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Monday, December 20, 2010

Tap Out

OH...I SO wish I had a picture to show you..but, let's close our eyes and use our imaginations:

(first...you need to remember...Chris is a wrestler in high school and is 16, Eli is only 8, but Joe has been teaching him jujitsu moves for about a year now)

thus...our story:

Chris and Eli were on the floor playing around.
Chris stood up.
Eli jumped on his back.
Eli them proceeded to put Chris in a choke hold.
Chris told him to get off.
Eli would not...he kept trying to choke Chris out.
Chris went over to the wall and started pushing Eli into it (remember, Eli's still on his back).
Eli still held on and would not stop choking Chris.
Chris fell on the floor and was now LAYING on Eli (remember, Eli is still on his back).
Eli is still holding on and trying to choke him out.
Chris' face turns red.
I tell Chris to tap...or Eli will not let go (per rules when Joe and Eli wrestle).
Chris says, "I'd rather pass out than tap out to Eli!"

and so we had to pull Eli off Chris so that Chris didn't pass out.

The End.

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Grandma Judy said...

Go Eli!

Janice said...

You GO Eli...humility is hard to give into
Love Janice

crabby old man said...

Thanks or sharing Your Family

The Portas said...

Ohhhh, the life of boys! Sooo funny. :) I love the letter to Santa, too. Peace out, Santa! Hee hee. I hope Eli's request was granted and that you all had a wonderful Christmas!