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Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Cardiology Update

well...I STILL don't have any pics to share...
but, I do have an update for you!!!

Cardiology Update:
Isaac's heart is stable. His valve leakage is still a 6 (on a scale of 1-10...10 meaning it's time for replacement). His heart rate is still crazy high (and for an unknown reason). It's 150-160 while he's just sitting around...and in the 200s when he's mad and screaming! SO, we were hooked up to a Holter monitor for the last 24 hours. He does have random rhythm disturbances...but, they are not close together. (these disturbances are what they'll keep an eye on also...to determine when he'll need a new valve). He was satting at 93-95...just about where he usually is. (which means when he gets any type of respiratory illness...he gets the o2 back up his nose).

Moving update:
I can't jinx anything, or Joe will TOTALLY blame me...but, Forks isn't our town....BUT, it does look like another town in WA state. SO...we'll know for sure next week...then, I'll spill the beans!

Eli update:
He got the paperwork to be tested for GATE (the gifted and talented program at his school). He took his iq test today...and he's SO excited...but, also quite anxious (he can't bear to go to school if he doesn't get in...seriously).
We went to the library yesterday, and got the 2nd Harry Potter book. (we're still reading a chapter every night before bed)

Chris update:
He doesn't like the girl with the pierced lip and nose anymore (there are many other women that have caught his eye now)....BUT, he is convinced that he NEEDS a tattoo. seriously.
This, coming from the boy that is SO scared of needles! (at his last ped. shots...I had to actually sit on him to hold him down so that they could give him a shot).
that's my boy.

Joe update:
He's out at this very moment (late at night), looking in dumpsters for me! (empty boxes)
so sweet of him!

We are CRAZY busy...as is everyone, I'm sure. With school starting, and therapies back in swing. (we're having 2-3 appts a day! then kids at two different schools...and dinner...people in this house still expect ME to cook!)
it's breakfast for dinner like EVERY other day around here.
or frozen pizza night...
or kraft mac n cheese night...
or breakfast again for dinner night...


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The Portas said...

I love this post! A little of everything (or everyone).

I hope that holter monitor shows no issues for the little man. It's good to get it checked out.

What does Chris want a tattoo of?

Tell Eli that the HP books ONLY get better!

I'm so excited to hear about your moving plans! You were supposed to head THIS way, though (kidding).

How sweet that your hubby dives in dumpsters for you. :) That gave me a giggle.

And, I'm not half as busy as you and I still do a rotation of pizza, mac 'n cheese, grilled cheese for dinner!

Sending you all LOVE! Have a great weekend. xo