We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Monday, November 30, 2009

Joe said that he was getting reports about my lack of blog posts. Well, I've just been having too much fun to sit down and type. But, I can tell you that we headed out for our road trip on thanksgiving day and we will be home by Tuesday afternoon. We met some amazing moms and babies and ate some delicious food and the boys were the best car riders and had a blast too. Isaac is remarkably happy and healthy...he's just still draining from his ear tubes, but I think that we have a follow up with ent this week.
I am updating from my phone, so please excuse any spelling errors (this phone is always changing the spelling)
I will start posting pics and videos and detailed reports of our trip tomorrow!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Goofy Guys

Yes...Isaac is licking the door.
No...Isaac did NOT eat any food by mouth today.
Yes...Isaac is still the cutest baby around.
No...I can't keep those glasses on his nose.
Yes...Eli is ONE happy kid.
No...he can't have braces yet (until he stops sucking his thumb).
Did I answer all of your questions??

Today...I sewed. I wiped Isaac's nose. I sewed. I wiped Isaac's nose. ditto, ditto, ditto.
That was OUR day. Isaac's ear is draining. He's still on antibiotics...but, he is VERY grumpy still...and that ear is draining. Could he possibly have ANOTHER EAR INFECTION??
He's got about 2 more days on the antibiotics. Great. (Jen..better put your ped on call!)

Eli talks to me non-stop. I love it..really, I do. Unless I'm trying to focus on something else...I love it. Today, he told me that I'm the best mom and that I make his life so easy (seriously).
THAT is why I let him talk my head off....he knows just what to say.

Today was the first day in a while that Chris didn't have wrestling practice. He came home...and slept. Then, went to scouts. Then, went back to bed.
(oh...to be a teenager again)

Have you seen pics of our couches? Well, they are on their last leg. We got them right before Eli was born...so, they are about 7 1/2 years old...leather...and starting to wear SO bad (not to mention, the fluff is gone). So, I finally found some furniture and it gets delivered TOMORROW! I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it!
It isn't leather...it's the cheaper micro fiber....and I was able to get a sleeper sofa AND a love seat for less than $1000 (and Joe made sure they had recliners and cup holders). yes...seriously. It isn't the stream-lined look that I was going for...but, comfy for my bum...I'll take it! You know...I don't clip my coupons for nothing. THIS is one reason. I save in other areas...so that when needs like this arise (and yes...it is a NEED...my bum is sitting on wood beams)...we are able to pay for it. Seven years was great for the other furniture...it served it's time....NOW, couch and lovey seat...you're going to meet the trash man!

and...did I tell you that we got a new BIG tv?? We didn't buy it...just used some points to get it. It hasn't arrived yet. BUT, when it does....we are going to be ONE HAPPY FAMILY. We'll be able to see the tv again...our bums will be comfy, and our feet will be lifted!
That's the life!

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Laughing and Dancing

So...that's Isaac's new laugh. It sounds like he's coughing or choking on something...but, NOPE...he's laughing with his imaginary peeps. (constantly...laughing at nothing...just starring off into space) And that kiss at the end...oh, it just melts my heart. AND...the microwave beeping...always cooking something...AND that pile of junk in the background...what can I say...I need Mission Organization to come over and organize me already! (anyone...please email HGTV and tell them that I need help. I'm sure there's ENOUGH video footage and pics on this blog that they would be able to see enough disorder!

We made it to church today. EXCEPT, Isaac was in rare form. Just fussing and not being the good little peanut that he normally is. I ended up sitting on the couch for Sunday school...and left early because he was being a wild man. I know it's time for his terrible two's to kick in (finally)...but, I also think he's finally aware (somewhat) of his physical limitations...and it's getting to him. Like his lack of communication skills....we don't know what he wants and he can't tell us...the fact that he wants to go places...but, he can't just walk over there. I think that is frustrating him FINALLY.....so, maybe it will bother him enough to make him work harder at those areas.
or not.
and he'll just be a terrible two FOREVER....
oh my.

tomorrow. I will sew...and sew...and sew...until my little foot cramps from pressing the pedal so long. That's the plan..and I'm sticking to it.
Except, I think I'll cook a Thanksgiving feast tomorrow. I have one turkey thawed in the fridge and three more in the freezer. SO....if I go ahead and cook one...I'll be able to buy another to cook in a few more weeks. (I need another freezer).
Joe's going over to a friend's house for Thanksgiving, so the boys and I will be heading out SUPER early for our Texas roadtrip. WHOO HOO! I think we might wear our cowboy hats and post pics along the way!
or not.

just a thought.

NOW...I was looking through OLD videos...and came across THIS you tube video of ELI doing the robot. It was taken two years ago. (so, he was five years old)

AND...do you remember THIS one of Isaac in the NICU and Joe quieting him with his hands. Brings tears to my eyes. It's just short and sweet.

and finally....THIS is a new one from Eli...(shhh...don't tell him that I posted it!) This is how we clean the house...the radio was LOUD, Eli was dressed up to clean...and notice all the toys in the back ground...oh my goodness.

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Friday, November 20, 2009

whew....it's FRIDAY!

I have to tell you...I didn't think that Thursday would EVER be over!
Shall we start from the top??

Wednesday night...Isaac is up dancing around and playing until about 2am. You can't rationalize with this little guy. You COULD just put him in the crib, but...he just dances and kicks, and plays...so, when he late nights like this...I just keep him downstairs and let him crawl around and play.

THAT leads us to Thursday. I have my alarm set for 5:30am...that's when we (would be ME) get up and get Chris ready for seminary. Because I had JUST fallen asleep, I woke up and told Chris that he could skip this morning and I'd take him to school. So, then I set my alarm clock for 6:30. We HAVE to report to the hospital at 7:30, Chris needs to be at school at 7:00, and I'm just dropping off Eli at Mandy's house. That alarm went off...I turned it off, and went back to sleep. Thank goodness we have noisy neighborhood dogs, because they started barking at 6:45 and I thought I was going to have a HEART ATTACK! I run down the hall screaming...
"Chris get up...Eli get up....Joe get up and help me!"
I AM amazing....I rushed to get myself dressed...ran downstairs and made TWO lunchboxes for the boys. I made the boys cereal...brushed their hair while they ate, they ran up to brush teeth, I packed their backpacks, got Isaac downstairs and dressed (thank goodness he was NOT allowed to eat)...I got out of the house at 7:05! Dropped Chris off at school withOUT a tardy, dropped Eli off at Mandy's house (she took him to school for me at 8:30), and I made it to the hospital at 7:25!
THEN, I open the truck and realize that the stroller is in the van and I drove the car:( So, I'm carrying my big ole' purse and big ole' Isaac. We cross the parking lot and head inside where we go up the elevators to the 2nd floor. I'm standing in line with only three ladies in front of me. There's a chair beside me, so I sit Isaac in the chair, set my purse beside him, and start taking off my coat (because I am HOT from booking it all morning)...and THUMP...Isaac fell out of the chair (just cover your eyes mom)! Great. Isaac starts screaming. He's already in a bad mood because I woke him up so early. He's mad because he usually eats every morning at 6am sharp...and here I am...standing in HUGE lobby area of pre-op patients and I'm just letting my kid fall out of a chair on the floor. I felt horrible.
Sweet Isaac just sniffled and snuggled up to me...and the tears soon stopped. As soon as we answered a few questions, signed a few forms...we were then seated. It was only about 5 minutes before we were called to the back.
Now...we get the screening from the nurses and anesthesiologists. Once they see his chart...they know that I know everything, and have no real questions for them. This procedure would be so quick that he didn't need an iv or need to be intubated...just gas masked. I couldn't be more thrilled. I should remind you that we had NEVER been to this hospital with Isaac...but, they were awesome!
The nurse picked him up (with his paci) and carried him down the hall...and he didn't even cry. He was so very brave.

I went downstairs to pee (because my nerves were all torn up) and got a coke (because I have a caffeine addiction)...and went back upstairs. I pulled out my phone to play on the internet...and as soon as I did....they were already out! Seriously! Amazed again! Of course Isaac was a grumpy bug when he woke up and tried with all his might to pull those ears off. We only had to wait about 15 minutes...and we were able to get him dressed and head out (by the way...the nurse even walked us to the elevator....how nice was that??).

We live only 5 minutes from this hospital..and we were home before 9:30 (which was our scheduled appointment time). I was able to give Isaac some morning meds...start a feed of pedialyte and snuggle with my love bug for a much needed two hour nap! (shhh...don't tell Joe that I napped during the day!)

After Isaac woke up from his FOUR hour nap....he was just perfect. He played around with his toys...he crawled in and out the doggy door....you would not even be able to tell that anything had happened to him.


have I mentioned that yet?

our day was amazing....this peanut is amazing...the way the whole day just fell into place (with the help of Mandy helping me pick up kids)....we did it.

It's Friday....date night. I'm just waiting for my man to come home and take me to dinner.
It's KILLING me not to go to see New Moon tonight...but, I will wait until next weekend.

and I'll leave you with a video of Isaac trying to go through the doggy door...BUT, I had the door closed off...he kept banging his head trying to get through...so funny!

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Tubes Tomorrow!

Just gazing at the tiny television that
has my Yo Gabba Gabba dancing on it!
Look at my trick!
(and MOM needs to vacuum the floor)
Yes...can you tell what wonders antibiotics do on this babydoll? He's a new, happy man today...unknowing of the torture that we will inflict upon him tomorrow (ok, not me...but, the sweet Dr. S.) Tomorrow is the BIG DAY. Ok, NOT so big, but....new ear tubes....how stinkin' exciting! Could it be possible that we have a winter with minimal sickness?? Oh, my fingers are crossed! My fingers are crossed.

I know that this is just a minor little surgery, in comparison to the others that he's had...but, I still doNOT like taking him to the hospital in the morning...nope...not one bit. AND....we're going to a nice hospital...but, it's NOT the children's hospital (our insurance isn't accepted there)...quite stinky I think! But, we went today and did all of our pre-op paperwork and everyone was so smitten with Isaac...so, I think we'll be in good hands.

What else...what else.....Chris is STILL practicing with the wrestling team...everyday for THREE hours. Poor little guy is SO exhausted...but, he's excited and having fun. I'm glad that he's into a sport...but, I am SO tired of a last minute request at the end of each day for new gear that NEEDS to be purchased before the next day.

Eli...that Eli cracks me up. He talks NON-stop all day...and has so much to say...what can I say...he's a great 7 year old, that doesn't cause me any grief, does him homework, runs his own bath now, likes to eat healthy, wants to exercise....IF I could only get him to always keep his pee in the toilet bowl...he'd be perfect!

Now...about our house. I WILL put it up for sale WHEN I can get it all clean and organized. (I know...it's a BIG WHEN...because WHEN do I have time to do extra work??) Here's the skinny on the house:
We moved to Las Vegas about 5 1/2 years ago when the market was CRAZY high. We did NOT buy an extravagant house....but, the house that we bought WAS very overpriced...but, all the houses were at that time. We had NO plans for having a baby Isaac...we just had two boys. Joe was working in mortgages at that time....and you remember the market...so, money was flowing. We lived within our means....BUT, things changed. 2 1/2 years ago we had this peanut we all call Isaac. In that first year, he had 2 major heart surgeries and 1 tummy surgery. His last surgery was in Nov. 2007. In Dec. 2007, Joe was let go from his job (of over 10 years...I will NOT speak ugly of that company...but, KNOW that I always think UGLY thoughts). SO, Isaac survived a freakin' amazing surgery, Joe loses his job, and in Jan. 2008 our mortgage arm starts to adjust. Now, we aren't idiots...we had an arm, because Joe's company moved us around every 2-3 years...we were NOT suppose to be STUCK here. But, we were. SO, we can't refinance the house at that time because WE don't have a job...and the market has started to tank. (let it also be known that the mortgage company stinks. While we were at Stanford for that month of Nov...not knowing if Isaac would survive...we called the stinky mortgage company to ask if they'd take that month's payment and just move it to the end of the loan...giving us more liquidity that month to pay for expenses at Stanford. Do you know that they would NOT help in any way. I should have known right THEN and THERE that they were too stinky and to refinance then...but, we didn't)
Fast forward to today. The market here STILL stinks....and our house is about 200k UNDERVALUED. yikes! So...here's the thing. Coupon shop as I might...this mortgage eats away alot of our income each month. There's a house across the street from ours that rents for exactly 1/2 of what we pay each month in mortgage payments. I just can't see the rationalization for paying so much out each month when Isaac's medical expenses aren't going to decrease...they aren't going anywhere. And that's fine...I'd just like to stash more money away for him in the future for whatever his needs may be.
So, about 6 months ago when the whole "remodify" your loan programs started...we called our stinky mortgage company...and they told us to fill out the "hardship" paperwork and they would decide if we could get a rate adjustment or any help lowering those payments. Do you know that they told us that WE were NOT a hardship case. Seriously! No LATE payments...EVER...on anything. Documents proving what our medical expenses are....and we are not the kind of people that qualify for loan modification. WHO THE HECK IS??
Now...we're talking about short selling the house. Which stinks. We have put SO much money and time and energy into this house to just lose it...but, it seems like the smarter thing to do in the long run. I'm not so attached to the house....I'm just more upset about the mortgage company. At their request...I sent them another package...but, I'm not anticipating many great things. BUT...it is the season for miracles...so, you never know.

Even if we have to sell the house for a loss....I'd be happy living in a studio apartment with my family...as long we we were all there together (and THEY were not talking too much, peeing on my floor, or putting stickers all over the house).

NOW...you're in the KNOW.
It's SO late...and I have to get MR. Isaac to bed so we can get our early start in the morning.
We're suppose to check in about 7:30 and the procedure should start about 9:00. He said that it was only about a 30 min procedure...and he'll just need gas (no tube...thank goodness).

**OH MY GOSH....I keep forgetting. Does anyone need any zhu zhu pets? We've bought a few and Eli MADE me give him one and he's been playing with it. BUT, Isaac LOVES it. He presses his nose to hear him make noises and then chases him all over the house. Who would have thought?? Don't tell Eli...but, we're getting him a real hamster for Christmas....he's going to pee in his pants!

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Monday, November 16, 2009

Ear Infections and "No Reply"

Your kiddo might get ear infections too...
but, here's Isaac with another ear infection:

My poor little Isaac. I knew that something was brewing when he started wretching and gagging this weekend. THEN, the runny nose. He doesn't have a fever....just those symptoms....and, it has been a MONTH since his last infection. Sure enough, a visit to our wonderful ped, showed double ear infections AGAIN! So, we just add oral antibiotics and ear antibiotic drops to the mix...and she thinks he'll be ok for more tubes on Thursday. (ahhh....I haven't pre-registered for that yet...someone, remind me tomorrow!)

So...the pic tells how he feels. Just poopy. He's just eating pedialyte with about an ounce or two of milk added until he stops wretching. Poor little peanut.

AND...to make it all worse...I've been cleaning the house (I know...it sounds bad)....but, I moved the emergency bed from our room this week (to stage the house to put it up for sale)...and tonight, Eli's having trouble breathing...AND there's NO emergency bed for him to sleep in. Right now, he's snoring and drooling in our bed...so, I had to make a little bed on the floor at the foot of our bed with TONS of blankies (so it's nice and soft). Poor Eli too:(
(I think his is just allergies from all the dust I'm kicking up while cleaning...that's why I think I should just STOP!)

ok...here's your funny Eli story:

Yesterday I was in the boys room cleaning (for REAL cleaning)...and the big boys were upstairs with me and Joe was downstairs working on the computer and kinda' watching Isaac. Eli goes down to get something and comes back up and saysL
"mom, Isaac stinks"
me: "Eli...it's ok...dad will change him. I'm up here cleaning"
eli: "mom...Isaac reallly stinks!"
me:"Eli...did you tell dad that Isaac stinks?"
eli:"mom, YES...I told dad. But, he didn't reply!"

Can you believe that Joe didn't reply???
That Eli! Everything that comes out of his mouth just cracks me up!
and poor Eli...I didn't listen to him the other day and had the sticker mess...
and now, he tries to talk to Joe...and he doesn't reply.
Our poor little middle child!

Tomorrow....Isaac is SUPPOSE to have speech therapy at our house...BUT, he doesn't eat when he's sick....so, maybe we'll work on something else. THEN, I'm headed out to Macy's to check out the sale. I have TWO different coupons and plan on using them!
(don't even say it MOM...he'll be fine in his stroller. NO one touches him or breathes on him)
(and stop making that face...he'll be fine!)

He's actually up now playing in the playroom and NOT sleeping.

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Listen to your Children

Do you know what this picture is??

Maybe this angle is better....is it??

Stickers! ON MY FLOOR!

I was working on the computer...Eli was talking to me. I was giving him the ole, "uh huh...yeah...really" responses...NOT even hearing ONE word that came out of his mouth. Well, it appears that we had a conversation about him making a game for us to play and it involved placing stickers all along the floor. AND...I agreed.

ummmmm......we DID play the game. I DID remove the stickers today.

Learn from mistakes.....LISTEN to your kids when they talk (who knows what I'll agree to next time?!?!)

And here's Mr. Isaac. This pic was taken yesterday (after I took pics of the stickers). We went to Eli's school last night to a fall festival outside. Of course Isaac was up all night with a runny nose and croupy cough. I haven't had to put him on oxygen yet...but, he's also pulling at his ears. Wouldn't it just be like Isaac to have an ear infection this week knowing that he's scheduled to have new tubes put in on Thursday (they won't do the surgery if he's infected...will they??) He doesn't have a fever yet...but, I'm keeping him pumped up with all his allergy meds, breathing treatments, ear drops, nose spray, and benadryl....maybe something will help (all of those are some of his regular meds except for the benadryl...don't think i"m trying to overdose him or anything).

I am OUT of pumpkin pies...the shells, the mix. AND...I couldn't go to the store today because Isaac was feeling so bad. I'm going through withdrawal. I made one of those little microwave brownies...but, it just isn't the same. AND...I made a roast for dinner last night...and decided...why not make another for that same friend that just had her babydoll. I hope she liked it!

I'm trying to organize this stinkin' house so that we can put it up for sale. I'm starting one room at a time...and at this rate and with the participating males in this house...I should be all finished by next Christmas!

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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Veteran's Day Travel & Teenage Antics

Cowboy Eli...
Here we have (from left to right)
Eli, Luke, Kenny, and Seth
I think they were having TOO much !!!

With the kids out of school for Veterans Day...we (that would be ME, Chris, Eli, Isaac, Mandy, Megan, and Seth) decided to take the trek across the border to UT to visit our sister and her kiddos and have a little birthday party for our nephew, Kenny. I am pleased to report that we made it there and back with NO peeing in bottles, NO throwing up in the van, NO speeding tickets....seriously, I don't know how we did it, how we didn't forget a kid, how we were all still talking at the end of it all....but, we did it!

Now...I know you're wondering about the other kids...maybe ISAAC? Here's a little video of Mr. Isaac and my niece Catherine. Look...he's finally bigger than someone!

and the new baby was sleeping most of the time (sorry mom...I didn't get a new pic..but, he's still SUPER adorable)

Tonight's PEE IN YOUR PANTS moment will be brought to you by Chris, the teenager who makes me count to ten constantly.

Shoot...I almost forgot to tell you about Chris. He normally gets out of school a little after 1:00. I go to school and pick up the other kids and Chris stays after for wrestling practice. I take Isaac home, feed him, and then we leave to pick up Eli from school at 3:00. I haven't heard from Chris yet...so, I pick up Eli and we're at Chris' school by 3:20. We wait..and wait...and wait. FINALLY, about 4:00 he comes out (all sweaty and stinkY)! We get home...and he asks me if I've filled out his "packet". I tell him "NO", you just gave it to me. Then, he proceeds to tell me that he NEEDS his physical TODAY! what!?!? Luckily, Walgreens does sports physicals...so, we head out. We're FOURTH in line! urrghh...so...we wait....and wait....and wait....Finally, it's about 6:15 and we're outta there! Now, I need to rush into Smith's to grab some things for dinner. While we're in there, he gets a call asking if he's coming to dodgeball at church? WHAT??!! When is that? RIGHT NOW! what?!?!?
So, we rush out of Smith's and I drop him off at the church building that he tells me to.
I'm excited to be going home now...it's 7:00.
BUT, I get a call when I'm almost home, "Ahhh....this is the wrong building, could you COME BACK AND GET ME??"
seriously. I had to do a U turn and drive BACK to the church, pick him up, and DRIVE to another building.
FINALLY, we have it right.
We get home about 7:30...and I start to make Chicken Tortilla Soup (except it's too spicy and now I can't eat it...so, I guess I'll eat cereal) Lucky for me, Joe likes it (so, not a TOTAL waste of my time and effort. I even diced onions....and I DON'T dice!)

Do you see this cutie pie trying to hide from me?? That's my granddaddy Joe...Happy Birthday Granddaddy Joe....you don't look a day over 35!
Ok...ONE MORE THING. We're going on a road trip! Yep...me and the boys are taking a road trip for Thanksgiving to visit the Super Heart Moms of Texas! I can't wait!!!

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Monday, November 09, 2009

Doggy Door Success!

He did it...he did it!!! Isaac can FINALLY crawl through the doggy door! I am so excited that I am almost in tears. How dumb...right?? BUT, the mental thinking that went into this...the physical stamina that it took to wiggle through that door...I am just amazed at how much he's growing. He's getting stronger and smarter each and everyday...and he's simply amazing to me.

NOT only can he crawl through the door now....but, he notices his hands. Can you remember when your infant was playing with their arms...just flinging them in the air...and looked at them with their head tilted, because they realized that those were their arms and THEY were making them move....Isaac finally had that epiphany. He can see his hands and knows that HE is moving them. He can clap his hands randomly...if you ask him to clap, he just smiles at you (not knowing what the heck you're talking about...but, glad that you're talking to him). He can take my hand and touch my nose when I ask where his nose is. He will NOT take his own hand and touch anyone's nose. He can press buttons on his toys now with his fingers! He can't do anything more complicated than a push....but, he can push buttons! He LOVES balls....really, just licking them. He can't roll them yet..but, loves to sit in front of me and let me roll a ball to him and he just grabs it and licks it. He can find shoes if anyone leaves a pair out of the closet! It's like a sixth sense that he has. (we all have teeth marks on our shoes....and he took a chunk of leather out of some pretty nice heels that I have).

Isaac is amazing. Thanks for sharing these accomplishments with me!!!
It's time to enjoy the show. First...we have videographer Chris...trying to catch the little guy in action.

Finally...I'm chatting with Joe before he leaves for work...and he did it on camera! My little superstar!

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Sunday, November 08, 2009

I heart Rocks

Have I told you lately how PERFECT the weather is HERE??
It's sunny and beautiful!
(lovin' the transition lenses...huh?)
While out in the sun...something caught his little eyes...
what could it be??
I will GET YOU!
A rock! The perfect treat...
for ME TO EAT~
so yummy...so yummy!

There you have it. Isaac loves shoes, wood, and now we can add rocks to the list. He's still eating about 1-2 jars of stage 2 baby food daily...but, he LOVES anything NON-food. Joe pulled a huge hunk of wood out of his mouth today...(from that table holding the little tv--because we haven't gotten the big tv fixed yet).

We ALL made it to church today! Joe sang in sacrament...and it was just perfect. (I wish he would sing to me more around the house...).

We ALL took an afternoon nap. I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when Eli and Isaac snuggle with me in our bed, Chris is in his room, and Joe crashes on the couch...I turn the phones off...and we just sleep the afternoon away.

I haven't gotten Isaac flu shot or H1N1 shot yet. I didn't want to wait in line at the health department this weekend...I'll call our card and see if he has any on hand. EXCEPT....Isaac is scheduled to have tubes put in his ears next week...and I would hate to risk him getting sick from the shots and then having to re-schedule the tubes....and I would hate taking him to the hospital withOUT the shot too...what's a mama to do??

My house is not clean, I haven't made any holiday tutus for my etsy shop, I haven't cleaned out the pool lately, my sewing room is a mess...I need an assistant asap!!

AND...you can see that I'm playing around with the blog background. It'll change a lot over the next few days while I'm tweaking it...

and send over prayers and sweet words to Mr. Elijah who's going in for a heart cath tomorrow.

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Thursday, November 05, 2009

Out the door

what are you doing outside??
(he FINALLY crawls out the door by himself)

I caught you Isaac.
Look at that face...like he's trying to explain why he snuck out!
Isaac...WHERE do you think you're going??
ahhh....he likes to swing now...
be in the sun...
crawl around on the fake grass....
it's so NORMAL...
my little cheeseball....
I'm SO proud of you!

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Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Multiple Personalities and Sweet Potatoes

Here's my peanut...
as sweet as can be...
watching his show on the little tv.
and look at him now...
with that loving face...
smiling at his mama..
in such a wonderful place.
and what do we now see...
oh shoot...I can't keep rhyming...
look at that tongue getting ready to come out!
and now he's mad...
because I won't let him eat the camera strap.
(mean mama)
I have so many more pics to share...he's been crawling out the sliders to go into the backyard...
eating rocks, dancing in the sun, stroking the fake grass...I've never seen him so happy and healthy. He makes me want to cry (happy tears...of course)

Eli and Chris were back at school today. GOSH...what a shock to my system! Up again at 5:30AM...if we were on a farm...I'd beat the roosters!

I have eatten (with the help of Eli) two more pumpkin pies. I think I have an addiction problem! HELP!

AND...that sweet potato casserole....it's almost gone (but, Joe helped with that one!)
If you're interest...or even if you're NOT...here's the recipe...complete with step by step photos (because I was just having fun that day)

FIRST...you need to bake those potatoes (or microwave them). I punched some holes in them with a fork...and baked them at 350 until they were soft when I poked them!
After they cool...peel off the skin and mash them in a bowl. The recipe calls for 3 cups of sweet potatoes (I ended up tripling this recipe)
Then, add ONE CUP of Sugar (don't worry, this is a low fat recipe)
Next, add 1/2 cup of melted butter (I tripled this...that's why all the butter!)
AND...add 2 eggs
Then, we need to pour in 1/2 cup of milk (ok...I really did use low fat milk)
Stir it all up with a fork and then just pour it in a pan. I baked one set in this throw away tin and another set in a glass pyrex dish. (doesn't matter...just leave room on top--fill the pan about half full)
NOW...it's time to make the topping:
SERIOUSLY...this is the best part...double or triple the recipe!
Throw ONE CUP of brown sugar in a bowl (I used light brown sugar)
Then, add 1/3 cup of flour
Pour 1/3 cup of melted butter in
How about adding ONE cup of chopped pecans
(I had to actually pay for these...back in NC, you just picked them off the ground!)
NOW...stir it up! It will be thick...don't worry.
So with the thick stuff, just take it in your hands and start crumbling it onto the sweet potatoes.
See....keep dropping it...it will spread out as it cooks...so drop away (perfect for the kids to help now)
AND...you're ready to bake at 350 for about 30 minutes....I ended up baking mine for 45 (because I baked it WITH the ham also....you'll smell it if it starts to burn)
Let me know if you try it...trust me though...you're going to LOVE it!

I must run now...someONE stinks...and it isn't me!

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Monday, November 02, 2009

Standing Man

Can you believe that video??

I think that about sums up our day.

I was out delivering my yummy feast to my friend...and Chris calls to tell me that Isaac is standing up! WHAT?!?! I told him to video tape it...not thinking that he'd actually do it!

School starts back tomorrow for the boys...YEAH for me!

We're trying to hit the hay early tonight...so, I'll post more pics and show you how to make my yummy sweet potato casserole tomorrow!

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Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween Attitude

I think picture tells how Isaac's attitude was
for Halloween...

We went to church to Trunk or Treat...
that would be the back of the mini van, all the bags of candy
in the back, spider webs to SCARE the kids..
and notice Isaac's face...
STILL NOT happy to be there.

So...Joe gave it a try...
that kiddo gave up nothing but attitude!

Seth and Megan met us at church to join in on the fun
(that's Seth in all white, MY Eli in the middle, and tinkerbell Magpie)
I couldn't find Chris at church to snag a pic..
but, HE took this one before we left...
and YES...he wore that silly costume AGAIN!
What a CRAZY weekend! I STILL couldn't find my Halloween decorations. I'm sure they're in a Christmas tree box or something totally off the wall!

Isaac was just a skeleton (it was a pj set...). It warmed up so much this week..that he was almost too hot wearing long sleeves (notice Magpie in her little dress with NO shirt underneath)....and, NOT to brag...but, it's going to be PERFECT and in the 80s all week! This is my MOST favorite time of the year here! (ok...except for all the leaves falling into my pool...that I really NEED to go and get out...because I don't have a poolman)

Eli's actually spending the night with Mandy tonight! YEAH for me! and...the kids are out of school on Monday. Maybe I'll be able to get Chris to help me out a little...if I wave a dollar at him!

Tonight I made FOUR pumpkin pies. NOW...before you start laughing at me....I did make 6 pies last week total...and YES, we ate them all. But, tonight...only 2 are my pies. I made the other two for a friend that just had a baby. I'm whipping her up a southern feast tomorrow:
Honey glazed ham
REAL mashed potatoes and gravy
sweet potato casserole (I will share the recipe tomorrow)
corn on the cob
green beans
REAL macaroni and cheese
stuffing (I know I didn't make a turkey, but I just LOVE it with all the other foods)
dinner rolls
and the two pumpkin pies

(I can't think of anything else)
Sounds SO yummy....
I just wanted to bring her over enough to feed them for a few days. It's like Thanksgiving is here!

What's up with all this baking lately?? Maybe I'm nesting...DON"T tell Joe...he doesn't know what that means...and he'll hide from me! (just playing...I think I'm just bored out of my mind...and I'm finding every reason under the sun NOT to exercise and eat lettuce all day)

So...how about those chocolate covered apples. Here's how I made them:

Make sure the apples are COLD before you dip them in chocoate
(if you want the chocolate to stay on)
just put some chocolate in a bowl and microwave it...
(i did mine a minute at a time...stirring after each minute
until it was melted)

Put sticks in the COLD apples..
now...just dip in the chocolate and sprinkle your
little hearts out!
That has to be the easiest treat in the world to make..
and fyi...Smith's has their apples on sale this week.

OH...and I saw "The Jane Austen Book" movie this weekend...how stinkin' cute was that movie?

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