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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Photos

THIS is how Sir Isaac takes his naps...
He gets that from his father.
Isaac REALLY loves being outside..
can you tell?
He's dancing!
He's just talking to me..
(and yes..the basketball goal is on the ground...
crazy winds here lately)
I moved things around in his playroom...
THIS is how he likes to watch tv now.
He hasn't fallen off the train table...YET.
and yes...his hair STILL needs a haircut.
and what do we have here?
The Phantom Chris...
he DOES exist!
I NEED to get to bed...
BUT...I've got myself all worked up and NOW I don't know when I'll make it to bed.
You see...my niece is graduating from High School this weekend...in SOUTH DAKOTA!
I've been debating about driving or flying...
finally, after the big boys bailed on me....I decided that Isaac and I will fly.
I ordered the tickets.
on a small airline that doesn't have 24/7 customer service..
that will MOST LIKELY charge me a fee...
and NOW...I have to call the O2 company to beg and plead for a concentrator to take in just TWO DAYS!
What's wrong with me??
Most people schedule trips months in advance. Not us.
and Megan...I'm going to call you. (just still working out the times and places in my head...and really..just making sure you're not in the hospital this weekend!)

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The Portas said...

I love the Isaac pictures!!

Good luck sorting everything out for your trip this weekend. I have a feeling I will be at home still, so Elijah and I are wide open for seeing you guys!

Lee Family said...

The pics are cute, Logan sleeps the same way to funny...
Have a safe trip this weekend and have fun :)

Justin and Victoria Nelson said...

hehe...that boy! he is too cute for words. what a character. i know he gets it from you! ;-)

Kerry Tylenda-Emmons said...

I love the way he sleeps! Too funny!