We are just a family of five...three boys, a mom, a dad, a hamster, and dog. Welcome to our crazy world. Our adventures will make you laugh, cry, and pee in your pants...

Monday, May 02, 2011

Why are you crying?

Have I told you that Isaac has temper tantrums?

That he doesn't like to deviate from our route when we're driving somewhere. Today, I decided to show you what he does when we pull into Eli's school parking lot.

EVERYDAY we deal with this. (Make sure your volume is up...but, not TOO loud...it could cause temporary hearing loss)
(sorry the video is sideways...not sure what happened)

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Grandma Judy said...

Poor Little Isaac.

The Portas said...

Ohhh, little man! :( I just wonder what's going on in that sweet little head of his. And poor mama...this has to be so tough for you to see on a consistent basis. I love you guys! Sending you prayers of happiness and peace today!

Sarah said...

Oh Isaac... Oh Kathy... I can only relate a tiny bit as when Evan was a baby he HATED the car and even more than that he HATED the car to stop. I had timed stop lights and would go the speed I needed to go in order not to get stopped at a light. People (my husband) thought I was nuts but if they listened to him scream as I did everyday they would have understood. I still find myself getting anxious when I get caught by a light I know is extra long. BIG HUGS.

Lee Family said...

OMG I feel so bad for you. My Heart goes out. Do you think he does this because he thinks he is going to School??