!
He makes SUCH a mess!
I hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend.  Overall, we did!
It was just a nice, relaxing weekend!
We just popped fireworks in our cul de sac...and we were surrounded by lovely neighbors that had the illegal COOL fireworks!  It was like we were on the strip watching the nice ones!

I got a little sun by the pool this weekend...ok, a LOT of sun...but, oh...I needed it!

Isaac has a neruology appointment tomorrow.  I can't wait for that one! (just kidding)
I will grill the doc about Isaac's delays...it's not an important appointment...just a 6 month routine one that I've just kept putting off.

We FINALLY bought Eli a bike.  He needs a bigger one...and we go out every weekend...and he can't find one that he likes.  TODAY...we took it out of the box...and it's bent!  urrghh...so, I'm taking it back tomorrow!  OH...and when we get back from our vacation in NC...Eli wants me to sign him up for Tap and Hip Hop classes...too cute!

Chris...I've seen him briefly.  He exists.  It's not only in my imagination.  He too has asked for other activities so that I don't bore him to death. 
hmmm....I'm thinking about what to put him in....

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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Isaac STILL eats in the bouncy seat...
and...when he's ready to get out...
he's ready!

Hi handsome!
I'm going to get you mama!
Eli LOVES putting this huge puzzle together...
but, he's lost Maine...
has anyone seen it??

I caught him..
he doesn't like to pose for pics...

What can I say.  Things are just "rolling" right along.  We started our health insurance on July 1st...still trying to get everything switched over.  fingers crossed we don't have any hitches!

Eli had his first field trip yesterday...first time on a school bus...and I couldn't go:(  BUT...he had a blast.  Who knew we had a history museum here...I didn't??  I couldn't go to the field trip because Isaac had speech therapy with Mark.  He did great...eating thicker foods....just being such a trooper!

TODAY...I put Isaac in his fancy leg braces....and he's standing!  Now...he still needs to hold onto something...but, he's bearing weight for minutes now instead of seconds!!!

shh...tomorrow I'll share a little video of him standing!  It'll make you cry!

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