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Thursday, December 09, 2010

1st Wrestling Match

NO...Isaac isn't wrestling...Chris is. Tonight he had his first match and he WON. So...he had to wrestle a girl? so what! She was the same size (looked even thicker than he is)...and he won! YEAH for Chris! His next match is Saturday...

Isaac skipped school today due to excessive snot discharge...but, he acted fine...just snotty.

ELIAS skipped school as well. Keeping his poor mom up YET another night due to excessive coughing. After a quick call to our new ped, he's now taking 2 inhalers twice a day, two allergy meds, prednisone, AND a cough med she prescribed.
May we all PLEASE sleep tonight
(probably not...it's almost 11pm and he's on the couch still hacking)

Joe's back in town. He missed the wrestling match...but, at least he made it home with no car troubles OR moving violations.

AND...for your viewing pleasure...may I present...CHRIS wrestling his little 103 pound bum off!

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Grandma Judy said...

You know better than to beat up on little girls!
Good job!

Anonymous said...

That was very interesting!!!!!!!!!!
Teresa West

Sarah said...

He is a tiny thing but a good wrestler! Way to go Chris!

The Portas said...

Totally understand the (non)sleep thing. May we all just get some sleep, please! Loved the video. Chris is GOOD!