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Monday, December 20, 2010

Letter to Santa

I know..I know...

SLACKER blogger...slacker blogger.

Let me just say...Isaac is still Isaac (sweet, but always taking up ALL my time)...and Eli. HOLY COW...we can't seem to get his asthma under control. He's ALMOST on as many meds as Isaac is (and that is just TOO much for this mama's brain to try to remember!)

NOW...onto that letter above. (click on it to see it larger)
This was the letter that Eli wrote to Santa. PLEASE excuse his handwriting...it is his biggest weakness (but, he was writing on his lap on the sofa...but, it is only a little better when at a table)
ANYWAY...I will decipher it for you:

Dear Santa,

I know you are busy but could you please read this letter. I know that I don't have to ask you anything because you already know what I want so all I want is for everybody to have a great Christmas! I really hope you can do that for me!

Merry Christmas


p.s. I also want ???? (can't read that one). I am trying not to be bosy
Peace out!

HOW STINKIN' cute is that?
I mean....I always think my kids are too cute, what they say is too cute...how they look..
I'm just in LOVE with my boys!

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Sarah said...

What a sweet letter & I hope he gets his wish. Give that little guy hugs from KY. Merry Christmas Rollers!

Grandma Susie said...

Very Cute letter. Eli is awesome!
I want a video of Isaac walking and kissing Chris - that was so amazing watching it on skype last night.

Grandma Judy said...

Eli can have whatever he wants!

Lee Family said...

Ah that is so cute.
It sounde like it could be the weather and humidity. When we lived in TX Elizabeth's Asthma was really bad but as soon as we moved to vegas we were able to get it under control. Good Luck.. I emailed you last week I was wanting your new address so I could send you a card. Hope you have a great week.

kc'sbunch said...

Oh how precious. I have to tell you I was feeling cocky at my ability to read kid writing, but that last I want was erased and re-written at least once. I am glad to hear Eli is excited for Christmas and sorry about his Asthma. YUCKY! Merry Christmas