We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Here's your quickie update (because it's WAY past my bedtime):

Icky has been wretching today...trying his hardest to throw up all over me...urrghh! So, what could it be. We've increased the prevacid, he's on the O2...I don't know...his heart?? We see Dr. Mayman on August 19th...so, we'll see.

Christopher talked to an old friend of his here today. They're headed to the movies tomorrow. (This kid is 18 NOW...I told Chris to remind him that he's only 14 (almost)...but, that sweet kid said he'd still meet up with him at the movies....Thanks Jeremy!!)

Eli....poor little Eli. He's made all sorts of crafts...painted everything in site (including mom's kitchen chair--on accident)...and he just seems SO bored! We bought a few books tonight for him...but, he said he really NEEDS a new toy! Of course he does...it's only been a few days since he's had a new one!

That's about it. Just making a mess in mom's house...driving the folks crazy and eating all their food...

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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Get ready for some pics...my little man has been doing some CRAZY things that you need to see:
First...please notice the tv. That's DJ Lance Rock from Yo Gabba Gabba. Now, notice that Isaac is laying on the floor....looking upside down at the television.
That's how he likes to watch it!
NOW...can you tell from this picture....that while watching the television upside down...
he also likes to do a BACK BEND while watching television.
Seriously, he will not stand on his feet at all....but, he will put pressure on them
enough to keep his back off the ground when watching tv!

Now....please note in the next picture....that my son STILL does not eat much food my mouth...only a few baby spoons each day.

BUT, apparently....he does know where his food comes from...

the feeding pump!

And...the feeding pump must give him the giggles...

But...he just needs ONE MORE TASTE....silly guy!

OK....now...onto another series of pictures that show you a new trick that

Isaac has learned. NOTE the hamster pacifier under his legs...

He knows that it's there....so, he PICKS IT UP WITH HIS FEET
(he gets this from you Aunt Debbie)....

Once the hamster is securely tucked between his feet...he proceeds to move

it more towards his mouth...

Once close enough...he will reach up and grab it (also note...he isn't wearing any glasses...so, I'm not sure how in the world he can see it!)

The hamster and pacifier are now safe on his belly....

and in his mouth where it belongs!!!
Now...he's just trying to show off his little tummy!
After all that fancy foot work...he's pooped!
and...by the end of the night...he didn't even notice that he fell asleep
on HIS BELLY!!!!!

What do you think about that?!?!?!

I think he could be on "America's got Talent" with his feet tricks!!!

I kept him on the O2 all day today (with NO breaks) and he still had a horrible wretcing episode (he did manage to keep it down and not throw up). SO...it might NOT be the O2 after all....

So, I called our wonderful GI doc (Dr. Baron) and we're increasing his prevacid (in case it's his reflux causing the gagging and wretching). BUT, I have still noticed that his heart rate is always in the 140s-150s...and that just seems a little high. I mean...he's always at rest...I couldn't imagine what it would be if he could actually walk somewhere!

He only ate a few bites of food today...but, he is still letting me put the spoon in his mouth..so, we're still making progress.

The big boys were able to go swimming next door with Abby and the kids (my brother's wife)...did I tell EVERYONE that reads this that my brother lives next door to my mom...it's SO SWEET! (although...he moved here first...then, mom and dad moved next door to them!) hahaha! Thanks for inviting them over...they loved it!!!

That's about all I've got....crazy kids!

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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's today?? Ah....Tuesday...we made it another day!!!
Nothing much to report here. Eli and I did make it out of the house (just the two of us) and mom stayed home with Isaac. Well, it would be like Mr. Isaac to have one of his bad wretching spells and bright blue moments (just to show off)! Luckily, mom has seen this episode before, so she knew to sit him up, cool him off, and hook up the O2. SO...it's been two days in a row where I've given him breaks off his oxygen and two days in a row that he started wretching and turning blue again...so, no more breaks for him!
Other than that...he's doing perfectly fine. He only took a couple of bites of food today...but, he did take some..so, that's great!!!

The big boys are great. Eli got some crafts to do at Michael's today...and Chris is just hiding out.
(what's new)

I've got to go and finish watching Dateline...it's about the professor that died. I'll need to go and buy his book now...his "live life to it's fullest" is so much like the philosophy that we've had to take on and live by. SO...don't argue with your kids, or husband today....just look at them and be thankful that you have them in your life today.

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Monday, July 28, 2008

Oh look...it's Chris! I know you didn't know that
he still existed..but, he does...he's just often
hiding from me!

Mom...let little Eli in...please~

I'll give you a kiss...I promise..

Mom took this pic. She said that she asked Eli to watch Isaac while
she went into another room...when she came back, he was in the
crib with Isaac!! That's my Eli...you have to tell him
specifically to watch him from the OUTSIDE of the
crib....oh, it's so sweet!

Isaac sitting in a big boy rocking chair...

He's so excited...he just can't stand it~~~

Professor Isaac working on a new chew toy.

and...Eli has still lost his mind...it has to be around here somewhere!!!

Well...those are the pics that I owe you! We're having a great visit. Although...I wish I could just put myself and ALL the boys on a continuous feed and just SLEEP ALL DAY! (I just never feel like I catch up...pure laziness, I'm sure!)

I did travel outside today to the pharmacy to get Isaac some meds (blood pressure meds that he's been OUT OF FOR A WEEK)...I will not even tell you about that one...because I'm trying NOT to exude negativity and those are the only thoughts that enter my mind when I think about this one. Then, we went to Sam's to get those diapers. (thanks Hollie!)...they really do say hypoallergenic, latex free, etc...I'll let you know how they work! I also bought myself a LEMON POUND cake...there goes the ten pounds i'm trying to shake off (I have a love of food that I'm not willing to sacrifice)!

Eli was bored to death today...I'm actually surprised that he's still alive. Chris...he wants an ipod nano (right...who doesn't)....and he's been on ebay all day trying to get me to bid on one for him (look mom..it's only $60.00 right now..and it only has a few scratches..and...and..and...) At least Isaac is behaving. We took him off the O2 all day today and he did really good. He had a few moments where he started to wretch....but, he caught it and kept it down~ (what a professional is now at that!) But, the reason I had to take him off today was that his right cheek is all red from the O2 canula pressing against it...poor little thing...I hope he doesn't have some crazy skin disease that we haven't found yet~~~ (just kidding...but, his little skin is just breaking down...he's so fragile...my little porcelain doll!~)

Well...that's all I've got. If anyone sees my sweet hubby, pat him on the bum for me and tell him that I love him and I know how hard he's working while I'm on vacation (bad wife)....

PLEASE....he's enjoying our vacation as much as we are...king size bed all alone, no kids, AND a new motorcycle...he's going to cry when we go home next week~

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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hope everyone had a good weekend!

We had FUN at the flea market. It rained off and on until noon...but, after the sun came out...it was a blast. I got TOO much sun on my back (go figure)...poor Joe, my legs are still nice, bright, glow-in-the-dark white!

Thanks for all the bum cream suggestions. I have been putting the nystatin cream on it...but, I'll glop in on now...and I'm going to try your cream Samantha...and we're headed to Sam's tomorrow to try Hollie's diapers. If all of that doesn't work....GEEZ...I don't know what will. AND...we even started folding tissues and putting them under the velcro tabs so that they don't touch his skin. He's just such a sensitive little man.

He wouldn't eat AT ALL for me yesterday....but, ate about 1/2 jar total today...so, that's good. He's been such the perfect little guy. He's acting like we're at home...and not having any trouble falling asleep or playing with different toys.

Eli and Chris have been my SUPER HELPERS....that's why I spoil them rotten. They're just perfect in every way! We watched OLD videos tonight, Chris was about three years old. OH MY GOSH...when I figure it out...he's going on You Tube!!! That little guy was too funny!

It's WAY past my bedtime (and I still haven't caught up yet), so....until tomorrow~

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Friday, July 25, 2008

My little Isaac in his cocoon!
Curly hair and crazy eyes~
That's the rash...
Grandpa and Eli cutting grass today...
Grandpa helping Eli cut the grass...
YEAH FOR ELI...cutting the grass !!
My book worm...
and still a BIG HAM!~!

There you have...our Friday!!!
I MISS cutting grass and raking leaves....I mean..I didn't help out today...but, I do miss it.
I am still trying every kind of cream and diaper to work on his little rash. He tries to scratch it (poor little thing!). He started it before we came here...it just was the size of a quarter though....
I'll keep working on that one.
We took Isaac off the O2 today...and it only took 2 hours before he tried to throw up...so, back on it went. I wish he could have a break...AND, this concentrator that they gave me is busted! It just beeps all day and night. I was up every hour with....urrghhh. If the beeping gets any worse, I'm calling a local company to get one for next week!
We're headed to the flea market in the morning!!! I'm SO EXCITED (but, I think my dad is more excited!). We're leaving Isaac and Eli home with my mom....I do hope Eli is a good helper and not having a stinky day!
and...just so you know...Grandma Judy DOES exist...she would just KILL me if I posted her picture...so, I choose to live, and you'll just have to use your imagination!!

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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Just tasting a little finger...
oh......I'm not going to be sneaky at all~
Chris is getting a little BIG for this 4-wheeler!
and...drum roll please.....
Isaac ate 1/2 a jar of sweet potatoes at his 6pm feed...
AND he ate the other half at his 10pm feed!!!

How awesome!!! The only silly thing, is that there's only 70 calories in the WHOLE jar! (He gets 30 cals in 1 ounce of his milk!). So...this little feat will not make him fat...but, it sure does give me hope that he will not live with this tube FOREVER!!
Isaac was great today. Have I told you that he's had a rash for a week now? It's under his diaper, but NOT in the "diaper" area....It's where the side velcro tabs are. I think his skin has gotten SO sensitive...that the diapers are starting to irritate him. He's already allergic to plastic tape...I'd hate to add DIAPERS to that list! (anyone use cloth diapers?? I'm thinking about it if this keeps up!)
Eli is WIPED out! He played outside with Lauren and Carter (my niece and nephew) today...and he's crashed on the couch now.
CHRIS...he found a piggy bank under the guest bed. SO, he decides to take it to the garage and CRACK it open!~ (that means he not only broke into the bank...but, BROKE IT!). I have no idea what got into him. We've been giving him grief all day. Stealing is poor grandma's piggy bank money! (all $5.00 of it!)..he did give Eli half!!
That was our day!
oh...and yesterday we had SO much fun visiting with my grandparents! (we can't find the cord for my mom's camera to upload those pics...we're a mess!)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Here's my little brother James and Chris...
Princess LuLu and Eli...
Eli is SO tired already!
Isaac....just making sure his feet are still there!
Chris....in deep thought...
The little guys got to swim before we left Vegas!
Crazy Eli!
Well...I'm just sitting up so nice and proper..
How about a side view!
Oh...I forgot to tell you that Joe bought that motorcycle this
past weekend.

Eli's graduation (sooo late)
he's in the while shirt and red tie on the right.
He's striking a pose at his desk.
Just being silly.
and....his graduation certificate.

Well...how about that...
I got you all caught up! We're headed out in the morning for a THREE hour drive to see MY grandparents! The kids will be in heaven~
I'll take the camera and get lots of pics.
Everything's going good here. Isaac is healthy so far. He's still on the O2..but, hasn't thrown up any YET! YEAH for ISaac!

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