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Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Holiday ReCap

Well...I've just been busy.
and that's all I have to say about that.

BUT...I missed sharing our holidays with you. I hope you all had a great holiday...

We hung our stockings...
(ok...this was the picture AFTER Santa filled them)

I think Santa was quite happy with the boys.
look at them....
we didn't go CRAZY with too many presents this year..
and it was one of my favorites days of all time.
Isaac STILL doesn't care to open a present.
(gosh...I can't wait until he does!)
BUT...he did finally pull an ornament off the tree and break it!
We were SO happy for him...we were doing our
Happy cheer! yeah for Isaac!
For New Year's...Chris went bowling with his wrestling team...Joe slept on the couch, Isaac slept on the floor beside Joe, and Eli and I watch The Tooth Fairy.
The fireworks started going off...
I picked up Chris...
put the boys to bed...
and woke up Joe and put him to bed.
Happy New Year!
(we're getting SO old!)

Life in small town Washington is going alright. I just don't like the rain...when it's cold...coming at you sideways.
other than that...
we're doing great. Eli got in the gifted and talented program here (FINALLY...after weeks of requesting records for Vegas). His first day is tomorrow...he's picked out his clothes, instructed me to wake him up early...whew!
Chris has a wrestling match tomorrow...
we're STILL so stinkin' busy.
I need a Beach, a strawberry non-alcoholic drink, and a nanny-nurse-housekeeper....and all will be well in my world.
(a girl can dream)

OH...and I'm entering to win the HGTV house giveaway this year. I was certain the first year they did it that i'd win (who watched that show WAY back then? no one...but ME!)

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Grandma Susie said...

Love the update and the pictures. You go Kathy, win that house!

jencooper said...

It is about time to get an update!! I have to call you to find out anything!!! By the way - it was lovely to talk to you!

Hang in there with the rain. Maybe it will get better??

Miss you all!!

Sarah said...

Happy New Year Roller family!

Lee Family said...

Happy New Year, I am so glad to hear everyone had a nice holiday. Love the photos. Hope things start to calm down soon for you all. Miss you.