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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Isaac Eating

This is a pic of Isaac eating by mouth. He's almost eating a WHOLE jar of
stage 2 baby food now! (almost...)
This is also his school chair. I'm trying to transition away from the
bouncy seat that will one day break and leave us stranded.

Notice his smile. He doesn't mind eating...he rarely gags and throws up anymore (unless he's sick). BUT...he still doesn't have alot of muscle to hold up that big head of his....
thus, the side lean when we get to the end of his feeding.
Now...he's ready to get out of his chair...
and I'm not moving fast enough to get him out.
OK...bad MOMMY! I should NOT have stopped to take a picture...
but, it was just too cute!
Now....after all that....eating, leaning, trying to escape..
he's tired.
and..did you notice the snazzy new leg braces??

We had a full day of speech therapy, physical therapy, summer school....and that was just Isaac's schedule.

I'll stop being a slacker and get my camera out more often...
I do miss it!

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The Simmons Family said...

Those pictures crack me up!!! He is such a ham!

What are the leg braces for? Do they help? Please do share! Owen's PT was beating around the bush this week but was basically getting around to saying "Owen won't let me do anything with him because he doesn't have any energy... maybe we should consider putting his motor skills on hold!"

Seriously? I just want him to WALK!!!!! You feel my pain, I know. :)

Tina:0) said...

What a cutie pie! Way to go, Isaac!! Today, baby food, tomorrow... everything in site!!

Sorry I've been MIA... just slacking I guess. But I have been keeping tabs on everyone, just not in a commenting mood. Trying to change that! Give that little man big hugs from us!

Sarah said...

Wow... Those are some snazzy leg braces! He is so funny - get me out or I attempt to get myself out!

The Portas said...

That series of pictures had me cracking up! I would have kept snapping the camera, too. :) I'm so glad Isaac is eating! Way to go, little man.

jencooper said...

I love Isaac.

I miss yall.