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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What a busy Wednesday...

SomeONE LOVES to be outside...
can't you just tell by the look in his face??
He turns into a dancing man when he's outside
with the wind and sunshine!
He can spit now!
Yeah for Isaac!
and he LOVES to pick his nose...
like all day long...
like...I think he picks it and it causes more snot to run out...
and so he picks it again..
and then puts his finger in his mouth..
and repeat 564 times a day.

Today was SO busy. Isaac had his "school" today. He is STILL screaming for most of her hour visit. Seriously...how much torture could a sweet lady who brings lots of fun toys be??

THEN, Isaac and I delivered a crib to a friend at church who is having a baby soon...ahhh...
(I want another one...but, if Joe reads this...he'll sleep in the guestroom FOREVER!)

THEN, Isaac and I went to church to help out with food for a funeral service. We hung out, snacked, and did a little work (ok, I did...while he was a BIG boy and hung out in his stroller watching Gabba Gabba). What a sweetie he was.

After picking up Eli...my head hurt. it did. so, i did what i do when it hurts....I turn my ac down to 67, grab my snuggle buddy Isaac, and get in my bed and take a nap...
FOUR hours later...Isaac and I are ready to conquer the world~!

I made the CUTEST little necklaces...

What do you think??

Any takers? I MAY just take requests...
and yes...I didn't think that I had enough projects in the works...so, I started another.

and...I was watching Hoarders the other day (did I tell you this already??). Anyway, they were talking about a lady who had tons of baskets and bins to put things in. She can't stop buying them...they called her an "Organized Hoarder"...THAT IS WHAT I AM...an Organized Hoarder!
Joe almost peed in his pants laughing when I told him...he said he already knew that.
I am the QUEEN of buying baskets and shoving things in them..and why not?? Then people can't see my junk. I can't just throw my junk away...I might need it one day.

my name is kathy.
and I have a shopping problem.

I'm not afraid to admit it.
(and Macy's is having a sale...25% off! shh...don't tell joe...i might go tomorrow...just lOOking:)

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The Portas said...

Ohhh I just love the photos of Isaac hanging outside! And don't tell Elijah I told you this, but he has really been into picking his nose lately, too. Funny boys.

I LOVE the necklaces! Super super cute!!

The cure for your headaches sounds wonderful. A nice cool house and a nice looooong nap. That's my kind of treatment.

I sure hope school gets less stressful for Isaac. I'm sure he will get used to it with a little bit of time. I guess it is a good sign that he is being stretched a bit and learning some good stuff!

Have a good day, guys. xo

Sarah said...

LOL... I was reading and was thinking I would comment with, "Hello my name is Kathy and I'm an organized hoarder." And then you said it. Macy's - one of my favorite stores - plus I believe they have some great coupons out right now - can't waste money like that!

jencooper said...

Cute necklaces!! You are so crafty!!

Yuck for Isaac. I guess you call him Icky for a reason!!

I love long naps too....this dumb job of mine keeps getting in my way.

Lee Family said...

I love the pics of Isaac, but not the one of him picking his nose.. YUCK

I am glad you were able to get a nap in you deserve it. Hope you had a nice trip. Let me know when a good time to come by this week to drop off Isaac's gift.

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

haha i actually LOVE the one of isaac picking his nose =)
kids are so great!