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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dentist, Doc visits, and weight check

I love this little guy...
he just couldn't get any cuter to me!

Now...blow up this next pic. This is Isaac's tv. This is how he eats
crackers and what he does with them. That's what is smeared all over the tv.
Eli cleans it each week for me.

I forgot to tell you that LAST, LAST Friday, Isaac and I traveled TWO hours to Seattle Children's....to visit....the dentist!

AND....for a kiddo that will NOT allow a toothbrush in his mouth (only a washcloth on the front teeth)...he didn't have one single cavity! The dentist was absolutely the best....and was even able to paint some flouride on his little teeth. AND....we found out that Isaac is missing one of his front bottom teeth. (wierd.) He screamed his little head off...but, not because he was scared of the dentist...he screamed because I couldn't get wi-fi in the exam room and he wanted to watch Gabba videos on youtube.


It doesn't matter that I have full episodes on my phone....he prefers youtube...over and over and over again.
THUS...bringing us to our appointment today. (ok, not today anymore, last week)


You know you have seen a phenomenal doctor when he can tell you that your 4 year old son is really about a 9 month old and mentions Autism, retardation, and significant delays in one sentence. BUT...all that we already knew. It really is all under the "Digeorge" umbrella....Isaac just seem to be one of those kiddos with aLOT of the things on the "possible" list.
He's going to help me with Isaac's tantrums when we're out of our house.

You see...in our house, he's an angel. Serious angel. He's even good at school (no gabba tv either)??? BUT, take him anywhere in public...and his compulsiveness and anxiety and all around crazy comes out and he just can't control himself (and we can't control him either). SO, we usually just take turns going out of the house...not forcing Isaac on trips that just aren't necessary (you know...picking and choosing our battles).

For instance....Sundays. Isaac canNOT go to church anymore. It's just too much for him. SO, Joe and I take turns taking the older boys to Sacrament, then he comes home and I go to teach my Sunday school class...then, I go home and he teaches his class. (it really helps that the church is just around the block).
tender mercies.

Anyway...I'm really excited about ALL the Seattle Children's docs that I've met. They're SO AWESOME!

Tonight is Date night. Joe and I are going to rent a movie OnDemand...and eat and eat...junk.

OH...shoot. ALMOST forgot to tell you. Isaac weighed in today at 29 pounds and 37 inches. He's gained almost 2 pounds since I started his blenderized diet.
(it's ok...go ahead and pat me on the back)

I KNOW this is a late post....I wrote it last week. I'll get my bum in gear tell you about his birthday, our weekend adventures out of town...tons of stuff. BUT...there is a chocolate cake calling my name...and I simply can't keep it waiting! No worries...we're all good here in WET Western Washington....

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The Portas said...

It's always so good to see a post from my favorite family! Thanks for the update. I just love that little Isaac. I'm so glad you have found good doctors there that you trust. That makes a world of difference. Praying with you guys for an answer on the tantrum issue!

Mmmmm, chocolate cake. Want some. :)

Have a good weekend! xo