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Monday, February 28, 2011

Fabulous Friday

Let me first by breaking some BAD news to you...

our Bugaboo stroller broke:( Joe bought us this AWESOME, yet expensive stroller after Isaac's 2nd heart surgery. We knew that he'd need something that would recline (because he had the most horrible reflux at that time), it needed to be comfy (for our prince), it needed to last a while (because we knew he wouldn't walk for a while)....
and here we are...
three years later....
and the bugaboo is broken...
and we left the money tree in Vegas....and cannot justify buying another one:(
and my back can't carry Isaac very far...
and he will NOT be walking long distances for a WHILE...
and if I buy an umbrella stroller...it just squishes him all up.
I do, however, have a "handicap stroller"...but, it's SO BIG and HEAVY...
great for a trip to Disney (if we EVER go again)...
but, NOT for trips to the docs or stores.

so....let us all bow our heads...and...remember....bugaboo....

Now...that we've seen the cutest baby EVER...and said a final goodbye to our bugaboo....let me make you smile!

Even though it's Monday...I'd like to tell you about you about our FABULOUS Friday.

  • Isaac is TOTALLY on blenderized foods. I am making all of his baby food by mouth and blending everything that gets put in his tube! He's tolerating it well...pooping and peeing well...and, if we're lucky...he'll start putting on the pounds! (not to mention....it will be nice to NOT have to pay for cans of Nutren Jr. each month..)Remember...there is NO Katie Beckett in WA (which totally stinks!) I am able to get about 1500 calories in him each day. OH MY GOODNESS...it's so exciting!
  • Eli had an assembly at school on Friday---Where he was given the "Smooth Sailer" award (for being the best student) of course he is! He was "Beatty's Best" every year in Las Vegas, so...he's been waiting to be recognized for his fabulous brain here in Aberdeen....FINALLY....they have seen the light!
  • Later that night, we all went to the High School where Chris had his wrestling banquet. He got his letter...AND...his coaches voted him "most improved". (they're trying to schedule a wrestling camp for the kids for this summer). He'll have a busy summer with wrestling camp, EFY in Provo, and I am trying as hard as I can to rub some coins together to get us back east to visit family this summer.
I think we're kicking all the sickies that have been floating around our house. AND...it is about time. There are still lingering coughs going around...but, nothing too bad. We're back to normal around here. SUPER thankful that wrestling season is over...and guess what's this weekend? PINEWOOD DERBY! I'll give you a hint...but, NOT showing pics until it's finished. Eli wanted a TANK...not a winning race car! (this SO hurt Joe...but, he helped and designed as Eli requested). They are in the garage as we speak...putting the first coat of paint on it. (I can smell it in here....yuck!)

Thanks for checking in on us!

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Blenderized Diet

WHAT is a blenderized diet you say? WELL....if you have to feed your kiddo through a tube in the belly...you're putting in cans of formula. Switching over to a "blenderized diet" means that I will STOP putting formula in that tube---I will, in essence, use food that he would "normally" eat, blend them all together, and feed him through the tube throughout the day. I will STILL feed him by mouth...he will just get MORE food in his tube instead of sloshing milk all day.

Does that make sense?

I have been researching and researching a blenderized diet for Isaac for MONTHS. There is just SO much information out there...and it's all relative to your OWN child...I was afraid that I'd totally screw it up. Using the cans of milk is easy...you're sure they're getting all the right vitamins and nutrients. If I fed him what my other boys eat...I'd be blending up mac n cheese and pizza rolls all day!

BUT...with inspiration from Andrea and THIS blog that I found this week....I took the plunge today and blended away!

I'm still working on all the details and trying to fit in MORE whole milk and water (he just can't have too much in his tummy at one time). BUT...I'll go ahead and schedule an appointment with our nutritionist to let her take a peek. (and...I'm sure that she'll need to tweet a few things)

Does this even make sense?
Measure Ingredient Calories Grams Fat Grams Protein
2 slices White Bread 140 1 4
1/2 cup Orange Juice 55 0 1
1/2 cup Yogurt 115 1.25 3.5
1/2 cup Applesauce 70 0 0
1/3 cup Chicken 110 2.5 20
2/3 cup Cooked Veggies 50 0 1
1/2 cup Milk (whole) 80 4 4
2 Tbsp Olive Oil 240 28 0
1 Tbsp Flax Seed 40 2.5 1.5
3/4 cup Frozen fruit 60 0 1
1ml Multi Vitamin
Totals 960 39.25 36
By mouth 3 3-4 ounce servings 300
3oz Bolus Whole white milk (4 times) 240 12 12
TOTAL 1500 51.25 48
Total makes 5-5oz. Bottles 300 per bolus

Blended Bolus Every 4 hours
8:00am Bolus and Feed by mouth 400
11:00am Bolus before Preschool plus h2o 300
12:30pm Feed my mouth at Preschool 100
2:30pm Snack at Preschool 25
4:00pm Milk Bolus 80
5:30pm Bolus and Feed by mouth 400
7:30pm Milk Bolus 80
9:00pm Bolus before bed 300
Total 1685

I started the day off with breakfast feeding by mouth and 5oz of Nutren Jr. (the canned formula)

By lunch...I had the blender rocking and food stored in bottles.

Tomorrow I will try to follow that schedule...looks like I'll be a feeding FOOL!

It's kind of exciting. I'm excited to see if he poops more regularly, if maybe it will smell LESS funky...but, mostly to see how it affects his energy level and chubLESS thighs!

My little guy is going to be FOUR years old next month...and only weighs 27 pounds. I have some work to do!

I'll take pics tomorrow of my blending....looks gross, but...we did it all day without ONE SINGLE CLOG!!! yeah for me!

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

So much to tell you....

Yes indeed...SO much to tell you...and SO little time.

Well...there's lots of time...I am just pooped. Plain ole POOPED. That should be my name...Kathy POOPED Roller. Sounds about right.

Where oh where to begin.

Let's see if I can remember the events of the week:

Joe had to drive to Olympia (about an hour away) to the nearest urgent care (because we live in the middle of NO WHERE)....he has pneumonia. He's been sick for about a month now. He's on his second round of antibiotics, second round of steroids, he has a regular inhaler and has also now added a steroid inhaler. He's just a sick, grumpy, OLD fart....(who is currently sleeping and will not be able to check this post for quality assurance until it has been read by hundreds).

Eli is getting over his sickies...BUT...because he's had such a horrible time with his asthma sn allergies, we have an appointment with an immumologist/pulmonologist/allergist in Tacoma (about 1 1/2 hours away) in a few weeks. He did, however, have two friends over to play last night and he went over to their house today for a few hours. It felt SO normal to have other kids here playing and letting him out of my sight for a while.

my baby is getting old.

Isaac....is a TURD blossom...the cutest turd that you ever did see...but, still...a TURD. First of all, he still loves Gabba. And...I don't even mean love...I mean obsessed with it. It needs to be playing on multiple televisions, ipads, ipods, and cell phones all at the same time. AND...now, the boys have showed him YouTube....and someHOW he KNOWS that the youtube videos of Gabba are different than the saved movies that we have....and he has a preference.

Let's just imagine....you're in the grocery store...with your cute little turd in the front of the cart....just smiling at you. He immediately reaches in your purse and pulls out your cell (which, you better have FULLY charged at all times)....and starts pushing it at you. This means, "mom....I want to watch Yo Gabba Gabba NOW". You really should push the buttons as fast as you can...he can't wait very long.
Then...once the video starts to play...he's smiling the biggest smile....so precious...UNTIL, he reaches for the phone and starts pressing buttons...WHICH STOPS the video. He proceeds to scream (the kind of scream that everyone STOPS in their tracks and looks for the child abusing mother). You have to quickly find that video again....and get it started (all while maneuvering a cart, a turd in the front, holding a cell phone, and actually finding the groceries on your list).
NOW....just imagine....that you reach the back of the store...
the stored movie you have of Gabba doesn't work...
he NEEDS youtube....
like a meth addict needs his fix...
he's freaking out, screaming, swinging his arms, snot pouring out of his nose...
and you start walking as fast as you can to get that milk and bread and head to the front of the store where reception is better.

you find youtube again...
wipe the snot off his nose....
try to unload your groceries, while holding the phone in his sight of vision....
(remembering also that these videos are only about 2 minutes in length...)
pay the clerk, restart another video...
run to the car in the rain...
while STILL holding the phone in his sight..

then....you throw that turd in the carseat...and close the door.
NOW...he can scream his little head off...
the doors are closed!
until you open the trunk to put the groceries in...
he's still screaming...
people in the ENTIRE parking lot can hear....
you're throwing groceries in the back (trying to tell the cute turd that there is a tv in front of him playing....because it IS playing a gabba movie....always is)
You return your cart...just wishing that you could just stand out in the rain for a few more seconds...to enjoy the quiet....until a homeless person starts heading for you...then, you flee to your van with the screaming turd....
Turn on the van,
turn up the radio...
and listen to the turd calm down as he FINALLY realizes that there is a television playing in the van...
and we drive home.

Repeat EVERY freaking time we leave the house.

I am going to become a hermit.

Other than Isaac doing this...really, everytime we go out. I'm really not sure what to do about it. If you don't take the cell phone out...he just screams the entire time. (an ipod isn't good enough anymore). He really is obsessed with it....He does this in stores, doctors offices, anywhere we go. The only place he is semi-complacent is at school....and he can only go there for 2 hours a day.

On another Isaac note...we saw his gi doc on Tuesday. We're going to start him on a blended diet soon (as soon as I order the darn book). AND...we needed to get his blood drawn...we think he has food allergies (his skin is just horrible and it's breaking out in horrible patches now). I wasn't hopeful (it's been almost 2 years since he's had a draw)...and they got it on the 2nd stick. It wasn't clotting, they got enough...and he didn't pass out from all his screaming.
Can't wait to see the results.

Back to Isaac. He's been sick all week...getting really junky on Friday. His sats are still fine...but, I think I'm taking into an Urgent care tomorrow (YES...an hour away)...because peds think kids don't get sick on holidays?

BUT....you really should know that as much as my little Isaac is a complete turd....and gives me headaches like I've never had in my life....I can't imagine my life without him. He is learning so much each day (he's starting to vocalize "mamamama" now!), he's taking more steps independently, and he's just a big boy going to school each day. I hope you don't think I'm being mean to him calling him my turd...it's just funny....BUT...he really does act like a turd when he isn't in our house.
In our house...he's an angel....the best baby EVER.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Extra Feeding Pump Bags

Have I told you that Isaac knows how to take his shirt off now?
THIS is how I find him most of the day...
too stinkin' cute!

I have about 45 Kangaroo Joey 1000ml feeding pump bags if YOU or someone you know could use them. Just email me or leave a comment and I'll send them to you. (Isaac was switched back to the Infinity pump when we moved up here).

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mold in Washington State?

Who would have thought?

We are NOT prepared for rain...everyday....every SINGLE stinkin' day.

Now...I will show you most disgusting picture EVER.

That is the inside of Chris' car...on the car...is MoLd. GROSS.

You see...when we moved up here...we had Chris' car moved (we're still working on it). We, however, didn't know that ALL the windows leaked and the sunroof. Therefore...after a few months of sitting in constant rain...I decide to go out there...and looky look. I'm not sure if I can tackle the job of cleaning it out...or if we should just push it off the mountain and take our loss.

I googled "cleaning mold off of car upholstery" and most sites said to air it out, spray with white vinegar and just scrub it out. WELL...we had a day of NO rain here....so, I opened the doors, sprayed it down....
and it's still wet...
and I had to close it up because it's raining again...
which means more mold will grow...
and I'm stuck.
I'm thinking about calling a carpet cleaning company to see if they can come and clean it out.
(although, thinking about spending ONE more penny on this heap of junk makes my stomach churn).

I'll let you know how it pans out. Because, Chris has finished his wrestling for the season (he came in 6th place in regionals)...so, he'll want to get a job and get his LICENSE! (which I've been so fortunate to dodge up until this moment).

I will update you on the rest of the family later....just know that we're all alive and well.

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Week in Review

Our week in Review...
OH...&*$%...it's only Tuesday night...

SOMEbody...just come and take me out of my misery. We have been the busiest little family EVER. We have lots of attitude to share, lots of whining to go around...and NObody seems to like each other.
Eli keeps hiding around corners and scaring Chris...
Chris keeps hitting Eli because he doesn't like being scared...
I keep yelling at Chris for hitting Eli...
Chris keeps yelling at me for letting Eli scare him...
I keep yelling at Chris for not picking up his clothes..
Chris whines about getting them up LATER...
I keep yelling at Eli for peeing all over the toilet seat...
Eli whines about it COMING out too fast or it isn't THAT much...
I keep yelling because it's STILL there!
Joe's out of town..
which is good...
because there's HAIR in my sink...and it didn't come from me shaving MY beard.

I need some happy pills, to be in a happy place...with kids who listen, who do not talk back, a husband who treats me like a queen....and housework that is optional.
OH...and I don't EVEN think I mentioned Sir Isaac in the above yelling and whining...because THIS is what he does when we're at a store:

and THIS is what he does if one of the boys go downstairs and don't take him....
BUT...with all that choas that IS our family....
we have Chris...who is wrestling for districts this weekend....
Isaac...who knows how to take his clothes off now (wouldn't our OT be so proud)...
and Eli...sweet Eli...he's so darn sweet to Isaac.
(but...he canNOT aim in the bathroom to save his life)
That's about it.
I am TiReD. (with my country accent DRAWN out)!
I'm just getting organized....trying to stay on top of their daily messes...and get everyone to every appointment that they need to get to.

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