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Monday, May 31, 2010

Holiday weekend

I hope you guys had a great weekend...
we sure DID!

Let me back up...Chris had his choir concert on Thursday night. Those guys did such a great job (i'll post a video at the end of this post). I spend the second half of the concert in the lobby with a vomiting Isaac. After he calmed down, I had to pee! Well, for those who know me...I do pee often, BUT...I do NOT like using public restrooms. I'll hold it as long as I can...UNfortunate for me, tonight was NOT my lucky night and I needed to GO! Off the lobby of the school auditorium was a restroom...I wheeled Isaac in his stroller and went in. As I scanned the wall for a toilet set cover...there was NOT one! Gasp! So, I do what I do..and head for the toilet paper to cover that nasty toilet. They don't have rolls of toilet paper...but, squares...tiny little squares. Seriously...I have NEVER seen such squares. So, after about 20 squares...the toilet seat was lined.

Yes...I did. I took a picture! (simply because I KNEW you wouldn't believe me!)
and yes...I did put one more square on the right side...it was COMPLETELY covered!

My mind is mush...so, we finished the concert...now, we're up to Friday. I think Friday was pretty normal...Isaac was STILL throwing up....

He's still picking his nose..
double time!

He still loves to eat my camera strap as often as he can.

He's still a whiner...funny face and all..

and this pretty much sums up his attitude lately...
Now...we're up to Saturday. Isaac was STILL throwing up...mostly surviving on pedialyte (that's the only thing that he kind of keeps down during these episodes). By the evening, Isaac's keeping his food down...so, Joe takes me on a date to the movies (popcorn, large drink, candy and all!).

Sunday...we ALL make it to church...but, Isaac's grumpy and falls asleep..for about 2 hours of church. We get home...and after about four vomit episodes, he's ready to take an afternoon nap with me...where we BOTH sleep for about four hours! GLORIOUS!

and now we've made it to Monday. Isaac's STILL on mostly half milk/half pedialyte until he stops the wretching and vomiting. Joe and I work so hard getting the pool cleaned, covered, and the backyard in half-descent condition. By the evening....Eli, Isaac and I take a bike ride to Blockbuster. I thought it was about 6 miles, but Joe corrected me and it was only about 4:(
I NEED a bigger seat for my bike...my bum just doesn't fit on it like it use to. (and yes...I'm trying to get the fluff off my face and around my tummy...I dusted off the treadmill..just need to hop on it once and a while)

So...Monday night...after a nice LONG bike ride. You'd think that would be the end of our adventures...BUT, you'd be WRONG! I unload Isaac...put the bikes away...I come into the house to find Isaac, standing on the train table, trying to climb OVER the television that's sitting on the train table.
He's such a stinker! He's going to give me a heart attack and we'll both be in bad shape!

So...it's now 9pm...Chris is getting ready for bed (he has two finals tomorrow), Eli is taking a bath, Joe is headed to the gym, and Isaac has about 7 different toys playing music in his playroom. I'm SURE nothing else will happen tonight...


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Lindsay said...

I laughed out loud when I saw the toilet picture!! I did the exact same thing when I went to that school!

Abby said...

Love the VARIETY of pics! Hope Isaac straightens out real soon. Hope you enjoyed every minute of the date; you deserve it :)

Grandma Susie said...

That was a super busy weekend, but it sounds exactly like you guys! Great toilet seat pic.

Good on you for taking the bike ride. I would imagine that Isaac enjoys it too.

Hope you have a great week!

The Portas said...

What a weekend, you guys!! I hope the vomiting stops soon. Poor guy (and poor mama). Well he still looks as cute as ever, picking his nose and standing on tables. Give him smooches for me!!

Did you get my text this weekend? We found a ton of Gabba toys at the Mall of America! So THAT is where Minneapolis is hoarding them all. :)

jencooper said...

Will Eli please, please call Bennett?? He has NO interest in riding a bike. We have tried everything because I want to ride bikes with him. Ugh....

I hope that Isaac is feeling much better today!!

Lee Family said...

I am so glad you all had a great weekend, sorry you could not join us on Saturday we missed you.