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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Isaac's NEW School

(Isaac at his new school...taken with my cell phone, because
I STILL can't find my camera charger)
This was taken last week.
I haven't had a chance to tell you much about Isaac's new school...
so, here we go:

He can't go to the preschool at Eli's school...because, the special needs kiddos go to a different location. It's an OLD building...and I wasn't at all sure when I pulled up. From the moment that I walked into the office...they were just wonderful and SO nice. (it also totally helped that they just gushed over how cute my babydoll was:)

THEN, after talking with the staff...they told me that Isaac's classroom only had SIX kiddos in it...he would make the 7th. There was a special ed teacher and an assistant. Isaac is the only one that's non-verbal, non-walking, and non-eating....but, she assured me that they would be just fine with him.

We started last Monday. He's in the afternoon class, so he goes from 12:10-2:45 (totally during naptime). BUT...he's doing SO good! He doesn't interact with the other kids yet (who knows when of IF he ever will)...but, I brought in plenty of YoGabbaGabba toys and books to share with the class...so, Isaac is in heaven (that's what the picture is above). Him...on the circle...with HIS toys. The other kids will stop by for a moment...press a button on something...and wonder off. (so stinkin' cute).

When school starts...they immediately feed the kids lunch....AND...Isaac let's Mrs. Shari (his teacher) feed him! Then, they have circle time, arts and crafts....and so forth. They are so sweet in including Isaac in every single moment. They even take the kids to the gym for a little "recess" time....where the kids are able to ride tricycles around! AND...because Isaac can't ride a trike yet...they have a little car or wagon that they pull him around in.

It is the sweetest place...I couldn't imagine better teachers for him or a more loving environment.
I've gone and stayed with him each day...
but, I think he might almost be ready to go by himself pretty soon. He missed Monday and Tuesday of this week (due to snot that runs constantly from his nose)...
He even has a backpack! Now...of course he can't wear it...but, we have one...with STUFF in it!
My baby is growing up!

NOW...onto Eli. Let me just say that the playpen is up in our room (since Isaac has been sick over the weekend)...and NOW...the EMERGENCY BED is back. OH YES. I don't know why we always get a house with more than two bedrooms...it just isn't necessary in our house!

Eli was up ALL NIGHT LONG wheezing and needing neb treatments every 3 hours. I called today to try and find a pediatrician for him....NO OPENINGS until tomorrow.
of course not.
But...you know how many drugs we have lying around this house. I have enough breathing treatments for him and I even saved some liquid prednisone from his last flare up that I was able to start him on (and yes...I am thinking about going back to school for medicine).

AND Chris...we're going to let him drive the minivan to seminary in the morning. The church is only around the block. I mean...he could run into a house, a car, a mailbox, or a DEER...but, I'm willing to take that chance...just to get back into bed for a few more precious moments of sleep.

SO...Wednesday...let us all pray...that Chris doesn't wreck the van in the morning, that Eli doesn't require an ER trip during the night, that Isaac's nose stops running, that he MIGHT be well enough to go to school, that i will find Eli's new pediatrician's office, that they will take our insurance (even though we don't have new cards yet), and that I don't forget to pick up Isaac from school, or Chris from school, or forget that scouts is tomorrow night...oh, it's going to be a LONG DAY.

serenity now...
serenity now...

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Grandma Judy said...

Who would have ever dreamed that Isaac would be going to school so soon? He really is our "Little Miracle". Now that's the kind of picture I like to see!

Poor Eli sick again? I hope he doesn't end up being our 3rd grade drop-out. He is STILL pushing for home schooling.

Chris and car keys.....I don't think so. Push Joe out of bed and let him carry Chris. Just tell him he can sit in the parking lot and catch a few ZZZZ's.

Grandma Susie said...

Oh Kathy, I just love getting news about the boys . . .I tried to talk to Eli yesterday but my Iphone (or my service) keeps cutting me off.

Isaac looks so grown up sitting there in his school and it sounds like a perfect environment for him.

Got my fingers crossed for Chris behind the wheel. (actually, I'm holding my breath too.) Yikes!

Abby said...

That is soooo EXCITING!!! ISaac's school days brought tears to my eyes! That is Amazing ;) You will see him change and grow so much!

jencooper said...

I love back to normal Roller updates!!

AND, I really love hearing that Southern voice on the phone.

Lots of prayers!!!

Lee Family said...

Glad to hear everything is going good. And I am so happy to hear Isaac is doing good n School. You are so lucky you are able to go into the classroom with Isaac they would not let me in at all when he first started school. Don't feel bad Logan is also the only one in a wheel chair that can not walk, or eat or interact with other kids. He is the only special needs kido in there. Stay strong I feel your pain.

Hope Chris had a safe trip[ this morning and he is in one piece. And Eli get to feeling better.

The Portas said...

I LOVE hearing about Isaac's new school. Awwww, that is just awesome that you found such a wonderful place for him.

Here's hoping you all had a restful, uneventful Wednesday night! Thanks for the update! I've been missing you guys!!

LenzLove said...

I love this!!