We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Friday, February 26, 2010

Good and busy!

Just look at my three big boys!
Sir Isaac has started taking his glasses off again...
he likes to eat them.
always a trouble maker!!
It's been sunny here...
LOVIN' those transition lenses...everyone thinks that he just has
cute sunglasses on~
and yes...maybe I DID go overboard...
BUT..there was a great sale on baby wipes.
(If you run out...you know who to call!)
and he's OUT!
Watching that little dvd player (as always)....
it's a tough life!
So much to tell you...
we have been SO DARN BUSY..

But, sir Stink-a-lot is sitting on my lap and is ready to be rocked to sleep.
so...I'm off....
but...we're all good here. Everyone is happy and healthy. I EVEN cleaned the house today, cooked dinner for the missionaries, and also washed my hair!

applause everyone...applause

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sleepless in Vegas

ok...this has been going on for months...not regularly...UNTIL NOW. For the last two weeks...Isaac wakes up screaming. Not just once or twice....but, 15-20 times a night. Seriously...every 10-15 minutes. NOW, he's still in the crib beside my bed. So, the first scream (not gently cry), I get up, find his paci, tap his bum a few times, and tell him "good night". Then, in 15 more minutes, he'll scream...I'll get back up, give him his paci, and tell him that I am NOT getting him out of the crib and that he needs to go back to sleep. (now, I'm always checking the diaper, the head for fevers, checking to see if he's too hot or cold, checking the nose for snot...)then...if there's no problem...covering him up and going back to bed. BUT, this has been going on for TWO WEEKS NOW...where I am not getting any sleep and neither is Isaac.

SO...what the heck can it be??
  • Night terrors or nightmares? How would I know...he can't tell me. If I put him in my bed...it helps for about an hour...then, he continues to wake up screaming. (and...I don't want to start sleeping with me and trying to break that habit--nor, do I want Joe to roll over and squish him)
  • Leg pains? Common in DiGeorge kids. BUT, he can't tell me what hurts. I'll have to research it...but, I don't think anything shows up on xrays...and I have tried giving him Motrin before bed...doesn't help.
  • Heart?? I know his heart beats faster than normal. AND, I've often told our card that I think he has moments where it beats faster than HIS normal, and I think that's what causes him to scream out and sometimes throw up. He's only worn a holter monitor for 24 hours...I might suggest wearing one longer (just to rule this one out).
  • Oxygen levels?? I've been checking his levels before he goes to bed. He's been about 93-94...right at HIS level. So, I haven't been putting the o2 up his nose at night...BUT, could it be falling at night...does he have apnea? (he's never had a sleep study done). The canula just makes him so made and he wiggles so much at night that I'm still up all during the night unwrapping it from around his neck. (maybe I should put it on him tonight and see)
  • He's just two?? Is he just smart enough now to know that he'd rather sleep with me and will scream until I cave in?? I use to think this..but, even in my bed, he wakes up screaming. So, I'm not sure about this one.
What do you think??
I think we both just need some Valium before we go to bed and we'll BOTH be fine!

Joe's sick....he has been all week. SO, this morning, I take the boys to church and he heads off to the doctors. He'll live...just live coughing and feeling like poo for a while...but, he'll live.

Eli and I have started back our bedtime stories before bed. AND...guess what he wants to read each night before bed?
The scriptures.
And....we do. And he loves it. He even looks at the footnotes when there's a word that he doesn't quite understand it's meaning. He's such an amazing young man.

and speaking of amazing young men....Chris cleaned up their game room this afternoon AND his bedroom...by himself. WITHOUT shoving anything in the closet or under the bed. It was a amazing day~~ NOW, he did it so that he could play video games...but, still....amazing.

TOMORROW, Monday....is Joe's birthday. We'll have a few surprises for him...some yummy cake to eat...and maybe we'll save eating out for this upcoming weekend. SO, Happy Birthday sweetie pie! You are the BEST hubby and dad...only you could live in our crazy world...and still smile at the end of the day. Thanks for working as hard as you do, loving us as much as you do, and being the example that you are to our boys.

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Friday, February 19, 2010

Parenting 101

This is how Isaac has been spending his days...
holding on TIGHT to his portable DVD player...
and THIS is how we keep our 7 year old from sucking his thumb
(yes...he is TAPED in that blanket)
Any questions?? I think we might write a parenting book. SO EASY....just give them their own tv, wrap them up....no problemo!

IF ONLY it were that easy. Isaac has become the cutest BEAST ever. He's throwing tantrums ALL DAY LONG...so, the dvd player was just giving me a break. SAD...I know.
(he's sitting on my lap as I type)
Because he's still screaming if I'm not giving him my undivided attention. Today, he was alseep on his blanket on the living room floor. The phone rang...and as soon as I started talking...he woke up screaming. I hung up the phone...he fell back asleep.
what's up with that??

and Eli. STILL sucks his thumb. But, I'm not stressed about it...but, he LOVED being taped up and unable to reach his hands. So, maybe we'll just start taping him up at night....

why not?

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My MonkeyMan

Guess what Sir Isaac learned how to do last night?

uh huh. At first...I caught him on the first step.
Then, he moved up to the second step.
Then...he needed to stop and talk for a while...
and finally...he needed a rest...
Can you believe it??? I have tried SO many times to try and get him to be a little bit interested in the stairs. NOPE...he wasn't going any where near them! And then last night...to our amazement...we heard him jabbering...and there he was....just sitting on the first step. He did climb up to four steps...but, I had to take him off...because he doesn't know how to get down:(

SO...I suppose it's time to start baby proofing the house! I'm SO excited! Whoever I gave my baby gates to (from Eli)...I need them back!

AND...if that wasn't enough excitement for one night...after the stairs...he climbed into his bouncy seat! ALL by himself! He's NEVER done that either. I just don't know what's gotten into that peanut!

He's feeling better. Eli is the one that's still hacking up a lung....and Joe and I...still dealing with the nose issues. I can't even understand how it's possible to be so stuffy that you have to turn into a "mouth breather" and then moments later...snot can just pour out of your nose.
How is that nurse Amber??

Chris is FINALLY finished with wrestling...and tomorrow...I think he starts practice for track.

Eli is STILL on track break. Today he told me that I needed to write down my schedule each day...that he needed to get organized and prepared for all the places that we go each day. (it's stressing him out!) he's so cute!

I just might make it to bed before midnight...so, I'm keeping this short and sweet. If you're not already checking on sweet Emma....please click on her link and leave Wendy and Don a comment...and if you could, say a prayer for Emma to get over her RSV and pneumonia and get out of that darn hospital...

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

got sleep?

Everyone here is still battling colds, stuffy noses, runny noses....

I think that ONE day...in a land far, far, away...that we will find it...
find SLEEP...
but, until that time..
let me just tell you what's been going on in our ZOO!

ahhhh.....we had our yard sale on Saturday morning. We were out and ready by 7am...and were almost completely SOLD out by 9am! Seriously! It was amazing...and I'm glad we got rid of some junk (yes....there is MUCH MORE junk to get rid of!)

I need you to picture this:
Last night we're all in the living room....
Chris comes running in from the front of the house to the family room, circling around the island in the kitchen.
JOE comes slithering into the family room on the floor...like a snake...on his belly.
"dad's going to get me!" screams Chris.
as Joe slithers....."he kicked me in the ankle"
as Chris runs..."I had to....he strangled me"

yes...they were working on their wrestling moves. Joe must have put Chris in a choke hold....and Chris then kicked Joe in the ankle that he just twisted playing basketball.
I SO WISH I had recorded them...it was just TOO funny.

onto today.
Happy Valentine's Day!!!
I woke up to french toast, scrambled eggs, and bacon!!!
We all went to church (still sleepless and not feeling 100%)....
and this is what I found after church:

yep...someONE ate most of MY chocolates! (joseph)

and this is what the boys had for dinner!

FYI...Papa John's actually called us Friday night and left a message for us..."we were wondering why you haven't been in this week. So, just call and order a pizza on us for FREE! We miss you!"
Seriously...I think we eat there WAY too much!

ok...it's midnight...and Isaac and Eli are STILL awake...
serenity now...serenity now!

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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Isaac Loves...

That would be Sir Isaac in the shower...
  • Loves to play in the toilet
  • Loves to play in the shower
  • Loves to eat shoes
  • Loves to play in the refrigerator
  • Loves to play "itsy bitsy spider"
  • Loves to scream if I am on the phone
  • Loves to scream if we close the bathroom and don't let him in
  • Loves to scream if we close the fridge and don't let him in
  • Loves to scream if we close the shoe closet before he gets a taste
  • Loves to scream if you don't play itsy bitsy spider 67 times in a row
Isaac is SUCH a love bunch.

and...for the past TWO nights...has decided NOT to go to sleep until the sun was up...thus, leaving this mom with some BAD bags under her eyes.
He has a runny nose. Seriously..that's it. BUT, he can't blow it or sniff it...so, he screams...every ten minutes...to let me know that I need to take care of it. He almost has a panic attack about it...it really stresses him out.
BUT...tonight...I haven't wiped his nose at all....
I think that snot is GONE!
GOOD...we just MIGHT be able to sleep tonight.

Poor Eli is on track break...and I've been so sleep deprived with Isaac, doing so many other errands, that we STILL haven't pulled out the pottery wheel yet! BUT...tomorrow...we have plans to go to the church bookstore (his idea), lunch with friends, and we'll see what we can do about afternoon activities...

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Sunday, February 07, 2010

Catching Up~

oh cutie pie Chris...
Here he is in his wrestling outfit before a match last week.
His LAST match was this weekend...
he won 3 out of 5 matches...and we couldn't have been more proud of him!
He continues practice this last week while varsity prepares for their
tournament...then, it's onto track...
(I don't think we're EVER going to get a break~)

There are NO tighter peas in a pod than these two boys!
Isaac kisses on Eli everytime he's near him
(making this mom a little jealous)!
(notice the one eye open on Eli....they were just tricking me!)
and sir Isaac...still has the rash on his face from constant slobbering on something...
trying out crackers...(his most favorite snack)
and just being the biggest ham EVER!
I've felt a little overwhelmed the last few weeks....but, I THINK that I may have caught up on enough things that I JUST might be able to survive!

Eli caught me:
He said, "mom...what is Family Home Evening?"
WHAT a horrible mom I felt like!
Let me explain. If you're NOT LDS, Family Home Evening, usually takes place on Monday nights (or whichever night works for your family). It's where you spend time with ALL of your family. You have an opening song, prayer, a lesson on a scripture story, a family activity, closing song, prayer, and then yummy treats. It's just a way to ensure that families are spending time together (even if it's game night and not scripture study...that family time is important).
WELL...for the last FOUR years (because you have to account for the time I was on bed rest with Isaac)...we have been so caught up in keeping this little guy alive...that things like Family Home Evening have slipped by the wayside.
NOW...you must know that before Isaac, we had family home evening, studied the scriptures with the family daily, had family prayer each night, read Eli a story in bed each night...
and then...our life just changed.
SO...here is sweet Eli...asking what this is and why we don't do it. Do you know that it felt like he put a knife in my heart...and I felt like the most horrible mom.
I did.
BUT...what can you do??
and we did. Eli and I made out a planning sheet, assigning everyone their jobs for family home evening. We decided that Saturday nights were best for our family (because we'd want Joe to be part of it)....and we did it! Saturday night was out first in a LONG time...
and Eli just lite up like a Christmas tree. He was so proud, so happy. In his closing prayer, he asked that we would remember to have it every Saturday night....
and for that sweet young man...
it's a date...EVERY Saturday night.

Sometimes I can't believe how insightful our kids are. How they are aware of so many things that we don't even see. Eli amazes me every single day.
and Chris. He makes me proud that he goes to seminary every morning...without a second thought. AND...when Eli made him lead the music in family home evening, he did it. He didn't think he was too "cool" for it...he enjoyed it. and that made me proud.
and Joe...the most wonderful hubby....helped to everything on his "honey-do-list", got cleaned up, and he gave us our lesson.

This weekend just helped us breathe...
It's hard to explain...but, we're all feeling good.

We all made it to church today. AND...I decided to start going to the nursery with Isaac NEXT WEEK! YIKES....it goes against everything we've ever done with him since birth. I am putting him in the germiest place on Earth (next to Chuck E Cheese)...but, he's survived the Cheese...so, nursery is NEXT!
(I might have to take my camera!)

We had plans for a yard sale this past weekend...but, it rained...so, It's ON FOR Saturday, Feb. 13th--so, if you're in Vegas...come over early for breakfast and go through my JUNK!

I'm SLOWLY boxing up excess in our house in order to put it on the market (how long have I been saying that?? Like four months now?)

Seriously...these are the boxes JUST from the Playroom (that should be the dining room) extra books and toys that could be put away for a few months and NOT be missed too terribly.

and here's how many toys still exist JUST IN THE PLAYROOM (there are still TONS upstairs)
...and I DID take my tutus down off the "clothesline" I had hanging across.
(you should see the sewing room!)

Eli is on track break for the next TWO weeks. OH BOY, he's already making plans for us. It appears that on Monday, we have to pull out the pottery wheel and make bowls, clean the hamster cage (that is horribly past due)....and he's still thinking!

I think that catches you up on MOST of the things that we're up too...
thanks for checking in!

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Monday, February 01, 2010

Screaming Peanut

(yes...that IS a bowl on his head)

I've been a HORRIBLE blogger lately. We've just been so overwhelmed here...like there's NO END in site!
Thank goodness..THIS is the LAST WEEK OF WRESTLING!!! Can I get a "whoop whoop"!

Eli missed two days of school last week...asthma. After a quick trip to the peds...multiple breathing treatments daily, steroids, and cough meds....and now...he's good to go!
(although, he's missed SO many days of school this year...they're going to kick him out if we don't watch it!)

Isaac...is a stink pot. He's STILL screaming when I get on my cell phone or the house phone. NOW...he also screams when we go to the bathroom and don't let him in....AND...if we open the refrigerator and don't let him play...more SCREAMING!
My once angelic peanut has turned into a screaming angel who's driving his mom nuts!

I made it to church on Sunday with Chris. Joe's been sick, Eli was sick...but, they offered to keep the screaming peanut so that I could have a break...
thank YOU sweetie~

my blog buddies...I AM reading your posts...just haven't had much time to comment. Megan (Elijah's mom)...you are in my prayers daily, Emma was a superstar with her last procedure, Amber can breathe...and I haven't been on FB nearly enough to keep up Micah, Jacob, or Gracie....
I need more time in my days.

and...we DID decide to start boxing the house up and put it on the market. It'll have to be a short sell...because we are SO upside down. Not to worry fellow Vegas followers...IF we sell it, we'll find another house in the same ward and school district. AND...if I haven't given myself enough work...my sweetie pie neighbor is teaming up with me to have a yard sale this weekend!
WHOO HOOO....maybe I'll get rid of some junk....i mean good STUFF!

well...screaming peanut is quiet at the moment....but, sitting on my lap while I type...swiping at the key board...so, buenos noches!

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