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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Cry it OUT!

I just wanted you to see that he STILL has his
little paci and animal..
and lays around aLOT...
and...my little "surfer" looking dude..
he SO needs a hair cut!

(I started typing this on May 5th...)

Yep...that's what I told Isaac last night. For the last few days...he's been going to sleep about 11pm....and waking up at 4AM! Totally killing me! SO, last night...I had a talk with him. Although I think he speaks a different language...I told him that he WOULD go to sleep at an earlier time...and at 10pm (I know...not THAT much earlier...baby steps)...I changed him, held him...and tried to rock him to sleep. After about 15 minutes of him squirming...I put him in the crib...
and he cried...
and I sat on the couch feeling like the WORST mom in the world.
but...after only 10 minutes...
he was asleep...

It's been an OFF AND ON process. Sometimes it works...sometimes he'll just scream until I need to get him because he's full of sweat and on the verge of vomiting...other times, he'll just lay in the crib and sing for an hour.

Isaac...is ONE big ole' odd ball..
he just is.

I started this post trying to be all "philosophical" and all...debating the cry it out and NOT routine...spoiling these cardiac kids...and what's worked and NOT worked for us.
But...as always...I got tired.
I am still tired.
I tell you...I'm just letting him go with the flow. Like today...he fell asleep for a nap at 3:00 in the afternoon...and slept until 8:00pm! Seriously. Right here in the middle of the living room. I'm cleaning, vacuuming, making ALL kinds of noises. We try to wake him...but, some days...he's just SO tired, that he can't really stick to a schedule...he just drops.
and today...he dropped.
We played out in the sunshine this morning...and he's a standing, climbing, monkey-man these days...
SO...it'll be a LATE night for us tonight!

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Grandma Susie said...

Your amazing Kathy! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.

Grandma Judy said...

Hmmm, Wanting to stay up all night, wonder where he got that from? YOU were the child that would get up in the middle of the night, put on EVERY outfit in your dresser, and then come to my room to show me. After all the ones from the dresser were on the floor, you would try to reach the ones in the closet. This is just pay back!
Have a Happy Mother's Day!

The Portas said...

It sounds like Isaac just doesn't like a schedule! Not easy for you, though, I'm sure. We asked E's cardiologist RIGHT AWAY how much we could/should let him cry so we could try to establish a routine. It's so tough, though, because these kids ARE different. They just are, and sometimes a routine isn't best. It's so hard to know!! Praying for a solution for you guys!

Happy Mother's Day, Kathy, you awesome awesome MAMA!!!!!

Lee Family said...

I hope you have a wonderfull Mother's Day you deserve it.
Lots of hugs..


lynette said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!

jencooper said...

Same here.....our card said to let Gracie cry....but it is hard to do...and there are lots of nights where we couldn't/won't do it.

Hang in there, Mama!! You are amazing!!

Sarah said...

We are not the family to be talking about routine or a good sleeping arrangements with. Our card (we switched after Evan's 1st surgery) told us NOT to let Evan cry. I wrote a post too about sleeping and our battles and it stills sits in draft form. Happy Mother's Day Kathy!