We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

So....YOU KNOW that Isaac LOVES his Yo Gabba Gabba....
and I wouldn't be "his best mom EVER" if I didn't
make him a Brobee costume for Halloween!
He's checking out all that furry stuff!
what the heck is this??
Seriously....what is this??


are you serious??
It's almost 90 degrees outside...I'm in a fur coat and a hat!

Chris...mom's making me wear this fury outfit and hat...
and I don't want to...

stop laughing mom!

AHH....that's much better~!

I can see clearly now!

yeah...I don't really like that thing she made!

Here's Eli's scary face!

and his costume...

and the costume with the mask.

This is Chris (the ghost) and Mikey at church.
We went there trunk or treating first...and Chris couldn't
wear his scary Jason mask there...
but, he did later tonight when they ran around the neighborhood!

They scared all the little kids!
I hope everyone had a great Halloween!

We're POOPED!!!! But, Chris has about 6 other teenagers piled upstairs...so, I'll be staying up for a bit to make sure they all find their way home tonight!

It was too warm (not complaining!) for Isaac to wear the Brobee costume to church tonight...but, it didn't matter anyway. As soon as I opened my trunk, pulled out his stroller, put him in it, got out my candy for the treaters....he was OUT COLD!~ He slept through the hour and a half of kids running around him! I LOVE IT!!! Eli had fun playing with his friends...and Chris and Mikey just did the teenage roaming thing all night!

JOE made it for the last 15 minutes!! whooop whoop!!!!!

Thanks for checking on us!
May we ALL sleep in tomorrow!!!

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Thursday, October 30, 2008

For your viewing pleasure....
A little Icky!Still lovin' the tulle....

This is how I found him....laying right in the middle of my cutting mat!

Maybe he wants me to cut him up!

He's still as cute as EVER!
(but...still not as many teeth as Gracie!)

SO....Isaac is doing awesome! No throwing up or wretching--it's been about 2 months now! He's still eating (when he's awake to eat)--that's 2 or 3 times a day. He hasn't sat up by himself again...but, we're still practicing. He's a rolling machine...rolling all over the living room!

I found a SCREAMIN' deal at the Disney store this week. It was a Pirates of the Caribbean costume...a glow in the dark bony guy. It was only $9.00! SO, of course I grabbed it. I thought that Eli might want to wear the outfit part with his alien mask...but, NO...he just LOVES the whole costume. SO, he's saving the gangster alien for next year (yeah...right!). I'll take plenty of pics tomorrow! I'm SUPPOSE to be making Isaac's costume...but, I've been slacking! Really, it's so DARN HOT here...I'm re-thinking his costume. Like, right now...it's 10:30 at night..and the news just said that it's 77 degrees outside.

Funny Eli conversations for the day: (the first)
Eli: Mom...look what I found! A silver and gold crayon...can I take it to school
Me: Sure. Why are you asking??
Eli: Haley has a box of 46 crayons...I mean they have cool colors..like sky blue, sea foam green. Can we go and get me a box of 46 crayons tomorrow??
Me: Sure....I think they even make boxes bigger than 46!
Eli: Awesome!

(second conversation)
We came in the house and Inside Edition or Entertainment Tonight was on. There was a story on about that woman who's had 8 breast augmentations and wants to get larger. SO....that's where the conversation starts:

Eli: Mom....what's FFF??
Me: That's her bra size.
Eli: well, what's KKK?
Me: That's the size she wants her boobs to be. That's huge!
Eli: So, what's your size?
Me: None of your business.
Eli: Well...what's the smallest size?
Me: A.
Eli: So...what does A look like...are those like puney boobs or something??
Me: Not puney...just small.

Seriously. And I can't even tell you the conversation I had with Chris today. (he would KILL ME)...just know it has something to do with girl boobs too!

What's going on with my boys???? They are driving me CRAZY! BUT, the good thing is that they tell me EVERYTHING! Even if it's something I'd rather not want to know...I'm glad that they still fess up and spill the beans! (Chris hasn't realized yet that he's a teenager and expected to be sneaky...he tattles on himself all the time!)

Joe came in after mid-night last night! My poor man. I just sent him up to go to sleep...the boys are all WIDE AWAKE! They don't have school tomorrow and they're excited about tomorrow!

I'll take TONS of pics...and I expect everyone else out there to do the same and share!!!

**Ok...I just went up to bed, but had to tell you ONE more thing that Mr. Smart Mouth had to say:

Me: Eli...it's almost 11:00....let's go up to bed now.
Eli: No!
Me: Eli...that wasn't a request...it was a command...now move it!
Eli: No... I don't want to.
Me: Elias...get upstairs NOW!
Eli: See...that's what I''m talking about. YOU have anger issues. You get so angry. YOU need to go to anger school.
and he's just muttering words under his breathe the entire time he's walking up the stairs to his room.

THAT LITTLE stink bomb! He has NO IDEA what kind of anger this mom can unleash on him (now...Chris knows...but, Eli...he hasn't a clue!)

Ok...that's it...maybe he'll go to sleep now...and stop talking!~

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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Halloween rush is in FULL FORCE! Time to finish those goody bags, get juice boxes for Eli's class, finish a few tutus....AND...I WAS going to make Isaac a costume. (we'll see if I have time!)

The boys are all doing great. Isaac keeps doing what he's doing. Nothing new to report...and I LOVE THAT! Eli has his Halloween party tomorrow (they're both out of school on Friday). Mandy stuffed his goody bags for me...so, I just need to tie them up with pretty bows tonight! Chris is alive and kicking.

We just ran out to get the juice boxes...came home...and Katie (the DUMB DOG) ate a meatball sub that I was saving for Joe! She took it out off the table, out of the bag, and unwrapped it! I guess Joe will be eating cereal for dinner...which, by the way, it's after 9pm...and he's STILL AT WORK! seriously. He doesn't usually see the boys during the week. He leaves for work at 6:30am...and doesn't come in until after 9:00pm. One day....we'll meet him again...one day!

Here's a conversation with Eli tonight:

Eli: Mom...can a mom have a baby without a dad?
Me: Well...what do you mean??
Eli: You know...can a mom have a baby and not marry the daddy??
Me: Uhhhh...a mommy can have a baby and not marry the daddy....but, the mommy really should marry the daddy first.
Eli: Well...if they don't get married, how do they have the baby then??
Me: UUhhhhh.....the daddy gives the mommy a special kiss...and they can have a baby. BUT, they really should be married first. (I know...lame excuse...he's only 6 though)
Eli: Could you tell me about that kiss?? How do you do that kind of kiss??
Me: I'm not telling you. When you're older I'll tell you.
Eli: Can you just tell Chris...because he will tell me.
Me: NO...I will NOT tell Chris. I will tell you when you are older. (but, Chris does know...I just hope he keeps his trap closed!)
Eli: I'm just going to ask dad.

Then, as we were out tonight getting juice boxes for school...I was talking to him...and he said:

Eli: Mom....I don't talk Dork...I talk Cool.
Me: What did you just say??
Eli: You heard me. I don't talk Dork. You are a Dork. I only talk COOL!

Sometimes I wish that Eli had delayed speech...it's nice...sometimes.
Isaac doesn't nag me to death like Eli does.

OK...I'm getting off my couch now and finishing my list of "to do's" while I wait for my sweetie pie to come home!

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

OH MY GOSH...did you see Oprah today?? I just cried my eyes out.
I want Isaac (and my other boys) to tell everyone, everyday....that they are special.
(if you didn't see it....you HAVE to get on her website and look at it...it was too sweet!)

and...Mandy and her kids left today. Oh, I'll miss them....I LOVE having my little nieces and nephews around...screaming, yelling, breaking things, playing with things....and now they're gone.
They have a LONG trip back to California. I will need someone to bring their babies over to play now!

All the boys are doing great. No real drama to speak of today...THANK HEAVENS! Isaac is snoozing like an angel right now. He's just perfect.

Joe and I are just sitting back watching House...

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Just another BUSY day in our house!

Isaac is still eating like a champ...although, all this FOOD is not helping his food come out very easily (trying to word that eloquently). But...I'll get the right mixture of water, milk, food, and pear juice....I'll get him moving just fine soon enough! GUESS WHAT he did today? Ok, I don't have a picture...so, just imagine....he's in the crawling position, forearms on the ground, bum in the air, knees on the ground....then, he stands on feet...his bum is straight in the air...his legs are locked out STRAIGHT! This, from the little man that will NOT put pressure on his feet...was putting pressure on his feet. Now, he wasn't moving anywhere...but, he kept doing that ALL DAY! I can't even believe it! He didn't sit up alone today...but, we did practice a few times. He's been trying to pull out his mic-key button all the time now. I can't even put him in shirt and shorts...because he can get to his tummy. He has to be in clothes that can tuck in...or one piece outfits! I'm going to have to try Terri's trick of wrapping the ace bandage around his belly if he doesn't leave it alone! He's still giving us kisses ALL DAY long! I just love it!

SO...Isaac is 19 months old now! He's growing up so fast. Sometimes it's hard seeing how delayed he is. I don't get discouraged....just a little sad for him. But, then he goes and surprises me. He always knows how to melt my heart. My goal was for him to be crawling by Christmas and walking (even if it's with a walker) by his 3rd birthday....and I think he might do it!

Eli had swim practice today....and he's swimming like a champ...you'd be so proud Jen!

Chris has another Algebra test tomorrow. He's so scared. But, I did make sure he went to bed early tonight...so, maybe he'll feel better in the morning.

NOW...did you watch Extreme Home Edition last night?? Ok, you need to know that I'm always talking to the tv during this show. "Are you kidding me..is that all that kid has"? Just a g-tube...and you need a new kitchen? Just asthma...seriously!" Isn't that horrible...but, I'm always comparing Isaac to those kids....but, last night....they picked such a sweet family...I didn't say one bad thing to the tv.

thank you.

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

Ahhh.....we had a fun weekend!
Saturday we headed to the Fall festival...stayed for 3 HOURS...and
it was SO HOT!!!
Here's Chris and Eli trying this racing game
(Eli doesn't want me to show you the next pic with him on the ground!)
Here's my ham Eli jumping away!

Chris just being silly...and Isaac wondering why he's here!

Hi Isaac!
(and can you tell that Eli already has formed an attitude!)

My handsome boys!

Well....Mandy (my sister from CA) came in this weekend. We've been chasing kids and running on little sleep (well, I DID get a nap today!!! Yeah for ME!)

I can't remember all the things that happened this weekend. But, the festival on Saturday was FUN! I can't believe how hot it was here (not rubbing it in or anything!) Mr. Man is still eating a few meals each day--how unbelievable is that??

But, tonight something FREAKED me out!
I was sitting on the couch and Joe had just laid Isaac down on the floor to play...right at my feet. The next thing I know, Joe is in the other room...and something is rising from the floor! AHHHHHH!!! It was ISAAC! He SAT UP BY HIMSELF!!! Now, we've been working on it. But, really....I thought this wouldn't happen for a while! I didn't see how he did it. I just know that he was laying there playing with his frog paci....and then, he's sitting in the middle of the floor with the frog in his mouth...just looking around. HOLY COW!!!

It's too late at night to get him to do it again...but, HE DID IT! He never ceases to amaze me!!!

**I totally need to get in the bed. But, one more funny thing. Mandy's here...freezing her BUM OFF! I keep my house A/C on 68...and she keeps hers on 78....she's laying here on the couch snuggled all up in a blankie! That just cracks me up! She makes me sweat to death at her house...and I'm going to give her frost bite! I hope everyone had a great weekend!!! The boys here are all doing great....keeping me hopping!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Yesterday I decided to cut Isaac's bangs....just his bangs.

He's sitting on the bathroom sink...and cringed everytime
the scissors touched his face (like I'm going to cut him!)
Chris was my photographer...he did a great job!
So, Joe didn't come in from work until 10:30 last night! We didn't go to bed until midnight (and I won't tell you that JOE went up before me!!--but, I'm not mad about that!)

THEN, Isaac decided to wake up early jabbering and playing....yeah...it was 3:30 in the morning! I put him in our bed to see if he'd go to sleep...but, NO....he continued to kick around and try to talk. So, I put him back in his crib. I have NO IDEA what time he fell asleep...because I must have fallen asleep....just in time for my clock to go off at 5:30 to wake Chris up for seminary!!! I thought I was going to DIE this morning! I still might.

OK....don't tell Joe...but, I did take a nap today.

Eli and I made a deal a few days ago. He's selling cookie dough for school...and I'm not buying any...so, I told him that if he wasn't upset (because he wanted the candy worms for selling something)...that I'd take him to Build-a-Bear. So, today....we went. He picked out a shiny, blue bear...with a police uniform! He's the happiest 6 year old EVER! And...another cute Eli story... He comes home all the time and tells me about Mr. Wilson, his music teacher...and how funny he is...and the silly nicknames he has for some of his students. Eli doesn't have a nickname...so, he asked me to email Mr. Wilson and ask him for a nickname. And....the wonderful mom that I am...actually emailed Mr. Wilson, told him what a wonderful teacher he was, that Eli loved him...but, could he PLEASE think of a silly name for Eli. And...today was music day! Eli was so excited this morning. When I picked him up...he was giddy! He's "Eli Jellybean!) and thinks that's great! He told me that Mr. Wilson was picking on him and calling him jelly bean...and his face turned red. Then, Mr. Wilson said, "you are a jelly bean...a red jelly bean!" Eli told me that he was so glad that I emailed Mr. Wilson..."now he'll pick on me FOREVER" YES!!!

Seriously.....that happened today.

Chris re-took his algebra test....my fingers are crossed for that little man!

Isaac was an angel today (as always)...even though he kept me up ALL NIGHT! He ate twice today...so, he's really consistent now. We see the gi doc and a nutritionist next month...so, they'll help me come up with a plan to help him transition. We're still a LONG way from no tube feedings....but, cutting down a few will be GREAT!!!

They're doing early voting at our grocery store..so, I think I'll take Chris with me tomorrow afternoon and let him see the process (but, only if the lines are short!) Ok...Joe's watching the Office...and he's tired of hearing my keyboard clicking...so, I'll see you tomorrow!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

YIKES...it's SO LATE...and Joe just came home!

But, I made dinner tonight, saved him ONE piece of my pie (there is no more...I ate them)...

Isaac gave me quite a scare last night. He looked blue...just laying around. Now, yesterday was the day where he slept all but 4 hours. So, when he woke up and his lips looked blue...Of course I FREAKED out...I ran upstairs and got the new sat monitor and plugged him up. And it kept alarming because it was showing that he was in the 80s! But...after a few minutes it would go up...then a few minutes later...it would alarm. Joe told me that it was just Isaac wiggling...so, I just took it off. (that thing will drive you BONKERS if you look at it too long!). His heart is fine, his lungs are clear....so, I'm hoping my hypochondriac tendencies were just kicking in...and my butterball is fine.

He ate FOUR times today!!! His 10, 2, 6, and an early 9 feeding. I was able to feed him a whole jar (mixed with all my stuff) and 1 ounce of apple juice (to keep his poop flowing) and 3 ounces of his special milk. YEAH FOR ISAAC!!! I weighed him...he's still 19 pounds. But...maybe the fat will come!!!! (OH...I wish I could just give him some of mine!)

Eli brought home another love letter. And he started level 3 swim lessons tonight!!!

Chris and I worked on his Algebra homework without yelling at each other...AND...I think he gets it!!! (ok...kind of gets it)

We don't have any appointments this week...oh, it's so wonderful!!! I just need to "fall" clean my house...It can't wait until Spring!!!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

**A short and sweet post**

I am TIRED! It is 10:30...and Isaac is bouncing like a mad man in his bouncy seat. Doesn't he know what time it is?? Here's the reason...he was awake only FOUR hours today! That's it...he'll just sleep the day away if you let him.

I made two MORE pumpkin pies tonight....and one is almost gone. oops!

Isaac ate THREE times today! That's right...three jars of baby food, sprinkled with mct oil (for calories), whipping cream (for calories), and rice cereal (to thicken it up a little after all the junk I added). He's my superstar!!!

Eli said that Olivia loves him now...ohh....I LOVE Olivia too...

Chris has a re-test in Algebra tomorrow...my fingers are crossed for that little man!

Joe...had a piece of my pie...but, that's all I'm sharing!

Good night my friends!!!

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Monday, October 20, 2008

Sure...he looks all sweet and innocent....Do you know what that is in his mouth??

He was eating (well, being tube fed)...and he disconnected it
from the tube connected to his belly. SO...the tube in his mouth is dropping milk in
his face....and the tube in his belly is leaking milk all over the floor!!!!

and he's just smiling...

So...Isaac is my stinker for the day (and this just happened at 10:00 pm!

Last night was TOUGH....Eli was up with a fever. So, that means getting meds, water, a bed at the foot of our bed. whooo....now he's settled. THEN, Joe's up throwing up. It seems that someone ate BAD cookies (or too many). Poor guys. But, between the two of them...we were up all night LONG. And by WE...I mean ME!

SO, Eli skipped school. I took him in...it's just a cold...uurrghhh...
Chris made it through school today and me with little sleep...and LIVED through it!!!
and Joe...poor sweet Joe...is still having a rough time with his asthma and bronchitis. He's inhaling a breathing treatment as I type.

Other than the above...there's NOTHING going on here!
yeah right!!!

AND....you guys need to know that my granddad is going to be 80 years old next month...and he knows how to get on the computer and check Isaac's blog each day! How sweet is that????
AND...you should also know that I'm named after this granddad and grandma (Catherine and Joseph.... Kathy Jo)...but, don't you EVER call me KATHY JO or I'll have to hurt you (we're not in the country anymore!)
So...thanks for taking the time each day to check on us Granddaddy Joe...I LOVE you and Grandma!!!

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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Ok...you know that I haven't taken any new pics this weekend...so,
I decided to go back and see what we were doing this time last year:
Eli was hooked up to the nebulizer (just like we all are now)...

Isaac was recovering from his August heart surgery...getting ready for his
next November surgery...

He did NOT like being on his belly...and could finally hold
up that fat little head (and remember the hair curl on top...oh, I miss that!)

Eli had Joe draw a pic on his belly....because,
why wouldn't you??

and Eli is a cheese ball...and Isaac is wondering WHY...WHY does he always
sit beside me?? I'm just trying to read my Halloween card!

Oh...what a year!!! Isaac's heart is fixed (for now), he rolls on his belly, he has more hair, he eats, he isn't so puffy...HOLY COW...It's like I have a new baby here!

I'm holding Mr. Isaac now...so, I must be quick! Joe let me and Isaac take a 3 hour nap today!!! Then, he took Eli to the pumpkin patch (which is in the casino parking lot) and let him ride the rides and slide on the big slide. What a sweet dad...especially considering the set up was FILLED with Hay...and Joe is highly allergic...he and Eli came home with puffy eyes!!! Wheezing is sure to fill our home tonight!

I made TWO pumpkin pies today (not from scratch)...and I'm sure they will be gone by tomorrow. Isaac keeps pulling the paci's from his little beanie babies...so, Joe's making him another one right now...he can't fall asleep without it!

That's about it. I need to eat some pie and get into bed (I know...that's why my bum is so big).

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

I know that I promised pics of my big boys new hair dos...but, they
would not pose for me....so, here's Isaac and the new heart attack he
almost gave me!Did you see Isaac sleeping? Look closely...he's holding his nose, while
sucking on his pacifier. I've been worried about him sleeping face
down in the mattress...now...what do you think I did when I saw this!?!?!
Now...you tell me how he breathes when he's doing this? He's going
to give me a heart attack! You know that I made him wake up...I moved his hand
off of his nose...and took his paci! (Mean mama!)

Now...these next pics are for my Texas mamas (and Crabby Old Man!)...
I just LOVE hats...so, Isaac will HAVE to share my love!

I'll cut his hair this week. It's just so darn pretty...and I LOVE guys with long hair...but, I'll have to chop it off AGAIN! (oh, if he was a girl...I can just picture all the bows!)

The kids had a pretty good day. I don't really like Chris today. His mouth is too big, his ears are clogged, and his attitude needs adjusting. Eli is whining a lot, tattling on Chris when he can, and refusing to eat any food for dinner unless it's a Halloween cookie with frosting and sprinkles. I am trying SO hard not to make pumpkin pies this late...and then stay up later to eat them all! Isaac...is my angel. He doesn't talk back, run away, refuse to eat (anymore), let's me play dress up with him, likes my hobby of tutu making, and gives me kisses all day.
The big boys better pay attention....or I'm going to start picking favorites!!!

No...I won't pick favorites...but, they better shape up!

Did I tell you guys that I went to my annual doctors appointment a few weeks ago...and I told my doc that I wanted some medicine that would help me lose weight and give me more energy. Do you know what he said??
"Go down to Martin Luther King Blvd and I'll bet you can find some crack!"

Seriously....I need some crack from the boulevard! Ok...not crack...but, something to burn the fat (without eating healthy or exercising) and something to keep me awake so that I don't have to sleep so that I can get all the millions of things done that I need to and want to. and somewhere in there I need to find a place that will clone my husband...I miss him. It's 9:30, and I'm watching Grey's Anatomy by myself...he hasn't even left the office yet!

that's about it for my day! How was yours? Go ahead...tell me...I love you all!!!
Hope you enjoyed the pics of Sir Isaac.

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mark...our speech therapist, cam over today...and Isaac showed him how well he's eating!!! YEAH FOR ISAAC!! Then, Isaac took a FOUR hour nap! YIKES! He only eats about twice a day...because he likes to sleep. But, he's doing great. He can't eat food if it's too thin...and it's too hard for him to swallow if it's too thick...luckily...this mama bear can make his food JUST RIGHT!

Eli got a LOVE NOTE today after school. Here it goes....He told me that McKinzey loves him, Rianna likes him, Katie still likes him, and Olivia and Daphne are his BFF's! Yeah...that was about an hour long conversation!

Chris talked with his algebra teacher and she invited him to come to her class each morning to discuss the previous days homework and gave him a different text book to use at home for review.

Oh...and the boys got a haircut today...then, had swim lessons (where they both graduated from their levels...Eli is ready for level 3 and Chris was asked to join the swim team!)

Tomorrow...I'll post pics of their new dos!

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

So...sometimes I put my cutting mat on the floor in front
of the tv...and this is what happens when I walk away.


and...I know you're dying to see Eli in his wig.
NOW...this is NOT the costume..remember...there is
an alien mask that will go under the wig and glasses.

Paci on the left...

Paci in the middle...

back to the left.

That's how our days go.
Isaac just LOVES playing with the tulle. Our pt said she thinks that he likes the texture of it. If he sees any out...he ROLLS immediately in its direction.

Big boys are fine...except Chris is not doing too hot in Algebra...I might have to GROUND HIM!

ok...thanks Jen for clearing up the blueberry in the pool for me. NOW...I have another question for everyone.

SIDS...can an 18 month old still die from sudden infant death syndrome. I'm only asking because just this week...Isaac started sleeping on his belly. FLAT on his belly...with his face flat into the mattress or pressed up against the bumper in his crib. Every time I see this, I flip him over to his side...but, it worries me that during the night he'll lay like this and smother himself. I know..I'm a worry wart. I have that new sat monitor with the alarm...but, the light burns his skin if it's left on all night long... SO, if he knows how to pick his head up and roll over...is he ok laying flat on his belly like that???


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