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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Rocking update

First of all..I just need to tell you that my BFF, Tasha...took this AWESOME picture of Isaac. NOW...she's going to have to follow me to WA and take some family pics for me! If you live in Vegas and need a photographer...just click HERE to find her!

We went to see my MOST favorite neurologist today (Dr. Raja if you're in Vegas looking for a good one). ANYWAY....he watched the videos and told me that this is just a new mannerism that Isaac is exhibiting. BUT...if those movements start becoming rhythmic...then, it could be a seizure and I must return.

So...I'll just keep watching them.
He does it all day...and he does NOT like doing it. I just hug him and hold him while it's happening until it stops. That's all you can do.

OK...for all those who see Chris' facebook status...you are now able to see him pecking his girl!
(seriously...who would want their mom to see that?) So..he's doing great. (obviously)

Eli got stung by a bee at school today. (it was pronounced his WORST day EVER)....and OF COURSE, this wouldn't have happened if I would home school him.
He doesn't know if he can go to school tomorrow...it's just too much.

Isaac is still not his super happy self...but, he's starting to feel better.
and me...oh my goodness..I just wanted to lay in the floor and cry today. I had the worst migraine. SO, after all our morning appointments...and picking up all the kids...I called all my friends that were going to come over...and the boys and I napped..and napped...and NOW...I feel FABULOUS!

(which is good...because I'm going to veg out on the couch and watch Project Runway)...and maybe throw a couple of things in a box!

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Grandma Susie said...

No wonder you have a headache - packing for a move and teenagers will do that to you sometimes.
I love Chris, he's so honest and open - what a great kid sharing his girl with all of us on fb.

Poor Eli, I hope he's able to finish out the week at school. And what great picture of Isaac. I know your gonna miss your friend and her camera.

The Portas said...

Great photo of Isaac!! I'm glad to hear you got in to talk to the neurologist. Hopefully that behavior just leaves!

Uh oh, a bee?! Bee stings are traumatic, Eli, I understand.

I want to see Chris' girl!!!

jencooper said...

I am glad that you got some answers. I am so sorry that Isaac is unhappy. Poor guy.

We miss you. And, just because you are moving to WA doesn't mean that you get out of coming to TX in December.