We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Monday, August 31, 2009

This is how I give Isaac his neb treatments each night...

Did you know that Pulmicort causes glaucoma if the granules
get in the eyes?? They don't exactly tell you that when you start treatments...
luckily...I had a good RT at Stanford...and she clued me in.
so...treatments while sleeping.
The kids are trying to kill me...that's all there is to it. I spent the day taking care of them...taking them to the peds (where they revealed that it's just a stomach flu...)..grocery runs...Walgreens run...cook dinner sometime in there...kinda clean...

and now...

I'm going to make one more bag of food for Isaac, give him 5 more meds....and we're all going to bed!

Tomorrow...I'd like to talk about the Japanese toilets.

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fyi again...

it's 5am...and I just got Isaac to sleep...only to be awoken by a asthmatic Eli.

serenity now.
i will lay down for thirty minutes before I need to wake up Chris for seminary.

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fyi...it's 3am...and Isaac's awake...with a FEVER.

of course he would be.
Why oh WHY don't I get a night job so that I can get some rest??

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Sunday, August 30, 2009

I bet you're wondering where I've been.
Well...let me tell you.
I've been taking care of a sick Eli. Breathing treatments all day and catching
and cleaning up throw up. He's already missed a day of school!
Then...we have Sir Isaac.
Who now takes ONE HOUR to eat a little jar of baby food...
that's three times a day...
pooping about 8 times a day...
one hour long feeding bag feeds twice a day...
cleaning up all the feeds...
and still taking about 15 meds a day.

That's all I've been up to.

But...tonight...I played with a naked Isaac.
I put his little bum on the scale....
Guess what he weighed in at??
Don't peek!
Can you believe that...over 23 pounds!!!
Well...I can tell you that my back feels it...
every 465th time of the day that I pick his
ba-donk-a-donk bum up.
I don't have a pic of Eli..
but, here's one we took while in NC...
These are two of my cutie pie cousins...
Eli was in HEAVEN with them around~
So...it's Sunday night. Joe and Chris made it to church. I kept Eli home because he still had a yucky cough...Isaac had the runs...and I was just too darn tired.

Eli's feeling much better tonight. Isaac's still taking forEVER to eat. Not sure what's going on with that....but, I'll keep trying. Chris...that boy is a whole other story....but, he's doing good.

Well...I'm SO behind on cutting my coupons...and there are SALES this week that are calling my name!

Thanks for checking in on us~

***and one more thing. If you have a moment...go check out MakeMemoriesForever.
This is (follow me now) my sister's mother-in-law's blog. She recently lost her husband to Lymphoma and has started making the cutest little bears out of your clothes or fabric. Hence...the name "memories forever". You can send her an old shirt, blanket, anything you'd like and she'll make bears, lap quilts, pillows...you name it.

uh huh...told you they were cute!

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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

shhh....don't tell Joe..
but, I let Eli play on his computer tonight!
(better his than mine!)
A miracle happened tonight!
Isaac ate almost a WHOLE jar of baby food...
sitting (reclined) in his high chair...
not in his bouncy seat!
but...look at that little face.
I had to put towels beside him
(he just can't sit up straight)
and he still needs the paci to help swallow
(but...whatever it takes!)
So..if you're on facebook you read that CHRIS was cooking Easy Mac this afternoon. He forgot to add water...and caught the microwave on fire (our house still stinks).
Later he said, "mom....they should out a warning label on that stuff for kids. You could burn the house down!"

SO...Kraft. You make easy mac easy enough for a 4 year old to make it....could you label it correctly for a almost 15 year old to follow directions please?

Eli had another good day at school. He's got the easiest spelling words this week, he flies through his homework.

We got ready to hop in the pool this afternoon...and YUCK! algae. Where we haven't swam in a few weeks and have had the pool covered...the water was so hot (like over 90) and that just helped the yuckies grow. BUT, a quick trip to the pool store, a little help from Chris....it'll be ready to go in 2 more days!

See...we don't need no stinkin' pool man!

Chris seems to be doing great at school. He's still in choir....found out that he's a bass. AND...he even sang a little for me. SHOCKING!

Isaac. hmmm....eats everything. Right now, he's been chewing on this wooden table that I had to place in front of the television that holds his "button" and helps him stand. seriously...he's going to get splinters in his mouth!
THEN...under the table, they asked me to put those rubber squares on the floor to cushion his fall (because this is where we're practicing the standing). WELL, the little squares have little puzzle cut outs in them...another tasty treat for Isaac. He will take a huge hunk out of it!
AND...he busted his lip open tonight.
I'll take a pic tomorrow for you.
too much drama going on tonight.

because I haven't told you that after Chris caught the microwave on fire....I caught the grill on fire! yep. I turned it on...I was cleaning the pool and noticed smoke. I ran over, turned off the GAS....and there were still flames in the grill! JUNK in the bottom was on fire! seriously. I'm surprised that our neighborhood is still standing!
(and Joe had the nerve to tell me that my pork chops were dry!)

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Here's Isaac's first week of
they are in school...
this is what we do...

That's about it. You can tell by the pics that he NEEDS something in his mouth at all times, that his knees are dirty because I need to mop my floors, and there are finger prints ALL over my television.


Don't judge me.

Other than that....Chris and I are already spatting over homework and Eli is almost finished reading another chapter book (He's reading a book this week on the 4th grade reading level)....not bragging or anything (especially since I just told you that I let me 2 year old watch tv all day and Chris doesn't want to do homework)

Can I just say, "thank heavens for my Eli"....he brings serenity to my days.

Nope...I don't have a favorite per se...I think you're reading too much into it.
I have my favorite 7 year old, my favorite 2 year old, and my favorite 14 year old.
(just not always in that order...how about that)

The NIGHT CRAWLER is STILL up crawling around. I should change him again (which I do about 20 times a day)...and just put him in the crib (I'll take the camcorder up there and see if I can sneak a video of him do his crazy dancing in the crib and then crashing and then calling me! Cracks me up!)

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Monday, August 24, 2009

1st day of school...

do I have any pics?


Bad mommy...bad mommy.

BUT...we did get up early and got Chris off. He was looking handsome...I made sure that he brushed his teeth, his hair, sprayed his arm pits....and I made him change his clothes.

THEN, I fed Isaac while he was snoozing....and just rested for a little bit before it was time to wake up Mr. Eli. He was so excited. Packed up his new backpack, added the 120 crayons (a must for any 2nd grader), a Rockband folder, and a lunch box with a turkey and cheese lunchable. We walked him to his class. He was perfect.

The day just flew by today. Before I knew it...it was 1:00 and time to start picking up my high schoolers...feeding Isaac at 2:00, and back out to get Eli by 3:00.

We ran errands, made dinner...did a little homework, some chores...baths...and the lone Isaac is the ONLY one still wondering around the house not yet ready to sleep.

(seriously...even Joe's asleep)

I could have just taken Isaac up to bed hours ago when the big boys went to bed....but, he'll just do the shaky dance in his crib until he crashes into the side...cries...and does it again. The crib is NOT a safe place for Isaac. (I need to get him a padded crib)!

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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Eli LOVES playing with Isaac. And they both love peek a boo. But, seriously...have you ever seen a reaction like Isaac's. What's up with the shaky dance?? He does it all the time when he's excited. You should see us in a store, he's in a shopping cart...gets the giggles....and does this spastic dance!

School starts tomorrow! Eli got a different track than what I had requested...we'll see how that works out...but, his teacher is so darn sweet.

Chris doesn't start seminary until Wednesday ( I think)...so, I have a few more days before I have to get up at 5:30! ouch...it already hurts my bones!

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Saturday, August 22, 2009

It's 5:00m...

and Eli and I are sitting on the couch...
sharing the nebulizer.

I am awake because I started this horrible cough upstairs...
and was nudged by my oh-so-sweet hubby to wake up and knock it off.
No...I wasn't offered water or asked if I had coughed up a lung.
just nudged to wake up.

As soon as I put the Albuterol in the mask and turned the nebulizer on...
Eli comes walking down the stairs coughing.

and so...like a good mom..I let him get the first breathing treatment.

I think there are MAJOR dust bunnies upstairs that only come out at night...
gosh darn it...
my weekend will probably end up with me just cleaning now...
not lounging by the pool as if I have no obligations.

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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Isaac's at the front door...
looking for shoes to eat!
see...Chris left one behind...
and I had to grab it before it became a snack.
(Isaac is like a little puppy!)
and here's a little Eli...
just playing with Isaac's toys
because he's BORED TO DEATH.
wouldn't that be tragic?
Oh my WORD...I've been trying to update this darn blog for THREE days now. Well, trying to upload the cutest little video.
BUT...blogger didn't like it...and so on my desktop it will stay.

I can't even remember what's happened this week. We had pt over and Isaac worked really hard on trying to stand.

OH...Logan had his heart surgery today. Eli and I went to the hospital to visit with Richard and Karen. I hope the little guy has a good night and doesn't wake up too mad! Please send your prayers and good thoughts their way.

Isaac hasn't had any blue spells lately. Maybe it was because we had to lower his Prevacid dosage due to re-authorizations with the new insurance. We have that all worked out and he's on his regular dosage. Who would ever have believed that severe reflux could cause so much damage and hurt my little bugaboo so much:(

We go to school tomorrow to meet Eli's teacher. I'm a little bummed that he's on track 3...even after attempts to PLEAD and beg for track 5. Darn school...just add more teachers to the track that everyone wants...HELLO!

Joe is taking Chris and his friend to a concert tomorrow night. GREENDAY at Mandalay Bay...here come my boys! I hope that Joe remembers to take his ear plugs and Chris doesn't embarrass him too much (ok...maybe just a little). SO, it's date night for Isaac, Eli, and myself. I'm not sure what we'll do just yet..maybe a NAP! (that would be grand...but, I think Eli has other plans for me--)

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Saturday, August 15, 2009

For your viewing pleasure...
Here's a little bit of Isaac showing off his bobble head, his "mom" word (or so I'd like to think), and his shaky dance. WOW...so much in only 2 1/2 minutes!

(please ignore all the toys on the floor, the food on his shirt, and the snot coming from his nose)

Other than that...we've had a great Saturday. Joe and I saw Harry Potter, Eli got to play at Mandy's house again, and Chris was playing at a friends house.

NOW...let's see if we can get it all together to make it to church on time tomorrow!

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Friday, August 14, 2009

***Heart mama question***

This is happening lately..
but, noticeably twice tonight alone.

Isaac will be sitting down and playing with something...
all of sudden turn blue, and as soon as he can catch his breath...scream.

I immediately lay him down, hook him up to the sat monitor. He'll be in the high 80s by the time I hook him up...but, his heart rate will be in the 170s-180s.
(note...his resting rate is 120-130..and his awake rate is 140-150. that's already on the high end of normal..but, we're just watching it)

Then, I have to put a cool cloth on his head...and he passes out and naps for a while.
He wakes up and is fine.

This has happened on and off throughout the week...but, twice in the last 4 hours.

So...his heart is totally repaired and he has a cadaver valve that is leaking at a 6 out of 1-10. (10 meaning valve replacement is necessary)

Does anyone know if the valve leakage could cause Tet spells again...or if this sounds like his heart could be having arythmias? I'll keep note of these blue spells and maybe just go see the card next week.

I just thought he needed to poop or something else was causing all this blue face and screaming...but, I was right beside him tonight...and he wasn't doing anything to cause it.

hmmm...thinking caps everyone.
maybe I'm just a little over protective...but, I've worked too hard to keep this little man here with us...and my work isn't over yet!

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Thursday, August 13, 2009

What's this??
A ball??

I should try to eat it...
maybe it tastes good?!
uhh...maybe I'll lay on it now...
oh yeah....that's nice...
That's the life!
ok...these were taken right before we left on vacation. You DON'T want to see a pic of sick boy today. He's still got a slight fever, goopy eyes, goopy nose, coughing, wretching, throwing up...and teetering on the low 90s (almost making me put the canula up his nose)!

I do have an appointment in the morning with our ped to make sure the meds he's on are working or if he needs something else, stronger...chest xray...new tcells...something!

Sir Isaac was up alot last night too...maybe he'll sleep better tonight. AND..that little stinker was up at 5am dancing his jig in the crib! (he's finally on east coast time now that we're not on the east coast!)

Eli spent most of the day at Mandy's...THANK YOU! (that boy will talk your head off)

Chris went to Mandy's for half the day, the orthodontist for new invisaligns, and then spend most of the evening with a friend.

I haven't told you the tale of Chris on this vacation. To make it short and sweet...and not too embarrassing for him....here we go:

He wears invisaligns. They are like these clear caps that go over his teeth like braces. Well, while playing in the ocean...the bottom set was moving around and so he took them out and put them in HIS POCKET. yep...while still playing in the ocean.

We lost the bottom set of teeth!

He takes his iphone, I take mine, and Eli takes his (long story why we have so many). Anyway...we're getting ready to pack to leave the beach house...and Chris can't find his phone.

He has NOW lost his teeth...and his phone.

It's the morning that we fly from NC. I'm packing the last few items and tell the boys to put their shoes on. Chris can't find his shoes. The shoes that he's worn everyday since we got to NC. No one else wears his shoes. Mom's house isn't that big. Luckily, I packed an extra pair.

He has NOW lost his teeth, his phone, and his shoes.

I haven't finished unpacking our luggage...I can't wait to find out what else he's lost!!
That...my friends...is Chris....my teenage, Alzheimer sweet pea.
(can you imagine how he'll be when he gets old....I better start writing his name and address in his undies now!)

Thanks for checking on our family!

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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WE're HOME...we're HOME....we're HOME!!!

Tired...cleaning...and unpacking.
But...I thought I'd share a letter with you that I'll be
sending to Southwest Airlines:

Dear Southwest Airlines,

I recently traveled from North Carolina to Nevada on a 4.40 hour non-stop flight. During this long flight, I was able to observe some things that you might want to take note of to change in the future of your flights.

What are the odds of us landing in water flying across the United States?? Why spend the time on showing us how to use the seat as a flotation device and blowing on the orange life vest....when better time could be spent explain to passengers that when they are getting up from their seats to go the bathroom...that they should NOT pull on the seat of the passenger in front of them. Maybe you should remind said passengers that the people in front of them are not aware of their urge to pee and thus are scared to death when abruptly awoken from the sleep that they just drifted off into. Might these said passengers, instead, turn to their fellow "aisle" passengers, face them, and if support is needed, use those arm rests that are between each seat. Also, while talking to said passenger, could you remind those with wide bums to please turn sideways while walking down the aisle, as not to bump arms and shoulders along the way?

Another item of note would be the reclining of seats. It is known by all that airline seats do recline. BUT, why would you recline your seat, knowing how little space is already between you and the seat in front of you. AND...if you do recline your seat, could you please explain to the man in the blue shirt, that try as you might, kicking the floor and pushing until your face turns pink, the seat will only recline a certain amount. Please further remind said man in blue shirt, that it isn't appropriate behavior to try and push his seat on the lap of the cute southern girl sitting behind him...because she is holding a baby, and does not want her baby squished by the tray table on blue shirt man's seat.

Once the plane lands and approaches the gate, could you please remind passengers that we will all get off the plane. Please address red headed lady who had too much to drink that it isn't appropriate to try and pull a huge suitcase from the overhead while intoxicated and while trying to pull it out while a cute southern girl holding baby sits directly below...my soft belly will not cushion the bags fall and items are likely to shift and get damaged during the fall.

Finally, it should be noted that I observed the snazzy khaki pants that the flight attendants wore. They had the Southwest logo on the bum instead on the Docker logo. (way to keep the money in the company!) That being said, could you please share your business plan with other airlines, so that they too might be profitable and could offer discounted rates....so that we could travel on their airlines and watch movies and have the option of first class.

Thank you so much to your attention to these matters.
I look forward to flying with your airline soon to see that these suggestions have been implemented.

Kathy R.

(and yep...I'm still taking LOTS of cold meds. I haven't coughed up my lungs yet...but, the week isn't over yet. I am taking Isaac to the peds tomorrow just to confirm that he's getting a little better...he's still got a low grade fever and junky chest (2 rounds of antibiotics now). yikes!)

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Monday, August 10, 2009

Have you seen the video of Isaac doing that shaky dancing that he does.  I use to think it was some type of seizure or neurological disorder that we'd have to take him in for.

WELL...at 3:00 last night...he pops up from his crib and starts dancing and shaking the crib so darn fast.  As sick as I am...I pick him up, change him, and lay him in the bed with me.  He keeps sitting up and dancing in the bed.  I'm SO drugged up that I don't want him to fall off the bed, so I put him back in the crib where he can dance his little heart out (eventually he'll fall asleep...right?)  

I ease back into sleep with visions of my dancing baby in my head...only to wake up abruptly to find a face hovering over me.  ELIAS...just starring at me.  

"mom...I'm coughing and sneezing."
"ok Eli...let's go to the kitchen and get some medicine"
and I drag my tired, sleep deprived, drugged up, snotty nose to the kitchen to give him meds as we leave the room with the dancing baby still doing his jig.

Once in the kitchen, I pull out two meds he needs to take.  One for the cough and one for the snotty nose.

"Eli...take two spoons of this"
"ok mom"
"Eli...take just one of these spoons"
"mom..I have to pee"
"Eli..ok...just swallow this spoon and you can go pee" as I'm holding the spoon to his mouth...

then...what happens next.
PEE falls from his black shorts and lands on the burgundy rug where he stands.

"Are you freakin' kidding me?"

I know...I have far more patience for Isaac than I do for the other boys.  That isn't fair...but, it's the reality of the situation.

"I told you I had to pee"

I drag my tired, sleep deprived, drugged up, snotty nose back to the bedroom to get Eli more underwear and shorts...and to smile at my dancing baby still doing his jig.  

I get a rag and wash Eli's little body and legs and he puts on his new shorts and undies.

"Can I sleep with you mom?"

"Are you going to pee in my bed?"

"no mom:("

So...we're off to bed.  
Or so I'd like to think.  

Eli falls asleep as fast as his head hits the pillow.  Isaac is STILL dancing in the crib...and it's 5:00am NOW!  seriously.

I go BACK to the kitchen and make Isaac's milk to start his feeding pump.

After another diaper change, more meds, quick nose wipe and nose suction...I plug up sir Isaac...and he decides that he's tired of dancing and he'll lay down and enjoy just sleeping and eating.  

It's now time for the sun to rise...
serenity now...serenity now.

and that was just the beginning of my day.  I had to take Eli to the doctors today.  He too has bronchitis...so, more meds to pick up and we take an afternoon nap.

I think I've spent about $600 this week on three urgent care visits and all our meds.  Because you KNOW that no one here takes our sorry STINKY insurance. 

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Sunday, August 09, 2009

On Friday...our last FULL day at the beach...
Isaac was well enough to take to the sand
and stick in a pool of water when the
tide went in.
(notice those standing skills!)

The water was warm...
and he LOVED it!
yep...still lovin' it!
Lovin' it so much he wants to drink it!
NOW....would you believe me if I told you that I went to the doctors today and I have Bronchitis!

Would you believe me if I told you that Isaac went to the doctors AGAIN...and he STILL has double ear infections (after being on antibiotics for a week)

Would you believe me even more if I told you that Isaac ALSO has bronchitis...

and would you believe this:
(and that doesn't include the three meds that are in the fridge)!
Do you know the explaining I have to do to go through security with this!
Do you know that I have the WORST memory in the world...and yet, I always remember the time and dosages for his 15+ meds.

and....would you believe me if I told you that Eli is coughing now?
and...Isaac still has a fever...

I don't think we remember how to take a vacation!!

and...just in case you were wondering about my hubby...Joe made it safely home.
I hope he gets some good sleep before we get home....

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Saturday, August 08, 2009

We're back from the beach...
(still in NC) though...
and we are POOPED!
Joe was such a trooper and kept the big boys
entertained while I took care of Mr. Isaac.
After a few near-drowning attempts by Eli...
he knew the waves were out to get him...
and a life jacket was called for.
Baywatch beauties watch out...
my boys are coming!

I don't think that anyone had a better time than Eli did!
and this was how Isaac spent his week.
 He did start feeling better on Friday...just long enough for me to sit him in some water on the beach (those photos I'll post tomorrow).

SO...what a LONG-- week.  Let's just start by saying that the beach itself...beautiful!  It was on the North Shore and all new houses (except ours).  Not crowded...just perfect.  I was a little bummed when we first arrived and the house wasn't as pristine as I'd hoped from the pictures on the internet (I'm sure it was at one time...just many hurricanes ago).  We had a few struggles at the beginning of the week...NO air conditioning (so, it was about 90-95 in the house!) for 3 days.  Just a few other minor details...and these darn bats that lived in the fireplace.  They would start making noises as the sunset (thank goodness that couldn't get out to get us!!!)(and you know I'm LOVING Twilight and the vampires...but, the bats...just giving me the heebie-geebies!)

BUT...we were still oceanfront and that was indeed awesome!!  Just a quick hop to jump in the sand...and by the end of the week...we had enough sand in the house to start our own beach!

Isaac is ruining my plans to ever return to the coast to live and raise surfer boys.  I think he was allergic to everything the beach had to offer.  Poor little thing.  He's back on his oxygen in the evenings (and he HATES that canula up his nose).  He's still pulling on his ears, running a fever, and has the croupy cough.  I may have to take him to the docs again on Monday before we fly out just to make sure he's ok to fly. (and he's been on antibiotics for a week now)...which, by the way...are giving him the runs now instead of the opposite effect that he normally has.  oh...the drama with this kid!

I am sick.  Yep...I'm taking every over the counter cold medicine I can find...coughing, sneezing, and sniffing on everybody.  The big boys are starting up too...hmm...maybe the house had cooties!!

Tomorrow morning I'm driving Joe to the airport so that he can get back to work and the boys and I fly out on Wednesday.  

and now...I've just finished feeding Isaac, the big boys are playing XBox, and I've just rubbed my body down with Vicks vapor rub (just what Joe likes to smell when he goes to bed at night!)shh...don't tell him...it'll totally be a surprise!

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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Well... This beach house doesn't have wifi...so, a brief post via cell phone will have to do!
Of course there has been so much drama here. Isaac got sick this weekend. Double ear infections with retching, gagging, fever, gooey eyes, snotty nose, and croupy cough. He is still struggling...poor little thing. The beach house is NOT what the pics depicted it to be...or maybe they were just taken 10 years ago!
The air conditioner broke on Sunday and just got fixed today. You will not believe all the crazy things wrong here! We will be back at my mom's house on Saturday...so, I'll post lots of pics and give you all the juicy details.
I hope everyone is having a great week!!
It's past midnight here and joe and chris are still out fishing... At least they are in heaven!

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This is a test post from my cell phone

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