We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Moving and Walking

Don't look now....who's walking around the park!!??!?!?

Seriously...holding onto the rails..and walking up the steps.
One foot at a time...
like he's a professional and has been doing it for years.

He can wobble on the wood chips...
(and don't you love those transition lenses)
Everyone kept asking me where I bought those cute sunglasses!
He really didn't care for the slide...but, probably because
some big ole' boys came up behind him.

yep...just enjoying the sun!
TODAY...it's raining.
Sun time is over.

AND...I've posted it on Facebook...but, it's official...we are MOVING! To Reno, NV.
We weren't expecting a promotion for at least a year...we didn't seek it...the cards just fell into place and we're excited! I'm excited about the Katie Beckett that NV has to offer....the sun, the fun that we'll have. We've already secured a house...actually a townhouse in a superCOOl neighborhood (full of golf, pools with waterslides, and a fitness center on site!)

I am MOST excited because google said that Reno has 300 days of sun each year!!!! OH MY GOSH....I can just feel the vitamin D calling my name!

There's still no word on the minivan...it's probably in the bottom of a lake somewhere....or on it's way to Mexico.

I'm sure there's so much more to tell you about...I am SO sorry for my lack of blog posts. I will try to do better.

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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

4 year old shots

Poor little Isaac. On Thursday (of last week), he had his 4 year old well check. He weighed in at 29 pounds and 31 inches tall. He did have to get 3 shots...which gave him a 102 temp until Sunday night! This is how he spent his weekend....just chillin' and sleeping:(

If you read my facebook status...you know that our stinkin' van was stolen on Friday night.
It had YET to be recovered...

Sunday....I had the BEST mother's day! We went to church, came home...Joe and the kids brought me lunch from my favorite Mexican restaurant...I took a nap with Isaac...and got the newest Black Eyed Peas cd. (which Chris has taken to his room...and yet to return).

Monday...Now that we're a ONE car family, I took everyone to school and work...and got locked out of our house. I had to go to Joe's bank to get him. I had to KNOCK on the bank's doors and ask another employee to get Joe. PLEASE picture my clothes: a light blue nightgown that goes to my knees, purple pajama pants with orange candy corns on them, a black hoodie, and light blue fuzzy slippers.
yes...I looked like a homeless woman trying to ask for money.
Thank goodness Joe had the right key....and I was able to get home and feed my Isaac.

Tuesday...Nothing extraordinary has happened yet today (knock on wood). I'm working on a prom dress for one of Chris' friends (and yes...I will TOTALLY show you when I'm finished). Chris is still in drivers ed...doing mediocre in school...and staying out of trouble.
Eli lost another tooth last night (he was being sneaky and hid the tooth in an easter egg!) I almost didn't catch it!

MOSTLY....as ridiculous as it is about the dumb van...we couldn't feel more love from all of our friends and family that have offered whatever they could to help us out. Thanks for loving our crazy family....(group hug...everyone...grab your monitor and SQUEEZE!)

(ahh....and this is Eli nowadays...NEVER letting me take a picture!)
and...you get to see a portion of his hair. Back to normal!

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Monday, May 02, 2011

Why are you crying?

Have I told you that Isaac has temper tantrums?

That he doesn't like to deviate from our route when we're driving somewhere. Today, I decided to show you what he does when we pull into Eli's school parking lot.

EVERYDAY we deal with this. (Make sure your volume is up...but, not TOO loud...it could cause temporary hearing loss)
(sorry the video is sideways...not sure what happened)


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