We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Do you know where YOUR kids are tonight??
I KNOW where mine are..
I just do NOT know how they're behaving...

OH Isaac...you look SO tired!

ta da...
Here's my basket of goodies!
(delivered to a super mom that I know and adore)
and I couldn't resist...
one last pic of the pumpkin patch!

So there you have it.

The big boys enjoying a fun filled day at Disney...trick or treating tonight. They must have been SO tired that they went to bed WITHOUT calling their MOM! (MANDY!!!)

Sweet chocolate covered apples filled our kitchen last night and again tonight. I LOVE this time of year. I'm NOT a great baker...but, stuff like this (that I can't really screw up)...I just love making it!

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac....was up SO late last night. Just watching tv and dancing and singing. (and pooping). Have I mentioned that he poops EVERYtime he eats. That would be FIVE times a day. Seriously...I don't know how much more poop I can take. He's like a newborn...all this pooping and eating and pooping and eating...just when I THINK I might someday want another baby....that snaps me right back into reality.

I didn't clean ANY part of my house today. I mean...I loaded the dishwasher, started a load of clothes...but, my poor neglected house. And..I won't even mention the pool. I miss my pool man...and not because he was a hottie. (because he was NOT)

Tomorrow...I have BIG plans. Yep....I MIGHT clean. I mean...after I visit a friend, find Chris shoes, pick up my high schoolers (yes...Chris isn't there...but,my kiddos need a ride)....feed Isaac, feed Isaac, feed Isaac....THEN, I'm going to clean.
yep....those are the plans.

What's your Thursday looking like?
BECAUSE when Joe gets home....it's TV night! The Office, Grey's Anatomy, Project Runway....oh my gosh, thank goodness for cable, the dvr, and coke (I know...I shouldn't drink it...not good for my body or my bum...but, it will keep me hopping for my shows)

My priorities aren't in order...are they?
I'll work on that.
Nighty night....someONE just crawled over here and stinks. (of course he does)

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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. Isaac...
what are you standing in??

I'm standing in my NEW STANDER mom...
what do you think??
How about this side??
SO...that would be our NEWEST addition to TEAM-ISAAC-PLEASE-WALK-ONE-DAY menagerie of gadgets! Nora, the sweet pt, brought this baby over yesterday, and Isaac doesn't mind it (too much). It straps behind his back, under his bum, behind his legs, and over his feet. THEN, we put some fun toys on the tray, his favorite tv show on, and just let those little legs get a nice workout!

Speaking of Mr. Isaac...he JUST WOKE up from his nap (yep...it's 9pm)...I guess that thing is doing it's job and making him work! Oh...I hope he goes to sleep again soon! (or I will just pull that stander back out and give him more exercise!)

Mandy took off this afternoon with her kids and my big boys....it's off to DisneyLand for two days to celebrate Seth's (my nephew) birthday. They should all have a blast!

Joe and I have a date tonight on the cough watching "So you think you can dance" while we eat MORE pumpkin pies (because, YES..I've eatten them all....again) They only have 90 calories in them PER serving (I just keep forgetting that there are TEN servings in one single pie). I don't know how that one pie could serve 10 people...but, whatEVER.

My pies are out of the oven....
and I'm working on a new project...
with these:
and these:
any guesses??

Tomorrow I'll share the finished product!

There's a party in my tummy...so yummy, so yummy!

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Well...it had to be done...
someONE needed another haircut...

not too bad...
do you think?

Here's Isaac trying out Megan's birthday present
(by the way...snagged this baby for only $9 at Target on clearance)
and sweetie pie Joe put it together for me!
uh mom...I'm trying to play!
Eli was making cereal in the kitchen.
I said, "Eli...did you spill any sugar?"
Eli said, "no mom"
what do you think?
and Chris.
THIS is what he's been DYING to get for Halloween
What's wrong with him??
and Chris again...
he spent about $20 trying to win this darn alien!
Here's Eli and Seth getting ready to risk their lives
on the BIG slide
(at the Kmart pumpkin patch!)
I made 2 pumpkin pies on Saturday night. THEY are all gone. SO, I had no choice but to make TWO more tonight. I just can't leave them alone by themselves...I must take a tiny piece before going to bed. THANK goodness that it's cooling off and I can start wearing sweaters to hide my tummy.
so...pumpkin pies for snack every night....whooo hooo!

Still haven't found flu shots for Isaac...and it was on the news that the H1N1 is out at the health dept. SO, I'll be hitting the phones tomorrow making calls to get someone to find my baby some shots! Isaac sees his bone doc tomorrow. It's just a check up...folllowing up on his therapies, leg braces...just his overall lack of mobility! (still not trying too hard in that walker). BUT...he sure is cute sitting in it and looking so big!

Eli is STILL home from school. KILLING ME....that boy talks NON-STOP all day long. I know...I know...I'll miss it one day. But, you can tell me that in 20 years....for now....peace and quiet would be just fine!

Chris is in HEAVEN with his costume. What else can I say about him. OH...his 1st quarter grades are in...All A's and B's with only 1 C (and that's NOT in Geometry). So...for now...I will let him live.

Chris is skipping school on Wed. and Thurs to travel to Disneyland with Mandy and her kids (and Eli's going too)....they should have a blast, eat too much junk, and spend TOO much money.

I have to start washing their clothes and pack them up tomorrow!
only one kid in the house.
Maybe Joe, Isaac, and I will have a date night!

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Friday, October 23, 2009

I took about 300 pics at the pumpkin-parking-lot-patch...
so, that's what we'll be looking at for the next few days.
Here we have Isaac...
NOT happy to be sitting on asphalt covered in hay.

Still not happy...
notice he's trying to curl up his legs.
and...just to make sure that you believed me...
There's a shot of Kmart...porta potties...
and the pumpkins.
What more could you ask for??
Eli is spending the night with Mandy, Chris just came back from a football game and he's already hooked up to the Xbox...and Joe, Isaac, and I went to our date night at El Jefe's!

What a GREAT day!

Tomorrow...we're packing in kids activities at Lowes, Toys R Us lego event, and halloween fun at the Bass Pro shops.....
I can foresee an afternoon nap in the future!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Blogger wouldn't let me update last night...

so, here's an early morning surprise! This is where we took the kids for a BRIEF trip. The Kmart parking lot....
Details will follow...

We have a few appointments today, a LOT of house to clean....and Chris wants to go to a football game, so Joe and I get datenight at home with Eli and Isaac.

oh....I wish I could just roll back into bed right now and sleep my day away!

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

These glasses keep sliding off his nose..
and I don't want to pull the strap too tight in the back or
then they squeeze into his eyes.

That boy is always getting into something.
He's trying to tell you something...
and now...
he'll share his boogies with you.

The children were nestled...all snug in their beds...while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads...
OH.....I can't find my Halloween decorations...and so, I asked Eli if we could just pull out the Christmas decorations. They are just buried somewhere in the garage...and it just isn't worth the effort. Who cares that I STILL have my Easter wreath on the front door...we don't get THAT many visitors anyway.

Isaac did great with his GI doc. He weighed in at 24 pounds and 34 inches long. He's steadily growing...slowly, but surely.

The peds called and they told us that they were OUT of the flu shot. hmmm...you'd think that Isaac would be a priority and ONE would have been held for him. I guess not. SO, now I'll just find some other CLEAN environment to take him too (I just wanted to do it at the peds in case there were any issues with him).

Chris had his orthodontist appointment. It thrills me to know that I've only got $3500 left to pay for his perfectly straight pearly whites.

Eli was NOT happy that he didn't get his flu shot. Why? Because, he gets a toy (because I know the pain a shot is)...and being brave deserves a $5.00 toy. (he's such a stinker)

We don't have ANY appointments tomorrow. I can't imagine what I'll do?
AHH...I have a few sales to check out. Last week I was able to buy Eli that Woody doll AND a pair of Addidas shoes for only $10 (and yes...they were all new). Last night I only spent $4.64 at Albertsons...I'm on a roll..so, might as well keep it up (just helping the failing economy)

I REALLY hope that Isaac sleeps tonight. He's still got that moving leg all night. Which doc do you talk to about that??

Thanks for checking in on us!

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Updating the blog tonight from my cell while laying in bed......ahhhhh....simply heavenly! (ah, you can't have two adverbs side by side can you?)

Isaac had a good day. Maybe he was just exhausted yesterday. Tomorrow, Isaac sees the gi doc, chris sees the orthodontist, Eli and Isaac get flu shots, and chris has scouts....and a partridge in a pear tree......

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Sunday, October 18, 2009

SO much to tell you about our weekend.

First...above is my newest little nephew...Jacob. We drove up to Cedar City on Saturday morning and spent the day with my sister Christy. I rocked the new babydoll...and we all had a birthday party for my other nephew Luke. ALL the boys had a blast, because Mandy drove up too...Here was the kid line up:
Catherine--almost 2 year old
Isaac--2 1/2
Meghan--almost 3
Luke--almost 5

oh...that's WAY too many kids!

On the way home...we had TOTAL DRAMA. Follow me now...and don't pee in your pants (I'll wait while you go pee)....

ok...we're driving home (3 hour drive). We stop in St. George to get gas. I was suppose to start Isaac's feeding pump...but, didn't. I ran into pee. I asked Chris and Eli if they needed to pee...they didn't. I was quick in and out and back on the road.
NOW...it's dark outside and we're in the middle of NO WHERE. I suddenly remember that Isaac NEEDS to eat and I don't want to stop on the side of the road in the dark. So, driving about 80mph, I have to explain to Chris how to hook up the extension to Isaac's belly and then hook the pump hose to the extension hose, then how to check the settings on the pump...and thank goodness, I had already put the milk in the bag.
SUCCESS...after all the lights on in the car, a little swirving, a little stressful moments...Isaac was eating.
THEN, about 30 minutes later, Eli just starts screaming that he has to PEE! WHAT?? We're STILL in the dark in the middle of NO WHERE and I AM NOT pulling over on the side of the road in the dark! I ask Eli to wait 30 more minutes until we reach the next town. Now, he's crying and yelling that he can't hold it he's going to PEE IN HIS PANTS!
ahhhh!!! So, Chris hops from the front seat to the back seat, trying to unscrew a water bottle for Eli to pee in. Eli's crying, Chris is yelling at him not to pee on him, Eli is trying to keep it in the bottle (but, does miss a little)...oh my gosh! seriously.
Finally, the cap is put on the water bottle, Eli falls asleep from the stress of it all, and Chris is back in the front seat just chatting with me.
BUT...that's NOT the end of our road trip.
We get 2 miles from home and I stop at a RedBox to return our movies. When I pull up, Eli jumps up and screams, "I have to pee!". I look back at him, and he's a mess (pee on him). I tell him that he is NOT going in the store like that and we'll be home in 5 mintues. He tells me that he can't wait. He then rolls over, and sits on his juice box and squirts juice EVERYWHERE...which, makes Chris start screaming because he thinks Eli just peed on him....Eli's screaming because he's not sure what happened (did he just pee), I'm sitting in the drivers seat just wishing all the screaming would stop, Chris would get out with the movies, Eli would fully wake up and realize he isn't peeing but he IS making a mess...and we'd get home already.

NOW....we are home.

So now...let's talk about our Sunday.
First...you should know that Mandy took Eli to see Toy Story last week...and he's in LOVE with that movie all over again. We HAD to buy a doll this weekend. He really thinks that Woody is alive (and of course, I'm feeding it). He thinks his eyes are moving...he's moving his arms. He keeps leaving the room and running back in to see if Woody moved. So now...it's Sunday. He takes Woody to church. and THIS is what is does all morning to Chris:

That would be Woody saying "L" for loser to Chris.
yep...that's how church went for us.

ok...now it's after church. Joe and Chris go off to choir practice at 1:30, Eli's playing games and I take a NAP with Isaac (yeah for me). I get up at 5:00 and bring Isaac downstairs. I make up his feeds and meds...and he's still asleep. So, I just hook him up and feed him.
He doesn't wake up until 9:00pm! and...the lights are on, tv on, kids in and out, me trying to wake him. I'm worried. His sats are 94-95 (so, not too low), he's NOT on any extra meds. He's awake now (at 10:30 crawling around), but also just did a huge wretching episode (but, didn't throw up).
I HOPE he's not coming down with something...but, he's been off antibiotics for a week...so, it wouldn't surprise me.

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Do you see that face??
That's the attitude that's been looming in this house all week.
We've been fighting the sickies...sleepless nights, SO much to catch up on....
and finally...
I think we're on the right track.

Here's what's been going on:

Isaac went to the ENT...one tube is OUT...so, we're on the schedule for Nov. 19th. Our insurance doesn't allow us to go to the children's hospital (that has me freaked out a little)...BUT, at least it does allow us to go to A hospital and NOT a surgical center.

His ear infections are gone...but, he's still pulling at those ears (I give him another week and I bet we're back in the peds office). He DID eat FOOD by mouth today...YEAH...it's been about three weeks of him protesting it.

Chris has been busy...ballroom dancing lessons at church, dodgeball tonight at church, they took the PSAT's this week at school. Poor thing...I know he's going to crash this weekend.

Elias is STILL BORED with me at home. But, now that I've gotten the majority of my tutus made and out the door and Isaac is feeling better...I'll be able to focus on paying him more attention.

Joe is still working hard and helping me out around the house when he sees a flustered look on my face. (thanks honey)

Last night I was thinking...I know...but, it takes me a while to fall asleep and I was thinking how FAST the days are going by....and I kind of started giving myself tasks to do each day to make sure that the most important things were checked off my list:

Did I teach my kids anything new today?
Did I laugh with my kids?
Did I really listen to the stories or jokes that they shared?
Did I pause the television when they entered the room and direct my attention to them?
Did we have family prayer?
Did we read scriptures together?
Did I let Chris know how proud I am of him?(even though he does silly goofs all day...i'm quick to point out those mess ups and not so much of the positives that I see each day)
Did I find something new for Eli to do? (he's such a sponge and wants to learn anything...whether it's about digging a hole to plant a seed to learning a new scientific fact)
Did I have structured therapy time with Isaac? (it's so hard...now that he's kind of independent...I often just let him roam and I sit and rest..but, I could do more with him and help push him to do more)
Did I remind my husband how much I love and appreciate him? (even if it's just a big hug when he walks in from work...I know that means alot)
Did I remember that my boys can help me around the house and work with me? (I can't do it all...but, I can also stand side by side with them while we load the dishwasher or clean off the table)

ummm......I think that's alot to remember each day. I think I'll print it out and tape it to my bathroom mirror...and TRY to do as many things each day. (i'll pace myself)

Eli moment: Tonight...Eli was getting something off the table (and it was packed with things that I should have put away)...and spilt a BIG glass of milk all over my papers, my purse, my camera, the chair, the floor...just a huge mess. Chris grabbed a dish towel, I told Eli to grad a bath towel...and we all mopped up the mess. After it was over, Eli said, "mom...you're just the best mom ever".
and do you know WHY he said that? Because, I KNOW that he thought I was going to yell and lose my temper....but, I've learned (thanks to Isaac)...that somethings just aren't worth worrying about. Why yell at milk on the floor....yell when they do something dangerous to themselves or others. THEN, when you yell, it means something (please note...I do yell. I wish I didn't. But, I only do it when necessary. Maybe when I'm a grandma, I'll have a soft-spoken voice...but, for now....if I want to be heard...I need to be louder than the boys)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! As long as we're healthy, we're going to drive up to Cedar City to meet my newest nephew and have a little birthday cake with Luke (another little nephew).

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Monday, October 12, 2009

Isaac is NOT sleeping.

Last night...I finally went to bed about 11pm...and when I looked at the clock at 1:49...I had already gotten up FIVE times with him. He's screaming when he can't find his paci, he's rubbing his legs all night, he'll decide to sit up and dance, he'll then fall over and cry, he'll sneeze and need his nose sucked out....I should just roll his crib out into the hall. Gosh...he's worse than a newborn. At least a newborn has a tiny, cute cry...it isn't yelling MOOOOOMMMMM at the top of it's lungs.

i love you Isaac..I do...you're just killing your mama slowly...
real slow....

i did take a nap today...and I feel horrible about it. Even though I don't sleep at night....I hate that I sneak in a nap while Joe's at work.
BUT...thankfully I had a nap...because it's almost midnight...and Isaac is right here behind me yelling at the top of his lungs dancing to yo gabba gabba.
(if I turn it off...he just crawls over to the button and presses it and yells more)

Chris skipped school today. He SAID that he had a tummy ache...
maybe he did...(but, I just think he stayed up late talking to Eli)

Eli went on a cleaning spree today. Seriously...he cleaned his bathroom (the spot I dread most in our house). He told me that he even washed the walls...that they were gross (hmmm....who do you think MADE them gross?). After he finished cleaning that bathroom....he came downstairs to negotiate a raise in his allowance. He thinks that he should be up to $8 or $9 by now...(he gets $5 a week currently).
I think I should give him a raise, and give Chris a deduction.

Well...I have a snoring hubby on the couch I need to coax upstairs...
and a crawling toddler rolling balls on the floor making WAY too much noise at this hour.
oh...and have I told you that he moves toys around the house now....HOLY COW...that kiddo can make a mess!
(so...disregard my house if you ever come over....my housekeeper is on an extended vacation)

**oh my gosh...(yes...it's after midnight now...Isaac is still tearing up the house)
I forgot to tell you. Eli is still BORED out of his mind...(hence the cleaning)...so, tomorrow he asked if I'd show him how to sew on the sewing machine. How fun will that be?? Luckily, I have an extra one...so, I'm pulling out fun color thread and felt and see what he can whip up!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yes...the darn tv is STILL broken...

and yes..that's Isaac sitting under the little tv...
because he's looking for wood to eat...
YES...that would be a sliver of wood in his mouth!
and today...
here's our peanut trying out his walker...
not moving around too much..
but he LOVES being at this level to play with toys.
He just look SO big standing up like that...
where did my baby go??
and Megan...
and our newest creation...
She was quite cooperative this weekend...
Joe took the big boys to church today. I am so tired...I don't know how I'm walking around each day. We all still have the sniffles and a lingering cough. Isaac is up ALL night long (i think it's a poop thing...he's clogged up again)...

I go to my ob this month...and i'll ask him again if there's anything I can take for energy...but, last year he told me to just take crack! (how helpful was that?) If he gives me a script for it..I'll take it!

Isaac is being the messiest kid in the house. He likes to take off all the refrigerator magnets and papers....and throw them everywhere (and I can't make him pick them up...because he doesn't know how). He takes all of his toys out of the living room basket...then crawls to the playroom...and cleans out the cubbies....then, he crawls around some more looking for any stray shoes that may be lying around. He's KILLING me! AND...if Joe leaves a purple cup (it's an Isaac thing) on the tv tray...Isaac will knock the whole tray down trying to get to the cup! (he only drinks from this one purple cup and only with Joe).
and Isaac is still sick. Junky cough, pulling at BOTH ears now, constant runny nose....and YES, he's still on antibiotics. We see the ENT this week...so GOOD...maybe we'll get this peanut all fixed up before it gets COLD here!

Chris went to the Renaissance Festival this weekend..and had a blast (I did NOT go...just dropped him and a friend off).

Eli went with Mandy and Seth to see the Toy Story movies in 3-D...he too had a blast. Eli's still on track brake, and bored out of his mind each day. He even asked today if I'd show him how to make tutus...he needs some JOB to do! So...if anyone needs work done, just come and take Eli..he's ready and willing!

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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Here are Isaac's NEWest glasses...
This is the infected ear...
and...HERE is the fancy new walker.
He's been quite lazy today...
only moving it a few paces...
We WILL have our work cut out for us!!
I asked our immunologist for antibiotics for Isaac. He's getting ear infections monthly. He told me no...to wait for more blood work to check on his tcells. I understand that...and I understand the getting too use to one antibiotic and it not working effectively in the future BUT...when Isaac gets an ear infection....he goes back on oxygen, he doesn't eat by mouth for weeks, and regresses SO much...and this is happening every month.
It's just frustrating.

I LOVE this new walker. In theory...it's perfect for Isaac. In reality...he's the laziest peanut I've ever seen...and he doesn't like to work...and I'm a horrible therapist and don't demand too much work from him. UNTIL NOW....we're working HARD tomorrow! We get to use this model for a week to try it out and to see if it's THE ONE....prepare yourself peanut!

I'm excited about the television shows on tonight...
I'm excited that Joe made it home before 9pm...
I'm excited that my boys are already in bed (minus little peanut)...
I'm excited that I was able to get some sewing done today...
and...that we don't have ANY PLANS for this weekend...
whoo hoo!

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Wednesday, October 07, 2009

I am in bed posting from my phone....
Because I am tired
And because I can.

It's been a long day. The Walker didn't get here today. Immunologist was quick and wouldn't give me profalactic antibiotics for Isaac. I made an appointment for ent--his tubes are out. Made the cutest angel tutu and mailed it out. Cooked chicken parm for dinner. (it was yuck)
Picked up isaac's glasses....too cute!
Chris had ballroom dancing lessons tonight at church. And Eli helped me decorate witch hats (I had to find something for him to do)

But ....tomorrow the walker comes. I go to jo anns to spend $$$$ on fabric. Greys anatomy is on. All will be alright with the world

The end

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Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Sir Isaac does this all day...
eat his paci and watches television...
often at this angle.
and this would be my niece Magpie...
and our latest creation.
She LOVES her Tinkerbell...
and she so WILLINGLY modeled for me
(NOT...can't you tell she has an attitude in these pics?)

She loved the top...but, left me the tutu. Oh well..
and Wendy...I'm working on Emma's costume BOX...she'll need more than one option (yes...I'm a Rachel Zoe viewer...taking notes)

Isaac is still sick. That darn ear that's infected isn't draining...so, he just rubs it all day. He's getting a little rash behind it now. AND...have I told you that I think he has restless leg syndrome? Well...I think he does. He has the jimmy leg all day and all night. We think he's going to rub his knees and feet raw. I'll have to video it so you know what I'm talking about....but, he can't keep them still. He sleeps in the crib beside my bed...and all night long, he rubs his feet on the mattress. I've just been use to hearing it...but, now I'm wondering if it isn't something to worry about.

and then....I saw Oprah today. HOLY COW...you know that Schizoaffective disorder is number 147 on the list of possible problems with your digeorger? AND...I recorded it for Joe to watch..and then I forgot that I recorded it for him and deleted it....shoot.
anyway...that show FREAKED me out. Let me change poop, throw up, gtubes, 15 meds, give oxygen, in and out of surgery...but, those poor parents. broke my heart.

I feel like I just can't sleep. There are TOO many things to do in my days...I just can't seem to keep up. I've been moving furniture around...the WALKER comes tomorrow...and my little peanut can't learn how to walk if there's furniture in the way. (so, disregard our house if you visit....everything is at attention against all walls until further notice)
and I haven't been doing my visiting teaching...and I need to take Eli on more outings (like normal outings...not to buy groceries, pick up meds, or drive thru McDonalds)...but, Isaac doesn't like the wind and the sun...and he can't be around crowds...so, Eli...we'll have to improvise....
His pumpkins are growing right along. I'll take him outside tomorrow and get pics for you (he's so proud)

My pool has junk in it again (algae)....I am a slacker poolman.

I am out of contacts, but don't have time to go get a new exam (nor do I want to fork our money for them)...so, dork glasses it is (ok, not dork...they are Chanel)

I may be on a budget...but, somethings have to be name brand.
It's so late and I'll just start talking rubbish to you...
so, I'm outta here!

WALKER arrives
Transition team comes to discuss transitioning to school system (he's almost 3!)
Immunology appointment
Pick up new glasses

and maybe a few other errands will get done!

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Monday, October 05, 2009

Look at that face...
have you seen anything cuter??
and yes..
he still eats shoes...
not food.
This was Eli last week working on homework...
and today....

Isaac has ANOTHER EAR INFECTION...croup cough, low sats at night, hasn't eatten by mouth in two weeks, fever...but, he's happy.

Eli has asthma issues, croup cough...is STILL awake talking my head off.

Chris went to Utah this weekend for conference....played video games all day today (no school)...and is STILL awake (he's going to hurt in the morning).

Eli is out of school for the ENTIRE MONTH OF October (track break)...
serenity now...serenity now...

I have SO many things to do this week...I do NOT need two sick kiddos.
Please let them know that I've had enough and I'm sick too..and I would like to sleep sometime this decade. (is that even possible??)

and would Eli PLEASE stop reading over my shoulder....it gets on my nerves.

Isaac's new glasses are in. I should go and get them tomorrow...but, he's sick...so, we'll see how many errands I get to run.

wish me luck!

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