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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Moving and Walking

Don't look now....who's walking around the park!!??!?!?

Seriously...holding onto the rails..and walking up the steps.
One foot at a time...
like he's a professional and has been doing it for years.

He can wobble on the wood chips...
(and don't you love those transition lenses)
Everyone kept asking me where I bought those cute sunglasses!
He really didn't care for the slide...but, probably because
some big ole' boys came up behind him.

yep...just enjoying the sun!
TODAY...it's raining.
Sun time is over.

AND...I've posted it on Facebook...but, it's official...we are MOVING! To Reno, NV.
We weren't expecting a promotion for at least a year...we didn't seek it...the cards just fell into place and we're excited! I'm excited about the Katie Beckett that NV has to offer....the sun, the fun that we'll have. We've already secured a house...actually a townhouse in a superCOOl neighborhood (full of golf, pools with waterslides, and a fitness center on site!)

I am MOST excited because google said that Reno has 300 days of sun each year!!!! OH MY GOSH....I can just feel the vitamin D calling my name!

There's still no word on the minivan...it's probably in the bottom of a lake somewhere....or on it's way to Mexico.

I'm sure there's so much more to tell you about...I am SO sorry for my lack of blog posts. I will try to do better.

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Anonymous said...

So great to see Isaac walking. He is making great progress. Also contratulations on your move to Reno. Lots of sun......
Pat Domanico

Grandma Susie said...

Oh, how I love those pictures!!!
Happy to see our cutie having so much fun - he's AMAZING!!!!

Abby said...

This post made up for the LACK of posts recently!!! I LOVE IT :) The pics are adorable, and he looks like he is having so much Fun! More park days ahead, I'm sure.

Grandma Judy said...

Meghan said, "He's a big boy now". She can't believe how different he looks. She's still wanting to see more!

jencooper said...

Okay...you are talking me into a road trip to Reno......but only after you come to Texas! :)

I am so proud of that big boy.

It was so nice to actually hear your voice the other day!!

crabby old man said...

It is nice to see that precious baby walking

Lindsay said...

He looks like he was having tons of fun at the park! That's so great to see him playing like that!! AND that's great to hear about the promotion and that you're moving to Reno! We have friends that moved to there and said they love it! Good luck with everything!

Megan @ Pip and Ebby said...

First of all, LOOK AT ISAAC! Oh goodness, this just brings tears to my eyes to see him running around and enjoying a playground. Sweet sweet boy!

Congrats on the promotion and the move! How far is Reno from Vegas? :)

Annie Whitelaw said...

David and I have been so excited to see pics of Isaac on the move! We have been following the blog closely and still pray nightly for him. He is also rockin' those glasses!
Congratulations on the promotion and the move! We are both so jealous of you moving to Reno with all of that sun, especially now that we are here too in dreary Washington. You will LOVE that area and Westergard and McQueen are fantastic. Just don't mention the name "David Whitelaw" around McQueen, he has a bit of reputation for doing burnouts in the parking lot, rolling a car down the mountain across from the school with his friends...you get the picture. I also have the privilege of knowing the most sweetest and cheerfullest person in all of Reno, let alone in Somersett who I know would love to meet you and would make you feel right at home.
Have a great rest of the week and get ready for this weekend, the rumor is that it will actually be sunny!

Sarah said...

WOOHOO!!! Go Isaac Go! I agree with the comment above that, this picture makes up for your lack of pictures since your move. But... then wait... your moving back!!! WOOHOO again! So with all that sunshine we should be getting our updates and picture posts back : )

Vanessa said...

Check him out! LOVE the pics. Sorry I've been out of the blogging world for awhile but I'm back at it and going to do better at keeping up with you guys. I see you are moving to Reno!! Yay!!