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Monday, November 08, 2010

Sick, Not sick, sick again

Shoot....I can't remember where we left off.

Eli is getting back to normal...still sleeping in the "emergency bed" in our room (Do you think they make bunk beds with a king size on the bottom?) That could be my next business venture!

Isaac wretched a little yesterday...but, I just thought it was because he was hot. Then, tonight...he wretched and threw up for about an hour straight...until he passed out asleep.
Poor little thing.
I checked the date on his milk and it was fine...he might be getting sick.
He did have ot today at school...so, he could have just worked too hard.
BUT...lucky for us..he has a ped appointment tomorrow (just to meet a new pediatrician)...so, if it turns into a sick visit...then GREAT!

I'm still spinning in circles here. Cleaning, unpacking, looking for things, cleaning up after sick kids....there just seems to be no end in site.

BUT...I have a MOST helpful husband. YEP..not being facetious at all....and he's helping when I ask and even when I don't.

Christopher continues to hide in his room or in the basement....wrestling starts soon...so, that should perk him right up.

No...i have NOT found the charger to my camera yet. It'll turn up...it's probably in my suitcase that I brought up here.....I STILL haven't unpacked it yet! I just keep doing laundry...hanging up some clothes, and putting others back in the suitcase.

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The Portas said...

I wish you were closer. I'd come help you unpack! Maybe your next move will be toward the east? :)

I'm saying a prayer right now for no sickies.

Finding your camera charger is a priority! WE need to see pics of your cuties! 'Cause it's all about US, right? xo

Grandma Judy said...

We want pictures!
We want pictures!
We want pictures!

Please !

jencooper said...

I love when the Roller update is back to normal.....