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Saturday, January 15, 2011

I LOVE my Purple Cup

Joe comes in every night from work...and sits on the couch...with his tv tray in front of him...and drinks from a purple cup. Isaac lOVES this cup. I don't know why. BUT...if he sees it....he'll start crawling as fast as he can from the other side of the room just to try and get it.

NOW...he does NOT drink from a cup...any cup...NOT EVEN the purple cup. He just loves it.
Watch him and his reaction to this cup.
You'll see how he screams when he's mad, do the happy dance when he's happy, and push Joe's arms out of the way when he tries to get the cup.


ahh....and would you like an update on us?
  • Chris has a staph infection on his arm from wrestling. Therefore, he's contagious, so he can't wrestle for a week until his infection is under control.
  • Eli is, as normal, perfect in every way. He FINALLY started the gifted program here and he's excitedly working on his War of 1812 project.
  • Joe is alive. Sometimes he gets on my nerves...sometimes he doesn't...but, I still love him regardless of which nerve he gets on daily.
  • Katie pooped in my house this week. I am so mad at that stinkin' dog. (I mean, she's so small that her poops are like rabbit poops..but, still...it's POOP!)
  • I am swamped! SO much paperwork to do, to be done, past due! AHHH! I STILL think I need an assistant.
In case you were wondering...it's raining.
and ever.

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Grandma Judy said...

Poor Little Isaac. Please get that boy a cup of his own!

jencooper said...

So, Bennett and Gracie are crowded around the computer watching the video with me. B is also listening to his iPod.

GRACIE: "Hey, it's Isaac!! We wented to his house. And we watcheded Yo Gabba Gabba with him!!"

BENNETT: "Look Mommy!! He's dancing. Maybe he's dancing to my music I am listening to!"

Hahaha!!! I thought you might like that one!!

Love and miss you as always!! It's your turn to come to Texas. You need to plan it......

SwampMom said...

I'm with Grandma Judy on this one!
And put some mini marshmallows in it.

The Portas said...

He knows what he wants! Don't mess with his cup.

I'm always glad to see a Roller update! Are you going to come visit again soon? :)

crabby old man said...

I enjoy ur post & thanks for sharing