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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rollers NOT in Vegas Anymore:(

I can't remember if I posted pics of Chris' birthday?
Well...for the big 16 (since he already got a car)...we got him a huge
bass amp for his bass guitar (he often wants to be in a band).
Here's Eli...helping me pack up the garage in Vegas before we left.
(and..that's about how much he's helping me UNpack)
Our front yard...
the deer..eating the apples off the trees.
(through the living room window...HOW IN THE WORLD am I suppose
to keep it that clean?)
The cutest three year old EVER!
Seriously...he has me TOTALLY wrapped around his
cute little finger!

We did it...
we made the move.

I know...where the heck have I been?? Bad mommy blogger...bad! BUT....I have been packing the house WITHOUT my hubby, while he was working at his new job. Some how...we managed to get it packed and made the trip without TOO many incidents. (ok...you need a laugh...how about a quick list of mishaps along the way).

  • All of our boxes would NOT fit in the moving truck (that the moving company sent.) Thus, requiring them to send ANOTHER biGGER truck the next day, unloadind it ALL in my culde sac, and reLOAD the entire house. (it did fit after stuffing some remaining items in Chris' car that would be towed by another company)
  • The car company towing Chris' car called...very angry with me. It appears that you are NOT suppose to load a car down...THUS, an additional charge of $400 would be imposed on me:(
  • We HAD to spend the night after the movers couldn't get the first truck loaded. Our hotel accepted pets (GREAT!)...yeah, with a $50 pet FEE! (my behind!...I quick went back to our empty house and dropped off sweet Katie with food and water)
  • FINALLY...we hit the road. Make it to Bakersfield, CA. LaQuinta Inn's take pets...we stop. OH SNAP! (doors on the outside of the MOtel...we can't stay there!) Go across the street to Holiday Inn Express....SO pretty...but, NO pets! BACK to LaQuinta Inn...splurge for the suite (so, it's the NICEST room in the Motel). Open the door...nice furniture, nice bedding, clean bathroom....YUCKIER THAN YUCKY stains on the floor! (almost puked!) It was TOO late to find another place. Put kids to bed...and I kept my FLIP FLOPS on the entire time! (still feeling gross about that one!)
  • Wake up...it's raining. No problemo...I did remember to change my wiper blades. EXCEPT, they weren't working on the DRIVER's Side! Go to Pep Boys...they save the day and fix my wiper arm!!! (awesome guys!)
  • WHEW....it's like 10am and we can FINALLY hit the road. We drive thru McDonald's...get our breakfast. Chris grabs a can of coke from the cooler and it EXPLODES ALL OVER US IN THE FRONT SEAT! (i think a bad word did spill from my lips...sorry). After multiple baby wipes and paper towels...we ONCE AGAIN try to head out~
  • No real issues during the day...until we reach Portland! OH MY GOSH..I almost had a panic attack driving up I-5...those bridges are SO STINKin' high! I had to pull my hair to cover the sides of my face, look straight ahead...and not EVEN look to my side! (I am SO afraid of heights!)
  • We drove all night (whatever night it was) until about 2am to make it to our new house and to Joe. (Although he was glad to see us...it appeared that he was not TOO terribly happy to be blowing up air mattresses and hear screaming at that hour. I think he was in "quiet" for too long!) Don't worry...we've fixed that!
  • ahh...The movers met us at the house the next morning. AFTER hours and hours of unloading...the house is ready for me to start unpacking (i do NOT like that part of moving).
  • Friday night...I'm doing dishes, laundry...and hear a noise. It appears there's a water leak...IN THE WALL! The downstairs is SUPER WET! We call the property manager...they send someone right over...BUT...that means I have to wash dishes in the bathroom sink.
  • I am STILL washing dishes in the bathroom sink...(and it's TUESDAY).
  • On Friday morning, I was washing dishes (before I had to stop)...and a DEER walked right in front of the window! (scared me to DEATH!) Anyway...there's a mom and two baby deer that just wonder around the neighborhood (and eat apples off our apple trees). too cute...
I'm sure there were many more funny moments...my poor little brain is just FrIeD!

The important things are...the boys are in school (actually enjoying themselves), we are all battling colds (except Isaac...yeah for me!), and the boxes will eventually unpack themselves (right?)

It's late...I'm stuffy and coughing...I should get off to bed soon.
(I have pics of the messy house...with TONS of boxes everywhere. I'll check with Joe to see if he'd be TOO embarrassed if I shared them with you). (just so that you can praise me when I get them all unpacked...that's all)

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Abby said...

Thanks so much for the funny moments you shared! Never a dull moment :) Glad you made it safe and sound.

Kimberly said...

Can't wait to read about your new adventures...you know they're coming!! Enjoy the newness of it all and glad you are all well and adjusting!

Grandma Judy said...

Just another day at the Roller house.

Megan said...

I've been waiting to hear from you guys! I'm so glad to hear you arrived at your new home safely. Those "mishaps" you spoke of will all be something you will laugh about someday (I know, not laughable at the time, though).

Can't wait to see more pics!

Lee Family said...

Miss you already. Wish we could have gotten together before you left. Please stay in contact with me, do not want to loss touch with you.
Love hearing about the funny moments. Just take a breath and dig right in.

Take care

Mandy said...

For your next move, I'll just fly out and drive you where ever you need to go. :)

Sarah said...

Glad you all made it safely!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

hehe...wow, you sure have had quite the moving experience! you are too funny about all of it. i love it.
thanks for updating.