We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Monday, December 20, 2010

Tap Out

OH...I SO wish I had a picture to show you..but, let's close our eyes and use our imaginations:

(first...you need to remember...Chris is a wrestler in high school and is 16, Eli is only 8, but Joe has been teaching him jujitsu moves for about a year now)

thus...our story:

Chris and Eli were on the floor playing around.
Chris stood up.
Eli jumped on his back.
Eli them proceeded to put Chris in a choke hold.
Chris told him to get off.
Eli would not...he kept trying to choke Chris out.
Chris went over to the wall and started pushing Eli into it (remember, Eli's still on his back).
Eli still held on and would not stop choking Chris.
Chris fell on the floor and was now LAYING on Eli (remember, Eli is still on his back).
Eli is still holding on and trying to choke him out.
Chris' face turns red.
I tell Chris to tap...or Eli will not let go (per rules when Joe and Eli wrestle).
Chris says, "I'd rather pass out than tap out to Eli!"

and so we had to pull Eli off Chris so that Chris didn't pass out.

The End.

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Letter to Santa

I know..I know...

SLACKER blogger...slacker blogger.

Let me just say...Isaac is still Isaac (sweet, but always taking up ALL my time)...and Eli. HOLY COW...we can't seem to get his asthma under control. He's ALMOST on as many meds as Isaac is (and that is just TOO much for this mama's brain to try to remember!)

NOW...onto that letter above. (click on it to see it larger)
This was the letter that Eli wrote to Santa. PLEASE excuse his handwriting...it is his biggest weakness (but, he was writing on his lap on the sofa...but, it is only a little better when at a table)
ANYWAY...I will decipher it for you:

Dear Santa,

I know you are busy but could you please read this letter. I know that I don't have to ask you anything because you already know what I want so all I want is for everybody to have a great Christmas! I really hope you can do that for me!

Merry Christmas


p.s. I also want ???? (can't read that one). I am trying not to be bosy
Peace out!

HOW STINKIN' cute is that?
I mean....I always think my kids are too cute, what they say is too cute...how they look..
I'm just in LOVE with my boys!

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Thursday, December 09, 2010

1st Wrestling Match

NO...Isaac isn't wrestling...Chris is. Tonight he had his first match and he WON. So...he had to wrestle a girl? so what! She was the same size (looked even thicker than he is)...and he won! YEAH for Chris! His next match is Saturday...

Isaac skipped school today due to excessive snot discharge...but, he acted fine...just snotty.

ELIAS skipped school as well. Keeping his poor mom up YET another night due to excessive coughing. After a quick call to our new ped, he's now taking 2 inhalers twice a day, two allergy meds, prednisone, AND a cough med she prescribed.
May we all PLEASE sleep tonight
(probably not...it's almost 11pm and he's on the couch still hacking)

Joe's back in town. He missed the wrestling match...but, at least he made it home with no car troubles OR moving violations.

AND...for your viewing pleasure...may I present...CHRIS wrestling his little 103 pound bum off!

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Monday, December 06, 2010

Sickies, Rain, Sickies, Rain.....

This is just a picture from last month.

My kids are at it again....ALL of THEM are trying to KILL me...seriously.

Isaac is sick AGAIN. He had a cardiologist appointment today...and I had to re-schedule.
Eli couldn't miss out on the fun...so, he too is wheezing, hacking up a lung, and stuffy...
and Chris...he isn't sick, but he is failing two classes and can't wrestle until he brings his grades up...

and where is Joe?
in Seattle...
for work.

just abandoned me...
in the woods, where it rains endlessly, with sick kids, a barking dog, and mouthy teenager...

AND...I don't think i've mentioned this...BUT, did you know that my minivan has a leak? yep. When it rains....the back sliding door leaks...then, the floor is soaked...then, the van stinks because the carpet takes FOREVER to dry.

I never knew it leaked...
because it NEVER rained.
now I know.
and...I'm beginning to NOT like all this rain.

I'm thinking about just caulking that door closed...
the kids can get in from the front and walk back...
or pop the VERY back door open and climb in...
or WALK in the rain.

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Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Guess what????

I found my camera charger...


and guess where it was?

In my camera bag? (who would have thought to look there??)

I have an early playdate tomorrow with a Icky and another handsome little guy...so, I'll SLOWLY start showing you pics that you've missed over the last month....

Look at Mr. Icky...looking so handsome just standing there...

and Lick...still smiling...
Isaac was just chilling in a basket...
and I LOVE that face he's making...
it cracks me up!
and this is a new face too...
so stinkin' cute!

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