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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Made you laugh...again!

He's sitting nicely there...
(in the next moment..he's screaming at me)
and Eli...
you're too much!

Make you laugh moment...

eli: "mom, can I put a note on my back that says, "kiss me"?"
me: "why"
eli: "i just want to see what my responses will be"

Make you laugh moment 2:

I walk to the fence to pick up Eli from school. His teacher walks over to me:

teacher: "eli had an incident on the playground today"
me: "oh no...what happened?"
teacher: "eli kissed molly"
me: "what?"
eli: "well...jordan triple dog dared me"

Make you laugh moment 3:

eli: "mom...did you buy me Justin Bieber tickets yet?"
me: "ahh..no. I asked you months ago, you said no. They are sold out now."
eli: "did you win any on the radio?"
me: "no...i've tried, but I haven't won any"
eli: "I see that the big rush band is coming to town. could you get me tickets."
me: "we'll see"
eli: "could you get me vip tickets?"
eli: "what are vip tickets anyway?"

I have a million of them! (my memory just escapes me). Isaac climbed DOWN the stairs last night UNattended. Isaac climbed UP the stairs today UNattended (someone should be watching their child).
He didn't fall...he's quite careful when he attempts this new feat.
This also means that I have to find TWO new baby gates.

At least everyone is healthy around here. It's been busy...but, nothing extraordinary. (and that means, NOTHING out of OUR ordinary)

oh...Isaac lost his glasses somewhere last week...so, I called to order him another pair. Of course they don't carry his exact glasses anymore...so, they had a similar pair, in just another color....SO...do NOT laugh at my baby when you see him in orange and white glasses.
i mean it!

and....just to make you laugh again...here's Isaac showing his ipad some LOVE. That would be lick marks and cracker slobber on the back, there's tape on the home button (to keep him from constantly pressing it), and you'll see how he tells me to start his movie again.

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The Portas said...

The video is great. I miss you guys! When are we going to see each other again?

Eli's funnies cracked me up. I love that he wanted to check out his kissing options with a sign. :) That is awesome.

Yay for being healthy! Have a great rest of your week, guys. xo

Sarah said...

Well... we have said it before but, Eli and Evan are so alike. Evan Loves girls and kissed a little friend recently while she was over for a play date. They were playing house : /
Love the video - love his iPad too - that is sure showed some love from him!

Grandma Judy said...

You better go ahead and order a back up iPad. Looks like that one will be water logged soon enough!

Kerry Tylenda-Emmons said...

OMG you let your 3 yr old drool on a $500-$800 iPad!?!? I think my husband would have a heart attack! HA!