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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

My weekend

Let me just tell you that it's 10:30pm...and I've spent the last hour feeling so sick to my stomach...

and I just realized why...
I FORGOT to eat dinner.

That's the kind of day we've had.

Before I start whining and singing my song...let me just say that we SO enjoyed having the Coopers at our house. You know me...and I didn't take my camera out enough, so maybe Jen will have pics to share.

Let me just briefly list the good stuff from the weekend (because I feel horrible and need to go to bed):
  • We had a BLAST with our friends this weekend
  • Isaac's ear stopped bleeding
  • Eli got baptized.
  • Fireworks in the cul-de-sac with our friends and family was SO fun!
  • Watching Gracie "shop" in my craft room was priceless!
(ok...that's all I can think of for now)

Here's the STINKY STUFF list:
  • The van is broken...probably SO broken that we'll need a new one
  • The mustang has a flat tire (among other broken things)
  • Isaac's ear stopped bleeding, BUT the other ear has lost it's tube
  • Summer school started today (that means I had to get up early)
  • My tummy hurts...

that's enough stinky stuff to list for now.
Joe just drove the van to the grocery store...to see if it would drive.
He had to walk home.
poor joe.
poor me and my tummy.
poor Isaac and his ears.
poor Chris and summer school.
poor Eli...because I took the television out of my room and he can't sit in the bathtub now and watch nickelodeon.

Come on in and join the party...
You know...it is the start of monsoon season. THAT explains why it seems to be raining and pouring in our world. (I should check the calendar and see when we should expect the season to change.)

I'll post all the happy and funny stuff from the weekend tomorrow.
and I will go to bed now and hope that Joe can get the van back home (by magic, no doubt).

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Sarah said...

Love the picture below of Eli as a cub scout - that is awesome! Glad you had a great time with your friends that were visiting. And... sorry your van is broke down - our SUV has been on the verge for a year now and thankfully it just keeps on going on. I guess that means they will have to put tubes in again, right? : (

Grandma Susie said...

Kathy, so sorry that your van is BROKE. Is there anything we can do to help.

jencooper said...

Craig is mad at me because we didn't take our camera out enough either!! We were too busy having FUN!!

I did get a couple so I will try to get them uploaded soon.

Gracie shopping in the craft room might be one of my favorite memories! And...Isaac clapping!!

The Portas said...

I hope all the stinky stuff gets better. Add to the good list!!

I'm glad you had fun with the Coopers! How fun!! Pics, please?

Abby said...

Alright Kat,
It's another weekend ALREADY; time to update us with another post!!! Sorry.