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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Look Who's Riding the Bus!

Here comes the bus. I've been meeting her right in front
of the gates to our neighborhood...

Not sure if you can see him...but, he's sitting in his stroller at the
first window.
(the driver is taking off the straps that keep his stroller secured)

and then...they wheel him on out!
This bus has a driver and an aide (that's the ONLY reason I let him ride)

and...he's happy to see me! (i think)
Please notice...he has his paci, two books, and the driver even
has a cassette recording (front and back) of our favorite
Yo Gabba Gabba songs (in case of emergency!)

I'm so proud of him (and me)....

I still take him to school each morning...get him all settled in class and talk with his teacher.
THEN...I come home...
and relish in a moment of silence...
before I go out to wait for him.

IT is the BEST thing ever!

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Grandma Judy said...

Oh how sweet! Our baby is growing up fast!

Lee Family said...

oh HE is so cute, Taking the Bus is a huge step. What a big boy. Glad to see photos of him. He is getting so big.

jencooper said...

I am proud of you, Mom! He is such a cutie pie.

Abby said...

That is Awesome!!! You deserve a "little" break if that is ALL you can get :)

The Portas said...

Look at that big boy!!!! Awww, love this. Kisses and hugs to sweet Isaac. And to Mama, too!

Wendy said...

Oh, my goodness! What a big boy!!! I'm so happy to hear that he's enjoying school and that you're getting a little bit of time to yourself, Kathy! And riding the bus...what a huge step! So proud of both of you! :)

Give that little cutie pie a big hug from us! He's growing up so fast and I can't even believe it...who said they could go and do that on us?!

Lots of Love & Prayers,

Wendy (& Emma, too!)

Lee Family said...

I go on your blog to see what has been going on and there is nothing new. You have been just like me a blogger slacker. I finally just got done posting today after nothing for 2 months. It has been so crazy. I hope everyone is doing good can you please email me your new address when you get a chance I want to send you guys a Christmas card with a picture.