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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Never ending week

I have started updating this blog FIFTY MILLION times this week...
let me just break it down for you:

Monday: I am still sick.

Tuesday: I am Still sick. Chris decides that he wants to shave his mustache (really, at 15?).

Here he is WITH the mustache...

and here he is withOUT it.

Joe spent about an hour with him in the bathroom teaching him the necessary "shaving skills".
I'm not sure if he's going to keep it up or not.

Also on Tuesday...I had to pick up Eli early from school because he was getting a rash...HIVES!

Wednesday: I am still sick. Eli is COVERED in hives STILL. We go to the peds...he's just allergic to something...stick to benadryl and zyrtec and it just has to work it's way out of his system.

AND...his eyes start to close.

What a day!
Isaac went to physical therapy today. He cried the entire time. We're going to bring me back next week and his dvd...but, if he doesn't stop crying...we may have to hold off on pt for a while (he's using all his energy to cry...and is full of sweat and snot in under 30 minutes).

Thursday: I am STILL sick. Eli still has hives. Chris continues to beg to play video games (even though he's grounded).

(did I mention that I'm still sick?)

Friday: I am still sick. Chris went off to school. Eli STILL has hives, but he gets an award today at school and wanted to go. (Joe will inspect his hives at the awards ceremony and see if he can stay all day).

That's all i have to say about this week.

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The Portas said...

Ohh, I feel so bad that you are so sick! You poor thing. And what is up with Eli's hives? Chris' shaved face looks great! :)

Hoping for a better, healthier weekend for all of you. Sending you lots of love!!!

Lee Family said...

What's up with Eli how weird is that...
I am so sorry you are still sick, I am also feeling yuckie STILL. My left eye is red and both eyes are itchy. Get to feeling better soon.

Grandma Nelson said...

You totally win the prize for coming to the Stake RS Leadership meeting on Thurday night! That's total dedication! Thanks, Kathy:)

jencooper said...

Here is hoping that this Monday finds you feeling better. I am actually at home today with Bennett who has a tummy bug. Ugh.

I hope Eli is hive free and able to go to school this week.

Chris looks so handsome without his mustache. What a good-looking kid!

Tell Isaac to behave!! Silly goose of a boy.

Okay....We are seriously looking at coming the 3rd week of June. Leaving here on Monday and driving as much as we can.....does that work for you?

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say thanks for giving me your blog. I definately love your additude. Every time I visit your blog it makes me smile. I hope you and Eli feel better really soon. Tell Chris he looks very cute without the mustache.

Anonymous said...

sorry, I forgot to mention I'm Lynette. Jude Duet's mom.

Sarah said...

Me too!!!! My blog hasn't had an update in weeks but I've been sick ever since the last update. Sigh... Can't believe Eli's hives... Also can't believe how Chris is already shaving... such a handsome guy. Sure hope your feeling better now.