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Sunday, April 11, 2010

I'm BACK...

yes back from Utah...
I got a HEAD FULL of allergy oogies last weekend...
and they worse this weekend!

SO, I came home and dropped off Eli and ran to urgent care. You know how they don't like to give antibiotics anymore...so, just some strong nose spray, allergy meds, and she told me to use a neti pot!

(I am NOT going to video tape it...although I really did think about it!) It's going to gross me out...I already think it's going to drown me...but, I can't breathe...so, I suppose I'm going to venture to the bathroom and pour water up MY NOSE and watch it run out the other sidE!

Joe and Isaac did great this weekend...
BUT, the allergies have gotten to Isaac and the oogies have started to ooze from his nose too!
(so, not sure if he'll go to therapy tomorrow...allergy oogies and crying oogies make for one MESSY three year old!)

While we were in Utah, my mom asked me how tall Isaac was? I said, "36 inches". She said, "so, he's as tall as a yard stick?" (because there was one sitting against the fire place).
I looked at that yard stick...and said, "no...he isn't that tall".
WELL....a yard stick is 36 inches...My Isaac IS AS TALL AS A YARD STICK!!!

It was a little late, and he couldn't stand alone...so, with a little help from daddy...you can see how tall he is!!! I can't even believe it!!!

It is indeed late...we have a LOT to get ready for our Monday morning...and with a sick mommy and Isaac...it could be a LONG night!

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Grandma Judy said...

I can not believe my baby is 36" tall. Can't wait to see him this week!

Netti pots work great! Try it, you'll like it! The first time it is a little weird though.

The Portas said...

Oh, Isaac looks so darn cute standing there as big as a yard stick! I love him!

I hope your ickies go away. The neti pot scares me. You'll have to let us know how it goes!

I hope you have a calm few days ahead of you. Have a good week! xo

Sarah said...

The neti pot... what is the deal? This is now my Dr.'s answer for EVERYTHING... use the neti pot. You know what he said the last time I thought I was dying with allergies - "you need to be using the neti pot 4 times a day." What?!? Should I just carry it around and have a bowl on my desk and do it there?
As tall as a yard stick - makes him look so big. Go Isaac.

jencooper said...

Thank you Grandma Judy! Just when I think I am going to get through one day without singing a song from Yo Gabba Gabba.....I get "Try it...you'll like it! Try it...you'll like it!!" It may not have been intentional....but there it is running through my head now.

I can't believe Isaac is so tall!!

Ugh....I have never seen a Neti pot...and I am not sure I want to see one.

I hope that you feel better!

The Simmons Family said...

Sorry you have icky allergies :(.

Our little guys look so much smaller than they are because they're on their bums all day!! They're going to start walking around and we're going to be so sad that they grew up overnight!

Tina:0) said...

Soneone suggested the neti pot to me right before I had my gallbladder out. After looking it up I decided I would just suffer! Hope you're braver than me & get some relief!

And Mr. Isaac... how BIG you're getting!! He looks so darn grown up standing against the wall!

Lee Family said...

Hey I hope you are feeling better. It looks like you have been slacking on your blogging:) If you need anything please call me.

I love the picture of Isaac he looks so cute.