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Sunday, October 17, 2010

STILL UNpacking

I thought a little Isaac Smiley face would make YOU smile!

It's Sunday night...we ALL made it to church. My slip kept sliding out from underneath my skirt, Isaac screamed the ENTIRE time, Chris begged repeatedly to leave early, and Eli had an anxiety attack and had trouble breathing (so, we did indeed get to leave JUST a little early).
Oh, yes...REALLY.
That's how we ROLL...and YOU know it!

I eventually got my slip under control...
Isaac never did stop screaming (until we were home and his television was on it's proper channel)...
Chris stopped asking to leave early and is ACTUALLY going to seminary in the morning..
and Eli...after a quick puff of his inhaler...and some snuggling with mom and an afternoon nap (also with mom)...and a family movie of "How to Train your Dragon"...he's just FINE.

I unpacked ONE box today.
One down....87 more to go (I actually don't know how many are left...but, there are a TON left).
I should just open the garage...and have a yard sale:
"Mystery Box...$25"
"Large Mystery Box...$50"

Tomorrow I start my calls to get Isaac into the school system here and look for services for him. One lady told me that they had never heard of Katie Beckett (Isaac's secondary insurance through medicaid)....WHAT???!??!
(I'll call more people and confirm that...before I lay in the floor and cry)

and Joe...were you wondering what happened to him?
He's alive.
Trying to watch football when we will share the television...
trying to dodge my, "honey...could you....." requests....
and just working his bum off...just like normal.

I have GOT to get Isaac a costume made....what are your kiddos dressing up like? I can't decide if I want to go with a different Gabba Gabba character...a skeleton with a BIG OLE WONDERFUL heart, or something different.....
thinking cap is ON!

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The Simmons Family said...

You'll unpack.. eventually. We still have boxes in the garage and I have no desire to even look what's in them. Obviously nothing that I've needed in the past six months!

Owen is going to be a minion for halloween from Dispicable Me. I tried to convince him to be DJ Lance Rock.. the costume is HILARIOUS.. but he said "NOOOOO Mama!!"

Oh.. and he traded in Yo Gabba Gabba for "watch Football mama!" Seriously?? ALL DAY SUNDAY we had to watch football... Carson was thrilled!

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

M is going to be a little ladybug. nothing too creative. it was a free costume from her playgroup teacher.yes!

thinking about you all!
pop in some good tunes and rock out...it makes the unpacking go a lot faster =)


The Portas said...

Elijah is going to be a gnome! It's so so cute on him (and a little tight).

I'm glad you are getting settled in, little by little!

LenzLove said...

Hello hello hello...this is so weird. Your actually a blogger friend now. I'll let you know the verdict on that :-)

One box is fine! I think I packed one box today. Thank you for the Isaac fix. Miss him!
We're headed to Calico Ghost town this weekend to bring some normalcy in our lives again. Wish you guys were here.

Did I miss the house pics? Truly I think your just waiting so I'll have a reason to come visit :-)

jencooper said...

I miss you....and I am counting down the days to December because YOU ARE COMING TO TEXAS!!

Gracie is going to be Foofa...big shock there!

Tina:0) said...

O-M-Goodness! You said in one of your posts that you were a "bad blogger momma"... I think I have you beat out for that title! LoL
So glad to hear that the move went fairly uneventful;0)

So if you're not the "Rollers In Vegas" anymore, does that mean you're going to change the name of your blog? LoL

Hope those boxes find a way to unpack themselves! Hope you're all feeling better soon! Sending big hugs:0)

Colleen Verhoeve said...

Lady, you might want to make yourself a batch of those cookies (you know which ones) they should give you enough of a sugar rush to unpack a box or 2. Or you could just do like me, and wait for tomorrow, see if you can live without the stuff! Its amazing really how much you can do without!!!!! Ask me I know, I still have a bunch of stuff balancing on top of other stuff in the spare closet. Missssss you, Col