We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Monday, December 28, 2009

First Ride at Chuck E Cheese

If you know my family...you know that we've lived at Chuck E Cheese for the last 15 years...and we're STILL hanging out there! (just doing out part to stimulate the economy)

Thus, it was only fitting to have my birthday party with the Cheese himself. Now...Isaac has been there many times...but, he's always asleep...(and really...if he was awake...I wouldn't let him on those germy rides). BUT....this day...he was WIDE awake...and willing to take his FIRST Ride...I almost cried!
He even tried steering with his feet!
Look...he likes all the lights, music, and mass chaos!
He sure did choose the right family!

This morning...do you know what I heard at 1:14am??? rrhghhtkegoeigsosdjfhaoghosd
Do you know what that sound is?? Well, that would be Isaac pooping...pooping some of the stinkiest poop I have ever smelled. THEN, about ten minutes after the diaper change....
another ajsdfoaiu e0wugoiwhegsgh....
seriously....I almost gagged!
So, I take stinky bum downstairs (because we're totally keeping Joe awake)...and that boys does it again! Really....how much poop can a 25 pound kid have in them??

DID you catch that?? He weighs 25 pounds now!!! and he's 34 1/3 inches long. That puts him ON THE GROWTH CHART for normal kids! Now, that's only 3rd and 5th percentile...and he's 50th percentile for his fat head...but, he's on the charts! (I guess feeding him every four hours for the last 2 1/2 years has started paying off!)

Tomorrow....Nora comes for a visit! Time to show off his standing skills!

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Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas!
The boys could not have had a more wonderful day.

No ONE was more excited than Eli...
he is still so excited and young...
I just love it!
Isaac's favorite gift was this boat...
he kept climbing in it and watching television.
(i just hope that he doesn't start eating it)
Who's the most excited in this picture??
Isaac laid in my lap like that for the entire morning...
something's still a little off with him...
and Chris found THIS is the garage.
(now...don't think my money tree started growing...
this car is a 1996 and will need LOTS of TLC...but,
the guys look forward to many weekends in the garage)
I have more pics and videos to share...
but, I just wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas...
and know that we had a great day.

I EVEN cooked!
BUT...not after we tried to Chinese buffet...and there were TWO tour buses there...a LINE out the door!
IT's a good thing that I had already cooked a turkey and was preparing for a big dinner.

and we ate.
and now we need to exercise more.
the story of our lives!

(Eli is reading over my shoulder again...
Eli is a dork!)
I know you are reading this Eli...that is why I am typing it.
Stop reading it.
stop it now.
go to bed!

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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blogging from my phone while snuggled in bed...

Isaac has been throwing up constantly for the last few days. We even went to the peds this morning to get his flu shots....yep, he slimed me in the waiting room. He isn't throwing up because of a stomach flu...it's his thick saliva that he can't swallow. So, today...I finally asked our ped for a suction machine (so I don't have to keep using a little snot sucker). Let's hope that insurance will approve it and I can help Isaac clean his little mouth and throat out......at least until he learns how to swallow!

Now...I already announced this on Facebook...but, everyone is invited to MY birthday party on Thursday at Chuck E Cheese. We will be at the one on Eastern at 11:00am and I will share my pizza, drinks, and tokens!!! ( don't I have the best kids ever for throwing me such a great party?)

Tomorrow....I will try really hard to post pics and new videos. I just need more time in my days!! And...no...I still haven't sent out any Xmas cards. Maybe next year. I have started making cookies though....and im making a fee pies tomorrow (pumpkin, of course)

And...Hollie. Do NOT leave goodies at my house when I'm not home. SomeONE eats them all without sharing (you know that I can't mention names because my blog is monitored for quality assurance)

Dang. My fingers hurt....so, ta ta for now
(I wish this phone had spell check)

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

A smarty pants

Mr. Eli was the ONLY kiddo in his class to get on the "A" honor roll!
Can't you just see the excitement in his eyes??

Here are my two boys celebrating at school!
This weekend, my sister, Christy, came down from Utah and brought her FOUR kids! WHEW...that was a houseful...and it was so fun! There's Kenny (8), Luke (5), Catherine (2), Jake (2 or 3 months). Here's my jealous Isaac and little Jakey. I think I'm ready for another one...don't you??
ok..maybe NOT just yet...but, it sure was fun!

THIS is Catherine. She's Isaac's age. She scares Isaac to death! The moment that she walks over to him...he starts crying. She means well...she likes to bring him his toys and paci...
BUT...he just doesn't like anyone in his space...and he cries.
THIS is Catherine. She is Isaac's age. She scares Katie, our dog, to death!
Poor doggy kept hiding in Chris' room to stay away from her.
BUT...she had fun (I think).
And for Master Isaac. He's been a little "off". He doesn't quite need O2 yet. But, he's started throwing up twice a day...so, something's brewing. Other than those periods of the day where he just isn't acting normal....he's a wild man. We have to constantly find him in the house. He's either in the bathroom licking something gross, in the laundry room looking for shoes to lick, or outside (without permission) licking rocks. You know...Eli's nickname is "Lick"....but, I think we need to give that name to Isaac~
He's still as cute as EVER! We all made it to church today (including Kenny, my nephew that stayed with us for the weekend). It was a great morning...wonderful music, great lessons, and lots of fun chats with friends. I LOVE it when a day starts off like that!
Tomorrow...we're meeting Lisa (another heart mama) at the park (and Mandy's--other sister) is back in town...so, we're taking ALL the kids! It's suppose to be sunny and 60...I hope so!

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Isaac's new dance moves

Isaac just LOVES music...he just loves it when American Idol is on and when So you think you can dance is on.

Here's what we watched for ONE HOUR this week:

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas music to get you in the MOOD!

This was Christopher's FIRST song at the concert. Can you see him? He's on the end, second riser from the top. (doesn't he look like James standing there?)
James is my little brother...Chris looks like he should have been their child.

The Rollers will NOT be sending out Christmas cards this year. WELL...I mean..if I get some crazy rush to take a pic, make the cards, address envelopes, put stamps on all of them...AND actually get them to the post office. Don't worry...I"ll wish you all a Merry Christmas on that day! BUT...also...I was trying to cut Isaac's hair today...and for the first time EVER...he threw a fit...and I cut a bug chunk out of the side, I didn't get to finish...and oh my goodness...he can't be on a Christmas card (unless I put a hat on him)!

So...maybe I'll send out cards next year!

Guess what??
JUAN delivered our television today! Joe set it up tonight...and it is glorious!!!
bye bye tiny tv!
(don't ask how I know who Juan is...LONG story!)

I went to see Logan and Karen today! They live SO FAR away now...It's like taking a drive up to Utah! BUT...the drive was SO worth it!! Thanks for letting me see you guys today!

Here's the pic we took on the Santa train last week. I suppose I could photoshop the people out of the back ground...and put THIS pic on holiday cards...
OR...you could just print out a copy and write a little holiday message on it for me!
thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Notice the SHORT SLEEVES! The weather this week has been GORGEOUS!
Sending sunshine your way!!

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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Teenager in Tux...

Isaac has a LOVE other than Gabba Gabba...
It would be Baby Tad...
this poor frog is SO old (it use to be Eli's)..
and Isaac just adores it.
Seriously...look at that face!

Look at him...he's the happiest little peanut!
and the main attraction for the night...
My Chris in his tux...
singing so sweet at the school choir concert.

When did he get so old??
That's the Chris I'm use to!
where are you??

There he is!
It was another busy day...

but, we ended at Christopher's choir concert. Joe was able to make it...
it was perfect.
Those kiddos are SO talented!
and we topped it off with pizza at CiCi's!...
(gotta love some pizza buffet--especially when no one wants to cook!)

Isaac is doing fantastic. He's getting a runny nose...I hope it's from all the dust we've been kicking up cleaning around here! (benadryl is on board...that'll dry him up!)

Eli is out of school tomorrow for teacher conferences...
Did I tell you that I had mine yesterday and he's on the A honor roll!

SO...he'll be my errand boy, along with side-kick Isaac.....and we'll see how much we can get done!

MOM...I will post videos of the concert tomorrow.

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Monday, December 14, 2009

Dancing Eli...Turtle Isaac...

He is not only our BEAVER (you got it Kelly!)....he's also our little TURTLE!
He still eats in his bouncy seat (because he can't swallow sitting straight up)...
anyway...once he's finished eating...if I don't promptly remove him from the bouncer...he decides to flip it over and crawl around the house!

Seriously...this boy is getting into everything!
Here's the flip...
Notice...I was going to get a rag to wipe off his face...
he's still got food coming out of his mouth!
Look at those leg muscles!
another shot of the food in his mouth...
head down again...
legs up!
He's a MAD MAN!
He's threw up twice today. What a yucky way to end the day.
We did go and see our ENT today...and for ONCE in his life...Isaac's ears look PERFECT!
(I wish I could take a pic of his ear canal for YOU!)

Here's a video from Eli's Christmas program. He's towards the front in a red shirt and khaki pants. (he gets his dance moves from his dad!)

I have a few more videos of that night...but, don't want to bore you all in one post!

Tomorrow night is HIS Christmas choir concert...I'll bring the flip video (nope Jen...I haven't found mine yet...but, we DID find Chris')
Someone is a little spoiled....don't you think??

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sooo Tired....

I'm actually sitting on JOE'S side of the couch, using HIS laptop (shhh...don't tell him)...and all the pics are on MY computer...on the other side of the room...NOT on the couch.

SO...I'll have to promise pics tomorrow. We've had a really busy weekend...and I'm about to drop.
Eli had his Christmas concert at school on Thursday night. It was SO cute. I do have video...and will post it soon. (i promise mom).

Friday...I can't remember Friday...I'm sure we were busy.
Saturday...I (just ME) woke up at 7am and cleaned the house (with help from a friend)...until about 7pm! OH...my bones are aching. In all that time....we just got the kitchen, family room, and guestroom complete (and a bunch of laundry).

I did take Isaac upstairs to my room at one point during the day. I was hanging clothes in the closet and he was in his crib watching Gabba Gabba while being fed. I just happened to walk over and peek inside the crib...AND almost had an anxiety attack. The crib was soaked! Isaac had moved around too much...and his BUTTON FELL OUT of his belly! Not only did he just disconnect himself...but, THERE's a hole in his tummy showing...all his milk is gushing out. GROSS GROSS GROSS.!!
Joe normally changes his button for me...and Joe wasn't here. He was out with the big boys.
I had to be strong and go to work. I raced downstairs and got my supplies: a new button, 5cc's of water in a syringe, ky jelly (to make the button slide in easier)....and my nerves.
Isaac was trying to crawl around...like nothing had happened...still gushing YUCK out of his tummy!
I was brave...you guys would have been so proud of me! I put that button right back in his tummy, filled up the balloon with water...and started his feeds again.

I think that just drained all of my remaining energy from me...

Because today....we just couldn't get up for church. I know....bad excuse. We just can't seem to rest...really rest.

It was a beautiful...warmer, and sunny day today. I decided to take the boys (all of them) out to Boulder City...to see if we could catch a ride on the Santa train (joe was at church at choir practice).

When we drove up...the parking lot was packed! I gave Chris some money and he went up to see if they had any tickets left (only $2.oo each...how cool!). Well, they were sold out:(
So, we decided to just get out and go look at the trains....we were already there...it was such a pretty day.
AND guess what?? Some lady just walked up to us and asked if we had tickets. I said, "No"...and she handed me four tickets! When I reached to give her money....she refused and said, "Merry Christmas". How cool was that??
I hope that I'm able to surprise a few folks this season. It's those little things that people will always remember.

Isaac is doing great. Only throwing up once a day these days. Pulling to stand ALL DAY LONG. He's growing up so fast. He still doesn't speak English or understand English (or at least he doesn't listen to us). OH....Isaac found a new substitute for eating the tv table....Thomas the train wooded tracks! He's been dragging pieces around all day chomping on them!

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Isaac eats EVERYTHING, except food...

Have you met Isaac before???
His name is Isaac, he sneaks into the laundry room...
he eats shoes.
"DON'T you put that shoe in your mouth!"
"What did I say?"
"Get that shoe out of your mouth!"
"Isaac...PUT that shoe down too"
He is SUCH a little turkey. He doesn't listen one bit. I'm not sure if he understands what I'm telling him...or if he speaks another language....but, he just does what he wants to do.

If you think eating shoes is GROSS....then, you will want to overt your eyes.
BECAUSE...I've caught him this week in the guest bathroom....eating the rugs!
and tonight...I almost died!
SOMEONE (not me), left the toilet seat up....and what did I catch Isaac eating???
What do you do?? I pick him up, tell him NO, pop his bum, he's laughing....kicking...thinking this is SO funny. I can't kiss him...he's been licking the TOILET! I can't wash his mouth out with soap (can I?)
Well....I didn't. BUT, I did wet a washrag and scrub his mouth for about 5 minutes.
I did NOT give him a goodnight kiss.
I think he has cooties now....and I need to take him in for a shot.


this is our house.
and here's Sir Isaac with his walker...
just sitting on it...
playing his piano...
watching Gabba Gabba...
How was YOUR Wednesday?

Tomorrow is Eli's xmas concert at school (and I STILL can't find my flip video). GOSH...what if I have to break out the BIG OLD camcorder?? I don't even know where in the WORLD that thing is.
I guess I better start looking.

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Sunday in Texas...

and the story continues...

A YUCKY rainy day. BUT...ended up being SUPER FUN!
We had lunch with Jen, hubby, kiddos, sister and her kids, her mom, Cindy, Steph, and Jakey...whew...there was a BIG table full of kids!
We ate at Babe's (right Jen?)...some finger lickin' good country food! (don't worry...I wore my big sweater so that I could eat as much as I wanted).

After lunch...we had to go and buy swimsuits. WHY?? Well...I didn't pack any. AND...we were headed HERE:

Yep. That's ONE BIG waterpark! Jen and I were talking and decided that although we LOVED staying at her house for the weekend...we might get in their way on Monday morning while they're trying to get off to work and school....and we're trying to pack. SO, the boys and I got a room at the Great Wolf Lodge...and we all were able to frolic in the waterpark for FREE!!!
And let it be known that Jen and Mysti made me ride on the scariest slide...I almost died.
I didn't...
and I didn't ride another slide either.
This is what I did:

and here's what Isaac thought about the water:

What a wonderful thing to do on such a cold and rainy day.
Little did I know that all that rain that we were getting....
would be SNOW on our way home on Monday. We didn't drive in any...but, there was snow on the sidewalks at every stop...and the boys HAD to make sure and throw snowballs every chance they got.

We had such a great time while we were there....
and we'll be back!
And Crabby Old Man...we're headed to your house next!

and for today.
I am tired.
Isaac had the shaky legs all night...
Eli needed a breathing treatment about 2am...
Joe snored a little....
and Isaac decided to wake up before the sun and we were UP and downstairs by 4:45!
I went back to sleep....after starting Isaac's feeds, getting Chris out, and making Joe and Eli's lunch. (about 6:30am)
THEN, my alarm went off again.
I just wanted to lay in the bed. Eli could go into school late...right??
but, no....I decided to get my big ole' bum out of bed and get my little guy off to school.
Where I then decided that retail therapy was the ONLY thing that would get me through the day.
MACY's....I heart you!!!
(I'll have to show you pics of that trip tomorrow)
(Joe's in here...he'll see)

Thanks for checking on us!

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Monday, December 07, 2009

Serenity Now...Serenity Now...

The people in my house are trying to kill me. I'm not sure what I did to make them so angry with me....but, they are ALL out to get me. I don't have life insurance on me....they will NOT get rich. They will only gain MORE work. I am certain though....they're out to get me.

I would LOVE to share with you our final Texas day...but, I NEED to tell you about this family of mine. Let us start with Saturday morning. Elias. He was having a horrible time with his asthma. No problem...just give him a breathing treatment....and he'll be ok. UNTIL about 2- hours....he can't breathe again...so another treatment. And just put that on repeat.
ALL NIGHT LONG. Coughing, gagging, coughing....breathing treatment. Coughing, gagging, coughing....breathing treatment.

That afternoon...as if Eli wasn't enough....JOE decided to eat something from the freezer. About an hour later, told me that he felt horrible. Then, he RAN to the bathroom....and OUT it all came.
THEN....have you seen "Hitch"?
Something triggered Joe's allergies and his face started swelling like a balloon! I've got Eli settled down in our bedroom trying to sleep through the coughs....now, I have to help Joe pop Benadryl. NOW.....as funny as this sounds now, at the time...it is NOT funny. When he has these allergic reactions...his airway closes...and so, we have to watch him closely because sometimes he needs to be taken to the hospital. I can't even remember how many Benadryl he had to take.....but, sometime after mid-night...his face stopped swelling (it didn't go down any...just didn't get any puffier). So, we went upstairs so that I could keep an eye on Eli also.

In the meantime...we told Chris to be "on call" if we had to take Joe to the hospital...where I might as well take Eli too.
THANK GOODNESS Isaac was well this weekend (it would have been too much).

I still have to wake up every 2-3 hours and give Eli breathing treatments...and I check Joe during the night and he's still alive.

It's now Sunday morning....whew....it should be a better day.
Joe's eye is still swollen...but NOTHING like it was the night before. His throat is a little scratchy...but, he has to teach the lesson in Sunday School...so, he takes Chris to church...where, I'm still checking on a sick little Eli. I check Eli's sats that morning...and he's at 92....any lower and he really needs to be taken to the hospital.

When Joe returns from church, I take Eli to an Urgent care right beside the hospital.
ALL is well...we get a prescription for steroids...keep up with the breathing treatments....just have to wait for it to pass.

We were all exhausted on Sunday afternoon...and we WERE able to get a nap.

This morning....Eli's STILL coughing. I let him skip school. He then proceeds to
throw up in the middle of the kitchen floor (he was trying to rush to the trashcan).

But...like a Christmas miracle...I think the second day of steroids started to kick in...and he's sounding much better tonight.

Joe...poor thing is exhausted...I can just see it in his eyes.

Chris has been a good help (not great....but, I wouldn't trade him)
and Isaac.
That crazy kid. We had rain today...and I couldn't keep him from sneaking out the doggy door to splash around (it was too cold, or I would have let him have his fun). We worked with his fancy walker today....practiced standing and playing with his toys. AND...he will NOT stop eating that wooden table that the tiny television is sitting on. (little chunks of wood are everywhere).

OH...and WHERE is my new television?? I emailed Amex yesterday (ok, Joe did), and we got a tracking number. So, I called the company that was suppose to send it out a MONTH ago. Guess what? They canceled the order!! why!?!? Because they said they had the wrong price posted and they couldn't sell it to us at that price!
I wrote a FIRM email back to Amex...and they refunded ALL of our points and some extra.
SO, we ordered ANOTHER television tonight.
Maybe we'll be watching BIG tv soon!

OH....and Joe and I saw Blind Side this weekend. Such a good movie.
(I guess they didn't try to kill me the entire weekend)

Tomorrow...I'll finish telling you about the Texas trip....I'll post some pics...
I just need more time in my days.
anyone know where I can find some??

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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Yo Gabba Gabba LIVE!

Well....I think we're up to SATURDAY on the Texas road trip. After breakfast, we ate lunch at Rainforest Cafe (so yummy). Jen's mom met us there (what a sweet mom you have Jen)...and while we waited for the food, Jen took the boys to make animals at Build a Bear. Of course Eli was in heaven (as well and Bennett and Gracie). Eli made a rhino and named him Dr. Evil.
of course he did.
After lunch....it was time for the main event...YO GABBA GABBA LIVE! Jen's sister, Mysti, got us all tickets (and Mysti too was awesome to meet). I have to tell you...this show was AWESOME! It was Isaac's and Eli's first concert! Isaac just looked ahead because this was the biggest television screen that he had EVER seen!
Here's a pic at the show at intermission.
From left to right we have:
Eli, Isaac, Gracie, Jakey, Bennett, and Sloan
(notice that Jen got all the kids matching shirts to wear....too cute!)

I SHOULD have lost weight during this show
(but, we ate too good before and after it!)
Here's Isaac on my shoulders

Isaac held tight to the paci during the entire show...
but, he loved every LOUD minute of it!
Here's another shot of the trouble makers...
they didn't sit still for very long!

Can you tell how excited Eli was?
Here's a pic of what the stage looked like.
All the Gabbba characters, a big screen, and DJ Lance Rock!
Can you tell who's in this pic?
Solange (Beyonce's sister) and Biz Markie...
seriously! The crowd went wild for "Biz's Beat of the Day~"
There's a Party in my Tummy!

I HAVE LOTS of video of the show...BUT, I CANNOT find my Flip video camera.
(I'm still searching for it...so, not panicing yet)

After the Gabba show...we all went out for Ice Cream with the kids. They made such a mess...they were still on the high from the show. ISAAC even licked ice cream.

THEN, we headed back to the house....where Mysti showed up with "Team Edward" and "Team Jacob" shirts for us all to wear at the movies! NOW...you KNOW we looked like some dorks (ok....maybe it was just me)....but, we strolled into that theatre with our matching shirts on like a bunch of giddy teenagers.
so awesome!
OH wait...before we went to the movies...we strolled into a FANTASTIC Mexican restaurant with those matching shirts on!
I LOVED the movie! Except, I did think that their eyes were a little TOO yellow and TOO red...but, other than that...
it was perfect!

What an amazing Day! I LOVED my company, all the food, the show, the movie....really, the kids behaved, the moms behaved...the weather behaved.
THANKS Cindy, Jen, and Mysti for an AWESOME day!
(oh...did I mention that Craig (Jen's hubby)Chris, Steph(Cindy's daughter), and a friend of hers babysat while we were at the movies...THANKS a million you guys!)

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I have a SURPRISE for you....

Here...we have Isaac...
just watching television...
chomping on his hands....

Do you SEE what I SEE??
(and I haven't lowered it yet--
is it wrong that I took a picture instead of lowering
the mattress?)
He stood up all day long today....
pulling up, standing for a few seconds, and then sitting
back down....only to repeat the process moments later!
He's amazing! Although, I have to say.....I think starting off our morning with leg braces and 30 minutes in the stander helped to get him going today. THEN, he ate baby food for breakfast.
THEN, threw up the babyfood.
THEN, napped because he wretched and threw up so much.
THEN, started pulling up like a madman!

Now...it's after midnight...and my sweet hubby just came home from work. I am pooped, he's pooped, and I'm tired of changing poopy diapers (did I mention that I changed about 10 today)
Where does it all come from?? He doesn't eat that much??

I need to tell you about our Friday (the 2nd day into our road trip)
I set my cruise control and we made it to Jen's house without any drama! Chris wanted to eat at Golden Corral. (yes...everyone thought we were crazy) Chris just LOVES to eat spaghetti and rolls and more rolls. (no, we can't take him to a nice Italian restaurant...it's too flavorful for him...he needs bland food)
It was so awesome meeting Jen and her family for the first time. It felt like we had known each other for years (which we have, just on blog world)....the kids all played well. I couldn't have felt more welcomed.

I'm sure more happened that day....but, you know my memory...and when it's gone, it's GONE.
So, I'll ask Chris and Eli if anything else super funny happened.

Tomorrow....I'll tell you about Gabba Gabba LIVE, New Moon, and Rainforest Cafe.
YES...that would mean that Jen did NOT help me lose any weight while we were there!

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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Thanksgiving....a little late review

I should start from the TOP of our road trip. That would be Thanksgiving Day. We woke up that morning and I DID NOT HAVE TO COOK! Joe and Chris went to a local park to play football with some guys from church. We headed out a little after noon.
And we drove.
And we drove.
We stopped in Flagstaff to eat at Denny's (at Chris' request). They gobbled up their food...and Eli had never seen "smoke" come from his mouth when he breathed outside when it was cold. (ok...I'm sure he's seen it...he just couldn't remember it) It was cracking him up...until he went in a gas station...and tried breathing and was upset that he couldn't see it anymore:)

THEN, we cross the New Mexico border...where Eli says, "mom...I don't know how to speak Spanish...I hope you can speak enough!"

Then, we get close to Albuquerque. Where, apparently I was speeding. The sweet policeman told me that I was going 89 in a 75...but, he was more concerned with the SMOKE coming out of my hood! what???
So, we popped the hood...and sure enough...there was smoke! Poor guy felt bad for me...driving alone with three kids...it's almost midnight....and my car is smoking. He only gave me a warning and told me to go ahead and park her for the night.
BUT...after further investigation of the car...I noticed that the radiator cap wasn't on tight...NOT even HOT! It seems that when I took the car to Jiffy Lube...and paid an extra $6.00 for them to top off my fluids....THEY were TOO Jiffy...and didn't put the lid on tight. THUS, leading to the spillage of the fluid which was then burning off onto the metal components of the car. All it needed was about a half gallon of antifreeze...and she was ready to go.
(yes...I am good)
We ended up spending the night in Santa Rosa, NM that night. So...that meant that we only had 8 hours to drive on Friday.
(the story will continue tomorrow)

ok...I was going to make you wait to see pics...but, here's ONE for you:

Jen too this one on Sunday...but, I'm not telling you about it until I get to that day.
Tomorrow...it's about FRIDAY...the day we arrive in Grapevine, Tx! ALIVE!!!!

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