We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday weekend

I hope you guys had a great weekend...
we sure DID!

Let me back up...Chris had his choir concert on Thursday night. Those guys did such a great job (i'll post a video at the end of this post). I spend the second half of the concert in the lobby with a vomiting Isaac. After he calmed down, I had to pee! Well, for those who know me...I do pee often, BUT...I do NOT like using public restrooms. I'll hold it as long as I can...UNfortunate for me, tonight was NOT my lucky night and I needed to GO! Off the lobby of the school auditorium was a restroom...I wheeled Isaac in his stroller and went in. As I scanned the wall for a toilet set cover...there was NOT one! Gasp! So, I do what I do..and head for the toilet paper to cover that nasty toilet. They don't have rolls of toilet paper...but, squares...tiny little squares. Seriously...I have NEVER seen such squares. So, after about 20 squares...the toilet seat was lined.

Yes...I did. I took a picture! (simply because I KNEW you wouldn't believe me!)
and yes...I did put one more square on the right side...it was COMPLETELY covered!

My mind is mush...so, we finished the concert...now, we're up to Friday. I think Friday was pretty normal...Isaac was STILL throwing up....

He's still picking his nose..
double time!

He still loves to eat my camera strap as often as he can.

He's still a whiner...funny face and all..

and this pretty much sums up his attitude lately...
Now...we're up to Saturday. Isaac was STILL throwing up...mostly surviving on pedialyte (that's the only thing that he kind of keeps down during these episodes). By the evening, Isaac's keeping his food down...so, Joe takes me on a date to the movies (popcorn, large drink, candy and all!).

Sunday...we ALL make it to church...but, Isaac's grumpy and falls asleep..for about 2 hours of church. We get home...and after about four vomit episodes, he's ready to take an afternoon nap with me...where we BOTH sleep for about four hours! GLORIOUS!

and now we've made it to Monday. Isaac's STILL on mostly half milk/half pedialyte until he stops the wretching and vomiting. Joe and I work so hard getting the pool cleaned, covered, and the backyard in half-descent condition. By the evening....Eli, Isaac and I take a bike ride to Blockbuster. I thought it was about 6 miles, but Joe corrected me and it was only about 4:(
I NEED a bigger seat for my bike...my bum just doesn't fit on it like it use to. (and yes...I'm trying to get the fluff off my face and around my tummy...I dusted off the treadmill..just need to hop on it once and a while)

So...Monday night...after a nice LONG bike ride. You'd think that would be the end of our adventures...BUT, you'd be WRONG! I unload Isaac...put the bikes away...I come into the house to find Isaac, standing on the train table, trying to climb OVER the television that's sitting on the train table.
He's such a stinker! He's going to give me a heart attack and we'll both be in bad shape!

So...it's now 9pm...Chris is getting ready for bed (he has two finals tomorrow), Eli is taking a bath, Joe is headed to the gym, and Isaac has about 7 different toys playing music in his playroom. I'm SURE nothing else will happen tonight...


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Friday, May 28, 2010


Isaac has been non-stop throwing up or wretching for the past three days..

FINALLY...tonight..after a day of 1 ounce of pedialyte an hour...he's holding down 5 ounces in one hour!!! I haven't cleaned up puke in about 4 hours!!! yeah for me!

I still have NO idea what triggered this round. It's been SO long since he's thrown up this much and for this long. SO, that means that I don't have a cute picture to post..he's just looked too pitiful to pull out the camera.

oops...he's fussing. Gotta go!

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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crafting Flowers

Isaac just had a poopy day. He started it off with TWO yucky yucky diapers.. (that would be YUCKY runny yuck...just to give you a slight visual). Then, he threw up. A few hours later, he started wretching again. I kept him on pedialyte throughout the day...and he still threw up one more time and ended the night wretching in Joe's arms:(
His sats are fine and his heart rate is his normal. He isn't sick, no runny nose, no cough...nothing. Maybe something's coming?

We had Isaac's IEP today to increase his home based pt. He doesn't qualify for more ot...so, we'll just have to get more in the community. We are busy as usual...BUT, I did find time to start a NEW project. Take a look and tell me what you think. Organza flowers on headbands and hair clips. I've got tons of colors and I'll keep experimenting this week. It's SO much fun. You just put it over a flame to get it to curl up like that (and yes..I DID catch some on fire today:)

If you WANT some...put in your requests NOW...I'll be making samples all weekend and I'll just give them away to all the cute girls that I know. (and yes...I'm making them tiny for kiddos and bigger for the kiddo mamas!) Just leave me a note in the comments with the colors you want!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Slacker Blogger

I've been a slacker blogger...
no excuses...just no time...
does anyone have any to spare??

Isaac is same ole', same ole...
picking his nose...
lovin' Eli...
We've been SUPER busy with therapies (in home and in the community). I think Isaac is in love with his new speech therapist. She's young, cute, long dark hair....AND she tickles his toes...he's totally in love!

On Saturday, Joe saved our house from burning down. Looks like an electrical fire was about to begin... He worked ALL day long..replaced it, rewired it...and the light works great. and the house is still standing.

Eli's on track break for the next THREE weeks...so, I have some planning to do to keep him preoccupied...
and it's 11pm now...and Isaac is screaming at me to get off the computer.
ta ta for now.

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What do boys do while mom is gone?

NOTHING REALLY...but, enjoying time together and NOT having mom there barking orders.
....BUT...mom is back...and my "to do" list is ever-so-growing!

Did I tell you where I went?? To South Dakota. Yep...people ACTUALLY live there. My niece graduated from high school....and SO...Isaac and I hopped on an airplane to cheer her on!

Once we arrived...I got us a rental car, met my sisters at the mall...walked around for an hour...and LEFT! YEP...I just HAD to go and visit the great and wonderful Porta Family! I've met Megan and Dan before...but, hadn't had to the chance to meet the sweet Elijah. AND...he IS as sweet and wonderful as you envision him to be. I am SO glad that we were able to spend time with you guys.

Isaac and I stayed at a WONDERFUL hotel...ate TOO good...and just had a fun time....
(thanks honey...for watching the big boys for me...I appreciate it)

Now...onto more important things. PICTURES!
Here...we have Sir Isaac...in his normal gaze into never-neverland.

and here...
he's trying to look like Eli, with that goofy smile!
and this is how he shows love...
he eats you!
and Eli.
Got a mohawk before we flew out of town
(I didn't let them shave the sides too low...so, it isn't THAT dramatic)
Joe made it blue for him on Friday....and he was in HEAVEN!~
I'm trying to remember to tell you everything that's happened.
BUT...you know my mushy brain...and when it's gone...it's GONE!

I am going to be working on some new craft projects this week. If they're NOT a total bust...I'll be sure to share them. Other than that...it's LATE and I SO need my beauty sleep!

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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Photos

THIS is how Sir Isaac takes his naps...
He gets that from his father.
Isaac REALLY loves being outside..
can you tell?
He's dancing!
He's just talking to me..
(and yes..the basketball goal is on the ground...
crazy winds here lately)
I moved things around in his playroom...
THIS is how he likes to watch tv now.
He hasn't fallen off the train table...YET.
and yes...his hair STILL needs a haircut.
and what do we have here?
The Phantom Chris...
he DOES exist!
I NEED to get to bed...
BUT...I've got myself all worked up and NOW I don't know when I'll make it to bed.
You see...my niece is graduating from High School this weekend...in SOUTH DAKOTA!
I've been debating about driving or flying...
finally, after the big boys bailed on me....I decided that Isaac and I will fly.
I ordered the tickets.
on a small airline that doesn't have 24/7 customer service..
that will MOST LIKELY charge me a fee...
and NOW...I have to call the O2 company to beg and plead for a concentrator to take in just TWO DAYS!
What's wrong with me??
Most people schedule trips months in advance. Not us.
and Megan...I'm going to call you. (just still working out the times and places in my head...and really..just making sure you're not in the hospital this weekend!)

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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cry it OUT!

I just wanted you to see that he STILL has his
little paci and animal..
and lays around aLOT...
and...my little "surfer" looking dude..
he SO needs a hair cut!

(I started typing this on May 5th...)

Yep...that's what I told Isaac last night. For the last few days...he's been going to sleep about 11pm....and waking up at 4AM! Totally killing me! SO, last night...I had a talk with him. Although I think he speaks a different language...I told him that he WOULD go to sleep at an earlier time...and at 10pm (I know...not THAT much earlier...baby steps)...I changed him, held him...and tried to rock him to sleep. After about 15 minutes of him squirming...I put him in the crib...
and he cried...
and I sat on the couch feeling like the WORST mom in the world.
but...after only 10 minutes...
he was asleep...

It's been an OFF AND ON process. Sometimes it works...sometimes he'll just scream until I need to get him because he's full of sweat and on the verge of vomiting...other times, he'll just lay in the crib and sing for an hour.

Isaac...is ONE big ole' odd ball..
he just is.

I started this post trying to be all "philosophical" and all...debating the cry it out and NOT routine...spoiling these cardiac kids...and what's worked and NOT worked for us.
But...as always...I got tired.
I am still tired.
I tell you...I'm just letting him go with the flow. Like today...he fell asleep for a nap at 3:00 in the afternoon...and slept until 8:00pm! Seriously. Right here in the middle of the living room. I'm cleaning, vacuuming, making ALL kinds of noises. We try to wake him...but, some days...he's just SO tired, that he can't really stick to a schedule...he just drops.
and today...he dropped.
We played out in the sunshine this morning...and he's a standing, climbing, monkey-man these days...
SO...it'll be a LATE night for us tonight!

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Sunday, May 02, 2010

How to make snot

That's a catchy post title...isn't it?

I've just been wondering about that....How does your body make snot? The reason...
my cutie-pie nose picker:

I started thinking about your mouth...and saliva. When you eat something, or out something in your mouth...your mouth automatically...as if by magic...just makes saliva to help everything go down easy. (and when your kids are teething and putting EVERYTHING in their mouths..that's why they drool so much...the excess saliva just drops out).

SO...that leads me to my question: If Isaac is sticking his finger up his nose ALL DAY LONG..is that why he seems to constantly have a runny nose (or at least snot on his face)?

Can you produce extra "snot" just by putting your finger up your nose and irritating your nose?

anyone know??

This has just been on my mind...
because I see him picking his nose constantly..
and I'm constantly wiping his face.

Now...you know I'm a little MORE crazy than you already thought..
sorry about that.

As for the rest of the family and some sanity updates...I went to Phoenix this weekend for a blogging conference...and it was AWESOME! Joe watched the boys...and they are all alive and well.

Imagine that!

**Oh...so while I continue to "google" my snot theory..I did come across THIS website that shows you how to make FAKE SNOT...your kiddos might like it!

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