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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


***Christopher turns 16 on September 9th! I can't believe he's that old! How is that even possible? We're taking him to Chinese Buffet for dinner on Thursday (a surprise for him). AND...if you KNOW Chris...this is HEAVEN to him. We stopped going to this one restaurant when they raised the prices to $20 a person and started busing in Japanese tourists. HOPEFULLY, there will NOT be BUSLOADS of tourists...and he eats $20 worth of noodles (because, that's all he eats).

Aren't the days just speeding past? Oh MY GOODNESS! This weekend was a whirlwind...
on Saturday...we started at 5am with a yard sale...which, was CRAZY BUSY! We were wiped out by 9am! Later that day, Eli and I went to some baptisms of cute kiddos from church, Joe and I then snuck out to meet a cute young man that just returned from his mission, and then we went BACK to church where we were able to attend another baptism where Joe sang the most beautiful song.
Sunday...we made it to church! Joe taught his class, and...lucky for me...Isaac slept through the entire 3 hour block of church (which, also meant that I didn't get my Sunday afternoon nap:(
I really don't know which I prefer....quiet during church...or a family nap?

Monday...Let Labor day begin! Joe, the kids, and I had the entire house cleaned by noon...
and then, I napped!

Therapies are back in full swing, home school for Isaac, scouts have started back up...
I am SO glad that I don't have the boys in sports this season....where would the time be for that??

Have I told you that I'm working on a costume for my niece? A pink flamingo. It's SO stinkin' cute. Well...I've been working on it for MONTHS...and I STILL haven't finished it.
Megan...I'll get into my sewing room and finish it this week...I PROMISE!

AND...you guys KNOW that I have a shopping problem...and I am having a REALLY hard time NOT shopping the deals like I do and stocking up on all the freebies that I know I can get...because, THEN...I''ll have to pack it up and box it up and PAY to move it.

AND...another confession...I am ADDICTED to the Housewives. All of them! They make me laugh and crack up and ....oh my goodness...Joe can't stand to even hear it in the background....
but...they are hilarious.

I've always thought that there was enough drama in our house....that we could be a reality show.

Ok...I need to hop on ebay now and search for rain gear and boots for my boys! (and watch Rachel Zoe while shopping....what could be better?)

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Lee Family said...

Glad to hear everyone is doing good, You crack me up. So are you moving for sure or what?? If so we have to get togetehr so you can give me my giveaway, I will not let it go :) Have a great rest of the week.