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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bully on the playground

I'll update pics and videos tomorrow....

just wanted to reassure everyone that this house is A-OK. I mean...we have the normal husbandry attitude, teenage attitude, 7 year old questions, and 3 year old tantrums...but, normal is normal....and that's how it is here.

Eli is a little worried about going to school on Monday. He laughed at a kid at school last week...and that kid is Connor...the playground bully. He made a gesture to Eli where he slit his throat and pointed at him...now, Eli expects to die on Monday.
Poor little Eli.
You know me...I want to go to that school on Monday, yank that kid by the shirt and pull on his ears until he understands that he better NOT even look at my son EVER again...
but...that isn't allowed..
so, Eli asked Joe to take him to school and talk to his teacher.
THANK goodness Eli has the MOST WONDERFUL teacher...who really loves him...so, I'm sure she'll protect him.
IF NOT....oh, I'd hate for that school to feel the wrath of THIS MAMA!

other than that...

oh..wait. Eli wants to sign up for the school talent show...and he wants to sing. Any ideas?
He has asked to sing, "baby come back"...you know, from the swiffer commercial where the mop keeps singing it...
then, he asked to sing "the milkshake song"....
if you don't know it, I'm NOT singing it...but, just know that he can't sing that one....
gosh...what would be cute...he really loves to sing!

that's all I've got. I NEED to sleep...my attitude needs it...my family needs it so that they don't have to hear my attitude.

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Grandma Judy said...

Get some rest girl!

Sarah said...

What... I'm with you - there is a little boy at Evan's school that always says mean things to Evan. It hurts - mean little kid. Hope his Monday is okay and that Dad takes care of it so Mom doesn't have to hurt anyone.

jencooper said...

Oh....DO NOT make me come from Texas and get on the playground. I will do it. And I mean it. And, I am a red head!! (That means my temper will flare!) Don't mess with my Eli!

I hope that your attitude is better today. I hope that you are well rested.

We love yall!

The Portas said...

Oh Eli, you are just the sweetest! I hope that bully was nice to you today. He better be!!!

I was just telling Dan the other day that if any kid EVER picks on my little peanut I will have those same mama thoughts...I will want to go to the playground and show him who is boss! :)

I hope you guys all have a great Monday!