We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a busy Wednesday...

SomeONE LOVES to be outside...
can't you just tell by the look in his face??
He turns into a dancing man when he's outside
with the wind and sunshine!
He can spit now!
Yeah for Isaac!
and he LOVES to pick his nose...
like all day long...
like...I think he picks it and it causes more snot to run out...
and so he picks it again..
and then puts his finger in his mouth..
and repeat 564 times a day.

Today was SO busy. Isaac had his "school" today. He is STILL screaming for most of her hour visit. Seriously...how much torture could a sweet lady who brings lots of fun toys be??

THEN, Isaac and I delivered a crib to a friend at church who is having a baby soon...ahhh...
(I want another one...but, if Joe reads this...he'll sleep in the guestroom FOREVER!)

THEN, Isaac and I went to church to help out with food for a funeral service. We hung out, snacked, and did a little work (ok, I did...while he was a BIG boy and hung out in his stroller watching Gabba Gabba). What a sweetie he was.

After picking up Eli...my head hurt. it did. so, i did what i do when it hurts....I turn my ac down to 67, grab my snuggle buddy Isaac, and get in my bed and take a nap...
FOUR hours later...Isaac and I are ready to conquer the world~!

I made the CUTEST little necklaces...

What do you think??

Any takers? I MAY just take requests...
and yes...I didn't think that I had enough projects in the works...so, I started another.

and...I was watching Hoarders the other day (did I tell you this already??). Anyway, they were talking about a lady who had tons of baskets and bins to put things in. She can't stop buying them...they called her an "Organized Hoarder"...THAT IS WHAT I AM...an Organized Hoarder!
Joe almost peed in his pants laughing when I told him...he said he already knew that.
I am the QUEEN of buying baskets and shoving things in them..and why not?? Then people can't see my junk. I can't just throw my junk away...I might need it one day.

my name is kathy.
and I have a shopping problem.

I'm not afraid to admit it.
(and Macy's is having a sale...25% off! shh...don't tell joe...i might go tomorrow...just lOOking:)

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Monday, April 26, 2010


That's what I call Isaac now...
because he's a standing man every chance he gets...

and I am SO very proud of him for it!
I am not sure what's happened to Isaac. Whether he realized he was THREE years old, and it's TIME to start walking, maybe he likes pt and is working hard, maybe he hates pt and wants to start walking so that he can STOP going, or maybe his little light bulb went off...
whatever the reason...this little man is pulling up and standing and cruising ALL DAY LONG!

With this new found talent...comes great NEW bumps and falls...but, I'm happy to chase him around, help him when he's stuck in a high place, or kiss his boo boo...

He's just a superSTAR!

and while on the superstar subject...Eli is ALIVE! He made it through school today with NO harm from bully Connor. Joe took him to school, talked to his teacher, talked to the principal....and all is well. I love Eli's teachers...I really do.

Has anyone seen Chris lately??
I've smelled something lingering in the hallway when I walk past his room...and thought I heard a noise...and have noticed food missing from the kitchen...but, my teenager is no where to be found....
(I'm sure if I turned off the wireless network, thus causing his online Halo war to come to a halt...that the phantom teenager would appear...
but, I don't need to see him that bad...
so, I'll keep the wireless on...
peanut butter and jelly on the island...
and spray some febreeze under the crack of his door)

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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bully on the playground

I'll update pics and videos tomorrow....

just wanted to reassure everyone that this house is A-OK. I mean...we have the normal husbandry attitude, teenage attitude, 7 year old questions, and 3 year old tantrums...but, normal is normal....and that's how it is here.

Eli is a little worried about going to school on Monday. He laughed at a kid at school last week...and that kid is Connor...the playground bully. He made a gesture to Eli where he slit his throat and pointed at him...now, Eli expects to die on Monday.
Poor little Eli.
You know me...I want to go to that school on Monday, yank that kid by the shirt and pull on his ears until he understands that he better NOT even look at my son EVER again...
but...that isn't allowed..
so, Eli asked Joe to take him to school and talk to his teacher.
THANK goodness Eli has the MOST WONDERFUL teacher...who really loves him...so, I'm sure she'll protect him.
IF NOT....oh, I'd hate for that school to feel the wrath of THIS MAMA!

other than that...

oh..wait. Eli wants to sign up for the school talent show...and he wants to sing. Any ideas?
He has asked to sing, "baby come back"...you know, from the swiffer commercial where the mop keeps singing it...
then, he asked to sing "the milkshake song"....
if you don't know it, I'm NOT singing it...but, just know that he can't sing that one....
gosh...what would be cute...he really loves to sing!

that's all I've got. I NEED to sleep...my attitude needs it...my family needs it so that they don't have to hear my attitude.

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Tuesday already...

At the rate that time is flying...Joe and I will be retiring soon and living in our shack in Mexico~

We have been on a whirlwind ride...and thank GOODNESS...I think it's winding down a bit.

I am happy to report that Eli is HIVE FREE! We still have NO idea what caused them...or why they hung around so long...but, we are SO happy that they are gone!

Isaac is doing so good! He's been battling his allergies too for a few weeks..
so, flowing snot..but, he's NOT throwing up...so that's AWESOME!
He just likes showing off his MAD skills!
Can you tell these kids have me wrapped around their little fingers??

Gosh...we've been really busy with Isaac. He's going to physical therapy in the community two times a week (for one hour). FINALLY....he made it through one visit with NO TEARS! SUCCESS! We also met our home-school teacher...and she is wonderful. She comes over to our house two days a week for an hour. AND...then we have our school system pt and ot that come to our house once a week for thirty minutes. I don't know how it happened...but, we have the most WONDERFUL and AWESOME team working with Isaac. I can just see him walking and talking and EATING this year...I just know it!!!

Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming with life...with Isaac...with everything...and then look what happens. All your prayers are answered and things just fall into their appropriate places with the blink of an eye. I am so relieved with Isaac...his health is complacent. He isn't in any distress, his o2 is perfect (for him), he isn't throwing up with a simple runny nose, he IS sleeping through the night in Eli's room (I think it was Joe's snoring keeping him awake...but, shhh)....and now, we have the most awesome team of teachers and therapists working with him. I was SO scared when we transitioned from Early Interventions into the school system...and worried that we wouldn't have the same awesome support....and I worried for no reason.

So..we have Isaac taken care of....why don't we talk about Chris. He and my dad flew up to South Dakota to visit my older sister this weekend and they just came back. They had a blast and I can't wait to drive up in May for my nieces graduation (and then I'll take a side trip to see my little friend Elijah). I took the boys to the dentist today...and CHRIS has a cavity. Seriously. They go to the dentist every 6 months...and he has a tiny one...now, I need to make him work off the $91 that it'll cost me to have it filled.
I'm am NOT one to talk about cavities...I'm petrified of the dentist and wouldn't even want to imagine how many I have...BUT...come on! He sees the darn orthodontist every 3 weeks...doesn't anybody look in his mouth???

Eli has a pimple on his face. He's quite proud of it...and it looking for arm hair under his arms! He went to school today and told his teacher that he was "in puberty"!!

How do you like my transition?? I'm just tired and trying to think about all the things that have happened in the last few days. I am STILL stuffy and coughing...Joe is still coughing...Isaac is still snotty...Eli is hive free, but now coughing....I think we should fumigate the house!

Tomorrow...we have a lite day, only homeschool with Isaac. WhatEVER shall I do with all my extra time??

I should get to bed....5:40am rolls around REALLY fast!

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Never ending week

I have started updating this blog FIFTY MILLION times this week...
let me just break it down for you:

Monday: I am still sick.

Tuesday: I am Still sick. Chris decides that he wants to shave his mustache (really, at 15?).

Here he is WITH the mustache...

and here he is withOUT it.

Joe spent about an hour with him in the bathroom teaching him the necessary "shaving skills".
I'm not sure if he's going to keep it up or not.

Also on Tuesday...I had to pick up Eli early from school because he was getting a rash...HIVES!

Wednesday: I am still sick. Eli is COVERED in hives STILL. We go to the peds...he's just allergic to something...stick to benadryl and zyrtec and it just has to work it's way out of his system.

AND...his eyes start to close.

What a day!
Isaac went to physical therapy today. He cried the entire time. We're going to bring me back next week and his dvd...but, if he doesn't stop crying...we may have to hold off on pt for a while (he's using all his energy to cry...and is full of sweat and snot in under 30 minutes).

Thursday: I am STILL sick. Eli still has hives. Chris continues to beg to play video games (even though he's grounded).

(did I mention that I'm still sick?)

Friday: I am still sick. Chris went off to school. Eli STILL has hives, but he gets an award today at school and wanted to go. (Joe will inspect his hives at the awards ceremony and see if he can stay all day).

That's all i have to say about this week.

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm BACK...

yes back from Utah...
I got a HEAD FULL of allergy oogies last weekend...
and they worse this weekend!

SO, I came home and dropped off Eli and ran to urgent care. You know how they don't like to give antibiotics anymore...so, just some strong nose spray, allergy meds, and she told me to use a neti pot!

(I am NOT going to video tape it...although I really did think about it!) It's going to gross me out...I already think it's going to drown me...but, I can't breathe...so, I suppose I'm going to venture to the bathroom and pour water up MY NOSE and watch it run out the other sidE!

Joe and Isaac did great this weekend...
BUT, the allergies have gotten to Isaac and the oogies have started to ooze from his nose too!
(so, not sure if he'll go to therapy tomorrow...allergy oogies and crying oogies make for one MESSY three year old!)

While we were in Utah, my mom asked me how tall Isaac was? I said, "36 inches". She said, "so, he's as tall as a yard stick?" (because there was one sitting against the fire place).
I looked at that yard stick...and said, "no...he isn't that tall".
WELL....a yard stick is 36 inches...My Isaac IS AS TALL AS A YARD STICK!!!

It was a little late, and he couldn't stand alone...so, with a little help from daddy...you can see how tall he is!!! I can't even believe it!!!

It is indeed late...we have a LOT to get ready for our Monday morning...and with a sick mommy and Isaac...it could be a LONG night!

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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Slacker Mom!

i will update soon...

i will...

Since returning from Utah...I've been battling yucky allergies AND I'm going BACK to Utah to help out this weekend also...
Sunday night...that's my BIG plan for updating you.
I can give you a SNEAK peak...

Have you seen the show "A minute to win it"?
WELL...we LOVE it! and have decided to start trying the games out. Our first game is the one where they put the head band on ...then, attach the pedometer to the headband...and you have 60 seconds to shake your head and get over 125 "steps"! I have Chris on video...it's HILARIOUS! I'll get Joe and Eli in on the fun too! This is SUCH a fun way to spend "Forced Family Fun Night" together....and we could TOTALLY use the laughs!!!

Talk to you again in a few days.
Thanks for checking on us.
Isaac is great. He's still on antibiotics for his ears...so, no matter what I sneeze...he's good and covered. HE did have his THREE year old check up...and he's 26 pounds and 36 inches tall! He's doing fabulous...just fabulous.

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Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter

I could just EAT his little cheeks off his face...
he's such a yummy little treat to smooch on~
and here's ONE happy Eli...
Enjoying the empty pool...
(now, I need to get those leaves out and fill it back up!)
What a BUSY weekend.
FIRST, my sister in Utah is sick...really sick. (she doesn't monitor my blog for quality assurance...so, not sure what she'd care if I shared or not...but...) they THINK she has Sydenham Chorea (you'll have to google it). Her arm shakes up and down and her head shakes side to side....constantly...all day...and her speech is impaired and she stutters now. They think she had strep, which turned into rheumatic fever, which went to her brain.
So now...she waits for a confirmation....and has another consult with a neurologist this week in Vegas. At first they thought she had a stroke, then possibly MS...then, they've come up with this last diagnosis...

SO...that's why we drove up to Utah on Friday night. Just to see her, visit with her, and help out with the kids and housework. Joe did PHENOMENAL with Isaac and Chris. It's nice to know that if she needs my help more often, that Joe will be able to help me with Isaac.

Physical Therapy started last week. We've had two visits...with two separate therapists. Isaac does NOT like it. He doesn't have stranger anxiety...I think he just knows that he has to work...and he's not having it. Tomorrow, we go again. I HOPE he has a better time.

AND....after our physical therapy appointment, he has his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL. Our school teacher comes over every Monday and Wednesday at 10am...for an hour. I can't wait! The thought of him sitting still for any length of time...and doing something?? what?? My child?? I can't wait..I'm so darn excited!!!

The wind has been horrible here...thus the allergies...thus Isaac's runny nose and now his secretions are thick...so, he coughs. He isn't sick (well, he's on antibiotics for his ears)...but, he's coughing. ugghhh.....
Normally, I'd make him skip all classes...but, the doc confirmed that he's just an allergy ball..so, I'm making him work!

Do you need your Eli funny story??
In Utah, the Easter Bunny comes on Saturday. SO, I took Eli with me, and thus brought along a small basket for him to match what my sister's kids were getting.
He had a great Saturday Easter Morning...
THEN, on our way home...
I said, "Eli...you forgot your Easter things"
he said, "I know..it's ok mom....Kenny and Luke can have them".
I said, "oh...that's nice Eli".
he said, "yeah...it is...but, I KNOW the Easter Bunny MUST have left my BIG Easter basket at our house...because, I've NEVER received so little before"

SO....I quickly called Joe so that he had time to "prepare" the big basket that the bunny would surely leave on Sunday morning....(because he only goes to Utah on Saturdays).
and...this morning was successful.
We had a happy 7 year old...
watched conference on tv...
and I cooked...
some of our friends stopped by...
It was a great day.

**now...to tell you what i REALLY think about this weekend. I am sad. I am so sad for my sister. She has four kids...ages 6 months, 2, 5, 8...and she can't hold them. If she tries to hug them...her head bangs into them. She can't go down the stairs to tuck them into bed each night. Having Isaac makes me appreciate ALL my kids even more each and everyday...but, I've never thought about what I would feel like if something happened to me. I'd be devastated.
I am so proud of my sister and how she's dealing with this crazy illness that she's having to deal with. Just another reminder not to put off tomorrow what you can do today...and LOVE those that you love. One conference talk that I actually heard while I was cooking, talked about that very thing. You can tell someone that you love them...but, do you really? How do they know? You have to SHOW them that you love them. I hope that by calling and actually visiting my sister...she knows how much I love her.

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Friday, April 02, 2010

No party

We've had to postpone Isaac's party for tomorrow...

My sister in Utah is having some health problems...so, I'm driving up today to go and see if I can help her with anything.

Joe will still have the cake here....
so, if you REALLY want some Yo Gabba Gabba cake...and you KNOW where we live, I'm sure he'd share with you!

I'll update when I get back in town.

AND...Joe's watching Isaac while I'm gone...everyone...BE ON STAND BY if he needs help with anything!

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