We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tubes...where are you?

I took Mr. Isaac to the ENT today...where he looked in those little ears...he saw the tubes...but, they were full of wax and NOT in their correct spot. Therefore...they are NOT working.

SO....he said, "let's just wait".
and...we are.
We're waiting to see how he does when winter hits and colds abound.

I'm just procrastinating going to bed. OH...my head hurts...my child is still crawling around screaming at me to turn the channel...
calgon...take me away...
far away...

I will post pics tomorrow...because SOME LITTLE MAN in my house just got his Bobcat badge last night! OH...so cute!

and Chris...he's alive and well...i guess. He hides in his room all day and plays games...
and i just let him...
(does that make me a bad mom?)

hush Joe!

ok...i'm taking my baby to bed...
I'll update more tomorrow!

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Looking too cute!

in the middle of the stairs is a landing..
with a window..
he had to stop for a little look.
(and yes...that is a hole in the wall. Chris and I moved furniture one day...
and put it there...and I haven't fixed it yet)
Could he get any CUTER?
Sometimes he looks so thoughtful...
like he's pondering so many important things...
and can't be bothered.
after taking the stop at the window...
it's time to head back UP the stairs.
Looks like he's getting tired.
and...when he does get tired...
he knows how to stop, rest, and just chill...
until he's ready to start again.
We had a CRAZY busy weekend. After MUCH drama (too much to type), the boys and I made it out to help my sister pack up her house. We filled up ONE ENORMOUS pod, a storage building, a uhaul, and the back of a Yukon (and she STILL threw a ton of stuff away and left things behind).

This might be TOO much information...so, stop reading now.
BUT...I worked SO hard...and my bum is bigger (as are my thighs)...that they were rubbed RAW from all the work and sweat. TOTALLY gross. I've never been so big in my life...or sweated and worked for so long.
i'm surprised that I'm still alive to blog about it.
I will not show you what it looks like (but, you know...in your inner thigh...where your bum meets the leg...totally sore!)

Summer school is FINALLY over...
but...as much as I don't miss driving back and forth...i DO miss my semi-quiet house. NOW, i have a teenager hooked up to video games all day...just screaming into his microphone (like the big dork that he is).

I did cook dinner tonight...Chicken Parmesan. It was edible....that's all.
I do NEED to clean more, sew more, cut more coupons....
oh, I NEED an assistant.

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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Raining in Vegas?

You have to blow up this picture to see his face...
THIS is how he eats crackers.
ALL over his face, hands, clothes, the floor...the television, his toys...
you can just see a trail...
all from saltine crackers.
The only "solid" food that he eats.
Now...let us discuss the RAIN in Las Vegas for a moment.
You KNOW that we are drama magnets. We don't want it...but, it finds us and clings to us like crazy! AND...drama is at it again...
Can I just say that my dryer is broken, today our ac unit broke (which will cost $2500 to fix), and Joe's LAST day of employment is next week.
(yes...i will soon be adding a "donate now" button on my sidebar)

could it get any worse?
(shhh...don't answer that...because in our world...it can).

BUT....I'm helping my sister pack up her house...and she's giving me her dryer (among LOTS of other goodies), the ac will be fixed tomorrow, and...well....I've got nothing to report on the job front yet.
I know it will eventually be ok...it always is. Do you remember 2 years ago....Isaac had his 2nd heart surgery (the 14 hour one), we came home with our baby MIRACULOUSLY, and then Joe lost his job, all the while our mortgage interest rate adjusted (totally ticking me off).
It was all just horrible at that time...
but, we survived...
and I know we will now.
It's just too darn hot for all this drama....I wish it would have waited until fall or winter...I could probably handle it a little better that time of year.

SO...other than all of the above...I'm driving out to Phoenix tomorrow to help my sister pack up and I'll be back Saturday night.
PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell drama to leave me alone for just a few days...my nerves can't take anymore.

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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Made you laugh...again!

He's sitting nicely there...
(in the next moment..he's screaming at me)
and Eli...
you're too much!

Make you laugh moment...

eli: "mom, can I put a note on my back that says, "kiss me"?"
me: "why"
eli: "i just want to see what my responses will be"

Make you laugh moment 2:

I walk to the fence to pick up Eli from school. His teacher walks over to me:

teacher: "eli had an incident on the playground today"
me: "oh no...what happened?"
teacher: "eli kissed molly"
me: "what?"
eli: "well...jordan triple dog dared me"

Make you laugh moment 3:

eli: "mom...did you buy me Justin Bieber tickets yet?"
me: "ahh..no. I asked you months ago, you said no. They are sold out now."
eli: "did you win any on the radio?"
me: "no...i've tried, but I haven't won any"
eli: "I see that the big rush band is coming to town. could you get me tickets."
me: "we'll see"
eli: "could you get me vip tickets?"
eli: "what are vip tickets anyway?"

I have a million of them! (my memory just escapes me). Isaac climbed DOWN the stairs last night UNattended. Isaac climbed UP the stairs today UNattended (someone should be watching their child).
He didn't fall...he's quite careful when he attempts this new feat.
This also means that I have to find TWO new baby gates.

At least everyone is healthy around here. It's been busy...but, nothing extraordinary. (and that means, NOTHING out of OUR ordinary)

oh...Isaac lost his glasses somewhere last week...so, I called to order him another pair. Of course they don't carry his exact glasses anymore...so, they had a similar pair, in just another color....SO...do NOT laugh at my baby when you see him in orange and white glasses.
i mean it!

and....just to make you laugh again...here's Isaac showing his ipad some LOVE. That would be lick marks and cracker slobber on the back, there's tape on the home button (to keep him from constantly pressing it), and you'll see how he tells me to start his movie again.

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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Made you laugh!

I'm driving home from picking up Chris from summer school (because he failed biology):

"mom...I think I want to go to medical school"

need I say more?

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Isaac Eating

This is a pic of Isaac eating by mouth. He's almost eating a WHOLE jar of
stage 2 baby food now! (almost...)
This is also his school chair. I'm trying to transition away from the
bouncy seat that will one day break and leave us stranded.

Notice his smile. He doesn't mind eating...he rarely gags and throws up anymore (unless he's sick). BUT...he still doesn't have alot of muscle to hold up that big head of his....
thus, the side lean when we get to the end of his feeding.
Now...he's ready to get out of his chair...
and I'm not moving fast enough to get him out.
OK...bad MOMMY! I should NOT have stopped to take a picture...
but, it was just too cute!
Now....after all that....eating, leaning, trying to escape..
he's tired.
and..did you notice the snazzy new leg braces??

We had a full day of speech therapy, physical therapy, summer school....and that was just Isaac's schedule.

I'll stop being a slacker and get my camera out more often...
I do miss it!

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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Our week in review

i know...i know...

why haven't I updated?
i think that you know the drill by now...i'm just tired...and this stinkin' Vegas heat is sucking the life right out of me (that which is left from my kids sucking the life out of me).

SO...let's see what I can remember from the last week (which, will not be a lot, sorry).
We had a SUPER FUN time with the Coopers. I remember that we had dinner on Thursday and then there was Friday. Gosh, I can't remember Jen...was that date night? Cheesecake Factory?

OK..Saturday, Eli was baptized. OH, he was so DARN excited! While we were in the chapel, the opening song was, "I like to look for rainbows"....that song that Isaac HATES! I almost peed in my pants laughing! He was already not feeling well...he was just looking around and listening...if I would have opened my mouth and started singing...he would have screamed his little peanut head off!
Joe does the actual baptism and then we move to another room for his confirmation...
where Isaac throws up (i think because it's so hot).
and he throws up again.
and we repeat this maybe TEN TIMES..
then, we leave.

OH, and Christy and her family were able to come for the day and Joe's parents were there...
what a wonderful FULL house we had! (Christy would not let her kids spend the night with me...:(

That night, after the baptism, The Coopers took their kiddos and Eli to the strip to see the sites. Jen told me that they were in a casino and Eli wanted to take the escalator and they needed to take the elevator because of the stroller. They told him that he had to stay with them, and Eli said, "it's ok, I'll be alright...I have the Holy Ghost with me now"...
oh...so stinkin' sweet.
THEN, she also told me that she almost lost Eli in another casino when he stopped to watch the dancing Pussy Cat Dolls in a cage...
that's my Eli.
When he's on the strip at night...he just looks at the ground at the nudy cards.
(what can you do?)
(I don't let him pick them up...but, he knows what's there)!

Sunday...whew...I'm already tired...
we go to church and abandon poor Jen and family. Our plans are to meet up after church for lunch. We FINALLY make it home, LATE of course...and we're off to snag some lunch...while on the way, I get a call from Joe that the van is dead.
really dead.
we ate without him.
it was delicious.

OH...and Sunday was the 4th of July! We just bought some fireworks and hit the cul de sac. We had the Coopers over, our neighbor popped in, and other friends and their kiddos. It was the perfect night! We could see fireworks from all directions. The kids really enjoyed it...
Isaac just slept...
he still wasn't feeling well from all the puking that weekend.

Monday....everyone heads out.
and I think I probably took a nap.
Thanks for coming guys...we loved every minute of it!

NOW...what happened this week?
I just don't know. It's freakin' hot here. I do know that Isaac is working so hard in therapy. I still think he'll be walking in a few months! (that makes me and my back so excited!)
Eli comes home everyday from school reading his scout book...he's ready to sign everything off!
Chris...Chris...Chris....what to say? He's still ruining my summer with summer school, he's always on his phone texting someone or someGIRLs...thankfully, he's a good kiddo, not doing anything really wrong yet...so, I can't complain.
his room just smells like butt.

I REALLY need to get into the Halloween gear~
I have so many ideas for my Etsy store...I just need to get in gear and get them made!

I'm sure there's so much more to tell...and pictures to share...
just wanted to tell you a little of what you've missed...

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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My weekend

Let me just tell you that it's 10:30pm...and I've spent the last hour feeling so sick to my stomach...

and I just realized why...
I FORGOT to eat dinner.

That's the kind of day we've had.

Before I start whining and singing my song...let me just say that we SO enjoyed having the Coopers at our house. You know me...and I didn't take my camera out enough, so maybe Jen will have pics to share.

Let me just briefly list the good stuff from the weekend (because I feel horrible and need to go to bed):
  • We had a BLAST with our friends this weekend
  • Isaac's ear stopped bleeding
  • Eli got baptized.
  • Fireworks in the cul-de-sac with our friends and family was SO fun!
  • Watching Gracie "shop" in my craft room was priceless!
(ok...that's all I can think of for now)

Here's the STINKY STUFF list:
  • The van is broken...probably SO broken that we'll need a new one
  • The mustang has a flat tire (among other broken things)
  • Isaac's ear stopped bleeding, BUT the other ear has lost it's tube
  • Summer school started today (that means I had to get up early)
  • My tummy hurts...

that's enough stinky stuff to list for now.
Joe just drove the van to the grocery store...to see if it would drive.
He had to walk home.
poor joe.
poor me and my tummy.
poor Isaac and his ears.
poor Chris and summer school.
poor Eli...because I took the television out of my room and he can't sit in the bathtub now and watch nickelodeon.

Come on in and join the party...
You know...it is the start of monsoon season. THAT explains why it seems to be raining and pouring in our world. (I should check the calendar and see when we should expect the season to change.)

I'll post all the happy and funny stuff from the weekend tomorrow.
and I will go to bed now and hope that Joe can get the van back home (by magic, no doubt).

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