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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Tuesday already...

At the rate that time is flying...Joe and I will be retiring soon and living in our shack in Mexico~

We have been on a whirlwind ride...and thank GOODNESS...I think it's winding down a bit.

I am happy to report that Eli is HIVE FREE! We still have NO idea what caused them...or why they hung around so long...but, we are SO happy that they are gone!

Isaac is doing so good! He's been battling his allergies too for a few weeks..
so, flowing snot..but, he's NOT throwing up...so that's AWESOME!
He just likes showing off his MAD skills!
Can you tell these kids have me wrapped around their little fingers??

Gosh...we've been really busy with Isaac. He's going to physical therapy in the community two times a week (for one hour). FINALLY....he made it through one visit with NO TEARS! SUCCESS! We also met our home-school teacher...and she is wonderful. She comes over to our house two days a week for an hour. AND...then we have our school system pt and ot that come to our house once a week for thirty minutes. I don't know how it happened...but, we have the most WONDERFUL and AWESOME team working with Isaac. I can just see him walking and talking and EATING this year...I just know it!!!

Sometimes it feels a little overwhelming with life...with Isaac...with everything...and then look what happens. All your prayers are answered and things just fall into their appropriate places with the blink of an eye. I am so relieved with Isaac...his health is complacent. He isn't in any distress, his o2 is perfect (for him), he isn't throwing up with a simple runny nose, he IS sleeping through the night in Eli's room (I think it was Joe's snoring keeping him awake...but, shhh)....and now, we have the most awesome team of teachers and therapists working with him. I was SO scared when we transitioned from Early Interventions into the school system...and worried that we wouldn't have the same awesome support....and I worried for no reason.

So..we have Isaac taken care of....why don't we talk about Chris. He and my dad flew up to South Dakota to visit my older sister this weekend and they just came back. They had a blast and I can't wait to drive up in May for my nieces graduation (and then I'll take a side trip to see my little friend Elijah). I took the boys to the dentist today...and CHRIS has a cavity. Seriously. They go to the dentist every 6 months...and he has a tiny one...now, I need to make him work off the $91 that it'll cost me to have it filled.
I'm am NOT one to talk about cavities...I'm petrified of the dentist and wouldn't even want to imagine how many I have...BUT...come on! He sees the darn orthodontist every 3 weeks...doesn't anybody look in his mouth???

Eli has a pimple on his face. He's quite proud of it...and it looking for arm hair under his arms! He went to school today and told his teacher that he was "in puberty"!!

How do you like my transition?? I'm just tired and trying to think about all the things that have happened in the last few days. I am STILL stuffy and coughing...Joe is still coughing...Isaac is still snotty...Eli is hive free, but now coughing....I think we should fumigate the house!

Tomorrow...we have a lite day, only homeschool with Isaac. WhatEVER shall I do with all my extra time??

I should get to bed....5:40am rolls around REALLY fast!

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jencooper said...

I love the Rollers.....where life is never dull. Just when I think that I am busy..then I click over here to read what has been going on....and whew...I am worn out!

Tell Eli congrats on the pimple!

The Portas said...

Eli's "in puberty" comment made me laugh! How funny. :)

Ditto what Jen said. I love the Rollers, too! I am so thankful Isaac is doing so well and has made some big strides lately. I know what you mean about worrying, worrying, worrying and then just like that everything seems to fall into place. It's the best feeling!

I hope you guys have a healthy rest of your week! And, tell me again what your May travel dates are? We can't wait to see you guys!

Sarah said...

In puberty... oh my.
Glad to hear everyone is on the mend.

Lee Family said...

I am so glad that Isaac is getting all the help he needs...

PUBERTY... how funny

crabby old man said...

I asked My grandson if he was going thru puberty & he called me a pervert

lynette said...

Great news that Isaac is getting all kinds of therapy! Wow! Puberty happens so early these days ha ha ha