We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


So...I've told you about Sir Isaac's temper tantrums...
NOW...you can see it with your OWN eyes! (no child was harmed in the making of this video)
PLEASE...tell me...HOW in the world am I suppose to handle this type of behavior. He does this if I look at my cell phone in a store to check the time. If I NEED to use the phone (like talking to insurance companies...)he starts this screaming and I have to go into another room...and he will keep screaming.
He doesn't understand that I know what he wants...and he doesn't understand WHY he can't have it....
and he's a fake cryer...already...oh boy, I'm glad he isn't a girl...it could be much worse!

**Update on the hit and run**
I took Chris to the Urgent Care on Monday after school. The nurse is doing her pre-op assessment...looks at his arm and says,
"oh my, it is swollen. and look, there's an abrasion"
Chris' eyes got SO wide...so looked over at me and said,
"mom...is that serious?"

I almost peed in my pants!

The doc was great...looked him over...all he has is a bruised bone (because he has no fat to protect it). The doc was sweet and gave him a "get out of wrestling for a week" pass...
Chris was the happiest kid on earth.
Still complaining of his poor arm...
still reminding us hourly that he deserves sympathy, because...
he WAS hit by a car.

Eli....he's just chugging right along. He and his friends played in our backyard today...
in the rain..in the mud...made a HUGE mess.
but....how often do they get to play in rain here?

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Monday, January 25, 2010

Toilets, cars, and accidents

I REALLy want to get a pic of Isaac playing in the toilet for you.
BUT...I can't seem to stop myself from screaming and scooping him up when I catch him...so, you'll have to just picture him...on his knees, both hands in the bowl...just splashing around like a mad man! Then, I go in for the removal-swoop...and he screams BLOODY murder...like I'm tearing him apart from the best friend that he's ever had (and note...I've never heard this scream before..not even at a hospital stay)

So, today...I put new door knobs on the bathroom door....in hopes that this will help remind the big boys to keep the door closed.
we'll see.

In other exciting Isaac news...I finally put his little plastic car together and he LOVES it! He can even beep the horn. Eli is such a sweetie...he just pushes Isaac around the house...Isaac beeps and Eli runs around in circles...too darn cute!

The car tastes so yummy!

yep...we're looking at you picking that nose!

and what a sweetie he is...
except...he's having HORRIBLE temper tantrums.
I'm not sure how many more days of constant screaming I can endure...
I think he has multiple personalities.
Is that a DiGeorge thing??

OH...did I mention that ALL the boys skipped school today??
yes they did. Chris complained of a tummy ache. Eli needed breathing treatments. Isaac had a stuffy nose and was up all night. I AM TIRED!

OH...did I mention that Chris got hit by a car today?
YES he did!
This afternoon...his friend called and asked if he wanted to ride bikes to the video game store. NOW...although he skipped school..I thought the fresh air would be good for him...so, sure..go ahead.
About a hour later...I get THE CALL!
I think he's joking at first.
but,no...he was hit by a car on his bike.
The lady stopped and was sorry because she didn't see him because she was ON HER CELL PHONE. A paramedic saw the accident and stopped to look at Chris and bandaged him up.
THEN, they left.
NO ONE called me.
Chris rode his bike another MILE to the game store...THEN, he called me.
(because he was afraid that I wouldn't let him go to the store if I knew he had been hit).
I drove over to pick up the boys and their bikes...
they show me where he accident happened....
and now...
Chris thinks he needs a cast.
Maybe just to get out of wrestling.
Joe worked pretty late tonight...but, brought home a sling for him.
His arm isn't swollen..just scrapped and bruised. He has scrapes and bruises on his legs...
but, mostly...I think he was just scared.
If he complains of pain tomorrow...I'll take it to be x-rayed.
(because I don't think that we have enough medical bills already)

What kind of woman runs over a kid in the BIKE LANE...and just leaves...without calling his parents or leaving her information???

AND...of course I haven't discussed this type of thing with Chris before. Why it's important to get names, insurance info, license plate...something. WHO KNEW he'd be hit by a car.
and...if you're wondering about the bike...
it's ok too.
Just some scratches on it.

There....that's my Monday.
How was yours??

Tune in tomorrow for some other drama that could ONLY happen in THIS CRAZY HOUSE!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gross Baby

Eating the "door" to the doggy door.
Yes..it is gross.
NEVER been washed.
I suppose I should.

Helping MOM load the dishwasher..
because NO one else does...
Licking the dirty water off his fat fingers...
because, it's yummy!
Trying to lay down and rest...
but, mom's all in my grill with that dumb camera!

**Fact...Las Vegas received MORE rain in the last two days THAN all of 2009! AND..it's still raining outside. **

Just in case you were wondering about the weather!

I've missed a few days blogging...because my kids have gone crazy AGAIN!

It's Isaac.

Let us venture back two days ago. It was 10:30am. I know the time, because I had just fed Isaac...cleaned him off, put his meds and food away and he was crawling around. I walked through the garage to the driveway...where I opened the van, got my coupon binder out, and walked back in the house.
What do I see when I come in?
Picture Isaac...he is doing that head-stand that he does...but, crying. Why?
Because he has thrown up. He has it on his face, shirt, out his nose...and because he feels the need to do a head-stand...it's all on the top of his head!
I swoop him up, suction out his mouth and nose...wipe off the face, shirt, and top of head and take him upstairs for a bath. I did NOT clean the floor yet...I needed to bathe Isaac first.
I return after a quick 5-minute bath with him...only to find that HALF of the throw up was missing??
The dumb dog ate half of the throw up.

Now..let us fast forward to about 4pm (same day). I'm working on the computer and Isaac is playing with his toys. Suddenly the house is quiet. OH CRAP...that means that Isaac is INTO something! I rush into the toy room....NO Isaac. I look in the laundry room..NO Isaac. I hear giggles...he's in the BATHROOM. NOT playing in the shower, NOT eating the floor mats....BUT, BOTH OF HIS HANDS ARE SPLASHING IN THE TOILET....that is NOT exactly perfectly clean because I live in a house full of boys.
I swoop in once again to grab that boy, say "NO NO NO" while he giggles...then screams when he realizes that I've taken him away from the best place EVER!
We have to take ANOTHER BATH...I am SO grossed out by the end of the day.

So....three more times since Tuesday....I've found him playing in the toilet. The boys keep leaving the door open or not closed completely...and he knows to push on it JUST to make sure that it's closed.

What am I going to do with him??

Today, we spent 4 hours for his evaluation to transition from Early Interventions to the school district. All the ladies were so nice. We don't get the results until March...but, really...I know how my butterball is doing...but, the poor ladies felt so bad asking me all those questions.

They start asking "age appropriate" questions:
"Does your child....."
Then, as I keep answering "No"....the questions go backwards until you hear:
"Does your toddler ..."
I'm STILL answering "No" to the questions....and then you hear:
"Does your baby...".....and to be honest...most of those were still No.

I think they thought I was going to freak out on them...but, I know that he's my eternal babydoll!
He will wave, point, babble, and talk one day....
and I'm just fine waiting until he's ready.

The ot and pt there did give me new ideas and things to try with him.
I'll just add it to the "STUFF YOU NEED TO DO EACH DAY AND NEVER GET TO" list....

I think Chris wrestles again on Saturday.
NOT looking forward to NOT sleeping in and spending the day smelling sweaty teenagers.

Eli did his homework this week...only because he FEARED me and my angry voice.
(he came home today and told me that his teacher said that he could bring his hamster to school...I don't think I'm believing that one...I'll just wait until I talk to her.)

Just in case you WERE wondering what Isaac DOES do at 34 months old...he:
  • sits independently
  • crawls everywhere
  • pulls to stand
  • gives kisses
  • starting to use a walker and move those feet
  • already outgrowing his first pair of leg braces
  • leaves his glasses on MOST of the day
  • presses buttons on toys
  • still LOVES YoGabbaGabba
  • throws temper tantrums now
  • follows me around the house (this just started)
  • is in LOVE with the bathroom and every aspect of it
  • still eats shoes
  • likes to pull all the magnet letters off the fridge
  • likes to pull off all the dish towels that hang on the oven door
  • picks up everything on the floor and puts it in his mouth (food, money, dog food)
  • stays up until 10pm each night
  • still has restless nights with those legs moving around alot
  • hasn't required O2 in months
  • still has his wretching and throwing up days
  • LOVES to play Itsy Bitsy Spider 50 times a day
  • takes his socks off all day
  • has little eczema bumps all over his little body
  • eats about 1-2 jars of stage 2 baby food a day (still in the bouncy seat)
  • gets fed five times a day
  • weighs 25 pounds, 34 inches long
Ask me if I left something out...
just being alive is amazing...
so, all those bullet points are just extras in my book!

Thanks for checking in on us...
I'm sure that I'll have more adventures to brag about tomorrow!

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Monday, January 18, 2010

Mean doggy, Cool Isaac

Can anyone tell what this first picture is of??
Well...let me tell you. It's Reggie's cage (the hamster). While I was at the store yesterday, Katie (the dog) decided to jump on the buffet where the hamster cage sits and knock it over (in attempts to eat the hamster). Luckily, Joe jumped up (thinking the noise was from Isaac) and rescued Reggie before Katie was able to gobble her up.
Eli called Joe "Batman"...saying that he was the hero and Katie was the villain.
So...sweet Joe saved the day (I would hate for Eli to have witnessed his hamster become a doggy treat)

And...now we have Isaac.
Notice how he's SO happy..just sitting in the middle of the couch.
THAT is his spot...
I sit where the pillow is...
and he's RIGHT beside me AT ALL TIMES...
smiling and so happy to be there.

Just a laid back little guy...
Still relaxing...
Picking a little boogey...
ewww gross Isaac!
(I suppose that's good fine motor skills...huh?)
The boys and I didn't really do anything on this fine holiday.
I went shopping a little with Mandy...
it rained...
we came home.
I then decided to drop the boys off at her house to play...where she fed them dinner.
I mopped my floor (on my hands and knees), cleaned the downstairs, and played with Isaac.

The big boys eventually made it home...
they showered...
and are now asleep.
Isaac is now awake..
a cranky pants..

I did make rice krispy treats tonight..
and I've eaten three already.
not good.
not good at all!

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Saturday, January 16, 2010

three boys....FOR SALE by owner

THIS is Isaac....
THESE are Isaac's teeth...
THIS is MY shoe...
THIS is what Isaac's TEETH did to MY shoe.
Please do not comment on my grout. WHO puts white tile and white grout in a kitchen??
An idiot...that's WHO!
(and this cheapo stuff was here when we moved here...and so, it will stay)

THIS is Eli...
who's decided to be a little asthmatic today...
(like we're bored and NEED something to do!)
I can't remember what I've posted about my boys this week and their screw-ups...
and NO, there is NOT a better word for it...they're grounded for causing me such grief this week.
Let us review, shall we:

Monday--Chris looked me in the face and LIED about not having wrestling practice.

Tuesday afternoon--I pick up Eli from school, and the teacher proceeds to tell me how crazy Eli is and a story he told her. He told her that he loved playing video games and didn't want to stop this weekend, so he TAPED a water bottle to his leg to pee in so that he didn't have to stop playing.
So, I looked at Eli and said, "Eli...did you say this?" (because, as funny as it is...I'm SURE it didn't happen).
Eli said, "well, I'm sure I did it when I was like three or something"

Tuesday night--Eli walked down the stairs in tears...Chris following behind him yelling, "it was just an accident..my hand slipped"...as I see a HAND print on Eli's back

Wednesday night--I'm laying vinyl tile in my bathroom and ask Eli to sit with me while I work and tell me what he wrote for his homework. We talked about his answers and then I asked him to put his homework in his backpack...
Thursday morning--I check on that homework (mostly, to see the handwriting attempt)...and ELIAS didn't write ONE SINGLE WORD in English...he wrote squiggly lines on FOUR papers of homework.

Friday night--Eli ran into the kitchen and bolted out VERY fast. I said, "get back here Eli...what did you take?"
Eli said, "NOTHING mom".
"ok mom...I took a pop tart"
really...you LIED again?

Isaac was the one that behaved the best this week...and that includes him eating my shoes!

I think aliens came to Vegas this week and sucked their brains out...
there can't be any other reason for such behavior.

Today was good.
Well....after a night of NO sleep with Isaac...
I got up with Chris at 5:30AM to take him to school for a wrestling meet.
and I went back to bed.
Joe took Eli and drove ACROSS the world to the other side of Vegas to where the meet was. They got there about 8:00.... only to find out it was regionals and there were FOUR other buses full of kids! (yikes...I think it might be a long day)
Isaac and I left the house at 9am...and didn't get there until 9:45am. There is NO a/c in this gym...and it's HOT in there
(I know...hard for you guys to imagine...trust me...THE STINK in the air would make you a believer)
Mandy even showed up to watch.
Chris wrestled three times...
didn't win any matches...
but, this was his first time and he did great.
Isaac, Eli and I stayed until about 1:30 and then we left.
Joe held out until Chris's last match and left about 3:00....
and Chris didn't get home until 6:30PM...
whew...that was ONE long day.
I felt bad...but, the little guys and I took a nap at home while poor Chris was still at the meet!
(that's Chris in the purple workout suit...)
We've been up for a few hours now...
Joe and I put together a race car track for Eli, Isaac is stuck to me like glue, and Chris ate pizza and went to bed!

tomorrow is church.
we will be good and get our old bums up and go...
I'm sure the boys will get into something tomorrow....and I'll have more to share!

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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What's missing?

What's missing from this pictures??
yes Isaac..I'm talking to YOU!
OK..here's the exhibitionist coming in from outside...
Oh...I see...you lost your pants..
and your socks...
(while climbing OUT the doggy door...
even thought the sliding door was open)

and Eli...
you're going to shoot your eye out!
My sweet Isaac has been swallowed by a beast. That beast has taken on the form of Isaac and has been impersonating our sweet son. Although, the beast does a horrible job...he screams, cries, throws tantrums, wants to be held all day, only wants to watch YoGabbaGabba...

How do I get the beast to let sweet Isaac out??
There has to be an app for that? right?

I tell you...that boy. kILLING ME!
He went to bed last night about 9 or 10...but, was up every hour screaming until about 3am. Because he doesn't talk or sign...I don't know if his ears hurt, his legs hurt, if he has a tummy ache....I'm just guessing. After of dose of Motrin (which by now, is slowing eating away his liver)...he fell asleep. SO, I was able to get a good two hours of sleep before getting up with Chris for seminary....where I made his lunch, got him off...made Joe's lunch...and went BACK to bed for another hour before getting up to get Eli ready and off to school.

I cannot wait until Chris starts driving!! I have BIG plans for that boy. I'll buy his gas and insurance...because he's running all my errands!


Other than Isaac being the cutest beast to ever crawl in this world...he's been remarkably healthy. Amazing! Eli had a great day at school and ended it playing "club penguin" online (which makes him the happiest little boy ever!) and Chris. He made it through one day of exams...another day of wrestling practice...and didn't eat all the food in our house (I think he has worms).

Someone needs to clean out the hamster cage...it stinks. Do you think I can hook up the Dyson to it and suck all the stuff out?? (I'll take the hamster our first)
just thinking about efficiency!

thanks for checking on us!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend in Review

Here's a RARE picture of ME!
The purpose of this picture is to show off the running jacket.
Joe and the boys got it for me for Christmas (along with some cute running pants).
I put it on...got ready to walk out of the house..
and noticed PUFFY SLEEVES!
Seriously? WHO makes a running jacket with puffy sleeves?
I felt like it had shoulder pads in it!
oh well....I wore it out in public.
I've already got a man....so, who cares?
and Sir Isaac.
STILL eating everything under the sun. He has to constantly
have something in his mouth!

This is just one of his newest favorite toys...
move the monkey's arms...and he sings.
Isaac LOVES anything that plays music.
he loves to eat them...
on the floor...
and make a mess!
at least it helps with his fine motor skills.
(and yes...I vacuum the floor multiple times each day)
We saw the neurologist on Friday. He said that Isaac looked great! Then, asked me if I was able to "manage his behavior" ok? WHAT??? My Isaac is an angel! Why do you ask?
Well...he told me to expect some bad behavior coming soon. (It's a digeorge thing)....
boy, I can't wait for that!
or...we could be lucky and it skip us....I would NOT complain about that one!
I did forget to ask him about Isaac's restless legs. urgghh... and we don't go back until 6 months. I guess if it gets worse...I'll just talk to our ped about it.

Eli had a sleepover on Friday night...and actually SLEPT over! Then, we all met up at Lowe's to do the kid's workshop.

Chris is grounded! He's doing horrible in science...
and so he will NOT see a video game for WEEKS until I see better grades. He has exams this week...I hope he survives this week!

I am ONE MEAN mama!

We are bad. We did not attend church today. It was just an overwhelming weekend...so much achieved...so much YET to do....
I'm sorry.
We'll do better and go next Sunday.

I think our only appointment this week is with the dermatologist and I'll try and get him into a pt session in the community.

OH...and my drivers license expired...so, one day I should go and spend the day at the dmv.
oh joy.

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Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Walking Man!

Isaac's still having an "off" day...but, I worked his little bum off today! We walked back and forth throughout the day...he holds on to the handlebars like a champ...and gets those little legs moving.

Enjoy the show!

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Monday, January 04, 2010

Nothing new...

I don't have any new cute pics to post...because someONE has been keeping me very busy. By lunchtime today...I had cleaned up THREE throw up episodes and FOUR poopy diapers...and needed to pick up the big kids for high school, clean the house for the Katie Beckett caseworker...and here little man is making a mess of everything.

He's still not feeling great. I don't know what's going on. He's throwing up his milk and that slime that he does. I did get a script today for a suction machine. I'm calling the home health place tomorrow and hope that it might help him if I can keep him all sucked out! (I'm a MAD woman with the snot sucker...I'll have every booger and excess saliva sucked right out of my man!...I can't wait!)

Chris bought some new parts for his car this weekend....one of which was a black and white set of fuzzy dice that NEEDED to be immediately hung from the rear view mirror....and a new black, leather cover for the steering wheel (for the car that no one will drive anytime soon).

Eli needed breathing treatments last night and this morning...but, seems to be doing much better tonight. Our dog keeps a close eye on that hamster...I hope it never gets out, or I'm afraid that Katie (the dog) will eat him (Reggie, the hamster).

Joe and I BOTH ran on the treadmill tonight. Ok, he runs...I just walk fast. It takes me about 17 minutes to make it a mile (don't read that Andrea). I'll get it...I'll get it. But, I suppose that SOME walking is better than NO walking...and my expanding waistline will soon LOVE me~

Mr. Mess-up-my-house took a SUPER late nap, so it's almost midnight...and he's WIDE awake.
gosh...it's going to be a late night.

I hope you all have a super Tuesday.

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Saturday, January 02, 2010

A new year...A new Walker??

First all...Happy New Year!
You need to know that Joe and I are OLD FOLKS! Here we are...living in fabulous Las Vegas...and what do we do for New Years? We sit on the couch and watch television.
Chris went out to a church dance (he's our party animal)....
oh, what total dorks we have become.

oh well...onto more exciting news. A new walker for Isaac. Nora came be last week...and we talked about Isaac's lack of interest in our existing walker. He's pulling up to stand a lot during the day, but will only move his feet to "walk" if we're holding him under his arms and walking with him. (that's fine and great if YOU haven't been the one carrying him up and down the stairs all day, picking him up and down, and carrying him around the house).
(We'll get to my back issues later.)
So...here's a pic of Sir Isaac smirking...
(notice those bumps around his mouth. He keeps his paci in his mouth,
he drools SO much (and I don't have a suction machine)...
and thus, we have bumps
(when I take the paci away, he chews on his fingers,
which are now bleeding and split because he eats them raw)
I gave the paci back.

He sure does like the taste of the new walker...
(of course he would)
taaa daaa...
Here it is. I can't even believe that he can hold himself up!
(ok, he can only hold himself up for mere seconds...
when we practice walking, I'm behind him holding his waist...
but, he's remembering to keep his hands on the handle bars!)
simply amazing~
Doesn't he look so big??
and this is how Isaac is the rest of the day.
He's watching television...
upside down.
That's just what he does.
(he looks between his legs)
I'm on the verge of tears every stinkin' day with this kid. All his amazing talents...
I sell him short so often...thinking that he isn't ready for this or that...but, I'm so glad that Nora wanted to try this walker out. He IS GOING TO LEARN HOW TO WALK! I just know it!
He's still throwing up about twice a day. Who knows what that's about. I just keep cleaning blankets and sheets...what else can you do?
Other than that...he's been healthy.

Did I tell you that the boys got me a tempurpedic type pad to go on our mattress? (you know...the kind where you push your hand in it and it makes an imprint?)
Well...we have a sleep number bed...but, my back has really been hurting over the last few months. I wake up in the middle of the night and can barely roll over. I use to think that Joe was kicking me while I slept...now, I'm sure it's just the picking up and carrying of Sir Isaac...and I just feel it at night once I'm still and settled.
SO.....the gift was just perfect. I couldn't wait to put that on our bed. Joe helped me lay it out...Eli was SO excited...only because he's wanted a Tempurpedic bed for years!
As soon as we had the bed made...Eli started out the door way saying, "I need to get a drink"!


Do you know what Eli was planning??
Yep...he thought he should go grab a glass of something and bring it up to see if he could set it on the bed and JUMP!
That's my Eli!

Well...I've had the pad on the bed for a week now.
My back still hurts.
I'm going to start popping Motrin before bed to see if that helps.
BUT...maybe Isaac will start walking and that'll just make it all better!

When I go so many days without blogging...I forget to tell you what's happened.
ahhhh....and I'm forgetting right now.

I'll try to get Chris to help me video Isaac walking with this walker. It's SO cute! Except, now we've noticed that Isaac walks with his feet turned in.....
but, one thing at a time I suppose.

I hope you guys have a great weekend!

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