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Sunday, May 02, 2010

How to make snot

That's a catchy post title...isn't it?

I've just been wondering about that....How does your body make snot? The reason...
my cutie-pie nose picker:

I started thinking about your mouth...and saliva. When you eat something, or out something in your mouth...your mouth automatically...as if by magic...just makes saliva to help everything go down easy. (and when your kids are teething and putting EVERYTHING in their mouths..that's why they drool so much...the excess saliva just drops out).

SO...that leads me to my question: If Isaac is sticking his finger up his nose ALL DAY LONG..is that why he seems to constantly have a runny nose (or at least snot on his face)?

Can you produce extra "snot" just by putting your finger up your nose and irritating your nose?

anyone know??

This has just been on my mind...
because I see him picking his nose constantly..
and I'm constantly wiping his face.

Now...you know I'm a little MORE crazy than you already thought..
sorry about that.

As for the rest of the family and some sanity updates...I went to Phoenix this weekend for a blogging conference...and it was AWESOME! Joe watched the boys...and they are all alive and well.

Imagine that!

**Oh...so while I continue to "google" my snot theory..I did come across THIS website that shows you how to make FAKE SNOT...your kiddos might like it!

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The Portas said...

Pondering snot. I like it!! These are the types of things I ponder while on bed rest. Now I don't feel alone!

What did you learn at the blogging conference? Share your wisdom!

Hope all is calm and peaceful in the Rollers' house this week. xo

Grandma Judy said...

Professor Meadows, an immunologist at Washington State University says, "The drainage from your nose is largely made up of mucous and fluid."
The internal portion of your nose is lined with something called a mucous membrane, same as the inside of your stomach. In the stomach, mucous defends you against yourself. Its slimy, lubricating coating guards the lining of your stomach against the hydrochloric acid that helps digest your food.
In the nose, mucous has two roles. Along with tiny hair-like projections called cilia, it traps dust, bacteria, and other small particles breathed in with air. Working together as a filtering team, they make the air easier to breathe, cleaner and more free of such harmful things as bacteria.
Basically, snot is a mixture of water and the particles that it and the cilia filter out. It also includes shed epithelial cells, dead leukocytes, dead bacteria and their products, mucin, and inorganic salts.
Epithelial cells line all the inside surfaces of your body, including your nose. They die and are shed much like the skin that peels off in the shower when you have a sunburn. Mucous acts like a shower in your nose, washing away the elderly cells.
White blood cells, or leukocytes, are soldiers in the war on bacteria and other foreign material in your nose. Leukocytes protect your nose (and your body) by swallowing all that bad stuff. Then they die and are washed out in mucous.
Mucin is a sugar made by the mucous membrane that lines your nose. It is one of the products that helps moisten, lubricate, and protect the inside of the nasal passage.
The inorganic salts are materials breathed in that can harden and become boogers..

Lee Family said...

What did you learn at the blogging conference?

ok to me it would seem like more snot is coming out of his nose becuase he does keep on picking it, I am not a Doctor so I cannot confirm it but that is my theory.

Hollie said...

I had a respiratory therapist tell me to suction as little as possible, because the more you suction, the more snot it creates. So if that theory holds true, then I would think that putting your finger up your nose would work the same way! LOL! :) Isaac is getting so big and looking SO good! What a cutie pie! If you come up to SLC for the VCFS conference you'll have to let me know and we can go to lunch or dinner or something. I'm not going to be able to go to the conference, but I only live about 15 min from downtown and would love to meet you in person!
Hollie, Ben and Elaina