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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A Few of my favorite moments...

As I looked back on the last post that I'd made...I realized that I've been above and beyond a slacker blogger. SO...I plugged in my camera to upload the most recent pics...only to find that I've been a slacker-mom-photographer...

Therefore, I will share with you some of my favorite more recent photos....

I just love this one. You see the messy chaos that is OUR home...and you see
how in LOVE Isaac is with books...(ok...not books, just YoGabbaGabba books)

I am SO glad that we were able to travel a few weeks ago to visit our
friends...and they took us to one of the most beautiful
places that I'd ever seen (Deception Pass).
(and...it's a nice reminder of Eli's crazy hair)
WHICH is not crazy anymore....they shaved it off...and I'd show you...
but, I haven't taken a picture of it yet:(

Joe is really busy with work...therefore, it may be a FEW days before he
notices this picture. It is just the cutest thing I've ever seen!
Isaac sure does love him...
(and so do I)
I just needed to throw this one in. It's from our last appointment with the dentist.
One of the NICEST doctors ever...no one was even around him..
just wanted you to see what one of his tantrums look like.
And...you have HEARD of the phantom teenager that lurks our halls...
but, he exists. We turned his crazy orange hair to a super
dark brown...and he's as handsome as ever.
(and yes...still wants to be an underwear model)
AND...will kill me if he ever sees that I posted this picture.

Our days are busy as usual. Chris is in drivers ed (don't ask....), he's going to prom this weekend, Eli is reading some vampire series that made him cry last night (it had a sad ending), Isaac is walking ALL over the place and screaming at times (I think he's bi-polar, manic, multiple-personality disorder...all wrapped up into one cute little butterbean!)

We had a few sunny days lately...and it has just been beautiful. NOW...the forecast is for Rain...all week...forEVER probably.

Thanks for checking on us!

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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Eczema cheeks

We've dealt with dry cheeks forEVER with Isaac.
His little cheeks will break out with eczema patches SO bad
that they'll start to bleed!
We use everything...but, someone can't keep their fingers out of
their mouth..
and food off their face...
so, this is what we get.

I have so many OTC products that we use, prescription creams and ointments...
I just rotate them all.

Tonight....I gooped on a gift from Christy.

This is an udder cream...
She sent it a few weeks ago...we tried it...and it worked...
but, like everything else..
it only works for a few days.

I'll let you know how this batch works...
(and don't worry....after 2 minutes of gooping it on...he wipes his face
in my couch...so, most of it is off)

hence...the ineffectiveness of all creams.

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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Who's a big boy walker?

Get your tissues ready...

it's been FOUR years in the making...
hours and hours of therapy...
three pairs of leg braces...
multiple walkers...
lots of cute therapists...
and now...may I present...the Newest member of the Walking Community...
Sir Isaac....

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