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Monday, September 26, 2011

Family Fun Hiking

Have I told you lately that we LOVE it here in Reno?? We have been taking advantage of the outdoors as much possible. Christy sent me her baby backpack...and we already bought hiking boots when we were in Washington...so, it was the perfect day for a hike.

Last month, there was a fire on a mountain near our house. Eli calls it "Thor's Hammer"...because of all the burnt ground you can see. WELL...we decided to check it out!

Just look at my guys...

Isaac just loved sitting on Joe's back...

Then...the boys saw a lizard...and the hunt was on!

Yes...it took them ALL to catch that little thing! (ok, it
took just Joe...but, they all tried)

Can you believe how pretty it is?

and this is right in our backyard!

I think this is the spot in the middle of the burnt mountain...
Eli striking a pose...
of course.

Chris...enjoying the view and staying as FAR away
from us as possible.

Taking a breather...
I am SO glad that I didn't have to carry Isaac.

And...before long...the baby was snoozing.

and Eli started leading the pack.

This weekend...we have GREAT plans! We're headed back to Virginia City to see the Outhouse Races! It's going to be SO much fun. Then, the next weekend is the Italian Festival!
OH...there are SO many things to do and see. I'm glad that we have the opportunity to do all these things now...because, I'm hearing that Reno gets a LITTLE chilly in the winter. BUT...then, we'll put on our snow bibs and hit the slopes!
GOSH..I can't wait.

In other news...Chris has his license. His car is registered. AND..he's almost mastered driving a stick. SHOOT...that means that I will have to let him drive to school anyday now...and I AM NOT ready for that. (no girlfriend yet...thank goodness)

Eli LOVES his new school and class. They got him in the gifted program and he's making friends. He's become the "first pick" goalie at recess when they play soccer. (so proud of him).

Isaac is trudging along at preschool. He has swimming two days a week, horse riding one day a week, music therapy, pt, ot, and speech. AND...we're trying to get him to hold his own spoon and feed himself (no real luck yet...but, we're doing "hand over hand" and I'm sure that one day, he'll surprise.). SIT DOWN...are you ready? Isaac is going to ride the school bus home from school tomorrow. NOW....I've met the driver, we're going to let him read his Gabba books, AND..the sweet driver is going to play "Yo Gabba Gabba" music on the bus for him! He should be in HEAVEN!
(I'll keep you updated on how that goes...)

Joe's been busy with work and other things...
and I'm just trying to get into a groove so that I can be a LITTLE more organized and productive. (if it's even possible)

Thanks for checking on us!
(and yes...go ahead and tell me how awesome my pics are!)

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

WE've been SUPER busy!

Let's just talk about the weather here for a moment...
Isaac LOVES to go to the park and swing his little heart out.

First Day of School...Looks excited, doesn't he. Eli has started making friends, is the first pick on the playground for soccer, and is in the gifted program. All is right in his world (for now).

First day of school for Isaac. He was just walking down that sidewalk like he knew where he was going. We decided to put Isaac in a Special Needs school. His class can only get up to 6 kids (where as a special class at mainstream school can get up to 15 kids). This school has all the therapies (pt, ot, and speech) and it even has music therapy, swim therapy, and horse therapy. So far..so good. The only downside to this school is that it's 20 miles away (one way). SO, many days I just volunteer in class or run errands on that side of town to save on gas.

There is the COOLEST sporting goods store here called Scheels. It has a ferris wheel right in the middle...look at Chris being such a good brother and riding with Eli...melts my heart.

Here's a pic of Isaac enjoying his horse riding. He gets to ride every Thursday...and he just laughs and does his dancey dance the whole time. It is just the cutest thing I've EVER seen!

Two weeks ago we had the Rib Cookoff downtown. We walked in the heat, ate some delicious food, and the kids rode a few rides...

and that's Eli in the middle going down the slide. (yes...he wore those huge sunglasses all day long).

Last weekend we had the Hot Air Balloon Races in town. When we pulled up to drop Eli off at school...we were shocked to see TWO huge balloons on the playground.

On September 9th...we celebrated the birth of Christopher. Nothing like a six pack of Coke and a dancing hula girl to make a teenager happy!

This past weekend...we ventured to Virginia City...an old mining town in Nevada. It was the annual Camel Race...and we had a BLAST! Isaac did a great job holding his ipad and just taking it all in (although, it overheated after about an hour and had to be put away)

This is what the camel races looked like. Then, ostriches raced...and then little kids chased Emus and chickens around the arena. It was so funny to watch!

That's what Isaac looked like towards the end of our stay at the Camel Races.

There are my other handsome boys...
(yes...i was beating the ladies back with a stick!)

Well...that's about it. I'm SLOWLY getting Isaac into all his specialists. Chris goes to take his driving test next week (i am shaking in my boots for him!). He is a HORRIBLE driver (he must get that from his dad...not me:) I am still unpacking boxes and trying to organize (I just don't like doing that kind of thing)...but, we are STILL LOVING Reno! It's just the perfect little town for us!

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